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How Chakra Music Can Help You

Before understanding how chakra music can help us, we must first understand what
the seven chakras are and their significance to our lives.
In our bodies, we have seven main energy centers which allows energy to flow thr
oughout the body. The seven chakras are:
Root Chakra - located at the base of the spine, in the tailbone area.
Sacral Chakra - located in the lower abdomen.
Solar Plexus Chakra - located in the upper abdomen.
Heart Chakra - located in the center of the chest.
Throat Chakra - located in the throat.
Third Eye Chakra - located in the pineal gland in the brain.
Crown Chakra - located at the very top of the head.
Each chakra has a different purpose. The Root Chakra controls our feeling of wel
l-being and survival, while the Sacral Chakra regulates our connections with oth
ers and our feelings. The Solar Plexus Chakra is strongly related to our intelle
ct, self-confidence, and ego. The Heart Chakra is all about love - relationships
, forgiveness, compassion, and self-acceptance are all part of this chakra. The
Throat Chakra controls how we express ourselves and our relationships with other
s, while the Third Eye Chakra regulates our intuition and psychic abilities. Fin
ally, the Crown Chakra helps us with our spirituality and our connection to the
spiritual world, as well as our consciousness, our subconsciousness, and the sup
When all of the seven chakras are balanced and in harmony, our brain and our bod
ies, as well as our health, is at optimal performance. Stress can put the chakra
s at an imbalance, causing various health problems. There are various methods th
at can balance each chakra individually, but a great way to balance all seven ch
akras at the same time is to listen to chakra music.
Chakra music can help straighten out the balance of the seven chakras, which mig
ht help you feel energized and ready to face the world. This is done through its
frequencies. A piece of chakra music will include several different frequencies
- each frequency will focus on a specific chakra.
Here are the Main notes and their correlating frequencies:
Musical Scale - C, do (264 Hz) | root chakra (256 hz and 194.18 hz)
Musical Scale - D, re (297 Hz) | sacral (naval) chakra (288 hz and 210.42 hz







solar plexus chakra (320 hz and 126.22 hz)

heart chakra (341 hz and 136.10 hz)
throat chakra (384 hz and 141.27 hz)
third eye chakra (448 hz and 221.23 hz)
crown chakra (480 hz and 172.06 hz)

When listening to this type of music, you can try to focus on each chakra as the
frequency hits each one and try to imagine each chakra opening up and healing t
hemselves. Become one with the music and allow it to go through your body. Many
people have reported feelings of healing and strength after regular exposure to
this music.
Sacred Love is written in the key of F (352 Hz) which resonates with the heart c

Sacred Love - BWE enhanced Heart Chakra Music mp3

The brainwave entrainment (BWE) on the track
The BWE base pitch is set at 341 Hz which is associated with the heart. Addition
ally, the BWE is set at 10.5 Hz which is said to help with healing the body and
encourages mind body unity. The beautiful heart chakra music is composed by Chri
stopher Lloyd Clarke.
Listening to this track can fill you with love and compassion, helping you to lo
ve yourself as well as others. It can help physical ailments associated with the
heart, breathing problems, high blood pressure and shoulder and upper back pain
s. It can help heal emotional issues such as jealousy, fear, anger and lack of c
Sacred Love is taken from the album, The Awakening: Mind Over Matter