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April 2010 Volume 94, Issue 6 Punahou School

Ka Punahou
Laptop Program Ending


aren’t es-
Punahou’s Thousands
of students

One-to-One have made

it through

program will the acade-

my without

end this year them.”

Academy Teacher


after teach- iPhones

For All
ers agree that Students
Apple will do-
nate an iPhone

laptops aren’t or iPad to every

student; the
plan has prov-

en benefits.
by Devon Wong

Students’ R.I.P.
» Mixed

New $1 Million
for Bronze

Stadium Statue
by Sarah
The plans for a new stadium
will have state-of-the art FRIDAYS AT
features, including a jumbotron Endowments
were not im-
scoreboard, new seats, mune to the
and artificial turf. by Satchel Park

New Mascot: Humpback Whales New Dress Code for Next Year
Punahou changed its mascot to the humpback whales Punahou’s dress code will become stricter
to spread awareness of the endangered species and to next year to desexualize the learning envi-
honor the whale now residing in Punahou’s pool. The ronment. Signups for Dress Code Police will
change is permanent. By Kendra Rask. » p. 8 also be open soon. By Jacqueline Lo » p. 4
Ka Punahou April 2010 Page 2

Photo Courtesy of Apple

AcademyÊStudents ÊtoÊRecei veÊ iPhones

Devon Wong ‘10 system. will insure that the students have leagues.” top computer for an additional
Staff Writer All lectures and classes will a computer to do their work on. Apple is showing their support $20 for students’ homes. Apple is
be available to students through An Apple wagon will be placed for Punahou School by donating hoping that students’ grades will
The results of a recent Apple the iPhones. Every class will be in the middle of the quad to help all of these iPhones and iPads to go up by implementing state-of-
study show that 98% of teenag- video recorded and sent to the students having technical difficul- the students. the-art technology into their aca-
ers ages 13-17 do 85% better in iPhone via Bluetooth, for the con- ties with their iPhone, iPad, and/ Dean Ruth Fletcher said, “The demic lives.
school than teenagers without venience of students who missed or computer. iPhones will create a new network In the future, Apple hopes to
iPhones. the class. Each iPhone will also “I think it’s great that the stu- for the students, and hopefully fully sponsor Punahou by continu-
Each student in the Academy come with a $100 iTunes card for dents have their own iPhones,” bring them closer together as a ing to provide more technology for
will be receiving his or her own students’ application needs free says Dean Scott Herzer. “Now, class. All of the services will be the school. This new approach to
iPhone with everything from of charge, courtesy of Apple. there is no excuse for the stu- provided by the Apple Company education, with the help of Apple,
lecture notes, films, and the oc- Students who already own iP- dents to not have their home- so that each student can text and has pleased the teachers. Apple
casional SparkNote included. By hones will instead be given iPads. work done. I am ready to receive call as much as they would like, is looking forward to see change
having the iPhone, students will The iPads, along with the laptops, my iPhone so I can play ‘Words even during class!” in the Punahou community. Stu-
be automatically linked to the will be provided by the school and with Friends’ with my fellow col- Apple will also throw in a desk- dents will soon be receiving their

TheÊC ureÊtoÊStackedÊSchedules
Adam Uyehara ‘10 the largest enrollments in hopes Dean Ron Gould. “We’ve been
Staff Writer that some students will pick pushing to get these students the
them,” says Dr. Conway. credit for quite a while. These
With overcrowded schedules “I think it’ll be a good idea,” staffers at the camps putting in
of the many students taking dif- says Freshman Eugene Sang ‘13. the same number of hours as
ficult AP and honors classes, “It’ll give me more time dur- someone in ICP or Peer Helping
many students have been com- ing the day to finish my home- would. They’re deserving of it.
plaining about the “unnecessary” work instead of staying up late at The camps give the our ICP/Peer
Photo Courtesy of Trevor Lee ‘10

Performing/Visual Art, Physical night”. Helping alums a chance to use

Education and General Elective In addition to Saturday classes their skills in the real world.”
graduation credit requirements. being offered, certain extra-cur- Key Club and Easter Seals
Now, Punahou has finally lis- ricular activities will have credits members are soon to be exempt
tened to our plea. Beginning next attached to them. The Holoku from the CapSEEDS community
year, Punahou will offer weekend Pageant and Academy Camps service requirement. Senior stu-
classes. are receiving credit options. The dents who were in at least one of
The new system is very simi- Holoku pageant will be offered ¼ the clubs from their junior year
lar to that of summer school Visual/Performing Art credit for do not need a community service
classes. Students meet for three every two dances a student partic- placement.
or four hour periods on Saturday ipates in, as an encouragement to “They’re already helping out
mornings, with the exception get more male students to enroll. in their community,” Mr. Cheever
of sciences, which has an extra “It’s gonna be a hassle” says says. “The purpose of the com-
two-hour lab period every three one Holoku director. “We already munity service requirement is to
weeks. Starting next year, Chem- have try-outs for the girls, and get students interested in help-
istry, Foundation Art, U.S History now we ave to have tryouts for ing out around their community.
and European History will be of- the guys?” These students have been doing
fered; perhaps with more to come, “Now we’ll finally get enough that for years.”
depending how well the new guys, YES!” another Holoku Like Dr. Conway said, these
program works. These weekend director exclaims. “Some girls new systems are subject to change
classes count towards the five- always have to drop from Cou- or cancellation. Punahou is ever
class minimum per semester. ple’s dances ‘cause there’s never changing, whether it be construc-
“Let me make this clear: this enough guys, but now there will!” tion, cafeteria system, or class
is a trial run and the classes are Academy Camp and Freshman requirements, the school is con-
dependent on the number of stu- camp staffers are being offered ½ stantly trying to change itself for
dents who sign up for the classes. elective credit for their efforts. the better. Perhaps this is a step
We’re offering the classes with “It only seems fair,” says in the right direction.
news Ka Punahou April 2010 Page 3

