TOEFL & IELTS writing common & classicexample sentences For Graph & Chart 1.

______________ Is known as one of the most serious problems in today 's society. We can see it almost everywhere. As the graph depicts, ______________. 2. From the cartoon, we can see that. It 'sa forceful satire on the kind of ______________. 3. From the first graph, we learn that ______________. According to the statistics shown in the second graph, we can see that ______________. 4. This table shown us that ______________. The figures indicate that there is an inspiring tendency of ______________. 5. What you first think of when seeing this cartoon might be that ______________. As a matter of fact, this cartoon reveals a typical social phenomenon. These can be used in the above sentence is a small essay Travels. You only need to fill in the blank spaces on the specific contents into. These sentences can help you to clearly understand the problem, as reflected in the chart shows. For long eassay First, the ~~~ + + + noun-est (that) key word + + + have ever seen (known/heard/had/read, etc.) ~~~ The most adjective + noun + + (that) key word + + + have ever seen (known/heard/had/read, etc.) Lack of interpersonal skills is one of the most serious defects that we have ever known about today 's College students. Lack of interpersonal skills is the biggest mistake so far known to the college students. Second, nothing is ~~~ er than to + V +

Nothing is more + adjective + + + than to V Examples : For parents, nothing is more important than to educate children in a proper way. Not the right way to educate their children in one of the more important things. Third, the importance of ~~~ ~~~ can not emphasize too much. (Re-emphasized how. . . The importance can not be overemphasized. ) Examples : We can not emphasize the importance of protecting celebrities Privacy too much. We re-emphasize how to protect the privacy of celebrities can not be overemphasized. 4 There is no denying that S + V +. . . (Undeniable. . . ) Examples : There is no denying that the practicality of our higher education has gone from bad to worse. Undeniably, we have declining relevance of higher education. 5 It is universally acknowledged that the sentence ~ ~ + (the rest of the world knows it. . . ) Examples : It is universally acknowledged that it is the doctor 's Duty and obligation to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. The whole world is aware of the wounded is the bounden duty of a doctor. 6 There is no doubt that the sentence ~ ~ + (no doubt. . . ) Examples : There is no doubt that the Internet is far more convenient and efficient than the written word or other conventional means of conveying meaning. Undoubtedly the Internet than writing faster and more convenient. 7 ~~~ An advantage of the sentence is that + (. . . The advantages yes. . . ) Examples : An advantage of children 's Participating in some paid work is that this practice can cultivate their independence, selfdetermination and sense of responsibility.

Kids to participate in the paid workforce is one of the advantages of such a practice to cultivate children's independence, autonomy and responsibility. 8 The reason why is that + + sentence ~~~ sentence (. . . The reasons yes. . . ) Examples : The reason why a large number of customs have altered a great deal is that most of them are connected with some superstitious beliefs, and they can not fit in this world with highlydeveloped technology. Most of the old customs have experienced tremendous change because they are mostly concerned with the feudal superstition, incompatible with modern society. 9 So adjective + + that + + be + key word sentences (such. . . Result. . . ) Examples : So pervasive are advertisements that no one can avoid being influenced by them. Advertising is so popular that everyone will inevitably without their impact. 10, as Adj + + Subject (key word) be + S + V~~~ (though. . . ) Examples are : Lovely as pets, it is by no means appropriate for city dwellers to keep them in their houses. {by No means equals in no way on no account is not) = Although very lovable pets, but keeping people at home is the least inappropriate. 11 The ~er + S + V +, the + ~~~ ~er + S + V ~~~ The Adj + S + V + + more, more ~~~ the + + S + V + Adj ~~~ (more. . . More. . . ) The more children are encouraged to get in touch with various aspects of society, the more comprehensive their knowledge will be. Vietnam to encourage their children in all aspects of society, the knowledge that they will be more comprehensive study. 12 By +Ving, ~ ~ ~ ~ can (use. . . ,. . Can. . )

