Scoring Rubric for Rhetorical Analysis Presentation

24pts / 100%




No clear Thesis Statement at
beginning. Audience is unclear
what topic is. No clear
beginning or flow—the
presentation just begins.
No clear conclusion. The
speech just seems to stop when
out of time.

Opening only orients the
audience to the topic or
theme but not both.
Audience has some sense of
There is some restatement of
the main theme and
supporting evidence. Group
is a little over time.

Clear opening/Thesis that orients
audience to topic and theme, but is
not engaging. Audience can keep up
with presentation; good flow.

Group chiefly read from
presentation or notecards. Lack
of contact with audience or
presented “closed” body
language. Did not care of
audience followed.

Mix of reading and talking
to audience, with little eye
contact. Attempted to
engage audience but did not
know how. Tense and
unfamiliar with subject.

Good mix of reading from notecards
and talking to audience, making sure
to keep eye contact even when
reading. Engaged audience with
questions and was visibly not tense.

Engaging opening that orients
audience with clear Thesis
Statement. Clear introduction
that engages audience and
interests them.
Creative and memorable
restatement of main theme and
supporting evidence. Audience
moved or visibly excited.
Group remains on time.
Did not read from notecards or
presentation. Spread eye
contact throughout the
presentation. Visibly at ease
and knew what to say, even if
they needed to pause for a

Seems to stray from topic and
off into side issues.

Focuses on topic with some
major tangents

Focuses on topic with few major

Focuses completely on topic
and makes tangents revolve
around theme.

Uses vague and weak or
inappropriate language.

Does not stutter, uses strong
and accurate language, can
be heard clearly.

Avoids “filler” words for the most
part and be heard clearly throughout.

No filler words, no stuttering,
voice issues, and refers to the
audience while speaking.

Chose uninspired topic that
he/she does not seem to care

Chose a clichéd topic or
topic that is inappropriate.

Chose a traditional but appropriate
topic that speaker seems invested in.

Visual Organization



Body Language &

Clear restatement of main theme and
major supports. Audience is called to
action or belief; group remains on

Focus on Topic

Topic Choice

Chose novel topic or gives new
or unusual perspective on old
theme and seems enthusiastic.

Topic: ______________________________________________________________________
Additional Comments: Strong opening, spoke clearly (but a little fast), obviously a little nervous. Good explanation of sources and examples, but read from the
board/presentation a lot. Overall, the presentation focused on the topic in general; but I feel it could have done a bit more to connect the different topics you talked about.


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