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Crude Oil and Refined Products Processing

High Performance Ball Valves for Severe Service Applications

Experience in Motion

Application Know-How
For more than 60 years Argus has delivered high
performance Ball Valves for the most demanding,
severe service applications in the upstream and
downstream oil processing, onshore, offshore, as
well as throughout the refining process. Our
valves resolve the most critical problems in applications with high cycling, high pressure, high
temperature, corrosive, erosive, and abrasive
Argus valves provide an extended lifetime,
improving the overall operational safety and the
life cycle cost.
All our valves are guaranteed bubble-tight zero
leakage, exceeding Class VI shut-off, tested according to ISO 5208.
Fire-safe designed, approved, certified and tested
according to: API-6D, ISO 10497, API 607 Fifth
Edition, API RP 6F, Exxon Partial Burn, BS 5146,
BS 6755 Part 2 and OCMA FSV.1
Certified functional safety suitable for SIL 2
Argus valves meet the requirements of ISO 14313
for pipelines.
Fugitive emissions certified to ISO 15848.
Quality, safety, availability, local service support
and in-depth technical know-how are combined in
a world class product offering. Solutions for today
should also spell secure investment for times to
come. Each user-specific development is based
on experience and a vision for the future.

Expertise in Ball Valves for the Oil Processing

Argus ball valves are recognized all over the oil
processing industry for their outstanding durability
and reliability. Argus is the brand to trust and rely
onfor the most severe service applications.
The Argus design provides important advantages,
such as reduced torque up to half less, compared
to other ball valves on the market, which makes
the required actuator size smaller, and reduces
weightachieving significant savings in the overall
investment. At the same time, improving the
lifetime of the system.
Since 1953 when Argus introduced the first ball
valve in Europe, it has been at the vanguard of
the ball valve development for severe service
This postition of leadership and expertise has
been constantly reinforced, introducing to the
market exceptional full metal-to-metal ball valves
exceeding bubble tight, class VI shut-off.
Full metal sealing systems made of different materials and alloys are extremely durable and keep
their sealing capabilities much longer, as
compared to other sealing systems.
The ARGUS design and manufacturing
technology, based on a vast experience designing
and constructing exceptional metal seated ball
valves, assures a long life of ball and seats, even
under extreme conditions, keeping the ARGUS
traditional feature of zero leakage, bubble tight as
a standard without maintenance requirements for
outstanding periods.

Engineering design and material knowledge

Unique engineering design, outstanding material
expertise and a solid application know-how are
core strengths of Argus included in every valve we
Product and industry specialists develop effective
solutions for the most demanding, severe service
and critical applications under highly challenging
working environments.
Argus has the design and manufacturing
capability to handle any severe service, critical
application requirement anywhere in the world,
from custom-engineered solutions to large
projects, for sizes from thru 40, soft-seated
and metal-seated, floating design and trunnion
design ball valves.
Argus valves can be found in many processes
within the petroleum production on-shore and
off-shore, including oil sands bitumen and heavy
oil processing, upgrading process, refining,
pipeline, storage and distribution.
Argus valves are corrosion and erosion resistant.
They are designed and constructed to handle and
withstand the most critical and severe service
Argus is part of the Flowserve Corporation, the
foremost valve and controls manufacturing
organization in the world. Flowserve offers a
broad selection of flow control products, which include many of the most known and trusted brands
in the marketplace.
Strong recognition results primarily from the
extraordinary success of Flowserve and Argus
valves and automation products with thousands
of applications in all major industries.

Severe Service applications upstream

High performance, safety, durability and
low maintenance are key requirements
for ball valves in the petroleum
production onshore and offshore.
Argus ball valves provide excellent
results in severe service, critical applications such as:
Sour crude
Crude with solids (sand)
Abrasive slurry
Secondary recovery
Sour gas lines
Fuel gas to compressors
Emergency shut-off with extremely
short response time
Hydrogen transportation

Argus valves are Class VI

Shut-Off as a standard. Zero
leakage, bubble tight.
95% of the components are
made in-house, including the
hard surface coating of ball
and seats.
Full port as a standard.
Reduced port optional.
All bodies are forged as a
standard. No castings.
No porosity problems.
Increased safety.
Computer controlled
mechanically lapped ball and
2 - 3 piece split body design.
Anti-static device.
Bi-directional flow.
Fire-safe tested to ISO 10497,
API 607 5th edition.
Fugitive emissions less than
1 ppm certified to ISO 15848.
API approvals.
SIL Rating

Severe Service applications downstream

Argus valves are designed and built to resolve the
most demanding and critical process applications
Ourvalvesmeetspecificrequirementsin applications such as:
Isolation valves for cokers and hydraulic
decoking systems
UOP process
Feed isolation valves
Regeneration lock-hopper valves
Fluidized catalyst cracking units
Catalyst handling
Catalyst addition and withdrawal
Filter and pump isolation
Hydrogen lines
Heavy oil and LC Fining
Continuous catalyst recovery
VTB vacuum tower bottom
Emergency shut-off with extemely short
response time

