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she get here? agenda agenda

Deborah Cox, star of Only fools rush in: With more out
Cherry Weekend, talks A look at the legal and candidates running
about her early career and financial consequences for Congress, could 2010
reconnecting with gay fans. of getting married. be the Year of the Gay?
PAGE 28 PAGE 23 PAGE 10 • vol. 2, issue 14 • april 2, 2010

Fenty vs. Gray presents tough choice for LGBT voters

“One way to look at this is it’s a
Both seen as gay allies; good thing,” said Rick Rosendall,
race triggers shakeup vice president of the Gay & Lesbian
Activists Alliance. “It’s a luxury to be
in Council contests able to choose among friends.”
Rosendall and other activists
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. have noted that in many parts of the country, the LGBT community still
faces elections where most candi-
D.C. City Council Chairman Vincent dates capable of winning are hostile
Gray’s announcement this week that to their interests.
he will challenge Mayor Adrian Fenty in Some City Hall observers are pre-
the mayoral race will force many LGBT dicting that Gray’s entry into the may-
activists to choose between two strong oral race will also prove to be a major
allies, local activists said. benefit to gay Council candidate Clark
But as of this week, many of the city’s Ray, who is challenging Council mem-
top gay Democratic activists said they ber Phil Mendelson (D-At Large) in
were not ready to take sides in the race, a the September Democratic primary.
development that some viewed as a sign Mendelson reportedly is seriously
that activists have concerns about Fenty. considering running for the Council
Gray’s entry in the mayoral con- chairman post now that Gray is vacating
test also opens the way for at least the seat. Should Mendelson run for that
three gay-supportive Council mem- position rather than for re-election to his DC Agenda photo by Michael Key
bers, whose names have surfaced as current at-large seat, Ray would be in a
possible candidates for Council chair, far stronger position to win that contest. D.C. City Council Chairman Vincent Gray will challenge Mayor Adrian Fenty this fall. A third candidate, millionaire developer
to enter that race, creating another R. Donahue Peebles, is expected to join the race.
difficult choice for LGBT voters. Continues on page 8

‘The numbers are staggering’

14 percent of gay, bi men Plenty of blame to go around
for HIV rate, Page 22
in D.C. have HIV: study
What happened to
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. silence=death? Page 22
nationalagenda high-risk behavior among those sam-
In an announcement that surprised no one, Local activists and health officials pled and should not be dismissed
this week called for new approaches because it’s less than perfect.
Ricky Martin confirms he's gay. Page 12 in HIV prevention following a city “Because we’ve determined that
study that shows 14 percent of test- it is not a truly representative sample
ed gay and bisexual men were HIV due to methodological limitations of
positive and 25 percent of black gay the research, we can’t say that 14
male participants were positive. percent of D.C.’s gay [and men who
During a March 29 town hall have sex with men] population is HIV
meeting organized by the D.C. positive,” said Daniel O’Neill, chair of
Center for the LGBT community to the D.C. Center’s HIV Prevention
discuss the study’s findings, a num- Working Group. DC Agenda photo by Michael Key
ber of AIDS activists noted the study “The reality: It’s probably far
included a sample of just 500 male worse than 14 percent, as the data is Dr. Shannon Hader, head of the D.C.
respondents and did not cover the both dated and under-represents Department of Health’s HIV/AIDS
full demographics of all men who some of the most at-risk subgroups.” Administration, said a study of men
have sex with men. Dr. Shannon Hader, director of who have sex with men found that 40
But most activists speaking at the the D.C. HIV/AIDS Administration, percent did not know they were HIV
forum said the study reveals a num- positive until they were tested.
ber of important new findings showing Continues on page 18

2 • april 2, 2010
april 2, 2010 • 3
4 • april 2, 2010


D.C. marriage law

survives Senate vote
Anti-gay group vows to the vote was aimed only at keeping a
non-germane measure off of the
publicize vote ‘against’ health care reconciliation package.
Backers of the health care reform
traditional marriage package noted that if just one
Republican amendment to the recon-
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. ciliation measure was approved by the Senate, the entire package would
have returned to the House of
The U.S. Senate voted 59-36 last Representatives for a vote.
week to block consideration of an Bennett’s amendment was entitled,
amendment that would force the “To protect the democratic process and
District of Columbia to hold a refer- the right of the people of the District of
endum calling for overturning the Columbia to define marriage.”
city’s same-sex marriage law. Similar to an amendment that DC Agenda photo by Michael Key
Marriage equality activists hailed the Bennett filed two weeks ago but did not Officers representing the D.C. police’s Gay & Lesbian Liaison Unit met with
March 25 vote as an important sign that a introduce, his amendment defeated by community members Thursday at the D.C. Center. Officers introduced them-
majority of lawmakers believe D.C. should the Senate called for forcing D.C. to selves and representatives of Gays & Lesbians Opposing Violence and
be allowed to pass its own laws, even if stop issuing marriage licenses until an Rainbow Response talked about the need to work more closely with the unit
some lawmakers don’t agree with gay DC Agenda photo by Michael Key initiative or referendum was held to and other D.C. police officers.
marriage. But same-sex marriage oppo- U.S. Sen. Susan Collins was one of allow voters to decide the issue.
nents, led by the National Organization for two Republican senators who voted “It was good to see a supermajori-
Marriage, promised to portray senators to block the chamber from consider- ty of the Senate reject a hypocritical
who voted to kill the amendment as act-
ing against traditional marriage.
ing a measure that would have forced
D.C. to hold a referendum on its
effort to undermine D.C.’s marriage
law as well as health care reform,” New GLLU officers
Sen. Robert Bennett (R-Utah)
introduced the amendment about 1
a.m. during a marathon Senate ses-
same-sex marriage law.

