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Coleman notes

cazimi notes
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when a planet becomes non-visible because of the Suns light it becomes less phy
sical and more astral in focus.
When in the very core of the Sun at 0 17 or less, a planet is cazimi and is brief
ly strengthened by its contact and union with the solar principle, being reborn
and re-forged in its own depth of being.
And these are conjunctions finding a true alignment between the inner self of t
he individual and the principle of the planet. They are often described as besto
wing some kind of brilliance or genius.
The mainstream writings on astrology have a political philosophy which evaluates
strength and power purely in material terms.
A good chart is one that makes us rich easily, ensures our perpetual emotional bli
ss and provides us with all that we want.
The view is materialistic. But with the conjunctions to the Sun, the attachment
to materialisation itself dissolves.
Thus, what is being made combust is the detritus and silt of the planet, the out
er material crust which interacts with the physical material world in which powe
r and strength are measured very tangibly and crudely.
The power of these planets is not destroyed it is simply being transferred to mo
re spiritual and intangible realms which are sourced within.
This transference is made by the fusion of our conscious awareness to and with w
hat the planet represents, by the casting of our inner light upon it in a dazzli
ng illumination of its entire realm and a command of that realm in our own being
The dross burns away in the light of awareness and we see the principle of the p
lanet with brilliant illumination, but within ourselves.
Cazimi, then, leads to the most enchanted state wherein the essential meaning of
the planet becomes truly inseparable from our spirit.
If the planet is in a superior conjunction with the Sun (on its far side) then t
he effect will be stronger, because superior conjunctions represent a Full Moon st
age of the planetary cycle.[3]
A cazimi Venus, for example, could easily be a nymphomaniac or sex addict, for ex
ample. It could also be a person with near supernatural charm, grace or insight
into the world of feelings.
Under the sunbeams a planet is warmed and vitalised and somewhat or completely
invisible, meaning it is commanding and infused with our inner light but somehow
on the fringes, lacking in conventional status.
It becomes ethereal, alluring, unusual and dreamy.
Combust planets are unorthodox and often willfully defy external direction beca
use they are confident in their own inner unique grasp of the planets essential
They are either aloof from or disinterested in the material agenda of the plane
t concerned but will still display its power radiantly and forcefully but somewh
at enigmatically and individually.
Short answer: when a planet becomes non-visible because of the Suns light it bec
omes less physical and more astral in focus.
[1] Since Mercury is very often within at least range of being under the sunbeam
s, the vast majority of people live with something similar, whereas with Venus t
here is frequently more distance and thus objectivity.
This is part of the nature of Mercury thought is more tightly bound to conscious

ness than emotion and it is thus more difficult to gain objectivity on its opera
[2] Astrologers have not concluded whether conjunctions which take place at the
end and beginning of signs, causing the aspect to be out of sign, still count as a
combustion or even as conjunctions, but my experience is that they do.
Q? Can asteroids also be cazimi?
A! Cazimi is a property of the Sun, which it imbues to any object it meets.
Yes, then; but there are two slightly different forms of cazimi.
One involving objects we can see with the naked eye, another involving objects
we cannot.
Those we can see are enabled to create physical causation for their effects.
Jupiter, for example, can bring about the rise of a powerful figurehead by dire
ctly influencing the physical world around that person.
Uranus, on the other hand, must evoke a physical effect through the accumulatio
n of an astral or mental causation its method of bringing the powerful figurehea
d to prominence is one of altering the way masses of people think and feel, even
tually creating the arrival of the figurehead.
These are subtle, magical more than astrological, distinctions, but they alter
what happens to the object during cazimi.
Non-visible objects become mentally focused and lose their astral focus.
Physical objects instead lose that focus and instead focus more astrally.
Thus, cazimi asteroids basically return to their essential meaning, their signi
ficance has been reduced by the combustion process but their meaning is being re
born, re-energised and is therefore exceptionally clear (if you know how to perc
eive it).
(Re: Significance and Meaning)It is a fairly arcane magical observation, rather
than an astrological one.
I suggest you meditate on what meaning and significance are, how they differ and
how they interact.
When you feel that something is significant in a certain way what you are sensin
g is its astral nature.
The special way your mother laughed, for example.
But what it means is different. Less personal.
The sound of a mother laughing has an essential meaning (made up of the meaning
of laughter, mother, sound etc).
The sound of your mother laughing has this but it also has a personal significan
ce, which communicates that meaning to *you*.
And what combustion does is it de-emphasises the connection to significance as t
he essential meaning or pure spirit of what is being combust is emphasised.
This does not diminish their significance, it simply makes it more inaccessible to
us, an intangible factor that slips beyond our awareness.
The cazimi Venus people you mention were probably largely unaware of the signifi
cance of their own Venusian power on other people.
Asteroids are essentially slaved (I prefer bonded) to the Sun, as are all the worl
ds of our solar system, so your perception of Cupido is an accurate one.
In my book I explain that asteroids are connected to the individual self (the e
xpression of the spirit within the soul) and the Sun is the seat of the individu
This goes some way to explaining your experience of the relationship between th
e two.
The word supernatural is an astute one in describing the power that cazimi worlds
have over others.
The it these people have and it comes in all possible planetary flavours and combin
ations of them is simply this: there is less (or no) personal obstruction going

