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Alsaihati Farouq
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While I started my first day in Charlotte city at the UNCC university

as a freshmen student, I had a background in writing, not that very tight
and strong background, but I could put myself in scale and give myself 8
out of 10, all that I learned comes to me from two stages high school and
(English Language Training Institute) ELTI program, but in all honesty I
hadnt learn a lot about writing in school, because it was all about putting
words and sentence together without going deep to the meaning of
writing, for example writing without focusing on giving a verity of
vocabulary, no academic strictures, diminutive number of examples and
coherence and cohesion. As I moved to Charlotte and began the ELTI
program, I started to improve everything I was weak in it, I sharpened
every skill I had in writing an took it to the next level until I finished the
last level in ELTI, and graduated from the program ready for the university.
When It is my first day at class the professor started to talk and give
information about literacy narrative, my brain was frozen when I heard
him, and he was speaking English directly to the student, he didnt say
something very complicated, but all what my mind can process that he is
speaking gibberish, and that is because it was my first time to hear about
this topic or this type of writing, and as I mentioned before I had
completed the last level of the ELTI program, but without having any clue
about the literacy narrative, so I become more curious to learn and write

Alsaihati Farouq
about this type of essays, then the professor provided the class with the
first assignment about literacy narrative, and I was confused what topic
should I write about, I had a lot of topics in my mind, so I had to approach
to him to discuss my situation about the verity of the topics, after that he
offered me some really amazing advices that took me to the point of what
I want to write about. Moreover, I wrote almost 830 word about my
passion with sport games, and how my father and my older brother
inspired me to become a great player, furthermore this effort I spend on
literacy narrative essay, improved my way of thinking as a writer, and
taught me that writing about my passion could make me see my life in the
present time and how much I can develop it and make it superior in the
However, the turning point was when we created the altered Book
literacy narrative, it was a hard challenge for me, because I asked myself
thousand times how can I convert something I wrote about my passion
into something more colorful with more paintings and pictures and
displayed to the professor, then a strange idea jump to my mind which
was reading and comprehending my essay again, and at the same time
matching every important sentence with a drawing or pictures that can
showcase what event happened and how it happened, also I became to a
point where I ran out of ideas and I did not know what I should add more,
but the group revision that we did in the class was very helpful to me,
because I introduce my ideas to my classmate, and they gave me a lot of
comments and feedback that helped me expand and improve my altered

Alsaihati Farouq
book and take it to the next level, not to mention that this project taught
me that literacy narrative it is not about putting some word together, it is
about how can I showcase my passion in more than one way art and
Additionally the writing genres analysis assignment, which is the
assignment that help me to improve my writing skills and take it to
another level, by thinking how to analyze a specific idea, topic, game, and
program. The analysis process of the genre had many complicated stages,
how this genre used and who is using it and what it accomplish, and a lot
of stages to break this genre to pieces, and every stage of the this process
had an enormous information that helped me search and watch a videos
or even read a book to reach that information and that is what makes me
enhance my skills and abilities on writing.
As the semester progressed, we accounted a new stereotype of
writing which is called ethnography, and what ethnography exactly means
studying and writing about a particular subculture or site, and what I had
to do is to comprehend and observe a specific subculture form a
perspective of an insider, and I had to ask many questions to give
assessment of my work, so I can become very expert in that subculture
and teach my professor about it. We had to confront this assignment in 3
stages, afterwards I started with stage one where I became a primary
researcher, I had to observe for 2 hours, takes notes and understand the
subculture world, as a result of stage 1, I became knowledgeable in
analyzing people acts, talks and meditates, also I tended to understand

Alsaihati Farouq
actions and attitudes that seem to saturate the community. Then I moved
to stage 2 which is going from Primary Researcher to Secondary
Researcher, which is basically where can I get my answers for some of the
critical questions that I had for my subculture for example, what are the
things that I learned from these people, what is so ordinary about them
and what is so strange or unusual. Eventually stage 3, which is the main
phase, to begin with this part I had to combine my 2 researches the
primary and the secondary to make a complete Ethnography, and to do
this I had to target an audience and clarify what Im trying to explain
about them, aspects, values or convince an outsiders of the subculture
principles, therefore this stage helped me to understand and think behind
statistics, not to mention that it helped me to identify inconsistencies
between what people say they do and what they actually do.
Eventually, know I see myself as a capable writer who can write in a
very different topics or types, with an enhanced writing skills that comes
from a the very intense training that I had throughout the semester,
because this course took me out of my comfort zone and let me had a
very unique experience, overall this course sharpened my abilities and
helped me to comprehend different angels and aspects of writing and I
will be eager to take another class with the same involvement.