CarnivalÕs ÊDownf all

Demi Suzuki ‘10 have hit deep, even in the enter- That’s right: the juicy, delectable Another change is that there to Garden Burgers to accommo-
date a wider range of tastes for
Staff Writer tainment industry. dishes full of fatty calories that won’t be an Ice Cream Booth.
Punahou Carnival, although we devour yearly will no longer That means no more chocolate visitors.
Punahou Carnival will never be quite lucrative, has not brought in be available. covered Whole Fruit bars and no So what does that leave us with?
the same. Starting next year, in an enough money to bring back E.K. First on the list of changes is the more mini Haagen Daz cups. Yes, Kiddie games and the Variety
attempt to create a healthier com- Fernandez for another year. one made on our trademark mala- Carnival is hot, but suck it up and Show. Better hope that those can
munity, Carnival will change its “This year, they requested a sadas. They will cut one booth buy water or a smoothie, which, bring Carnival back to life.
menu. Additionally, because of lot of money to supply for Car- and make the malasadas smaller. on a good note, will have more But cheer up kids. I’ll leave you
tough the economic times, E.K. nival,” President Jim Scott stated. To top it off, and probably the variety. with this: less booths will equal
Fernandez will no longer supply “In past years we were able to most significant change is that Besides the pizza and fried less shifts needed. Less shifts will
rides or games for Carnival. make compromises, but this time there will no longer be sugar. If it Twinkie stalls that will no longer equal less people needed, which
E.K. Fernandez, the classic around, no agreement could be doesn’t have sugar, how can it be be present, there will also be less means that you can now spend the
game and ride supporter of many reached.” called a malasada? But lighten up Teri Burgers. It has been decided time you would have been work-
events around the state, will sadly To make matters worse, the folks, think about the five pounds that there will only be one Teri ing, having fun at a healthier, E.K.
no longer be present at Punahou Punahou Trustee board also de- the board members just saved Burger booth, and half of the Teri Fernandez-less Carnival.
Carnival. Layoffs and pay cuts cided to make Carnival healthier. you. Burger supply will be converted . . . YAY!

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Elias

Who needed EK Fernandez anyway? Beginning February 2011, the company will no longer provide its rides or games to Punahou Carnival goers because of
Punahou’s insufficient budget.

FurloughsÊ forÊ Punahou

Satchel Park ‘10 lacked the finances to complete Punahou thousands of dollars of school. I’m looking forward the plan.
Staff Writer the year without being heavily in alone in the final quarter of the to Furlough Fridays at Punahou.” As of now, it is unclear whether
debt. To solve the problem, Puna- school year. says Lian Moss ’10. these Furlough Fridays will con-
Starting next quarter, Punahou hou’s board of trustees began to Even though there will be a However, not everyone has tinue into the next school year. It
School will have Furlough Fri- meet two months ago. The solu- more holidays this school year, been this supportive of the idea, will depend on how much Puna-
days. Punahou is the latest Hawaii tion they all agreed to be the most Punahou still has one of the low- to say the least. hou’s endowment will be able to
school to adopt furlough days in sensible was to have Furlough est numbers of holidays of all Punahou received many angry bounce back up before the next
an attempt to reduce its financial Fridays. the schools in Hawaii. Punahou complaints from parents when the school year.
deficit. Many other alternatives were argues that because of this, its plan was announced. Most parents This upcoming quarter will be a
Although Punahou is a private explored, such as shortening the students will still be ahead of the are angry that the change is taking historic one for Punahou because
school, it has not been immune school year, reducing faculty pay, other schools. place mid-year, instead of the be- this will be its first time of hav-
to the recent financial recession. and increasing tuition. However, Reactions towards the plan have ginning of next year. Also, many ing furlough days. No one knows
Its endowment, which was based many of these ideas came under been mixed. Most students, espe- are upset that they won’t be get- how it will turn out, but hopefully
heavily in the stock market, took very heavy fire from Punahou cially seniors, have welcomed the ting their money’s worth because it will be the answer to Punahou’s
a big hit, leaving Punahou with faculty and families. Furlough plan with open arms. considering the high tuition, each financial problems and won’t
much less money than originally Fridays were chosen because of “School definitely gets over- day that is missed is more than a let its students’ grades drop in
thought available. their immediate effect and ability whelming this late in the year. hundred dollars wasted. the process. All eyes will be on
As the 2009-2010 school year to save the school money. These extra days off will really Despite the continued criticism, Punahou when the new quarter
continued, Punahou realized it The proposed plan will save help me deal with all the stress Punahou is vowing to stick with unfolds.
Ka Punahou April 2010 Page 4