“It is always offensive when

said Evan Wolfson, executive director
of the national same-sex marriage
advocacy group Freedom to Marry.
welcomed at reception
sion in which Republicans introduced Congress tries to meddle with the deci- “The D.C. City Council and mayor More than one dozen recently designated affiliate members of the
dozens of amendments aimed at sions of the democratically elected gov- duly enacted a law ending exclusion D.C. police’s Gay & Lesbian Liaison Unit were formally introduced March
derailing a health care reconciliation ernment of the District of Columbia, but from marriage, and Congress chose 25 during a reception at the D.C. Center.
bill backed by President Obama. this is unfortunately nothing new,” said not to interfere during the oversight Close to two dozen GLLU affiliate officers, who work out of the
Senate Democrats remained unit- Trevor Thomas, a spokesperson for the review period before the law took department’s seven police districts throughout the city, are part of Police
ed in opposing Bennett’s amend- Human Rights Campaign. effect,” Wolfson said. “Couples have Chief Cathy Lanier’s plan to expand and decentralize the unit.
ment, as they had for all other “What is deeply cynical about the now married, families have celebrated, “This is just the beginning,” said Assistant D.C. Police Chief Diane
amendments offered to the reconcili- Bennett Amendment, however, is the and the sun still rose. Members of Groomes. “Chief Lanier would say this is a work in progress.”
ation measure, saying an unfettered attempt by Senate Republicans to use Congress should focus on ending dis- Groomes said more officers have expressed an interest in joining the
health bill was essential for complet- marriage equality in the District as a crimination, not trying to reinstate it.” GLLU than any of the other special liaison units, including the Latino,
ing a two-pronged process of finaliz- political wedge to kill the historic effort to But Bob Summersgill, a gay D.C. Asian & Pacific Islander, and Deaf & Hard of Hearing units.
ing their health care reform package. improve the health care system for all activist, predicted that anti-gay The reception was hosted by the D.C. Center; Gays & Lesbians
The vote to block Bennett’s amend- Americans. Fortunately, a strong majori- groups like NOM would continue Opposing Violence, a center project; and Rainbow Response, a local
ment came in the form of a Republican ty of Senators rejected this political ploy.” relentlessly to attempt to kill the city’s coalition that advocates for LGBT people victimized by domestic vio-
proposed motion to waive a ruling by The defeat of the Bennett amend- same-sex marriage law. lence. GLLU officials have said that the largest percentage of calls the
the Senate parliamentarian that the ment followed an e-mail alert from “I am hopeful that the Congress will unit receives for assistance are related to domestic violence matters.
amendment was not germane to the the anti-gay National Organization not force a ballot measure on marriage Kelly Prickard, GLOV’s co-chair, told the gathering that her group is
health care reconciliation bill. Sen. Max for Marriage informing its members equality, but it may happen,” he said. hopeful that the expanded GLLU and its newly designated members will
Baucus (D-Mont.), the Senate floor and supporters that Bennett planned “We must prepare for it. We must con- help local activists more aggressively combat anti-LGBT hate crimes.
manager of the reconciliation bill, to introduce the amendment. tinue to talk to our families, friends, She noted that D.C. has the largest number of anti-LGBT hate crimes
requested the non-germaneness ruling “For weeks, we’ve been working to get neighbors and coworkers about our recorded among most U.S. cities.
by raising a parliamentary point of order. a vote on the D.C. Marriage Referendum,” families and why marriage equality is “You are heroic in what you do, day and night,” she told officers at the
Bleary-eyed senators then voted on Brian Brown, the group’s executive direc- important for all of us. We must show reception.
whether to defeat the motion to waive tor, said in the alert. “And Sen. Bob that politicians will not lose their seats Rainbow Response official June Crenshaw echoed Prickard’s senti-
the point of order, with all Democrats Bennett has championed the cause, because they voted for marriage ments, saying, “We depend on you.”
voting against the waiver motion and all pushing for the floor vote that will put the equality, but rather they will gain votes.” LOU CHIBBARO JR.
but two Republicans voting for it. entire Senate on record on marriage. Local gay activist Peter Rosenstein
Sens. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) “[O]ur senators need to know that called the vote against the Bennett
and Susan Collins (R-Maine), both
supporters of LGBT rights, were the
we are watching, and will remember in
November, how they vote on the D.C.
amendment “a recognition by mem-
bers of Congress that they should not
Equality Maryland staffer
only two Republicans to break ranks
with their party and join Democrats to
marriage referendum,” Brown said.
In a March 25 report on its web
interfere with D.C.’s home rule.”
The five senators who did not vote to focus on marriage
vote against the waiver. site, NOM included a link to the on the motion that resulted in the Equality Maryland announced March 25 the appointment of Aimee
Five senators — three Republicans Congressional Record’s roll call vote defeat of the Bennett amendment Martin as its field organizer for marriage equality.
and two Democrats — did not vote on on whether the Bennett amendment were Christopher Bond (R-Mo.), A resident of Montgomery County, Martin joins Equality Maryland
the motion. should be ruled germane, showing Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), Johnny with experience in mobilizing support on behalf of legislative and elec-
Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), who how each senator voted. Isakson (R-Ga.), Frank Lautenberg toral campaigns.
presided over the Senate at the time of “Kudos and thanks to Utah Sen. (D-N.J.) and George Voinovich (R- “Aimee has labored in the trenches in the recent battles in New Jersey,
the vote, announced the result of what Robert Bennett for insisting [on] and Ohio). Capitol Hill observers said Maine and California,” said Morgan Meneses-Sheets, Equality Maryland’s
some political observers say was the winning a vote that puts these politi- some or all of the senators not voting executive director. “She has done the hard work of advancing marriage
first of several expected votes in cians on the record,” Brown said in a may not have been able to reach the equality in some of the toughest circumstances. We are thrilled to have her
Congress on D.C.’s same-sex marriage message. “There’s an election this senate floor in time for the late-night join us as we ramp up our efforts to win marriage in the Free State.”
law over the next several months. fall, in case they haven’t noticed.” vote and their not voting may not have Martin’s initial tasks will include winning stronger support for Equality
“The yeas are 36, the nays are Brown’s alert and subsequent been intended as an abstention. Maryland from straight allies and the religious community and training
59,” Brown declared from the podi- message suggests that anti-gay Among the senators from speakers to discuss issues related to partner recognition.
um. “Three-fifths of the senators duly groups would likely portray the vote to Maryland and Virginia, Barbara Martin’s appointment is effective April 12. Equality Maryland is planning
chosen and sworn not having voted disallow the Bennett amendment from Mikulski (D-Md.), Benjamin Cardin a series of events to introduce Martin and Owen Smith, the group’s recent-
the affirmative, the motion is not being taken up as a direct vote on gay (D-Md.), Mark Warner (D-Va.) and ly appointed field organizer for transgender equality issues, this summer.
agreed to. The point of order is sus- marriage in D.C., despite assertions Jim Webb (D-Va.) voted to defeat the STEVE CHARING/BALTIMORE OUTLoud
tained. The amendment fails.” by Senate Democratic leaders that Bennett amendment.
april 2, 2010 • 5



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6 • april 2, 2010
This has been a banner bann er year in
* D \  D Q G  / H V E L D Q  $ F W L Y L V W V  Alliance as we
H O H E U D W H  o urr   W K An n iversary
FFHOHEUDWHour ary and


Minimum Donation: $50 RIWKH'LVWLQJXLVKHG
Additional sponsorship Photo by Joe Tresh

levels also available. ‡-RDQ(%LUHQ -(% LGBT Equality Caucus talks immigration reform
‡6HDQ%XJJ U.S. Rep. Barney Frank talks with Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation President Jarrett
Barrios and others during a March 25 reception the group organized with the Congressional
Mail your donation to: ‡/RX&KLEEDUR-U Hispanic Caucus and LGBT Equality Caucus to discuss comprehensive immigration reform. Reps.
Nydia Velzaquez, Tammy Baldwin and Jared Polis also attended the Capitol Hill reception in the
GLAA ‡  ' DY L G  0 D U L Q H U Rayburn House Office Building.

P.O. Box 75265

‡  0 L F K D H O  & UD Z I R U G GMU retains anti-discrimination policies
Washington, DC 20013
‡'&&OHUJ\8QLWHGIRU Not even Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s own alma mater is siding with him
on his push to overturn LGBT non-discrimination policies on public college campuses.
0DUULDJH(TXDOLW\ The George Mason University Board of Visitors adopted a resolution last week affirming
the school’s existing policies banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
Or R.S.V.P. to ‡7KH5HY0RQLTXH(OOLVRQ “[A] diverse and inclusive learning environment that respects and enhances the poten-
tial of all members of our community is vitally important to the mission of George Mason ‡%ULDQ.)ORZHUV University to achieve excellence in teaching, research and service,” says a board statement.
‡0DUN/HYLQH Board members praised the “outstanding contributions” of LGBT faculty, students
or 202-667-5139 and staff and said all employees and students deserve statutory protections against
‡  1 L F N  0 F & R\ discrimination.
The decision came March 24, one day after Cuccinelli returned to his former law school
‡%ULDQ0RRUH for a question-and-answer session with students. He was greeted by a protest of about 50
All tickets will be held ‡6XOWDQ6KDNLU
to 60 current and former George Mason law students opposed to his efforts to overturn the
anti-discrimination policies.

at the doorr.
Many public universities in Virginia are disregarding Cuccinelli’s March 4 letter, which
advised that such policies were illegal, after Gov. Bob McDonnell issued an “executive direc-
tive” calling on public agencies to not discriminate against people based on their sexual ori-
entation or other factors.
University of Virginia President John Casteen III praised the directive’s clarity and
McDonnell’s “civility and decency” on the issue.
“As rightly alarmed as many of us and I, myself, were by [the] attorney general’s letter, I
was struck through the week by the wisdom and dignity of the discussion that occurred,” he
said in a statement. “Let us hope that the subsequent discussion will rise to the level of the /anniversary model struck in the directive.”
HARLEY DENNETT /anniversary Fighting for Equal Rights Since 1971
Activists playing defense in Maryland
Just one pro-LGBT bill remains in play in Maryland’s General Assembly for 2010, a year
in which Equality Maryland has tallied more defensive than offensive wins.
House Bill 462, which would add LGBT non-discrimination protections for teachers in
public schools, passed the House in advance of Monday’s crucial crossover deadline. Bills
must pass at least one chamber before the deadline to advance this session.
The Senate Education, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee will next consider the
bill. No hearing date was immediately scheduled.
Morgan Meneses-Sheets, Equality Maryland’s executive director, said her organization’s
work this year focused on playing defense.
“There have been a half dozen bills introduced that would have rolled back rights and in
addition we’ve had to watch out for bad amendments to our bills,” Meneses-Sheets said.
“The thing about defense: It’s behind the scenes. We know we’ve had many successes by
holding back these attacks, but in terms of proactively moving forward, this HB 462 [is a
measure] we hope will pass this year.”
Equality Maryland is opposing another bill, Senate Bill 385, which would give public
funds to private religious schools without requiring adherence to the state’s non-discrimi-
nation policy.
“We certainly respect that they’re looking for ways to support local schools, but at the
end of the day, providing public money to a private religious school that refuses to uphold
out state anti-discrimination laws is just inappropriate and unacceptable.”
The bill was scheduled for a hearing in the House Ways & Means Committee on April 1,
after DC Agenda deadline.
april 2, 2010 • 7


When you take

to answer

you help our

community get
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Fill out and mail back your Ce

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Paid for by U.S. Census Bureau.