on between them and the expression of the planets essential meaning, its spirit.
What we see in them is just a brilliance that is also within everything.
I would suggest exploring this question (something happening at the time of que
stioning) through Magnetic conduction, as described in my book.
What is currently going on is (astrologically speaking) always available to be
explored this way.
(on Venus combust and retrograde, without sign/house data)In general then, with
nothing specific to hang it on, a retrograde and cazimi Venus is felt as an ext
remely powerful and inwardly focused emotional connection to whatever Venus repr
esents in your chart.
This brings an ability to work with internal resonance the power of attraction,
repulsion, harmony and other things to do with astral frequencies.
Q? Hi, I have sun 19Deg 52 34
Mercury 18Deg 36 52 in Capricorn so it is combust.
What does that translate to in terms of my ability to communicate with clarity a
nd organization?
Or how does this affect how others view me?
Would planet charity work to mitigate some negative effects?
A! Leaving Capricorn out for now, it actually enhances your ability to communica
It brings to mind the phrase someone who knows their own opinion.
The symbol for the core being, our individual spirit, is given a robust mental f
Capricorn is then the way you will express that.
Where it creates a difficulty is in being able to distance yourself from your ow
n opinion, thoughts, ideas etc.
So in that sense there is a lack of objectivity on what other people think, say
Depending on their perspective, others may then see you as wrapped up in your own
head, opinionated, smart, etc.
what combustion and lack of dignity really signify is needing to find a way to d
o things that is not the usual way, the way recognized and encouraged by society
In essence combustion is immaterial (concerned with the astral and mental world)
and poor dignity is unconventional,
neither of which have much value to modern societies when compared to physical p
ower and staying in line.
On Stelliums:
A stellium can occur in either a sign or a temple or both. Its focus will then b
e with either a sign or a temple or both.
If a stellium has no focal point being split between two signs and two temples,
it loses some of its focus and becomes something more complex.
The distance of Mercury does not weaken the stellium, not really, it simply cha
nges it.
Some stelliums are very tightly woven little orbs of intensity, others are like
unwound pieces of string.
The difference is basically in terms not of power or strength, but of our abili
ty to discern the different factors involved.
The space between your Mercury and the Moon basically equates to being able to
consider Mercury apart and aside from the others, just as you experience when sa
y Pluto moves slowly off the Moon and drifts for years before finding Mercury.
In astrology, distance and separation (i.e. aspects) in the zodiac equate to pe