NewÊDr essÊC ode:ÊUnif orms Introduces
Students to begin SeniorÊ Camp

Photo Courtesy of:

wearing uniforms Kiley Watumull Ô 10
Staff Writer
after DeansÕ
careful After noticing the widespread
disappointment of Punahou se-
deliberation. niors who were not admitted to
this yearÕ s spring camp, the psy-
chosocial department decided to
Jacqueline Lo Ô 11
introduce a new type of camp that
Staff Writer
is specifically for seniors. It will
be held at Camp Paumalu on the
You may as well throw your
North Shore (as are the other acad-
Hollister jacket, Pacsun plaid
emy camps) and will allow seniors
shirt, and Abercrombie jeans into
to bond and hang out before they
the donation pile. After using the
go off to college in the fall.
2009-2010 yearÕ s third quarter to
The camp selection process is
test out the less restrictive dress
an arduous task for the psychoso-
code, the Deans have decided to
cial department. First priority goes
implement an entirely new policy
to those candidates who have not
and add a few more rules to the
yet been to camp. Other consider-
dress code we know right now.
ations are how helpful the depart-
Beginning on April 11th, 2010,
ment thinks camp will be for the
every student will be required to Dean Priore-Kim. are a statement of oneÕ s personal to have more severe consequences
student and current grade level.
purchase a $50 uniform set from In addition to the uniforms that style,Ó says Nikita Sang Ô 10. in order to make the policy a suc-
Many students are turned down.
School Uniforms of Hawaii, which each Academy student is required Despite student and parent cess,Ó says Dean Herzer.
The psychosocial department has
is located next to Kahala Mall. to buy, there will also be a few new protests, the deans have decided to Not only will demerits be given
always felt bad about this and is
Letters have been sent home to rules that were not included in the move forward with this decision. out to those who do not comply
very excited to offer this new op-
all parents concerning the matter. Punahou handbook students re- In order to have the complete with the rules, but weeklong
portunity to Punahou seniors.
The girlsÕ uniform will include ceived at the beginning of the year. cooperation of the entire student suspensions will be part of the
Senior Rie Chun was angered
a clip on tie, stockings (black or Girls will be required to have body, the deans have decided to punishment too. To those who
by the rejection of her camp appli-
skin tone), covered shoes, a blazer, their hair tied up in a ponytail at create a Dress Code Police com- decide to break these rules more
cation, but after hearing about the
collared shirt, and a skirt. The all times and will not be allowed mittee. It will be made up of the than once, an immediate expulsion
new Senior camp, she was excited
boysÕ uniform set will consist of to wear any type of jewelry. BoysÕ most responsible students of the will occur.
and shouted, Ò This will be the best
a tie, slacks, a collared shirt, and hair length must be above their senior class, chosen by their deans. So before April 11 arrives, be
camp ever!Ó
a blazer. shoulders, they must wear belts Committee members will inspect sure to head on over to the School
The camp will incorporate
Ò These new uniforms are a way to hold up their pants, and they each classroom at 7:30 in the Uniforms of Hawaii and purchase
many of the original camp ac-
for us to desexualize the school will not be allowed to wear any morning to make sure everyone your new uniform. So enjoy these
tivities, but will exclude the high
environment. The uniforms will type of hat. is in accordance with the policy. last ten days before we are forced
ropes course that seniors had been
help students concentrate on their Ò ItÕ s really unfair that theyÕ ve Ò In the past, the consequences to don the less-hot version of the
required to do many times before
studies, rather than focusing on decided to completely eliminate have been quite relaxed. However, preppy clothes that weÕ ve only
at previous Academy camps. Se-
making fashion statements,Ó says our freedom of choice. Clothes weÕ ve decided that itÕ s necessary ever seen on Gossip Girl.
niors are also offered the opportu-
nity to talk about their upcoming
departure from Hawaii to attend