8 • april 2, 2010



  !'$!! TOf

The Palisades
Community Church
86 Years of Diversity DC Agenda file photo by Michael Key

BriAN MerriTT Pastor D.C. City Council member David Catania said choosing among three mayoral candidates who are
strong on LGBT issues is ‘going to be a very tough call.’
5200 Cathedral Ave., N.W. | Washington, D.C. 20016
202-966-7929 |

Activist says LGBT community

‘frustrated’ with Mayor Fenty
Continued from page 1 With this as a backdrop, the Stein Club and
other LGBT organizations will be forced to walk
Ray has been campaigning for the seat for near- a fine line to avoid alienating longtime political
ly a year and has lined up support among many friends in the city government, who likely would
LGBT activists. But Mendelson’s strong record on be needed for future LGBT-related initiatives.
LGBT rights and his leading role in pushing the city’s Stein Club President Jeffrey Richardson said
same-sex marriage bill to a successful 11-2 vote in the club and its officers won’t take sides in the may-
December prompted large numbers of LGBT oral race until it holds a mayoral candidates forum
activists and rank and file gay voters to remain loyal scheduled for June 14. He said the club will vote on

to him, according to Mendelson supporters. an endorsement at the conclusion of the forum.
Ray said he's heard rumors that Mendelson Ashley Smith, vice president of the D.C.
might be considering running for the Council Coalition of Black Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &
chair position now being vacated by Gray. Transgender Men & Women, said his group
"I am focused on my race and running my has no immediate plans to endorse a mayoral
Washington and Northern Virginia
campaign on the issues that I talked about all candidate and would assess whether to make
Celebrating the Liturgies of along--like education reform and reducing an endorsement at a later date.
crime," he said. "So that's where my focus is." “At this point in time, it’s an open bag,” he said.
Holy Week Ray said he doesn't plan to make an imme-
diate endorsement in the mayor's race.
“People will need to look at the candidates, includ-
ing other candidates who may enter the race.”
"I think it's great for the residents of the Rosendall noted that his non-partisan group
HOLY THURSDAY District of Columbia to have choices," he added. rates candidates rather than endorses them. He
April 1st @ 8:00 pm "It makes for a better process. So I will be just like said the GLAA will carefully rate all mayoral and
Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill the rest of the Washingtonians. I will sit back and Council candidates based on their known records
3606 Seminary Road watch whomever is in the mayor's race and I will on LGBT issues and their responses to a ques-
Alexandria, VA. make my decision on whom I think is the best to tionnaire asking their positions on the issues.
lead the city in the next four years." But some LGBT activists point to what they
A Ray-Mendelson race was expected to perceive to be a strong feeling of dissatisfaction
GOOD FRIDAY divide the gay vote, with many political pundits with Fenty — just as public opinion polls have
April 2nd @ 8:00 pm predicting that Mendelson would win the elec- shown is the case among residents in many parts
St. Margaret's Church tion due to his strong, citywide support. of the city. A Washington Post poll released in late
1820 Connecticut Ave. NW Mendelson spokesperson Jason Shedlock January showed Fenty’s popularity dropping in all
said Tuesday that Mendelson would have no parts of the city over the previous two years.
Dupont Circle Metro
Want a immediate comment on speculation that he
was considering running for Council chairman.
Blacks changed from a 68 percent approval for
Fenty in his first year in office to a 65 percent dis-
April 3rd @ 8:00 pm
subscription to Council member Jack Evans (D-Ward 2),
another longtime supporter of LGBT rights, is
approval in the Post’s January 2010 poll. Overall,
the Post poll showed 42 percent of D.C. residents
also strongly considering entering the Council approved of the job Fenty was doing compared to
at Immanuel
(Dessert Social Follows) dcagenda? chairman race, according to Ward 2 political
insiders. Others have said that Council member
Kwame Brown (D-At Large), an LGBT rights sup-
49 percent who expressed disapproval.
The Post poll did not break down its sample
to show the sentiment of LGBT voters.
porter who, like Evans and Mendelson, voted for But gay Democratic activist Phil Pannell, a
EASTER SUNDAY the same-sex marriage bill, is yet another possi- member of the executive committee of the
April 4th @ 6:00 pm
at St. Margaret's Contact ble candidate for the Council chairman seat.
Gay Democratic activist Kurt Vondran, a for-
Ward 8 Democratic Committee, said gay and
straight residents east of the Anacostia River,

INFO: 202-546-2235
INFO: 703-912-1662
Robbie mer president of the Gertrude Stein Democratic
Club, the city’s largest gay political group, said
political insiders are predicting Fenty and Evans
which includes wards 7 and 8, appear to be in
agreement in their dissatisfaction with Fenty.
“People east of the river are almost 100 per-

Barnett at
would run as a team for mayor and Council chair- cent against Fenty,” he said. “And I don’t see
man. The two have been longtime political allies. much of a difference between LGBT people and Lining up against them in a rival slate would the community as a whole. It’s mostly because of
most likely be Gray and Mendelson, who are his personality, but also because folks don’t see not only allies on the Council but longtime
Fenty adversaries. Continues on page 16
april 2, 2010 • 9
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LIRONE Photographer

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Name: Jaron Luttich

Work: Legal staffing at Beacon Hill Staffing Group
Hobbies: Travel, watching pardon The Interruption, reading more blogs than books
About Me: A native Nebraskan that now calls DC home.

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10 • april 2, 2010


Could 2010 be ‘Year of the Gay?’

Large number of out change would echo a political phe- seeking office in Congress this
nomenon from 1992, which became November should be considered
candidates running known as the “Year of the Woman.” At substantial. He said a greater num-
the time, Democratic nominee Bill ber of candidates would be neces-
for office Clinton’s victory was accompanied sary to make representation more
by the election of four female closely reflect the American public.
By CHRIS JOHNSON Democrats to the U.S. Senate. “If there were like eight or 10 out Three of those women still serve in there, and 435 total seats in the
the Senate today: Sens. Dianne House, that would be notable,” he
The unprecedented number of Feinstein (D-Calif.), Barbara Boxer (D- said. “That would be a dramatic shift,
LGBT candidates expected to seek Calif.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.). Carol but I don’t know that anything short
political office this November could be Moseley Braun, a presidential candidate of that would be.”
setting up 2010 as the “Year of the Gay.” in 2004, was also elected to represent Nonetheless, Pinello said every
A number of gay candidates are Illinois in the U.S. Senate. Never before additional LGBT person elected to
running for high-profile office this had four women been elected to the U.S. office would be a representational
year. In addition to the three openly Senate in one election. win, and called having known LGBT
gay lawmakers in the U.S. House Dan Pinello, a gay government candidates running for office “a sub-
seeking re-election, several non- professor at the City University of stantial statement.”
incumbent gay candidates are run- New York, said the 1992 election’s Noting the lack of LGBT represen-
ning for Congress. outcome was the result of greater tation in public offices throughout the
Steve Pougnet, the gay mayor of attention paid to feminist issues such country, Dison said LGBT people have
Palm Springs, Calif., is seeking a House as the Equal Rights Amendment and a “long way to go” toward achieving
seat and David Cicilline, the gay mayor the Anita Hill hearings on Capitol Hill. representation in elected office, even if
of Providence, R.I., is also running for “Maybe the same thing is happen- 2010 brings significant success.
Congress. Another gay candidate, Ed Photo courtesy of Cicilline Committee ing now in the LGBT community, given “There are over half a million elect- Photo courtesy of Friends of Steve Pougnet
Potosnak, is running to represent New what’s occurred in the last decade or ed offices in the country and only 470
Jersey in the U.S. House. All three men David Cicilline, the gay mayor of so around the issue, for example, of right now are filled with openly LGBT Steve Pougnet, the gay mayor of
are campaigning as Democrats. Providence, R.I., is seeking a U.S. relationship recognition,” he said. “So persons,” he said. “We’re still at the Palm Springs, Calif., is running for
Gay candidates are also seeking House seat in this year’s election. there may be a correlation there in beginning of this effort to have our U.S. House this year.
election to prominent statewide offices. terms of there being events that spark voices heard in government.”
In Massachusetts, Richard Tisei, a races. That’s the highest number of attention to a particular community, But Dison said with so many LGBT Mitchell said he’s planning a coor-
state senator, is in contention to candidates the organization has ever and then, a decade or so later, it’s rec- candidates seeking office, 2010 could dinated campaign with an online
become the Republican candidate for endorsed at this point prior to a ognized enough to have members of bring a surge in LGBT representation presence intended to engage people
lieutenant governor. In Connecticut, November election. that community be acknowledged and predicted that a majority of across the country, using a model
Kevin Lembo, a health care advocate, Denis Dison, a spokesperson for publicly through election to public Victory Fund-endorsed candidates similar to what was used for the elec-
is seeking the Democratic nomination the organization, projected the office in substantial numbers.” would be successful in their races. tion of Parker as Houston mayor.
to become lieutenant governor. Victory Fund will endorse at least Despite this potential for gay wins, “Our win rate has fluctuated sort of “We had folks from all across the
Additionally, several LGBT people 112 candidates by the time the gen- Pinello said even if three LGBT non- between 65 and 75 percent over the country calling with Stonewall folks from
are seeking election or re-election in eral election arrives. It would be more incumbent candidates were elected to last five years,” he said. “If that tradition Texas, and we were responsible for
races at the local level. Notable can- candidates than the organization has Congress, it wouldn’t yet proportion- holds, we’ll see roughly 70 percent.” about 10,000 calls in one day,” Mitchell
didates include Kathy Webb, a les- ever endorsed for a general election. ately reflect the LGBT population if, as Michael Mitchell, executive director said. “We want to do similar things for
bian who’s running for re-election to “When people see someone like some national exit polling data indi- of the National Stonewall Democrats, the candidates that we are focused on,
the Arkansas State House; Jolie [lesbian] Annise Parker win election cates, around 4 percent of American said his organization intends to help and I’m sure that some of those LGBT
Justus, a lesbian who’s running for as mayor of Houston, they question voters self-identify as lesbian or gay. LGBT candidates win election at the candidates will be included in our races.”
re-election to the Missouri State their assumptions about what’s pos- “Thus, in order to increase the federal level as part of their overall plan Dison said so many wins for LGBT
Senate; and Heather Mizeur, a les- sible, and I think that when people openly lesbian and gay membership to help Democrats win races this year. candidates would benefit LGBT
bian who’s running for re-election to see other LGBT candidates succeed, of Congress so that it would be com- “There are some great gay candi- Americans because it would help
the Maryland State House. they believe they can they can do it, parable to the proportion of the pop- dates out there — some who are ensure the community’s voice is heard.
The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, too,” Dison said. ulation that is gay, you’d need about already in, obviously, some who are run- “When people are able to speak from
which backs qualified LGBT candi- The potential for the election of so 18 more members, or an additional ning,” he said. “We are in the process of an authentic place as an LGBT person,
dates for political office, has many gay candidates to office could 600 percent,” he said. fine tuning our election plan and we’re it really changes the debate in the rooms
endorsed for the November election make 2010 a milestone in terms of Pinello was skeptical, though, going to be launching that very, very where the decisions are made on things
68 candidates for federal and local visibility for LGBT officials. Such a whether wins for LGBT candidates soon in the next couple weeks.” that affect our lives,” Dison said.

