Audreen Hourie: Cultural Educator and Patriot. (b.

Audreen Hourie is a Métis, born in the Métis community of Grand Marais, Manitoba, on the southeast side of La e !inni"e#. Audreen $as a foundin# board member of %emmican %ub&ications (19'() and became Mana#in# )ditor in March *(((. +he retired from this "osition in ,une of *((4. +he had "re-ious&y $or ed for the Manitoba Métis
Audreen at the Ka Ni Kanichihk "resention of the >Bee"in# the .ires 2urnin# A$ard?

.ederation in -arious ca"acities for $e&& o-er */ years, main&y in the areas of research, education and cu&tura& de-e&o"ment. Audreen a&$ays used her e0"erience to in-o&-e Métis "eo"&e in the arts and $as a &eader in "ro-idin# trainin# to Métis "eo"&e in the boo "ub&ishin# industry. Audreen Hourie is the Metis dau#hter of )d$ard Mi&es Hourie (b. 19(/ at Grand Marais) and May .rances 1r-is (b. 191( at 2a&sam 2ay). 1 Audreen $as born at Grand Marais, Manitoba, the youn#est of si0 chi&dren. 3he Michif &an#ua#e $as once s"o en in the 1r-is fami&y but died out $ith the #eneration of Audreen4s mother. Audreen4s father $as a commercia& fisherman $ho a&so tra""ed but did not &i e to hunt. 5t $as her mother, May, $ho o$ned a&& the #uns in the home did a&& the huntin# for the fami&y and tau#ht her boys to be hunters. +he $as a&so an e0ce&&ent horse$oman, she &o-ed ridin# and $ou&d com"ete in horse races and often $on. Her mother #a-e Audreen the #ift of music and dance. 1-er the years, Audreen #a-e numerous seminars and $or sho"s to Metis youth on Metis music and the art of 6i##in#. Audreen is the former %ro-incia& )ducation co7ordinator for the Manitoba Metis .ederation and $as interim %resident of Manitoba Metis .ederation $hi&e ,ohn Morriseau $as on sic &ea-e. +he $as a&so 8ice7%resident of the 9ati-e :ounci& of :anada (19'1719'*). As a &ead u" to the Manitoba Metis .ederation &and c&aim court case a#ainst the federa& #o-ernment, Audreen $or ed on the &and c&aims research team both in 1tta$a and in Manitoba. 5n 19;9, Audreen or#ani<ed and "artici"ated in sit7ins at the "ro-incia& &e#is&ature "rotestin# the hi#h unem"&oyment rates amon#st Abori#ina& "eo"&e. 5n A"ri& of 19;9, Audreen and other "rotesters too o-er the )m"&oyment and 5mmi#ration :anada offices in !inni"e# and stayed there for nine days. !hen the #o-ernment didn4t fo&&o$ throu#h $ith their "romises they did a sit in at the &e#is&ature. 3here $ere ei#ht &eaders from 9or$ay House and 3= other su""orters. 3his "rotest &asted *' days. !hen the #o-ernment returned to sit in session, they "assed $hat $as dubbed >3he 9or$ay House La$? $hich chan#ed the re#u&ations for "eacefu& sit7ins. After this e0"erience, Audreen too u" $ritin# to te&& the Metis story and she continues to be acti-e on the front &ine of those s"ea in# out for the Metis "eo"&e.

1n her materna& side Audreen is the #randau#hter of !i&&iam 1r-is (b. 1''/) and Marie ,ose"hine 3homas and the #reat #randdau#hter of ,ohn 2enson 1r-is (1'447193() and 5sabe&&a 5r-in# (1'=171944). Her #randmother Marie ,ose"hine 3homas $as born at @eindeer La e in 1'44, the dau#hter of Geordie 3homas born at Lac 2rochet in 1'/*, and Ade&aide Morin born in 1'4; at 5&e A &a :rosse.


A&$ays acti-e in the "reser-ation of Metis cu&ture, Audreen $or ed $ith the Manitoba Museum on the de-e&o"ment of the %ar &ands Ga&&ery. +he tra-e&&ed throu#hout
Audreen $or in# on the Manitoba Museum, %ar &ands Ga&&ery dis"&ay, ,an. 13, 199'.

Manitoba to do inter-ie$s and co&&ect the artefacts that are e0hibited in the >Metis Bitchen? dis"&ay. 1-er the years, Audreen has -o&unteered to teach Metis cu&ture to Metis youth and numerous other #rou"s. +he $as the mana#in# editor of %emmican %ub&ications from *((( to *((4. 1n ,u&y ;, *((4 Ka Ni Kanichihk "resented a Bee"in# the .ires 2urnin# A$ard to Audreen. 3his a$ard honours Okiijida Ikwe or >2i# Hearted !omen.? 2i# Hearted !omen e0em"&ify the se-en sacred &a$s of honesty, coura#e, res"ect, humi&ity, sharin#, carin# and &o-e by sharin# their no$&ed#e, ta&ents and e0"erience to he&" ee" their fami&ies and communities stron#.

%hoto#ra"hC A"ri& 14, 19;9C Audreen Hourie on #uitar at the )m"&oyment and 5mmi#ration :anada offices after the first $ee of the "rotest sit7in. %hoto by ,im !a& er (The Winnipeg Tribune %hoto :o&&ection, Dni-er7 sity of Manitoba. %: 1'E4=4*E1'73'347((1)

:om"i&ed by La$rence 2ar $e&&


:oordinator of Metis Herita#e and History @esearch Louis @ie& 5nstitute


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