college. Instead of having to deal
with Freshmen, Sophomores and
Juniors who are not yet in the
Ò college mindsetÓ , Seniors will be
able to talk with each other about
their concerns for their new lives.
Jeremy Ueki ‘10 The public Punahou School,will and every individual beliefs, I religions to expand the moral and
Seniors will able to just Ò chillÓ and
Staff Writer be centered not around Christian- think it would be best to not have spiritual values of our students.Ó
hang out with one another, thus
ity, but a conglomerate of different any one set of religious principles Punahou has already seen this
President Jim Scott, along with providing them with a relaxing
religions, ethnicities, and people. as the basis of Punahou. Instead, type of change occur in the Chapel
the approval of the Punahou Board outing before the excitement that
Ò Because I respect all religions we will incorporate all the various services. The Chapel service that
of Trustees, has decided to convert comes with senior chapel, bacca-
Punahou students are required to
Punahou School from a private laureate, senior skip day, and last
attend addresses a broad ranges
institution to a public school. Dr. but not least, graduation.
of topics, rather than focusing on
Scott plans on making this transi- Senior Amanda Scott admits
one specific religious subject. This
tion in the 2013 school year. that she doesnÕ t know about it, but
enables all students to take part in
Ò One of the core initiatives here thought that it was a great idea. As
Chapel service, without having to
at Punahou School is to be a pri- another reject for staffing senior
feel like one must be Christian in
vate school with a public purpose,Ó camp, Scott felt that since it was
order to be involved.
stated Dr. Scott. Ò I feel that if our her last chance to get into camp,
PunahouÕ s convertion from
institution really wants to strive in Senior Camp would allow for a
being private to public will also
serving a public purpose, we must special, yet similar experience
affect the athletic programs. Pu-
become a public school.Ó to the previous academy camps
nahouÕ s athletic teams will now
Other changes to be made in- that she had enjoyed so much.
have to compete against other
clude making adjustments to the Ò Through Variety show, I have met
public schools, which are a part of
schoolÕ s mission statements. a bunch of people in the class of
the Oahu Interscholastic Associa-
One of PunahouÕ s current mis- 2010 who I had never met before,Ó
tion, or OIA, instead of the private
sion statements is: Ò Punahou says Scott. Ò I want to continue
schoolsÕ Interscholastic League of
School is committed to providing meeting new people. IÕ ve had such
Honolulu, or ILH for short.
an environment where students a great time with my new friends,
PunahouÕ s teams will each
can develop moral and spiritual and I know that Senior Camp will
have to participate in more games
values consistent with the Chris- provide me with the opportunity
due to the numerous public schools
tian principles on which Punahou to meet even more new people!Ó
compared to private institutions.
was founded.Ó Administrators are looking at
As a result, the regular season will
Ò Punahou has a very diverse dates for camp and consider hold-
be longer than it is currently.
group of students and not all the ing it in late April. Spring athletes
As Punahou transitions into
students at Punahou are Chris- will also be excused from their
a thriving public school, our
tian,Ó adds Dr. Scott. Ò Therefore, sports to attend camp, so donÕ t let
system will require a number of
to create an equal opportunity for that hold you back from applying!
adjustments to uphold the current
everyone, our school needs to And remember, unlike Academy
reputation and by the year 2013,
change from being a Christian- camp, you are guaranteed a spot!
Punahou will be more than ready
based institute.Ó For more information, email puna-
Photo Courtesy of to make this significant transition.
opinions Ka Punahou April 2010 Page 5

LetterÊ toÊ
UnfortunateÊ NewÊ Rules theÊ Editor
Erin Lloyd Ô 10 Dear Editor,
Staff Writer
This letter is partly in response to
Not a day goes by that I donÕ t an article in your previous issue,
hear someone talk about the Ò How to Write an Article: Vol-
Punahou dress code, which has ume 4, Part 7.Ó I must say, youÕ ve
been changing since what seems outdone yourselves in providing
like forever. the very best tips for success for
Punahou students.

“Uniforms? Dress Code?

The dress code used to be pretty
much whatever you want with
just a few minor restrictions. IÕ ve recently noticed a decrease in
Then, we, the class of 2010, en- my grades, and my teachers seem

Psh, this is good

tered the academy with a whole to get mad at me more easily than
new wardrobe. they used to. I donÕ t know why
The dress code just so hap- this is. IÕ ve been my best efforts
pened to change right when we into extending deadlines when