Obama approves lesbian nominee in recess appointment

Georgetown professor month, one or more unidentified sen-
ators placed a hold on Feldblum, a
Congress, which ends Dec. 31.
If the Senate doesn’t vote to confirm
that anti-gay groups opposing her
nomination, such as Focus on the
Chai Feldblum joins EEOC nationally recognized gay rights attor- the appointments by that time, the Family and the Traditional Values
ney, and four other EEOC nominees. appointees would have to step aside until Coalition, may have persuaded one
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. “The United States Senate has a Senate vote to confirm them occurs. or more GOP senators to place the the responsibility to approve or dis- The Senate Committee on Health, hold on Feldblum’s nomination.
approve of my nominees,” Obama Education, Labor & Pensions approved She currently serves as a law pro-
President Barack Obama on Saturday said in a statement. “But if, in the Feldblum’s nomination in December. fessor at Georgetown University’s
invoked his power to make appointments interest of scoring political points, During a confirmation hearing in School of Law and has been credited
while the Senate is in recess, clearing Republicans in the Senate refuse to November, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), with playing a key role in drafting and
the way for lesbian law professor exercise that responsibility, I must act the committee chair, asked Feldblum helping push through Congress in
Chai Feldblum to join the U.S. Equal in the interest of the American peo- about her views on polygamy. He the 1990s the Americans with
Employment Opportunity Commission. ple and exercise my authority to fill noted that groups opposed to her nom- Disabilities Act, which includes pro-
In a controversial move, Obama these positions on an interim basis.” ination pointed out that she signed a tections for people with HIV/AIDS.
used his recess appointment powers The president was referring to an controversial gay rights manifesto in The EEOC serves as the federal
to put in office Feldblum and 14 others interpretation of the Constitution that 2006 that, among other things, government’s enforcement agency Photo courtesy Georgetown University
he nominated to key government posi- presidents can make appointments endorsed LGBT families headed by for federal anti-discrimination laws
tions but whose confirmation was when the Senate is in recess only adults in polygamous relationships. involving employment. The office President Obama appointed Chai
being blocked by Republican senators. through the end of the congressional “I do not support polygamy,” would play a key role in enforcing the Feldblum, a professor at Georgetown
Senate rules allow one senator to period in which the appointment is Feldblum said at the hearing. “I am Employment Non-Discrimination Act, University’s School of Law, to the
place an indefinite hold on a presi- made. In this case, the recess sorry I signed that document and I have which calls for banning job discrimi- U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity
dential appointment that requires appointments of Feldblum and others asked that my name be removed.” nation based on sexual orientation Commission.
Senate confirmation. Earlier this are expected to last through the 111th LGBT activists have speculated and gender identity, if it is passed.
april 2, 2010 • 11

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Lawrence S. Jacobs & Associates, P.C.
12 • april 2, 2010

Becky Carroll, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Interactive Counseling,
Psychotherapy and
Somatic Experiencing
3000 Connecticut Ave., NW
Photo courtesy of

Cognitive-Behavioral Ricky Martin announces he’s gay

Therapy Ending years of speculation, Ricky Martin came out as gay Monday in an open letter published to
Results-Oriented ▼ Affordable his official web site. “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man,” he wrote. “I am very
blessed to be who I am.” Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation President Jarrett Barrios
Larry Cohen, LICSW applauded the announcement. “When someone like Ricky Martin comes out, hundreds of millions of
22 years serving the glbt community people now have a cultural connection with an artist, a celebrity and, perhaps most importantly, a
202-244-0903 father who happens to be gay,” Barrios said.
See website for NPR story on my work

Helping People
u Couples u Sex
Marine Corps leader wants
Grow Stronger
in Rough Times
separate rooms for gay troops
The uniform leader of the Marine Corps says he would seek separate quarters for Marines
Michael Radkowsky, Psy.D. should Congress repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”
Licensed Psychologist u 15 years experience
In an interview with published March 25, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James
Near Woodley & Cleveland Park metro Conway said he wouldn’t require straight Marines to bunk with gay Marines on base, if the situa-
( 202) 234-3278 tion can be avoided, should Congress repeal the law.
“We want to continue [two-person rooms], but I would not ask our Marines to live with some-
one who is homosexual if we can possibly avoid it,” Conway said. “And to me that means we have
Sidney W. Binks III, Ph.D. to build [bachelor enlisted quarters] and have single rooms.”
Joel C. Ang, M.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist Conway said the Marine Corps is the only service that has two-person rooms because the
Family Medicine, HIV Diagnosis & Treatment service thinks it good for unit cohesion, but should the law change allowing open service, the
202-667-5041 Individual & Couples Therapy Marine Corps would want to have single rooms.
for the LGBT Community “If we believe [two-person rooms] is going to be adverse to unit cohesion, then why wouldn’t
18 years experience!! we join every other services’ standard and say that, you know, under the previous regulations it
Adult Primary Care
1759 Q Street NW, Washington, DC was conducive, under the current regulations, it’s got the potential to cause friction,” he said.
Red Line Metro • Dupont Circle 202.255.5187 In the course of engaging Marines on their positions on gays in the military, Conway said an
free Wi-Fi • Limited Parking 3000 Connecticut Avenue “overwhelming number” have “significant concern” about issues regarding repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” although he wouldn’t estimate a percentage. “If perception is reality, we just think our corps would not want to see it changed,” Conway said. “If it
Same Day Appointments
is changed, it’s going to require some leadership engaging to make sure that our orders are carried out.”
Insurance Accepted
Copies of records at each visit
Pressed further by on why separate rooms are necessary, Conway said he would
“want to preserve the right of a Marine that thinks he or she wouldn’t want to do that, and again,
Instant HIV/Syphilis/Herpes Testing that’s the overwhelming number of people that say they wouldn’t like to do so.”
CLIA Certified Laboratory
Media sources during the past several months have cast Conway as one of the leading oppo-
nents of repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in discussions among the service chiefs.
Sylvia R. Medley, M.D., M.P.H. In a statement, Nathaniel Frank, senior research fellow at the Palm Center, a think-tank on
Internal Medicine, HIV, Women’s Health gays in the military at the University of California, Santa Barbara, said Conway’s proposal does-
Weight Management n’t square with decades of research on gays in the military.
202-667-5041 “Decades of research, including all of the conclusions of the 1993 RAND study, shows that
separating gays and straights is a bad idea,” he said. “RAND found that creating policies that are
applied only to one group of people or to accommodate the prejudices of another group of peo-
ple only undercut the larger mission of a unified, integrated force.”
Michael Deninger PhD
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certifed in Hypnotherapy and NLP
Boxer introduces COBRA bill to benefit partners
U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) introduced legislation last week that would allow same-sex domes-
• Relationships • Habits
ASL Used Here

