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Dear Sir/Madam,

Warm greeting from the Fishtail Overseas.

I am writing here from the fishtail overseas. This is a one Nepalese manpower recruiting agency
from where we use to supply the manpower to the other country. We are interested to work with
you, please send us the demand; faithfully we will work with you and will never give you any
chances of any complaints. Categories of personnel available at Fishtail Overseas for foreign
employment are broadly classified below-:
1 Engineers Foreman: Electrical/Mechanical/Civil Electric helpers Labor
2 Architects/Planners Construction Supervisor Mechanic helpers Cleaner
3 Doctors Electrician L.T. & H.T. Election helper Sweeper
4 Scientist in various Machinists/Turners Finishing/Shatterin Watchman/Guar
fields g carpenter d
5 Professors/Teacher Welders, Gas/Electric, 6G welder Mason Agriculture
s helpers/Concrete labors/Farmers
Mixer operator
6 Geologists/ Soil Carpenters/ Cabinet makers Pump Industrial
specialist operators/helpers laborers
7 Mineral Specialists Steel Fixers/Riggers Block Makers Peons/Office
8 Chartered/ Cost Mechanics: Heavy/Light Asst. Cook/Kitchen Airport
Account specialists equipment/Air conditioner helpers loaders/Ship
9 Banking specialists Masons /Tile Fixers/Plasters Laundry
Men/Washer men
10 Plumbers/Pipe fitters Barbers
11 Scaffolds Tailors
12 Drivers: Heavy/Light Shop assistants
13 Drauhtsman:Elect/Mech/Civil Trekker/ Loaders
14 Catering Gardeners
15 Hotel Personnel:
16 Word Processing/Computer
17 Security Personnel
18 Earth Moving Construction
Equipment Operators
19 Male & Female nurses
20 Laboratory Technicians
Company introduction
Fishtail overseas pvt. Ltd. was formed on September 2058 as one of the Nepalese manpower recruiting
agency in Nepal. License and registration no. of the company
Is 224/058/059 issued simultaneously under His Majesty's Government of Nepal.
Since its inception it has been standing in its own motto "job placement according
to ability, delay and defect free services" and proved to overseas clients as well as
Nepalese workers. It has a capacity to provide all kinds of skilled, semiskilled and unskilled labour
according to the need of employers companies.

Since the strategy of this company is to serve the best and prompt services to the employer, workers
available in this institution are advised to be well behaved and obey the existing rules and regulation
to the employer and employment countries. In order to select candidates for the employer company of
different countries, company conducts interview to select the qualified and best candidates and also
pay it's full attention to satisfy the demand.

We focus on best service to the employers and also like to add that apart from the services mentioned
above, we are also available for consultancies. In choosing to work us, we are confident that our
service mechanism will leave no room for any complains.

If you want to know some more about fishtail overseas Pvt. Ltd then please visit our

With best regards,

khem Shrestha
Office Manager
Fishtail Overseas Pvt Ltd
Lice no: 224/058/059
Gongabu ring road
Katmandu, Nepal
Phone no: +977- 1- 4360233
Fax no: +977- 1 -4358233
Mobile No: + 977 - 9842648618

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