If everything is all bound up on 1 or 2 degrees, finding perspective is going t
o be difficult, and you should maybe not even try to gain objectivity on the dif
ferent forces individually, but instead experience their unique fusion.
The benefit of a tighter conjunction is in its power to cause greater impact in
life, but its weakness is in the lack of objectivity we can gain on the planets
being fused together to generate the power.
the focal point being a temple basically means that it is an arena of experienc
e (house) and not a process of experience (sign) that is being stelliumed (I just
made that up!
Planets in the 11th are our friends, astrologers often say.
We take it to mean they indicate our friends.
I am saying they, the planets themselves, are our friends in this case.
So you have to show yourself worthy of that level of friendship.
Like every friendship, the nature of the friend determines the nature of the fr
iendship, and what it requires.
Q? What would you make of north node at 0 degrees, Chiron at 3 degrees,Venus an
d Mercury both cazimi at 18 degrees and Saturn at 27 degrees..all in Aries and 1
1th House?
I would encourage you to see your Aries/11th group in 3 parts, and to work at
understanding them separately.
The first part being Dragon/Chiron, the second Mercury/Venus, the third Saturn
I would strongly suggest you think of them as a formula that is resolved in th
e order I have given, becasue this is the order in which you experience them thr
ough activations.
Exaltation is about the potential for the planet to express its higher nature
In Saturns case this occurs in Libra thanks to his connection with balancing
serious karma.
Exaltation also results in a more socially accepted expression of the planet
(high dignity is about the mores of culture and society and how it likes to t
ake its planets.
in other words it is about the conventionally accepted and respected way of d
oing things with a plane
From "The Day of the Doctor"
In many ways this becomes more than a love letter paying tribute to a beloved
TV show, it serves as a small demonstration of how I generally approach the inte
rpretation of a chart when it is first put in front of me, a process I have neve
r shared in writing.
But far more importantly it will lead us to an appreciation of one of the fund
amental rules of astrology, one that is often omitted from instruction manuals on
astrological interpretation but which is absolutely vital to grasp if we are to
understand how astrology works.
the experience of investigating mundane astrology (the study of events which ta
ke place in the human and natural world) reveals that there is no single birth mom
ent for anything, that there is just a continuous flux into which things are cas
t and re-cast, and human beings are included in this matrix.
Our birth time is just one significant moment in that ongoing flux of essenti
al meaning, a mere point of reference which at a fundamental level allows us to
extract that meaning and make it significant for ourselves through expression in
the world.

So there is your Saturn in Libra, reaching for his exalted nature, trying to
be calm, patient, tactful, polite, to follow the rules, to win the long game by
being kind and co-operative, always with an eye on keeping the karmic meter at 0
. Then, he combusts he loses his physical form, meaning he cannot be seen, and i
s therefore a more astra-mental reality for you, he goes on inside you at a leve
l where he is fused to your own awareness of being alive and being who you are.
He becomes more real as an inner state, less real as an outer one. In other word
s, you gain much greater mental and emotional awareness of the things just descr
ibed, but you may lack the ability to implement them so practically (in relation
ships, for example). You must learn this, it becomes necessary for you.
The depression, fear, inadequacy, sense of failure, etc. all the things associat
ed with an unhealthy Saturn can then arise when you do not work consistently at
this task.
You may experience all the Saturn related themes in connection with this task to
o as 10th and 11th ruler and placed in the 7th, Saturn has a blend of all 3 to w
ork with. But can we see exactly how it will blend from just this information? I
think not, because it could be about the friends of your marriage partner offer
ing you career opportunities, marrying someone who is also a friend and your bos
s, repeatedly being let down or learning a hard way concerning your hopes for bo
th love and professional success, etc any combination of themes from these 3 tem
ples. But whatever it is Saturn is all about necessity, he perceives exactly wha
t *really* needs to happen, and when.
In short, the answer to your question is no it does not necessarily portend anyt
hing negative, and exaltation or high dignity does not cancel or become cancelled b
y combustion, because the two things are not contrary.
There are 2 Fluids, a Magnetic and an Electric, and they are generated astrol
ogically by the Sun (Electric) and the Moon (Magnetic).
Every planet needs *one* of these Fluids for the expression of the life of it
s symbolism to prosper.
A planet lacking in a needed Fluid will encounter some challenges in being co
mfortable with itself.
This will show itself in a difficulty expressing the potential it represents.
Step 1: Check out the elemental and modal dominance. Combinaton indicates a si
gn to focus on.
My chart: Fire + Cardinal = Aries
Step 2: Visual inspection of chart esp look for pile ups and planets at angl
es. (and intuition based interpretation thereof)

3: Ascendant sign and its essential meaning. Condition of ascendant ruler

more nuance to essential meaning of sign.
sect as what fluid the AR wants.
4: Rest of dignity of AR, starting with face -peregrine etc
5: Aspects of AR, closest aspect first.