• Coming Out • Depression tic partners to have the same access to COBRA benefits as married couples in some circumstances.
• Phobias • Spirituality The bill, known as the Equal Access to COBRA Act, would allow LGBT people to continue to
• Traumas • Family Issues receive coverage for their same-sex partners under COBRA if they lose their job and their former
• Anxiety • Intimacy employer offered health benefits to domestic partners.
In a statement, Boxer called the issue the legislation would address “a question of fairness.”
(703)212-8406 • “Every family deserves access to health insurance, especially in this tough economy,” she
said. “This bill ensures that domestic partners and their families will have equal access to health
DAVE LLOYD & ASSOCIATES coverage after a job loss.”
Top 1% Nationwide According to Boxer’s statement, more than half of Fortune 500 companies cover domestic
NVAR Life Member Top Producer partners under their health plans.
703-593-3204 Under COBRA, or the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, employers must con-
WWW.DAVELLOYD.NET tinue to offer health care coverage to departing workers and their beneficiaries for up to 36 months.
Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, said in a statement that Boxer’s
ENTHUSIASTICALLY bill is important because same-sex couples “are equally affected by economic hardships and
SERVING DC & VIRGINIA should have equal access to important benefits like COBRA continuation coverage.”
“In these troubled economic times, when many Americans are concerned about the security
of their jobs and health insurance, LGBT people should not also have to worry whether the
COBRA safety net will be there to help protect the health of their families,” he said.
april 2, 2010 • 13

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Gates unveils new ‘Don’t Ask’ regulations said Congress should undertake a reliable person upon whose word
Changes intended to repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” as the an inquiry can begin, with special
reflect ‘common sense Pentagon continues work on its study.
“Two branches of government can
scrutiny of third parties who may
want to harm a service member;
and common decency’ and should work concurrently toward • and specify that certain confi-
repeal,” he said. ”There is no reason for dential information cannot be used for
By CHRIS JOHNSON Congress to wait for the details on discharge proceedings, such as infor- implementation when Secretary Gates mation provided to lawyers, clergy or
and the president have made it clear psychotherapists; information provid-
Defense Secretary Robert Gates that this law should be repealed.” ed to medical professionals for med-
announced last week that the Pentagon Also during the press conference, ical treatment; information provided in
is changing how it will implement “Don’t Gates noted that the goal of the seeking assistance for domestic or
Ask, Don’t Tell,” including limiting third- working group’s study on “Don’t Ask, physical abuse; or information about
party outings and raising the rank of the Don’t Tell” is to determine how to sexual orientation discovered during
officers handling inquiries. implement repeal. security clearance investigations.
Joined by Chairman of the Joint “The study is about how you Gates said the new regulations will
Chiefs of Staff Adm. Michael Mullen, implement it — if the law changes, take effect immediately and would
Gates unveiled the changes to enforcing how we deal with it,” Gates said. “This apply to all open and future discharge
DC Agenda photo by Michael Key
the ban on gays serving openly during a study is not about should we do it; cases. He noted that the services have
Pentagon press conference March 25. The way Pentagon officials implement ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is changing, Defense this study is about how we do it.” 30 days to conform their own regula-
“I believe these changes repre- Secretary Robert Gates announced last week. Gates added the working group will tions to these changes.
sent an important improvement in the take into consideration the feelings of Following the briefing by Gates,
way the current law is put into prac- lations for benefits and to look at we’ve laid out, and certainly with the service members and their families. Jeh Johnson, the Pentagon’s general
tice, above all, by providing a greater other implementation issues. changes that I have announced today.” “We need to identify where [there] counsel who helped draft the new reg-
measure of common sense and com- “I think we need to do this thorough- A senior defense official, who might be problems and issues — or just ulations, offered additional details.
mon decency to a process for han- ly and professionally,” he said. “I think we spoke on the condition of anonymity, issues to be addressed — whether it’s In response to a question regard-
dling what are difficult and complex need to do this right, if you will, and I later clarified for DC Agenda that the a change in regulations or benefits or ing what would happen in pending
issues for all involved,” Gates said. think doing it hastily is very risky and I Pentagon isn’t taking a position on something like that, so then when the cases if a service member was outed
Gates said Mullen, Vice Chairman think does not address some of the con- legislation related to “Don’t Ask, time comes we have some idea of what by what is now considered unreliable
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. James cerns that have been expressed by the Don’t Tell” before the working group’s we have to do in order to carry forward information, and, following the start
Cartwright and the service chiefs are chiefs of staff of the services and a num- review is complete. with the change,” Gates said. of an investigation, the service mem-
unanimous in their support for these ber of the questions that have been “It’s been very consistent out of But the new regulations issued last ber acknowledged they were gay,
new regulations. raised associated with this.” here that the issue is not whether, it is week will change implementation of Johnson said he didn’t know what
While unveiling the changes, Mullen, who testified in favor of how,” said the official. “In doing this, the law until legislative action is taken. would happen in such a situation.
Gates said in response to a DC open service for gays, lesbians and because this is the military, they want- Specifically, the new changes will: “That’s a good question — and we’ll
Agenda question that he doesn’t rec- bisexuals in February, said he would ed to do this in a way that is profes- • raise the rank of the officer who can have to work that through,” he said.
ommend legislative action to repeal “echo” Gates’ remarks with regard to sionally thorough. So they are not start fact-finding inquiries or separation In a statement, Rep. Patrick
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” until the legislative action on “Don’t Ask, Don’t going to be taking any position on any proceedings to a general or admiral; Murphy (D-Pa.), the sponsor of “Don’t
Pentagon working group completes Tell” before the working group com- legislation at all. They’re not going to be • raise the rank of the person who Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal legislation in the
its review of the law. pletes its study. supporting any legislation; they’re just can conduct fact-finding inquiries to House, praised the Pentagon for
Gates established the working “It’s very important for us to go not taking any position on legislation.” lieutenant colonel or Navy com- implementing the changes, but said
group in February to examine the through this process — and doing it with The official said that Gates’ remarks mander or above; full repeal is still necessary.
implications of repealing the 1993 haste could easily generate a very bad during the press conference were con- • raise the level of the officer who “Today’s announcement from
ban on open service. The group’s outcome,” he said. ”So understanding sistent with his congressional testimo- can separate an enlisted service Defense Secretary Gates is another
study is set for completion by Dec. 1. where we are — having that information ny and other statements. member to general or admiral; step forward in the fight to repeal the
“I do not recommend a change in from those it will affect most — is a very “This is not taking sides,” said the • raise the bar for what constitutes discriminatory policy of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t
the law before we have completed our important part of this process.” official. “There is no position on legis- credible information to start an inquiry Tell,’ and a signal that momentum for
study,” he said. “There is a great deal Asked whether the White House lation. The position is follow through or separation proceeding, by mandat- change continues to build,” he said.
we don’t know about this in terms of shares this view on the timing of with this process, and he basically ing, for example, that information from “While I am encouraged by the
the views of our service members and repeal, Gates replied, “You would have stated that they’d like to see this third parties be given under oath and Pentagon’s announcement, I remain
trying to get the views of our families.” to ask them, but I would tell you that my process be done to inform legislation.” that use of overheard statements and committed to working toward full legisla-
Gates said the working group also impression is the president is very In a statement, Human Rights hearsay are discouraged; tive repeal of this law, which hurts our
is needed to examine changing regu- comfortable with the process that Campaign President Joe Solmonese • raise the bar on what constitutes national security and military readiness.”

‘Don’t Ask’ changes too late for discharged officer

Revisions would have “On a personal level, it’s kind of bit-
tersweet from the standpoint that these
definitely a move in the right direc-
tion, and it’s going to help thousands
enabled gay man to regulations, this new guidance would of service members who are in the
have helped me a few years ago when military today,” he said.
stay in Air Force I was going through my discharge pro- The new changes, unveiled last
ceedings,” Almy said. “In all likelihood, I week by Defense Secretary Robert
By CHRIS JOHNSON would still be on active duty under the Gates, will limit third-party outings by new guidance that Gates issued.” requiring such information to be given
Almy was discharged from the Air under oath, and raise the rank of the offi-
New regulations unveiled last Force after another service member dis- cers handling inquiries and discharges.
week to ease the burden of LGBT covered personal e-mails revealing infor- Almy said the new regulations will
service members serving under mation about his sexual orientation and have a “direct bearing” on many
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” were well reported them to commanders. Almy LGBT service members he knows on
received by advocacy groups — but said he was expelled from the Air Force active duty.
a former Air Force officer discharged even though he never made a statement “The ones that I know that are still
under the law called news of the to the military divulging he’s gay. on active duty that are still serving —
changes “bittersweet” because they Even though Almy said he’s dis- they’re very encouraged by the first ini-
came too late to help him. appointed the new regulations tial step as well as the climate overall
Mike Almy, a gay former Air Force weren’t in place to help him at the and the momentum that’s going on in
communications officer who recently time of his proceedings, he noted the House and the Senate, and cer-
testified before the Senate on being dis- that on a larger scale, the changes tainly the Pentagon, to fully repeal
DC Agenda photo by Michael Key
charged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” represent “a positive step” forward ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’” he said.
said the new changes would have that provides more momentum for a Aubrey Sarvis, executive director Mike Almy, a gay former Air Force communications officer, was discharged under
helped him stay in the service when he full repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’
faced expulsion from the U.S. military. “It’s still not a substitute, but it’s a Continues on page 21
april 2, 2010 • 15
16 • april 2, 2010

DC Agenda file photo by Michael Key

A spokesperson said gay D.C. City Council member Jim Graham is 'going to make a formal announce-
ment about [the mayor’s race] in the near future but he’s not prepared right now to make a statement.'