Arguloy Metallic Hard-coating on ball and seats

Argus proprietary flame & fuse Arguloy
coatings achieve 63-65 HRC for the ball and
Arguloy is not an overlay coating but a coating
bonded metallically to the base material of the ball
Arguloy is flame-sprayed and thermal aftertreated.
By choosing between different Arguloy coatings,
the hard coating can be precisely matched to the
given application.
Argus provides metallic coating materials based
on different alloys:
Chrome carbide based
ARGULOY 1 Chrome nickel based
ARGULOY 2 Tungsten carbide based
ARGULOY 3 Cobalt carbide based

Arguloy thickness
> 500 after lapping

Hard coating

Diffusion zone

Base material

The unique Argus ball valve design

Argus ball valves include many innovative design
features meeting the highest standards in valve
technology requirements including API-6D and
ANSI 16.34.
Bodies are all forged and totally machined inside. Long
life double stem seal. Stem is supported by bearings
to ensure seals are free from operating loads.

EPA approved stem seal

Certified leakage: < 1 ppm
Integrated Stuffing Box with
additional packing on top
Anti-blowout design
Complies with ISO 1548-1
EPA Fugitive Emissions

Argus Trunnion design features

Argus trunnion ball valves are designed for the highestdemands.
2 - 3 piece split body with superfine finished trunnion mounted ball,
spring-loaded ball seats, cavity relief and anti-static device.
Long life double stem seal system and stem supported by bearings
to ensure seals are free from operating load.
Firesafe to API 607 5th edition, and BS 6755
Fugitive emissions < 1 PPM, environmental protection according to
ISO 15848
Trunnion blocks support the weight of the ball and lock the ball into
the body.
Trunnion bearings absorb side load.
Seats act only as a seal
Live loaded (spring) seats.
Longer coating life for the ball and seats is achieved due to low friction of the trunnion design.
Valve requires smaller actuator due to low torque needed to stroke.
Stem acts only as a drive mechanism.
Bubble-tight sealing.

Secondary Graphoil
Primary seal
according to EPA

Trunnion bearings and seals

support all lateral loads

PTFE barrier
primary double seal,
Secondary Graphoil

Inlet Seal
Seats do not support the
weight of the ball and act only
as a seal

Additional PTFE barrier

to avoid dust penetrating
into the trunion cavity.

Annular springs,
live-load for the seats

Forged body

Trunnion blocks support the weight

of the ball and keep it in position


Ball Valves designed for the Oil Processing

Metal seated, trunnion

3-way ball valve
Service: Polymer, steam
and Slurry
Sizes: 1/2 - 10
Pressure class: 150 - 600#
Pattern angle: 90 or 120

Trunnion design
upstream sealing
No downstream seat
Smooth transition
relief of media out of
body cavity
Superfine machined
surface to avoid
material build-up

Special reactor valve for

petrochemical and chemical
Metal seated, trunnion
valve for high cycling
Service: Polymer, gas,
cokers, hydraulic decoking
systems, coker pipelines
Sizes: 1/2 - 16
Abrasive solids
High cycling
High temperature
Pressure class
600 - 2500#


Scallop seat pocket

prevents build-up of
solids behind the seat

Life Cycle Cost Overall cost of ownership

While exact values may differ, 80% of the total life
cycle cost (LCC) of a critical valve with high
cycling is accumulated after the equipment is
purchased and installed.
A typical LCC calculation accounts for the
Initial purchase and installation
Maintenance and Repair
Operational safety
Production losses due to operational failure
Environmental compliance
Replacement cost
Argus ball valves provide an excellent LCC,
because of thier outstanding durability, less
maintenance, increased operational safety and
reduced production loses due to operational failure and hazardous risks. Thus bringing benefit to
the customer.

Argus offers a full range of manually operated or completly automated ball valves
including different brands of electrical,
pneumatic and hydraulic actuators,
positioners etc. according to customers
An extensive range of corrosion,
e r o s i o n , a b r a s i o n - r e s i s t a n t
along with the materials application
expertise provide the safest, most effective solution for the critical, very difficult
severe service applications found up
stream and downstream, onshore and
Metallic materials include an extensive variety of steel and stainless steel grades,
monel, nickel, as well as exotic materials
and alloys.
Non-metallic materials include PTFE, PFA,
Lyton, PEEK, graphite, ceramics, and
many more.


56,000 sq/m (14 acre) manufacturing facilities in Ettlingen, Germany

Bulletin Argus-Crude Oil Processing, July 2009. Literature is supplied for informative purposes only.

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