Fast planets will process issues faster,

slow planets will take their time to digest situations,
and retrograde planets will be more self referential and inclined to trust to
(from FB 26 key conv between DC and Joel)
Joel says "Moon on Chiron" went by with nothing happening.
If you were just following the Moon around without it being a conduction for
a major activation,
very little can happen because there is no support. You either need to r

epeat the process for many months,

or you need a Chiron key activation and *then* you do the Magnetic condu
ction around it.
Either of these will create the support you need for this work.
A conductor focuses and amplifies the power of an activation,
but more importantly it allows you to transmit the activation to every p
art of your chart in sequence.
If you don t use one, you can still interact with activations but your e
xploration will lack these elements.
From Ile Spasev
"3 more temples, 2 phases and 2 and a half signs and I will celebrate my
1st Moon Conduction Return
I m happy that I ve started this journey, cause ***the Moon brought sign
ificance in my consciousness that
if not brought by the conduction would have been brought by life in more
longer period of time***
I suppose that the whole circle of life can be minimized in the monthly
cycle of the Moon through the chart.
What I want to say is that we can see the life in small through the mont
hly moon conduction..
Like the Moon is offering opportunities for inner clearing, for Undoing.
She opens some inner doors for more faster growing if we decide to do
The Light of the Moon is very Aware-Like, very deep and reflective.
Your book is fantastic, thank you for your Light through Her.
As I traveled with Her through the temples, She brought to me significa
nce from all the temples. She drew attention of my awareness to experience of th
e temples in this 1st cycle.
From time to time She would took my attention to her phases too, but th
e main experience was weighted on the temples.
What significance the temples hold for me and my consciousness.
As the cycle is finishing, I feel more grounded and self-confident, in
a way - more mature.
My astral awareness become more sharp and focused.
And all this happened on some very unintentional spontaneous way, with
me just Following Her Guidance.
DC says:
an excellent beginning! develop and nurture this receptivity
and begin to try to get a handle on the slower but more substantial imp
act of the Sun.
Try to piece together how these two cycles interlock - this is the secr
et of the phases you have started observing.
I don t see any of this. Try to be more receptive!
More from Ila
"Interesting, so if my natal Moon is at Libra, then the progressions of
Venus are quite important to me?
Also, if lets say, my Sun is at Scorpio, than the Progressions of Mars are impor

tant to me?
DC: all progressions are significant. But yes the progressions of the Lights, th
eir world keys,
and the world key of the 1st temple are more significant in many cases.
The Lights are life giving powers, like the asc.
They breathe life into things. This is what makes them more significant.
DC says:

Essentially the Forrest Method. Just Keeping Around here for detailed check f
or differences, then delete.
Step 1: Meditate on the sign of the south node.
Characterize the individuals prior-life psychological character and emotional age
Step 2: Meditate on the house of the south node. Characterize the individuals pri
or-life situation or circumstances.
Step 3: Meditate on the sign position of the south nodes planetary ruler.
Add another dimension to the individuals prior-life character and agenda.
Step 4: Meditate on the house position of the south nodes planetary ruler.
Add another dimension to the individuals prior-life situation, or discover a crit
ical chapter in the story.
Step 5: Is there a planet conjunct the south node?
In the prior life, this person was the embodiment of that planet.
He or she was deeply identified with it, personally and probably publicly.
Step 6: Is there a planet conjunct the planetary ruler of the south node?
This planet is a significant adjective, amplifying and modifying our sense of thi
s persons prior-life nature and position.
Sit and feel for a moment. This is quite a lot of information. Let your heart ha
ve time to integrate it.
Are there any repeated themes? (Mercury on the south node and the node-ruler in
Gemini, for example.)
Any obvious polarities, paradoxes or contradictions that could provide narrative
drive to the story?
(An independent Uranian type caught in a situation where he or she is defined by
external relationshipsfor example, the node or its ruler lies in the seventh or
eleventh houses, conjunct Uranus.) The first six steps establish the identity of
the person in his or her prior lifetime. Pull these clues together and feel the
m as a unity. We have the character. In the next steps we discover the plot.
Step 7: Any planets opposing the south node? What or who opposed this person in
the prior life? What or who was the brick wall of reality he or she faced? What
or who was unattainable or impossible? For what or who did he or she long? What
defeated the person?
Step 8: Any planets square the south node? What or who afflicted, blocked, or ve
xed this person in the prior life? What was left unresolved or hanging in the ba
lance? What blindsided the person? What evolutionary steps were skipped?
Step 9: Assuming there are any planets square or opposed to the south node, is o
ne of them also its ruler? How might this person have been his or her own worst