became high schoolers, of course. I had to play the new Pokemon
So, all of us girls had to go buy game or watch TV, and I always
Ò Punahou approvedÓ school wear have the best group members for
from a small uniform store out in projects... But I still canÕ t seem to
Photo Courtesy of Zayn El Hajji make the grade.
the middle of nowhere.
The shirts were stretchy and un- those numerous demerits for vio- the 2010 school year. The boysÕ uniform is, of course,
flattering. The colors were weird lating the dress code. Do you remember the uniform the better of the two. Theirs con- All this to say, I do hope you
and ugly. The worst part was, I think itÕ s safe to say that for Punahou students in the early sists of nice, long slacks, long- will publish more tips like these,
the boys only had to wear polo most of the girls have mastered 20th century? Of course not, we sleeve button down dress shirt, because I am in desperate need
shirts, ANY polo shirt. How is the dress code. We know which werenÕ t born yet! and a short-sleeve button down of them!
that fair? teachers and faculty members to Well, you Punahou students bet- dress shirt, both of which must be
When there are rules, there are really watch out for and which ter start looking at those ancient buttoned to at least the second to -Lay Z. McSlacker
always rule breakers. ItÕ s hard for buildings and offices to stay away yearbooks because that is what the top button.
the boys to break the dress code from. our new dress code will be. All students must wear cov- A Note from the Editors:
because they can basically wear There recently was a dress code The faculty canÕ t think of any ered shoes, none of which can be In the March Ô 10 issue of Ka
what they already have in their change to help give the girls a other way to deal with the viola- sneakers. Punahou, the article Ò Curbing
closets. little more slack. Girls are now tors so now we must all pay and We all have ourselves to blame Curiosity: Substance Use Preven-
The girls are an entirely differ- allowed to wear any crew neck t- wear hot, nun-like uniforms. for this catastrophe. I would be tionÓ on page 9 states that there
ent story. shirt, which is very helpful. The girlsÕ uniform consists of a absolutely furious about this new were less than 30 peer helpers at
I know that I hate wearing those People are still violating the long skirt, a long-sleeveed blouse uniform, but IÕ m graduating be- the beginning of the program 10
terrible dress code shirts and dress code. So, the faculty of that totally covers the collar bone, fore it will even be in effect. So, I years ago. The program actually
so do many other girls. And so Punahou School has decided to and a short-sleeve blouse that also say to you all, good luck! began in 1990, not ten years ago.
weÕ re usually the ones who get change the dress code entirely for covers the collar bone. We apologize for the error.

AcademyÊLap topÊPr ogramÊtoÊEnd

Rest in Peace, old friend. As your time here on campus
comes to an end, we remember how you cared for us: your
cooperation when we needed to chat with our friends, the
shared frustration when the Internet didnÕ t work, and won-
derful memories of hiding games, Facebook accounts, and
Youtube videos from parents who couldnÕ t understand their
importance. But you did, O precious friend, who forgave us
for banging on your keyboard... for forcefully holding down
the Shift key when necessary for adequate venting... for
tolerating long nights of essays, projects, and background
music. Goodbye, laptops.
Jason Wong Ô 10 the learning process. gested, including replacing lap- use a slide rule. Most students Another junior who spoke
Staff Writer Teacher David Brunner was tops with iPads (which are only today donÕ t even know what a anononymously admitted that she
particularly irate about students capable of running one applica- slide rule is.Ó welcomed the change. Ò ThereÕ s a
Five years ago, Punahou School using laptops for non-educational tion at a time), installing software Students will no longer be is- whole bunch of students that are
extended its One-to-One laptop purposes during class. to monitor inappropriate use, and sued laptops and will be expected doing stuff on their laptops [in
program Case Middle School Ò My students spend the entire penalizing non-educational laptop to use computer labs during class], not really paying atten-
students by issuing iBooks to class playing Dinglepop. They use with demerits. their own breaks to complete tionÉ then the teacher asks them
seventh graders. Students were think I donÕ t notice, but itÕ s so However, the solution that the any assignments requiring word a question, and they have no idea
re-issued laptops in subsequent obvious. One girl even left her teachers agreed on at the end of processing, online research, or whatÕ s going on and have to ask
school years, gradually rolling out speakers on during class and ev- the day was simply terminating software applications. the teacher to repeat the question.
laptops to students in all grades. eryone could hear the gameÕ s the One-to-One laptop program Punahou Summer School 2010 It gets old really fast.Ó
Next year, the Class of 2011 noises coming from her laptop.Ó for Academy students. studnets will be the first under- Though some students donÕ t
was expected to bring their lap- On Curriculum Day, the Acad- As one Punahou teacher says, classmen in three years to experi- like the change, many parents
tops into senior year, making it emy teachers met to discuss Ò Laptops arenÕ t essential. If thou- ence Academy teaching without a will. Dropping the Academy lap-
the first year every student in the laptop use. Many teachers ex- sands of students have made it laptop. top program comes during a fi-
Academy would have a laptop. perienced incidents similar to the through the Academy without Student reactions were mixed. nancially difficult time, and with
However, teachers and faculty aforementioned, and were tired of them, then so can our students Barryn Chun Õ 11, was devas- rising tuition costs, parents will be
have had enough, saying that the having to police laptop use. today. Back in my day, we didnÕ t tated: Ò How will I watch my vid- glad to know that they will not be
laptops have been detrimental to Several solutions were sug- even have calculators. I had to eos and play video games?Ó paying the lease for a laptop.
Front Page Photo Courtesy of Photos Courtesy of Apple Inc. and Kinto Diriwachter
Ka Punahou April 2010 Page 6