City’s LGBT voters will have

plenty of choices in November
Continued from page 8
Q&A with Catania
any real change in their community.” Visit for a transcript of
Pannell said he won’t back a candidate in the our interview this week with gay D.C.
race until the Ward 8 Democratic Committee City Council member David Catania.
votes on an endorsement later this spring.
Gay Democratic activist Lane Hudson said said. “Both have excellent scores as far as I’m
this week he is supporting Gray for mayor, concerned on LGBT issues. Both were very
becoming one of the few LGBT activists so far early and strong supporters of marriage equal-
to take sides in the race. ity. Both support me in the work we’re trying to
“My impression is that the LGBT communi- do to overhaul the HIV/AIDS Administration.”
ty is very frustrated with Adrian Fenty for never While praising Fenty’s actions, both on LGBT
showing up [at community events] except for and other issues, such as overhauling the city’s
the high-heel race, never doing anything to public school system, Catania acknowledged that
really get down to addressing the problems the mayor has “injured himself” on how people
that our community has to deal with,” he said. perceive him in connection with his personality.
Hudson was referring to a concern raised by “He’s picked some fights that people don’t
some LGBT activists that Fenty has declined to understand and they’re hard to explain at
attend most LGBT community events, including times,” Catania told DC Agenda. “I think that’s
meetings of LGBT groups. The mayor has attend- hurt him in the eyes of some voters, who want
ed an annual Halloween high-heel race on 17th in a chief executive, who want in a mayor a dif-
Street, N.W., each year since he took office and ferent demeanor at times than what we’ve seen
has also marched in the Capital Pride Parade demonstrated by Adrian.”
each year since becoming mayor. The parade, Gay activist and attorney Edward Grandis,
which draws tens of thousands of participants, is executive director of the local business association
part of the city’s annual LGBT Pride events. Dupont Circle Merchants & Professionals, said he
While acknowledging that Fenty takes strong does not perceive strong dissatisfaction toward
pro-LGBT positions on virtually all issues of Fenty from Dupont Circle area residents and busi-
importance to the community, many activists nesses, where large numbers of gays live.
have complained that he has declined to take a “In my business circles, I don’t see a large
more visible role in speaking out on issues, anti-Fenty sentiment,” he said. “And in Ward 2 in
especially anti-LGBT violence and hate crimes. general, I don’t feel people are down on Fenty.”
The local group Gays & Lesbians Opposing Grandis said he agrees with activists who feel
Violence has complained that Fenty has ignored Fenty should have been more outspoken on LGBT
their longstanding calls for him to deliver a speech issues such as hate crimes, “but I don’t feel most
addressing the high number of anti-LGBT hate rank and file gays are dissatisfied with Fenty.”
crimes in the city or appear in a public service In a related development, the Washington Post
announcement addressing the hate crimes issues. reported that millionaire developer R. Donahue
Peebles said Monday that he is “planning to run”
‘A very tough call’ for mayor, adding a third candidate with the
Gay D.C. Council members Jim Graham (D- resources to compete with Fenty and Gray.
Ward 1) and David Catania (I-At Large), like A Peebles spokesperson told DC Agenda
many activists, haven’t taken sides yet on the two weeks ago that Peebles supports the city’s
mayoral race. Both are running for re-election same-sex marriage law. But the spokesperson
this year, with political observers saying each could not confirm whether Peebles supports or
appears to have a good shot at winning. opposes a voter initiative, which, if approved,
Brian DeBose, Graham’s press spokesper- would repeal the gay marriage law. Peebles’
son, said Graham is “going to make a formal business office did not respond to a DC
announcement about [the mayor’s race] in the Agenda request for an interview.
near future but he’s not prepared right now to Catania, however, said Peebles expressed
make a statement.” to him a commitment to LGBT equality when
Graham has been a long-time political ally the two spoke earlier this year.
of Fenty, and some City Hall insiders believe “We didn’t talk about a referendum or an ini-
he’s leaning toward Fenty. tiative. That subject didn’t come up,” Catania
Catania this week had praise for both Fenty said. “But unprompted, he did tell me how
and Gray in their respective roles in advancing delighted he was about marriage equality and
the same-sex marriage bill that Catania wrote how much he supported it, how he finds that all
and introduced last year. of our rights are interconnected. And he does-
Asked how he feels about having to choose n’t feel it’s appropriate to deny one group of
between Fenty and Gray, Catania said, “That’s rights because that same strategy was used
a predicament I’m facing as a person and as a against the community that he belongs to.”
voter myself because I happen to like both of Peebles, who is black, has sometimes
them as individuals and as public officials.” referred to his admiration of the black civil
“So it’s going to be a very tough call,” he rights movement.
april 2, 2010 • 17

National LGBT Health Awareness Week

March 28–April 3
It’s a perfect time to make an appointment with
Whitman-Walker Clinic!
R Get your annual physical. R Speak with a counselor.
R Know your HIV status. R Join a support group.
R Have your teeth cleaned. R Get your vaccinations.
R Get your regular medical exams.
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Proudly serving the LGBT community since 1978.
18 • april 2, 2010


