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Assignment 3: Programme: A Stage for Spatial, Functional, and Conceptual

Architectural Program Narrative

EVDA 580: Studio I Design Thinking

Name: Sumer Matharu
Student ID: 10047835
Date: 28 October 2015

Architectural Program Narrative

The program is for a single family dwelling project located on the Shaganappi trail site
that offers beautiful panoramic views of the Calgary cityscape north of the Bow River.
The home is being built for Connor Reece and his girlfriend Ciara Blake who moved to
Calgary from Halifax. The home will be equipped to accommodate flora which a
dominant force on site, and a coyote family at a distance, and provide them with a
habitable space to co-exist with the human residents of the home.

The site is located at the intersection of Crowchild Trail SW and Bow Trail SW. It is
flanked by the Bow River in the north, Shaganappi Golf course in the east, Crowchild
trail in the west and Bow Trail in the south. The overall site has a gradient of 10.7%.
There is plenty of sunlight with no obstructions. Flora is one of the dominant forces on
site with rough fescue grass making up most of the landmass. Among the trees, balsam
poplar is abundant and there are some pine trees in the residences at the perimeter of
the site. There is an existing pedestrian and bike pathway cutting through the site. There
is plenty of fauna as well on site like racoons, deer faun, coyotes, magpies, bees, etc.

The existing roadway ending at the site boundary will be continued and developed over
the dirt path to create a private entrance and roadway to the house. Currently, there are
no changes planned for the existing pedestrian path.

The different modes of transport used by Connor and Ciara are on foot, bicycles and a
hatchback car. Bicycles are preferred although during off season they like to use their

The main requirements by the clients are a master bedroom with ensuite, single car
garage for car and bike storage and which also doubles as a workshop, kitchen & dining
area, living area which doubles as a yoga studio, workspace studio, garden/yard,
wheelchair access throughout the house, and a guest bedroom for Reeces mother who
is on a wheelchair. The guest bedroom will also need an ensuite with wheelchair

The routine study is provided in the presentation board. Three (3) scenarios were
considered: school season, summer season, and mother visiting during summer
season. Under each of these scenarios both a weekday and a weekend was studied.
During winter holidays, Reece and Ciara visit their hometown of Halifax. During the
summer season, they visit home for a month. It was observed that the maximum
circulation and activity happened between the kitchen & dining area, living area, and
outdoor access (foyer).

Program decision
Based on the routine and circulation study that was done, and as per the requirements
by the clients, the following floor areas were decided:

Master bedroom

500 sq. ft. (46.45 m2)

Guest bedroom

358 sq. ft. (33.26 m2)

Kitchen & Dining

500 sq. ft. (46.45 m2)

Living area / yoga studio

650 sq. ft. (60.39 m2)


250 sq. ft. (23.23 m2)


250 sq. ft. (23.23 m2)


120 sq. ft. (11.15 m2)

Rooftop garden

entire roof space

The building will have 3 floors with the top floor being the rooftop garden and viewing
area for coyote activity. The vehicles and bicycles will drive at access level into the
garage which opens up to the foyer and the studio. The foyer also opens up to the
pathway with a separate front door. Both bedrooms will be located on this 2 nd floor with
connectivity to the ground floor where the kitchen & dining area, living room area and
the powder room is located.
The entire pathway and area surrounding the home will incorporate the flora on site.
This will also act as a natural barrier between the inhabitants of the house and the
coyote family on site. Caves with 1 to 2 ft. wide openings will be provided on the site in
the wooded area east of the house. It is expected that the coyote family, once they
move in, will keep other coyotes away.

Materials and Construction

The exterior walls will be cast-in-place concrete walls with wood accents. Some of the
wall features will include board formed concrete. There will be plenty of large windows.
All doors will be wooden.
The building will be designed to be energy efficient and will utilize as much reclaimed
material as possible without hindering construction timeline and cost. The interiors will
be a reflection of the walls from outside. The ceilings will be exposed for openness.
There will be just the right amount of furniture in the house with plenty of floor pillows
and lots of storage space. The preferred materials for furniture will be warm woods such
as maple and walnut. Most of the fabrics used inside the building will be natural such as
hemp, linens and wool. There will be paintings of the Nova Scotia landscape and East
Coast Ocean views to remind Connor and Ciara of home.

An ideal Thursday
Ciara wakes up at 7:00 am and immediately jumps into the bathroom, brushes her
teeth, showers, and wakes up Connor by 7:20 am. Following this, she puts on her yoga
gear and goes into the kitchen to start preparing a healthy breakfast. Connor first jumps
into the shower, and then takes their pet dog out for a quick walk, returns and finishes
up with Ciara in the kitchen after which they both sit down to eat. They both get done
with eating, talking, and listening to the morning news by 8:30 am after which Connor
leaves for University to attend his classes. He gets to the University by 8:50 am give or
take a few minutes just in time for his class.
Right after Connor leaves, Ciara starts preparing for her first yoga class of the day in the
main living area. This living area has mostly floor pillows which Ciara can move away
and be ready for her students. After 2 classes, she goes back to the kitchen to prepare
lunch for herself. She then takes the dog out for a walk, does some gardening, and then
starts preparing for dinner.
Reece usually returns around 6:30pm 7:00pm after which they both sit down together
for dinner. Then they move into the living room to unwind and relax which could include
just talking, watching a movie or a tv show on Netflix, or even a small nap. Once they
are done they like to go watch the local coyotes on site, walk their dog around the same
time. When they return Reece gets back to his homework while Ciara does some light
reading. They usually go to bed around 11:30pm 12:00am.