ObamaÊD onatesÊ$ 1ÊM illionÊ

forÊ BronzeÊStatue
Sarah Horiuchi Ô 10
Staff Writer
dency and honor him as the role
model of all Punahou students.”
To perpetuate ObamaÕ s uplift-
President Barack Obama, class ing presidential campaign slogan
of `79, recently donated 1 million of 2008, the statue will be accom-
dollars to Punahou School to con- panied with a plaque engraved,
struct his bronze figurine. “Yes, we can.”
The sculpture will be situated By installing this statue,
at the main entrance gates of the Obama hopes to inspire the young
school, on Punahou Street and students of Punahou School to
Wilder Avenue, and will replace “Learn, Dream, and Achieve”.
the historic boulder, Pohakuloa. Ò Punahou established the
Pohakuloa was discovered at foundation of my education and
Round Top, near the school. After career and I want to show my ap-
it was split in half, a portion of preciation for all that the Punahou
the stone was placed at Kapi`olani community has done for me, he
Medical Center and the remainder says. “The young students of
was laid at the entrance of Punahou Punahou are the future genera-
School. tions of our country and I hope
The rock is believed to once they always strive and endeavor
have been a Hawaiian birthing to reach their greatest ambitions.”
stone. With consent from King Peter Corlett, world-renowned
Kamehameha III, the rock was re- sculptor, has been commissioned
located in the mid-19th century. to build the statue, along with a
Punahou trustees have thor- highly qualified team of artists to
oughly debated whether the his- assist him. It is estimated that the
toric rock should be removed to bronze Obama will be completed
provide space for the establish- by August 2010 before the begin-
ment of Obama’s figure. However, ning of the new school year.
President James Scott concluded The statue will be the exact
at their last meeting on February height of Obama: 6’1”
20th that Pohakuloa would be After the completion of the
removed and replaced at Bishop sculpture, Obama has promised
Museum, with full agreement from to travel to Hawaii to welcome
the trustees. Punahou students to school on
President Scott remarked, their first day back, accompanied
“Though Punahou deeply values with his wife, Michelle Obama,
its native Hawaiian roots and his- and his children, Sasha and Malia
tory, we feel it necessary to show Obama, so Punahou faculty and
our full support for ObamaÕ s presi- students are excitedly anticipating
his appearance. Photo Courtesy of Kinto Diriwachter

CelebritiesÊ comeÊ toÊ Punahou

Phillip Wong Ô 10
Staff Writer “We know that it’s going be the safety and security of the
to be huge. We want to students. The Cooke Hall librar-
It was announced that Punahou make sure that every stu- ians are set to be head of security
would be hosting a free concert dent has the opportunity throughout the night due to their
sometime during the end of the to enjoy this concert. It well-honed skills in keeping hec-
year. Bands that have agreed to is going to be the great- tic situations under control.
come so far are reggae sensation est event the Punahou With that said, the Punahou
Soldiers of Jah Army, Pepper, Kid campus has ever seen.” community feels very confident
Cudi, Drake, Ke$ha and the cast of The actual date of that the night will go smoothly
the hit show “Glee.” the concert is still to be and as planned. Ka Punahou tried
This show is only for Punahou announced. However, to contact all of the artists, but
students and is a gift from the the deans are aiming for only Soldiers of Jah Army replied.
deans. The goal of this show is to it to be in mid May or Lead singer Jacob Hemphill
bring the Punahou student body early June. explained, Ò Punahou School is
closer together and to allow every Senior Luke Unter- paying us a small amount to play,
student to have a great time with mann who is helping but it is barely enough to cover
their peers. The show will be 100% to plan the event elabo- the expenses. We honestly want-
free of charge. rates, “We definitely do ed to do this show because we
Says Dean Scott Herzer, Ò We not want the concert to have many great fans in Hawaii
really thought that the kids de- interfere with the stress- and have heard so much about
served something special. They ful times of finals and Punahou School. I think they
are the best senior class we have graduation, so we are definitely deserve a nice reward
ever had at Punahou. I hope that working on a time where for all of their hard work.”
they enjoy the show.” students will be free and As for now, more updates on
The show is set to be held able to attend! It is going the concert will be released in the
outdoors on the football field with to be fantabulous!” future. Until then, the anticipation
a giant stage stretched across the A pressing issue of of the concert will surely ruffle the
Ewa end zone. Photos Courtesy of:
the event is going to chin hairs of many students.
Dean Ruth Fletcher explains,
Ka Punahou April 2010 Page 6
Ka Punahou April 2010 Page 7