Health officials call for new approach to HIV fight

Continued from page 1 Club, a gay male gym and social venue.
According to Hader, the yearlong
opened the town hall meeting with a project will screen about 500 men at
45-minute presentation explaining the Crew Club considered to be at
the study’s findings and comparing it high risk for HIV. She said pharma-
to existing city data on HIV preva- ceutical company Gilead Sciences,
lence among MSM, homosexuals Inc., is contributing $40,000 to the
and injection drug users, the three project and the Crew Club is con-
key groups used by researchers to tributing more than $5,000 along with
measure the AIDS epidemic. special accommodations on its
Hader and O’Neill were among premises to conduct the screening.
five panelists who spoke at the town She said that while the 14 percent
hall meeting and fielded questions HIV infection rate among MSM in D.C. is
from about 50 people who attended. too high, previous MSM studies in
The other panelists included Jose Baltimore, Los Angeles, Miami, New York
Gutierrez, a gay Latino activist affili- and San Francisco found a combined
ated with La Clinica Del Pueblo, a infection rate of 25 percent in 2005. She
D.C. clinic that provides services to noted that in Baltimore, the MSM infec-
people with HIV/AIDS; Ken Pettigrew, tion rate was found to be 40 percent.
director of programs for Us Helping
Us, a local AIDS advocacy group that
provides services for mostly black
‘What are we
gay men; and Calvin Gerald, an doing wrong?’
organizer with the D.C. Center’s HIV The panelists who joined Hader at
Prevention Working Group. the town hall meeting and members
Hader’s presentation followed the of the audience expressed differing
city’s release of the study’s findings views on whether existing HIV pre-
March 26 at a news conference out- vention programs in the city, includ-
side the Wanda Alston House for ing those operated by community
LGBT youth in Northeast D.C. organizations like Us Helping Us and
A first-of-its-kind look into the the Whitman-Walker Clinic, have
DC Agenda photo by Michael Key
behavior of men who have sex with been effective in their mission.
men in the District of Columbia, the ‘This study shows that we have more work to do to fight HIV/AIDS among men who have sex with men,’ said D.C. “There is a notion to say what are
study’s main finding was that 14 per- Mayor Adrian Fenty. we doing wrong?” said Pettigrew of
cent of those sampled were HIV pos- Us Helping Us. “But you can also
itive. The figure represents an HIV- Hader and some of the AIDS “And they’re not the answers So my rants, and clubs where men who have ask, ‘What are we doing right?’”
positive rate nearly five times higher activists attending the town hall meet- hope is our data is to be used to start to sex with men tend to frequent,” says He noted that one of the key find-
than the 3 percent HIV infection rate ing said this suggests that many gay come up with the answers, to reinforce the study report. “Participants were ings in the MSM study was that men
among all adults and teens in the men who should be aware of the need anything we think we’re on the right interviewed at these venues, which under 30 years old had a lower rate
city, according to separate data gath- for greater condom use and overall track on, to bring up new ideas.” were located in wards 1, 2, 5, 6 and 8.” of HIV infection and were engaging
ered by the HIV/AIDS Administration. less risky behaviors were nevertheless The study, which was conducted in less risky behavior.
The MSM study also found that continuing to engage in risky behavior. in 2008, doesn’t identify the specific Ernest Hopkins, a veteran AIDS
black men who have sex with men, In a finding said to highlight a
‘We have more venues, and representatives of the activist involved with programs in D.C.
who participated in the study, had an seeming paradox among black MSM, work to do’ GWU team that conducted the sur- and San Francisco, said the D.C. gov-
HIV infection rate of 25 percent, com- the study found that black MSM of all D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty joined vey declined at the news conference ernment has been less aggressive
pared to an 8 percent infection rate ages used condoms more frequently Hader and other officials with the to disclose the names of the venues. and less visible in its AIDS preven-
among white MSM who participated than whites. Yet the infection rate for Department of Health and its The report acknowledges that the tion messages than in the past. He
in the study. black MSM remains high, the report HIV/AIDS Administration at the news study did not reach all MSM and and D.C. Center Executive Director
“The numbers are staggering, but says, most likely because the number conference March 26 announcing most likely under-represents some David Mariner called for greater city
they are changeable,” says a report of infected black MSM is significantly the release of the study. groups, including MSM who don’t funding for community based HIV
accompanying the study, which was higher than white MSM, increasing D.C. Council member David Catania identify as gay or bisexual, and programs, including programs organ-
conducted for the city by George the chance of infection even if safer (I-At Large), who chairs the D.C. City younger white MSM. ized by the Center.
Washington University’s School of sex is practiced most of the time. Council’s Committee on Health, also It notes that of the nearly 100 AIDS activist Chris Lane, a former
Public Health and Health Services. “Though white men were more participated in the news conference. He white men under age 30 who partici- official with the Sexual Minority Youth
“We are convinced that there are no likely to engage in higher risk sexual praised Fenty and Hader for working pated in the study, none were found Assistance League, noted that a
foregone conclusions to getting HIV behavior, more men of color were hard during the past three years to to be HIV positive. mental health component appeared
for men who have sex with men.” impacted by HIV,” says the report. transform what he called a highly Vigilance and Hader said that to be missing from the MSM study.
Although gay and AIDS activists The report also notes that, flawed public health data gathering sys- while most of the MSM participants in Hader said the full scientific report
attending Monday’s town hall meet- “Contrary to some perceptions, tem into a “world class” system recog- the study reported having been tested on the study, which is to be published
ing said the high HIV positive rate younger men generally had safer sex nized and praised by health depart- for HIV, 40 percent did not know they soon on the Department of Health’s
findings among MSM did not sur- behaviors, while older men got test- ments in other cities and states. were HIV positive until they were test- web site, discusses mental health-
prise them, some expressed surprise ed less and used condoms less and Fenty joined Hader and Dr. Pierre ed at the time of the study. Among related issues and that the city would
and puzzlement over other findings. had more sex partners.” Vigilance, director of the D.C. those who tested positive during the pursue these issues when its reviews
Among them are that men under age The study found that about 66 Department of Health, in noting that the study, nearly three-quarters had seen its overall HIV prevention programs
30 “generally had safer sex behav- percent of black MSM reported using study’s troubling findings of high HIV a doctor or other health care provider in the next few months.
iors” while men over 30 “got tested a condom during their most recent infection rates among MSM were offset at least once in the previous 12 Gerald of the Center’s HIV
less and used condoms less and had instance of anal sex, compared to by what they said were highly useful months, but were not tested. Prevention Working Group cautioned
more sex partners.” about 47 percent of white MSM. new data generated by the study. Vigilance and Hader noted that a against placing all the responsibility of
The study also found that more Hader said the study was con- “Knowing the facts about our D.C. public health policy established four HIV prevention on the city. He expressed
than 40 percent of the men participat- ducted using protocols established HIV/AIDS epidemic improves how years ago calls for all adults in the city to concern that not enough black gay men
ing did not use a condom at the time by the U.S. Centers for Disease we fight this disease,” Fenty said. be tested routinely for HIV during regu- have attended meetings and planning
of their last sexual encounter and Control & Prevention for similar stud- Pointing to a separate study lar doctor visits, just as they are tested sessions to address the issue.
more than one-third did not know the ies in other cities. released last week, he noted that, for high blood pressure and diabetes. “We should not just wait for the
HIV status of their last sex partner. She said that similar MSM studies “we’ve already shown that we can As a result of the study’s findings, government to do something,” he
Another development that came will be conducted every three years, make progress against HIV by reducing Vigilance said the health department is said. “We should educate our own
as a surprise to many activists, more alternating with studies of HIV-related AIDS cases and deaths and increasing calling on MSM to be tested for HIV people in the black community. We
than half of the study’s participants heterosexual sexual behavior and stud- people getting into medical care.” twice a year instead of the once-a-year can let the government go so far, but
reported an annual income of ies of injection drug users conducted. “This study shows that we have more recommendation made four years ago. we have to take it up from there.”
$50,000 or greater, an education sig- “The data are the data are the work to do to fight HIV/AIDS among men Hader also announced at the press The study, titled “MSM in D.C.: A
nificantly higher than a high school data,” she said at the town hall meet- who have sex with men,” he said. conference that the Department of Life Long Commitment to Stay HIV
degree, and were believed to be ing. “They’re not the whole picture or The D.C. MSM study consisted of Health is launching a new MSM HIV Free,” is available through the
“socially connected” with the LGBT the only picture, but they’re really 500 participants who were recruited “at screening project in partnership with the Department of Health’s website,
community. useful information. open air venues, gyms, bars, restau- Whitman-Walker Clinic and the Crew
april 2, 2010 • 19

20 • april 2, 2010

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‘Don’t Ask’ changes too little, too late for some

Continued from page 14 Sarvis said he doesn’t think Fehrenbach is not to engage in further media interviews while said. “And the flip side of that is, ‘OK, they’ve
moving toward discharge as a result of the new his case is pending. made some changes, but you still have the
of the Servicemembers Legal Defense announcement. What affect the new regulations will have on statute on the books. You’re not getting down to
Network, said his organization is still examining “But I think in all likelihood, his file should go efforts to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” legislative- zero discharges because of sexual orientation
the implications of the changes and what they back to the [the commanding officer] and the ly remains to be seen. Sarvis said the new regu- until you repeal the statute.”
mean for LGBT service members. [commanding officer] will make a determination lations could “work both ways” in the effort to Sarvis said that full repeal is necessary to
“It’s premature to say until we complete on whether or not to reinitiate the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t repeal, leading some members of Congress to eliminate completely the discharges of LGBT
our legal analysis,” he said. “I think it will be Tell’ investigation,” Sarvis said. “Without going into say the situation has been addressed and others service members.
helpful for some service members. It will a great deal of detail, we think that there may be to say discharges must be reduced to zero. “The most important thing is ‘Don’t Ask,
reduce the number of investigations and, more than one avenue that will be beneficial for Lt. “One side will say, ‘What’s the rush? Why Don’t Tell’ has not gone away,” he said. “Service
therefore, it will, in all likelihood, reduce the Col. Fehrenbach under the changes announced should Congress have to deal with this? members are still at risk and LGBT service
number of discharges.” by Secretary Gates last week.” Secretary Gates and Adm. Mullen just members cannot serve openly under ‘Don’t
Sarvis said he wasn’t yet in a position to quan- Sarvis said SLDN has advised Fehrenbach announced some significant changes?” Sarvis Ask, Don’t Tell.’”
tify how discharges would be reduced under the
new regulations, but he noted that fewer people
would face “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” discharges.
Among the issues SLDN is examining,
Sarvis said, is what will happen in pending S TA R R I N G B R O A D WAY ’ S
cases where a service member was outed by a
third party under the old regulations, and sub-
sequently announced their sexual orientation of
their own accord.
“I would imagine in many cases that service
members who are in the pipeline for discharge
under the old regulations and the old [Department
of Defense] directives, in essence, would have the
opportunity to start over again,” he said. “In many
cases, we know it’ll go back to their commanders.”
As SLDN examines the changes, Sarvis
said his organization plans to publish this week
new guidance for LGBT service members serv-
ing under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” He said SLDN
has received numerous inquiries from active
duty and reserve service members regarding
the new regulations.
Among those serving who are pleased with
the changes is a gay U.S. Army soldier current-
ly in Iraq, who spoke to DC Agenda on condi-
tion of anonymity to avoid being discharged
under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”
The soldier, who has been seeing a psy-
chotherapist in part because of the stress of
serving under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” said
the new change allowing LGBT service
members to disclose their sexual orientation
to mental health experts would be particular-
ly beneficial for him.
During his therapy sessions, the soldier said
he had been dodging questions about his sex-
ual orientation, or even unrelated matters that
he thought may have outed him under the law.
But with the new regulations in place, the sol-
dier said he plans to come out to his psy-

chotherapist in an upcoming session.

