29 March 2010

Dear Parents/Carers I would like to share some of the school s successes and news with you as we reach the end of this Spring Term. This term the formal opening of the Learning Village took place it was a wonderful, memorable day. We are now planning Phase 4 the final phase of the building programme. We are slowly and surely working through any problems thrown up by a new building, especially in the areas of electricity and information technology. The Administration Department of the Learning Village has been highly praised by many visitors coming to the schools. Taking lead from the Head of Admin, Dawn Whelan, the admin staff impressed guests in how they have taken account of how the school administration can support the learning of our students and how we have adjusted working practices to meet the students needs. I am delighted that two books are being published for us in the Summer Term: 1. The Learning Village Mosaic 2. Our Priests a book to celebrate The Year of the Priest I will keep you informed of their progress. Year on year we have increased the number of students taking public exams early. This year the Science results delivered by Mr Askoolum and his Faculty are outstanding; the Maths Faculty under the leadership of Mr Singh made the correct decision a year or so ago to introduce modular exams at KS4 again has , been singularly successful in raising achievement. The English Faculty under the leadership of Ms Ashe entered some Y11 students for GCSE in November 09 and about 1/ of our students have successfully 5 completed GCSE English. Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate School was recently celebrated as one of the most improved Specialist Schools and Academies. This was awarded to schools that achieved the greatest improvement in their GCSE results and were recognised at an awards ceremony in London held by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust on 23rd March 2010. The annual event celebrated the 633 Specialist Schools and Academies that met the criteria in one or more of the categories below in the 2009 GCSE or equivalent examinations. Of these schools, 20 were recognised as the top most improved school in each of the categories. Chris Montacute, Strategic Director of Performance at Partnership Networks at SSAT said: Congratulations to these specialist schools and academies, which are improving GCSE results and transforming the lives of their students. It is through collaboration with each other, universities, businesses and with the wider local community that schools will deliver year on year improvements so that every young person, whatever their background or location, is given the opportunity to succeed.

All 633 schools achieved the criteria in one or more of the following categories in the 2009 GCSE or equivalent examinations.
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One of the top 5 schools in each Specialism or Academy with 5+A*-C results, including English and maths, improved by 15 percentage points or more from 2006-2009. One of the top 5 schools in each region with 5+ A* results, including English and maths, -C improved by 15 percentage points or more from 2006-2009. One of the top 5 schools with improved 5+ A*-C results from 2008-2009. One of the top 5 schools with improved 5+ A*-C results, including English and maths, from 20082009.

As we move into the Summer Term, I would like to ask all parents/carers to ensure that their sons and daughters come to school in full uniform during the Summer Term. There is a dress code for the Sixth Form Students. Parents can you check their dress before they come to school. MR DAN REGAN MA, BSc (Econ): Barrister at Law. CHAIR OF GOVERNORS (30 years as Chair). After 35+ years of service to Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate School, Mr Regan has decided to resign his post as Chair of Governors. He will remain as a member of the Governing Body until August 2010. Initially Dan was elected as Chair of Governors when Sister Mary Berchmans was head teacher of the Girls School; at that time the Lower School was housed in Christian Street and the Upper School in a small building in Lukin Street. I was appointed as head in 1992 and at that time Dan was already Chair of Governors and extremely supportive. Dan is intelligent, hard working and selfless. Since 1992, the exam results have risen dramatically; we have moved onto one site; taken over a Boys School; become the first Federated School in England and Wales and built absolutely fabulous new buildings. Our staff development and teacher recruitment is second to none. Governors are responsible for policy and Dan has steered us through many difficult situations. His strong sense of fairness and justice steeped in Roman Catholic teaching has made him the ideal Chair of Governors during this time of change. The Staff like and respect Dan and many of them have been given and taken his advice not only on careers but on personal issues. Dan is a much loved person and he will be missed. He is exceptionally talented and experienced and, at the age of 78, he is undertaking a PhD in Education. I can only thank Dan from the bottom of my heart for his support, professionalism and kindness over the past 18 years. Yours faithfully,

Catherine Myers Executive Head Dates 1 April 2010 - End of Term students will be dismissed from 1.00 pm 19 April Staff Inset 20 April Students return back to school (normal time)

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