PROMÊ ALERT:Êcel ebrityÊ dates

Sierra Chinn-Liu Ô 11 would understand the occasion, a problem. (For example, rumor
Staff Writer have the necessary etiquette for it, has it that Meryl Streep will be at-
and know how to enjoy themselves tending prom with an anonymous
ItÕ s that time of year again; that as well as ensure the amusement senior.) ItÕ s the effect and utter
tangible atmosphere of excitement of their Ò partnerÓ for the evening, perfection that is supposed to be
and stress has encompassed the having graced red carpets, attended found in a celebrity date. The stars
Punahou campus. extravagant VIP events, and ex- available donÕ t mind and their
No, itÕ s not second-semester perienced situations that require spouses donÕ t eitherÐ if an actor
finals week, and spring break lies culture, poise, and elegance. And can watch their other half get close
almost achingly in the distance; a seasoned celebrity would do an to a co-star, they can definitely
what has students all jazzed up is even better job. handle a favor that would mean the
the oh-so-crucial month preceding However, after concluding that world to one of America’s youth.
Prom and Junior Function. This this would be a fantastic idea, how ItÕ s all about that culture, poise,
time of year is incredibly stress- does one even begin to “make it and elegance. Of course, some
ful on the student body, because happen?Ó Apparently, itÕ s all about celebrities have to be contacted
of all the various sources of pres- playing the cards right– know- quickly, as the dates more coveted
sure coming at individuals from ing where and when to contact are, unsurprisingly, more popular
all sides. the right person. Even without stars; it is also not uncommon to
The largest and probably most resources and connections, itÕ s see discontent and jealousy along
critical source of pressure is find- still quite possible to accomplish with excessive boasting and pride.
ing and/or choosing a date (after all that, as proven by the almost Last week, it was reported that
deciding whether or not to even strangely large number of students things came very close to a series
have one), and it is second only securing these celebrity dates to of fights (which are absolutely
to girls who have yet to clear the Function and Prom. prohibited on school grounds).
minefield of what to wear. Though Ò And then Brad Pitt said yes, These “fights” are not just ex-
of course not all Academy students after George Clooney politely tremely heated arguments, but
are in a frenzy over the pressing declined in favor of his occupa- clashes that extend to the point
issue, even those who have made of physicality, according to one
a sure and comfortable choice in “More of the ce- student who witnessed two of his
terms of who or who not to bring, best friends narrowly miss the
are somewhat interested in who
lebrity dates are drastic consequences that surely
others are intending to show up being booked for accompany a fight. The cause?
with. Junior Function; One male student was enjoying the
When searching for the per- taste of what seemed to be a huge
fect date, especially from a more w he t he r t h a t ’s personal victory, bragging about
feminine perspective, one has to due to the deter- having “sealed the deal” with the
consider the obvious prerequisites: attractive and immensely popular
he (or she) has to understand the
mination of the Megan Fox for his Function date.
occasion, have the necessary junior class or a Understandably, a few friends
etiquette for it, and know how to certain kind of didnÕ t seem to share his delight, as
enjoy themselves as well as ensure it was clouded by what was most
the amusement of their Ò partnerÓ
for the evening.
maturity in the
senior class is un-
likely (understandable) jealousy.
So if youÕ re still searching
Since when does Ka
Being an institution of intel- for Ò the oneÓ , consider your off-
ligence, Punahou School is not
misrepresented in the realization
known.” campus options like Justin Bieber,
Selena Gomez, Tom Cruise, and
Punahou have games?!
made by some of its students. A tion. You know, he’s here filming Lady Gaga! Any A-lister will make
small (but growing) population a movieÉ Ó gushes one female your function or prom perfect,
junior. Breaktime will, from now on, occassionally feature
within the student body has arrived but consider whether you want a
at the revelation: who would fit It would probably be more partying bad-girl or a sweet, classy exciting, captivating games like Sudoku, crossword
all of the requirements of being advisable to look for a date with a gentleman. Hurry and snatch one
smaller difference in age, but for puzzles, word searches, and more! Be sure to check
the perfect date to such an event up, because these celebs are going
better than a celebrity? A celebrity some individuals, age is clearly not quick! each edition for a new game!

APRIL HOLIDAYS PunahouÊwe lcomesÊ newÊ pet

Kacie Kiyuna Ô 11 sling and then was lowered into a ers may feel as if she should go to
Emotional Overeating Awareness Month Staff Writer glass pool, in which the whale was a oceanography institute, and both
Frog Month then brought to Punahou. are justified on moral decisions
Holy Humor Month One week ago at a class field After being examined by a but on a scientific level, Sally’s
trip to Black Point, a marine bio veterinarian of the local Hu- best choice at survival may be in
International Twit Award Month
class found a blue whale washed mane Society, the calf, who was captivity.
IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Month on shore close to death. pronounced a girl and named Due to the class falling in love
National Kite Month Dr. StrangÕ s 7:30 marine bi- Mahina (nicknamed Sally), was with the massive mammal, they’ve
National Pecan Month ology class found a blue whale happily swimming, singing, play- decided to permanently adopt
National Sexually Transmitted Diseases Aware- calf washed up on shore with an ing, enjoying her time in her new Sally and raise her in captivity due
injury to its left fin and underside Olympic sized pool home. to being cautious of the advice of
ness Month
due to scraping along the reef that The media and many scientists scientists that analyzed Sally and
Straw Hat Month stretches around the shore. It is dominated the scene within hours saw it unfit for her to return to the
still unknown how this massive to catch a glimpse of this magnifi- wild, where her chances at survival
International Pooper-Scooper Week (1st - 7th) animal found it’s way to the reef cent find, as well as expose it to the decreased immensely due to this
Hate Week (4th - 10th) and onto the shore, but it is now public. Due to her energetic and near fatal episode.
being housed in the Punahou friendly nature, Sally has grown For now, Sally will live peace-
National Karaoke Week (11th - 17th)
School pool. greatly on students and scientists fully in the Punahou pool until a
Sky Awareness Week (18th - 24th) The courageous class unani- alike, and of course on the group bigger living space can be either
National Deep Dish Pizza Day (5th) mously decided to adopt the blue of high schoolers who first found found or created for when she
Drowsy Driver Awareness Day (6th) whale and nurse it back to health and rescued her. grows bigger, which will start to
High Five Day (16th) before releasing it back into the Many scientists are baffled at happen very soon. Until she does
wild, and maybe along the way the fact that Sally wasn’t with her overgrow her new and happy
Talk Like Shakespeare Day (23rd)
study the beautiful creature. After mother, and that her mother didnÕ t home, Sally will be here to stay
Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day (24th) waiting for marine biologists from follow her into shore or steer her for the enjoyment of students and
National Dance Day (29th) University of Hawaii, the blue away. Some may see that Sally scientists alike, as well as Sally
whale was hoisted into a canvas needs to be in the ocean, and oth- herself.
Ka Punahou April 2010 Page 8