Examples : By putting the responsibility into the government 's Hand, citizens can enjoy a higher level of assurance in quality. By this responsibility on the government, the public can enjoy a higher quality level of protection. 13 ~~~ enable + Object (the word) + to + V (. . So. . Can. . ) Examples : Community service programs enable the government to relieve the strain on its limited budget. Community service projects help ease the financial burden. 14 On no account can we ~~~ + V (we can not. . . ) Examples : On no account can we ignore the significance of education. We should never overlook the importance of education. 15 It is time past tense + S + (which yes. . . The time) Examples : It is time we evaluated the roles that modern technology plays in our life from more balanced and objective perspectives. It is from the perspective of a more impartial and objective evaluation of modern science and technology has played a role in our lives the time. 16 Those who ~~~ (. . . To the people. . . ) Examples : Those who think otherwise contend that computers are designed and programmed by human beings to do all the translation work in a comparatively mechanical manner. Ironically, the people who hold opposing views is by design and computer programming, it can only be compared to machine language translation. 17 There is no one but ~~~ (no one. . . ) Examples : There is no one but longs to display the best self and impress others. No one eager to show it to others to the best self-left a profound impression. 18 forced/compelled/obliged + to + be + V (had. . . )

Examples : Only in a peaceful environment can people lay emphasis on sports events. The Olympic Games is a convincing example because it has been compelled to be canceled several times in its history due to wars. . Only in a peaceful environment, people have to get attention for sports events. Olympics is a very convincing examples in history because it was forced to cancel because of the war several times. 19 + It is conceivable that sentence (imagined) + It is obvious that the sentence (obvious) It is apparent that the sentence + (apparent) Examples : It is conceivable that with the rapid development in society and economy, competition is becoming increasingly fierce and acute. One can imagine that with the economic and social development, competition will become even more intense. 20 ~~~ That is the reason why (it is. . . The reasons) Examples : It costs an astronomical sum of fund to lock up so many criminals and that 's The reason why imprisonment has imposed a great strain on the budget of a nation. And such needs to spend a lot more money on locking up criminals, which is why the prison has greatly increased the burden on the reasons. 21 For the past +, S + now accomplished. . . (Past. . . Years since. . . Has been. . . ) Examples : For the past decade or so, practical courses, such as computer and business, have gained tremendous popularity on college campuses. Over the past 10 years, practical courses such as computer and business studies in universities prevails. 22, the past tense Since + S + S + now accomplished. Examples : Since the advent of modern urbanization, people have been confronted with the dilemma whether or not they should demolish old houses and buildings that seem to have spoiled the cityscape.

Since the beginning of the process of modern cities, people have been faced with a dilemma of whether they should be : whether to remove those houses and buildings in the old urban eyesores. 23, It pays to ~~~ + V (. . . It is worth the effort. ) Examples : It pays to create a fair atmosphere in which both males and females cooperate and compete on an equal footing. The competition to create a good environment for gender equality cooperation is worthwhile. 24, be based on (. . . Basis) Examples : The progress of thee society is based on harmony. Harmony is the basis for social progress. 25, Spare no effort to + V (relentless) Developed nations should spare no effort to finance their economically disadvantaged counterparts. The developed countries should spare no effort to financing poor countries. 26, bring home to people + + matter (so. . . Understand. . . Matter) Examples : We should bring home the significance of space research to the masses. We should let people understand the importance of space located. 27, be closely related to ~ ~ (. . . Closely related) Examples : Expanding population and influx of migrant workers are closely related to the problem. With the massive influx of migrant workers from rapid population growth and traffic problems are closely related. 28 + There exists the possibility of Ving (there. . . The possibility) There exists the possibility of an innocent person wronging There are no innocent people. 29 + Due to to/Owing to/Thanks N/Ving, ~~~ (since. . . )

Examples : Thanks to coeducation system, benign competition and cooperation between male and female students are rightly encouraged. Because men and women were school education system, and the healthy competition among heterosexual students have to carry forward the spirit of friendship and cooperation. 30 Only. . . Can (only. . . Can) Examples : Only children in cities can be well prepared for their future life and keep up with the trend of the world. Only children in the city can prepare for their future lives and synchronization with the rest of the world trend. 31, Leave much to be desired (unsatisfactory) Examples : The condition of our traffic leaves much to be desired. Our traffic situation was unsatisfactory. 32, Have (exert, impose) a great influence on ~~~ (right. . . Have a great impact) Examples : Quality of citizens has a great influence on a nation 's Prosperity. 's Quality have a significant impact on the prosperity of the country. 33, do good to (right. . . Useful), do harm to (right. . . Harmful) Examples : Reading does good to our minds. Useful for reading souls. Overwork does harm to health. Overworked harmful to health. 34, Pose a great threat to ~ ~ (right. . . Caused a major threat) Examples : abortion poses a great threat to both women 's Physical and mental health. Abortion would pose an enormous threat to women's physical and mental health. 35, do one Do one's utmost to + V = 's Best (to give full attention. . . )

Examples : schools should do their utmost to ensure the students Sound growth. Schools should make every effort to ensure their healthy growth.

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