enemy in the prior life? What independent personal choices might have led to tro
uble or damage to self or others? What might the present consequences of such pr
ior actions be?
Again, take a moment to reflect and breathe. If there are planets making these h
ard aspects to the south node, you have begun to uncover a story of difficulty.
How might this story have gone badly? How might the person have sustained psycho
logical or spiritual damage as it unfolded? Assess yourself. As far as ferreting
out the prior-life story, you may have gone far enough at this juncture. There
are more stones to turn, but you have looked at the primal ones. Resist the temp
tation of assuming that more information is always better. That is true only so
long as your heart can surf the complexity. You may have enough. You may be wise
to stop here. I often do myself.
Ready for more?
Step 10: Are there are any planets sextile or trine the south node? What or who
simply comforted or supported the person in the prior-life situation? What or wh
o offered encouragement or support in folly? What temptations were not resisted?
Who seduced or conned this person? Are there many trines and sextiles? If so ,
might things have been too easy and led to lassitude and loss of evolutionary mo
Step 11: Any planets square or opposed to the planetary ruler of the south node?
Not quite as telling as planets aspecting the node directly, but the interpreta
tions of these aspects to the nodal ruler are similar to what we saw in steps 7
and 8.
Step 12: Any planets sextile or trine the planetary ruler of the south node? Aga
in, these are not as central as planets aspecting the node directly , but simila
r to what we saw in step 10.
David Paul Coleman
David Paul Coleman
And then Step 1: Meditate on the sign of the north node
Characterize the evolutionary intentions of this soul in terms of what basic vi
rtues and wisdoms it is attempting to develop.
Step 2: Meditate on the house of the north node
Characterize the outward, behavioral arena of life within which this soul can mo
st effectively learn its lessons.
What realm of experience must it enter in order to do its work?
Step 3: Meditate on the sign and house positions of the north nodes planetary rul
Add a secondary, supportive dimension to the souls intentions.
How might the soul perfect its evolutionary plan? What kinds of experience trig
ger breakthroughs? How might it make an A in this lifetime?
Step 4: Is there a planet conjunct the north node? What core planetary archetype
is this soul attempting to integrate into its self-image? What heroes should it
emulate? What negative projections onto certain types of people must it withdra
w? Whom must it stop shaming? To what kinds of people must you guard against giv
ing away your power?
Step 5: Is there a planet conjunct the planetary ruler of the north node? What q
ualities and attitudes can play efficiently supportive roles relative to the evo
lutionary intentions?
Step 6: Any planets square the north node? What issues must be resolved in order
to provide access to the evolutionary intentions? How can this planetary energy
, which is currently hanging in the balance, be made to serve the north node rat
her than falling back into repeating old dramas and reproducing old blockages? W
hat negative projections onto certain types of people must it withdraw? What kin
ds of people can potentially trip you up?

At this point, assess the condition of the integrative sensing device upon which
this whole procedure depends: your heart. Do you have enough information? Maybe
you do. Would more overwhelm you and create mental confusion ? Never be afraid
to stop here.
Step 7: Are there are any planets sextile or trine the north node?
What might be your best resources in support of this evolutionary work? Whom mi
ght your best friends or allies be?
Step 8: Any planets square or opposed to the planetary ruler of the north node?
sNot nearly so powerful as planets aspecting the north node directly, but the in
terpretations of these aspects to the nodal ruler are similar to what we saw in
step 6.
Step 9: Any planets sextile or trine the planetary ruler of the north node? Agai
n, similar to what we saw in step 7.
David Paul Coleman
10/4, 3:03pm
David Paul Coleman
Just because a planet makes no technical connection to the nodal axis or its rul
ers does not rule it out as part of the karmic story.
What we are seeking is a past-life story that is consistent with all the clues t
he chart offers, leaves no clues out, and that includes nothing additional of si
gnificance that we cannot justify through technical analysis.
David Paul Coleman
David Paul Coleman
This is the methid i use AS A STARTING POINT in my own practice and I have found
it to be the very best method to begin with.
So now yiu gave a LOT to ask The Dragon....