Kendra Rask ‘11
nent, meaning even if the hump- clock.
Staff Writer
back whale is removed from the “We did not expect to be hous-
endangered species list, Punahou ing a whale from so soon,”
Last week, Punahou School
will not make another mascot remarked Associate Athletic Di-
officially announced a change
change. rector and Varsity I Swimming
in the school’s athletic identity
The change, while a shock to Coach Jeff Meister. “We have
from the Punahou “Buffanblu”
many, is being embraced by the not finalized the plans for the new
to the “Humpback Whales” of
Punahou community with open pool just yet.”
arms as expected by all involved This new pool, funded fully by
The school decided to make
members of the decision making HIHWNMS, will be the home of
the mascot change after being
process. the school’s new mascot.
contacted three weeks ago by
“I am so proud of my alma There is no official word on the
the Hawaiian Islands Humpback
mater for setting aside tradition, location of the new pool at this
Whale National Marine Sanctu-
just this once, for an honorable time.
cause,” announced Punahou Construction on the new pool is
proposed that Punahou School,
alumnus President Barack Obama currently scheduled to begin by
which received national recogni-
‘79. “If there was any way I could the end of the month.
tion in both 2008 and 2009 when
return to Punahou and play bas- In order to keep the cost of this
deemed best high school sports
ketball as a Punahou Humpback project down, HIHWNMS and
program in the nation by Sports
Whale, I would,” he commented Punahou School will require all
Illustrated, “update” their mascot
with a chuckle. current Academy students to work
to the humpback whale in order
The whale, Mahina (named for a minimum of twenty hours total
to spread awareness of this local
the crescent shaped scar on her on the construction of the new
endangered species.
back), is currently residing in the pool, beginning in May.
With Punahou’s passionate
Elizabeth Waterhouse pool on Pu- The new pool with also function
commitment to sustainability and
nahou’s campus. (See page 7 for as a 24/7 learning center for Pua-
the betterment of the Hawaii com-
more information.) nahou students, as well as a tour-
munity as a whole, it was logical
Select members of the Punahou ist attraction.
for President Jim Scott and Ath-
staff, alumni and all current Student jobs at the learning cen-
letic Director Jeaney Garcia to
Punahou marine biology students ter will soon be available, so keep
agree to the mascot change.
are caring for her around the an eye out for more news!
The mascot change is perma-
The whale, named Mahina, is the school’s new mascot and will be housed in
Photo Courtesy of the Elizabeth Waterhouse pool until a new facility is constructed.

NewÊStadiumÊinÊtheÊWor ks

Photo Courtesy of MacHeard Development and Associates, Inc.

An early rendering of a new fieldhouse design. Elements from this design will be used in the final construction.

Trevor Lee ‘10 tions from wealthy alumni and stadium will include improved tion and will still encircle the field the school that will undoubtedly
Staff Writer increased tuition payments have grandstand seats and sections, as it does now. Other sports will create a unique sports environ-
allowed construction to begin in and a partially covered section also be able to use the field when ment that will rival even UH ath-
In a somewhat surprising move, roughly 2015. in one endzone will also house needed, such as the soccer and letics.”
Punahou School will begin con- Pending final resolutions and a new “jumbotron” scoreboard. track and field teams. The exact cost for the stadium is
struction on a new state-of-the-art details, the new football stadium The current fieldhouse will be “We ideally wanted to improve not yet known, but MacHeard says
football stadium. The Board of will be an expansion of the cur- replaced by a new announcing the multi-role field we have now, it should fall in the $5-$8 million
Directors announced the news late rent Alexander Field on campus. booth, and the old loudspeaker in order to supply students with range. The Board estimates the
last week in a press release. Pre- For players, the field will feature system will also be replaced. New the best athletic opportunities and stadium should take about 4-5
liminary design plans of the new artificial FieldTurf, as well as lights will also be added to allow facilities,” said Design Director years to reach completion, and
facility have been on hold since updated sideline facilities. For later game times. The track will Craig MacHeard ’81. “The new they are aiming for a target date
2006, but recent generous dona- student supporters and fans, the also be improved during construc- stadium will add an element to sometime in 2020.