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Marketing Issues in

By Afifa Ahmed

Executive Summary
The brand chosen is Delve Desserts By Shan. This assignment discusses the reasons to why this
brand failed to reach its targets and the solutions that could have helped it recover its goals. Main
competitors of this Delve are National, Rafhan etc. Even though Delve was associated with Shan
Foods it failed to achieve its goals. This report provides solution to the issue.

About Shan
Shan Foods Pvt. Ltd. is a global food company. It began as a cottage industry in 1981. Shan went
into local penetration in 2000, and officially launched in India in 2004. After few years it started
to move into UK, USA, Europe and Middle East through exports. Shan's success can be
identified by its implementation of the state of the art manufacturing facilities. Shan Foods has it
core values, and its run on the Shariah Compliance.

About Delve
Delve desserts was launched as premium quality dessert brand by Shan foods on 3rd august 2011
at Marriott hotel, Karachi. It was another milestone, which includes variety of rich, creamy and
flavoursome ranges of Custard, Jelly and one Pudding variant. We already have several other
categories such as traditional desserts, pickles and instant food mixes, however we are best
known for masala, and we want to diversify into non-masala categories. Asma Aman . Delve
was a success from the word go and is now available in 7,000 shops in Karachi. Of Shans
overall marketing budget, 20% is allocated on Delve brand. Delve has currently market share of
10%. However it was not able to achieve the market share it aimed for, and is lacking behind its
main competitors.
Delve product line consists of custards, jellies, and pudding. The custard is available in SKUs of
300 grams and 100 grams. The four flavors offered are: Vanilla, strawberry, banana and mango.
Jelly is available is SKU of 80 grams only. The flavors include: Strawberry, banana, mango,
pineapple and orange. Pudding comes in a pack of 80 grams and the only variant offered is

The Inception of the Idea

Shan discovered that in the Rs 1.25 billion desserts category, contemporary desserts accounted
for Rs 800 million. Rafhan is the clear leader in contemporary desserts but there is no one in the
number two position. National Foods has been in the market for six or seven years but their
market share is not huge and the gap between one and two is quite large. Shan sensed this
opportunity and wanted to occupy that spot by differentiating in the taste of this product and that
of the market leader. It was to evolve as a true global foods company. And Delve is just a step
towards achieving this goal.

Market Share

Marketing Mix of Delve

Target Market was Mothers and kids (aged between 7-14years old). Apart from that, custards and
puddings are more commonly served in festive occasions. It is POSITIONED as a Premium
brand. Other than that Competitor-based pricing has been used with Rafhan being the competitor.
The distribution network for Delve includes International modern trade stores like Hyper star and
local modern trade stores like naheed, imtiaz etc.Several different techniques were used for
promotion mainly Delve was promoted through ATL activities (hoardings, TVCs, billboards) and
BTL activities (taste trials at malls and stores). Its packaging is in ink blue color. The company
spent almost a year on the packaging to ensure that it was modern, up market and very
international in look and feel. The result is dark blue boxes with the red and yellow Delve logo.
These no doubt stand out on the shelf.

Brand Launch Failure

Wrong Positioning: Firstly its idea of creating premium positioning was the biggest
drawback. Secondly promotions didnt communicate the premium dessert message
Low Brand Recognition: There was less communication with the customer which
resulted in low brand recognition. Enough budget was not allocated for the message to
reach the market.
Unavailaibilty in stores: Distribution exclusive and limited to international and local
trade stores

Measures Taken By Shan:

Shan Foods is not actively focusing on the problem of Delve. Sales force has been
pressurizing the company leaders to put in the Shan Logo on the front to make people
know that delve is actually by Shan, because majority of people are not aware of this, and
this is creating issues for them. Shan is making the new packaging with its logo.

Proposed Strategy for Shan and Delve

Revamping the Brand by:
1. Creating Brand Identity:
2. Brand Awareness
3. Brand Building

Brand Identity
Delve will be launched with Shan's name. On every advert Delve will be represented as
Delve by Shan. Furthermore Shan's logo would be put on the branding material and the
packaging material of Delve.

Brand Awareness and Brand Building

Shan would use excessive promotions to create awareness of the brand. This would be
done through continuous television adverts, telling people that Shan has brought to you a

dessert known as delve. Furthermore this would be done through BTLs to the target
audience. Use of Bill boards, print ads in the newspapers and magazines. Shan could also
use this slogan of
"Khaane ke baad kuch Meetha Hojaye" Delve Desserts by Shan.
Facebook page could be used to give away gift hampers for competitions related to delve,
and creating an impact.
Shan could also release a Dessert book for mothers which have recipes of desserts which
are made by Delve Desserts.

Resource person: Assistant Brand
Manager Mr. Mehtaz Sultan