“In my particular instance, it’s the fact that I
can talk about more than just any problems that
I’m having at work or any problems that I’m
having at home,” he said. “I can talk about
issues that I’m having with my ex-boyfriend —
and just identity issues. It just takes off a lot of
stress because you can discuss more without
having to censor yourself.”
The soldier said he also thinks Gates’ deci-
sion to raise the rank of those starting and con-
ducting inquiries under “Don’t Ask, Don’t
Tell” was “a remarkably ingenious way” to limit
“It makes it virtually un-enforceable, except
for cases where disclosure would be unprofes-
sional anyway,” the soldier said. “Generals [and]
APRIL 13 – MAY 9
admirals have far more important things to do
than worry about whether Private John Smith,
or Lt. Jane Doe, are homosexual.” t
Another case on which the new regulations
could have an impact is the pending discharge (30614 03.03&

of Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach, an Air Force pilot
who’s facing discharge under the law. National Theatre Box Office opens March 15
In 2008, Fehrenbach was accused of raping
another man and was only able to clear his
name after saying he had consensual sex with
his accuser. But his admission of having homo-
sexual sex meant outing himself under “Don’t 1&//4:-7"/*""7& /8
Ask, Don’t Tell.”
22 • april 2, 2010

Vol. 2, Issue 14

After 30 years the fight continues the number of gay men living with HIV in What about the local business for our community’s health. Each of us
Address: 1810 14th St., N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20009
Phone: 202-747-2077
HIV rates among gay men Washington is increasing. Even more community — the gyms, bars, stores, is guilty of not doing enough, not caring
Publisher: Brown Naff Pitts Omnimedia, Inc.

in D.C. are higher than ever shocking, the same study estimates 25
percent of black, gay men in D.C. are
clubs and restaurants catering to a
predominantly gay clientele? What are
enough, not talking enough. But that
can change. We can start by taking con-
LYNNE J. BROWN ext. 8075
By VICTOR MALDONADO HIV positive along with 20 percent of gay they doing to support community- trol of our own health and get tested for EDITORIAL
men over age 30. The numbers paint a based prevention efforts? When was HIV every six months. We can become Editor
Recently, over dinner, a friend con- picture of a disease running rampant in the last time you saw condoms distrib- empowered consumers, asking doctors KEVIN NAFF
fided in me that he was starting on HIV our community. So what is being done? uted at area gyms? When was the last for an HIV test if one is not offered. We ext. 8088
News & Multimedia Editor
medication for the first time. Although First ask, “What am I doing to stop time you saw an HIV prevention mes- can recognize the truth, that we live in a JOSHUA LYNSEN
I’ve known he was HIV positive, the the spread of HIV?” When was the last sage promoted at area bars? If we community at high risk for HIV and ext. 8086
realization that he was about to start time you got an HIV test? When was cannot get our own community to sup- make sure we always, always, practice JOEY DiGUGLIELMO
taking medication — a process that will the last time you didn’t practice safe port HIV prevention efforts, what can safe sex. We can support prevention ext. 8081
last him a lifetime — hit home. Here he sex? When was the last time you we expect from others? efforts by donating to, or volunteering Sr. News Reporter
was, late 30s, good looking and strong, assumed someone’s HIV status with- Third, ask, “What is the District for, HIV organizations providing servic- ext. 8079
but carrying a virus that will, without out asking the question? Answer government doing to support preven- es to gay men. And we can back local News Reporter
proper medication, kill him. these questions honestly and you may tion efforts in the gay community?” leaders who support HIV prevention CHRIS JOHNSON ext. 8083
Despite being mature, coming find, despite everything you know, you To date, the Fenty administration has efforts in the gay community. Staff Photographer
from a good home, having a great job are not doing enough to protect your- not given a dime to the LGBT As for my friend, it’s been two MICHAEL KEY
and a wide circle of friends, he felt self, and others, from HIV. Center’s HIV prevention programs, weeks since he began taking med-
demoralized, guilty and alone. He Second, ask, what your communi- despite two consecutive years of ication and he feels fine. He is taking PRODUCTION
Creative Director
made a stupid mistake, and now he ty is doing to support HIV prevention funding applications. The City steps to ensure he protects himself ROB BOEGER
was dealing with the repercussions. efforts. LGBT organizations do a crim- Council is no better. Council member and others: taking his meds, disclos- ext. 8074
So we talked and that night he went inally bad job of discussing issues of Vincent Grey personally worked to ing his status to potential partners, WEB
home and took the two pills that gay men and HIV. HIV and gay men’s ensure that Effi Barry HIV/AIDS pro- always using a condom. But for all of Project Manager
will forever become a part of his health issues are, in many cases, gram funding went exclusively east all the medication, and all the
life. My friend is living the new reality actively avoided by some of our most of the river, a decision that left nearly empowerment, the truth is he is still
of HIV in America — he’s going to prominent spokespeople. “HIV is not a all LGBT organizations (located west scared, still scarred, by a virus he will SALES & ADMINISTRATION
Sr. Acct. Executive
live a long, normal life, but he will for- gay disease,” they say. True, but it is a of the Anacostia) ineligible for a never shake. He is the human face of BRIAN PITTS
ever be dependent on expensive disease disproportionately affecting major source of the District’s HIV the HIV epidemic in D.C. He knows ext. 8089
drugs for survival. gay men living in D.C. We need to prevention funds. City government he won’t die from HIV; his struggle Acct. Executive
According to a recent study pub- remind our civil rights leaders that has almost completely failed to sup- (and that of too many in our commu- ext. 8072
lished by the DC HIV/AIDS rampant HIV rates drain our commu- port the LGBT community’s grass- nity) seems to be how to live with it. Marketing Sales Executive
Administration, my friend is not alone. nity’s human and capital resources roots HIV prevention efforts. DION JORDAN ext. 8084
Fourteen percent of gay men in the and, as our public face, they have the There is blame to go around. District Victor Maldonado is is a District Classified Advertising
District are HIV positive. The number is responsibility to raise awareness of government has been negligent in sup- resident working to raise HIV aware- PHILLIP G. ROCKSTROH
staggering. Despite nearly 30 years of HIV prevention — at least when porting HIV prevention efforts in the gay ness in the LGBT community and can ext. 8092
Distribution Coordinator
research and education on the disease, addressing the community. community, but we are all responsible be reached at ROBBIE BARNETT ext. 8080
Accounting services provided

What happened to silence = death?

by Martin & Wall, P.C. C.P.A.
Distributed by MediaPoint, LLC
All material in the DC Agenda is protected by
federal copyright law and may not be repro-
duced without the written consent of the
two had recently become infected. tired. For more than 25 years we prevention works, but just 20 percent DC Agenda. The sexual orientation of advertis-
Lack of attention to HIV They sat quietly and chose not to have been expected to have safe of gay men have access to effective ers, photographers, writers and cartoonists
published herein is neither inferred nor implied.
fuels spread of disease reveal their status. My heart broke for
them. They were closeted about HIV
sex, every time. That is not easy to
sustain, even with the powerful mem-
prevention programs. Prevention
funding is just a tiny sliver of the fed-
The appearance of names or pictorial repre-
sentation does not necessarily indicate the
By DAVID MIXNER in a room full of out gay men. ories of those we have lost. eral AIDS budget, and has been sexual orientation of that person or persons.
Although the DC Agenda is supported by many
In the early days of AIDS, silence Recent studies underscore just largely flat for 6 years. Last year, fine advertisers, we cannot accept responsibility
If you listen to gay rights discus- equaled death. We had to come out how hard it is for us to confront the California, which has been a leader in for claims made by advertisers.
sions these days, you’d think that of the closet to confront the disease. reality of HIV. One major study found fighting HIV, cut its prevention budget Unsolicited editorial material is accepted by the
marriage equality and “Don’t ask, With illness and death all around us, that nearly half of HIV-positive gay from $54 million to $18 million, and DC Agenda, but the paper cannot take respon-
Don’t tell” are the only issues that we had a powerful motivation to stay men don’t know their status — a sign many other states cut their budgets as sibility for its return. The editors reserve the right
to accept, reject or edit any submission.
matter. And they do matter — for our safe. As a community, there was a that many of us are afraid to be test- well. And HIV prevention campaigns Guidelines for freelance contributors are
dignity and our fundamental civil shared sense of responsibility to help ed or in denial about our risk. Studies often don’t resonate with gay men. We available upon request.
rights. But there is a fire in our house protect our friends. also find that half of HIV-negative gay need new approaches that are rele-
A single copy of the DC Agenda is available
that we are no longer talking about, Mercifully, younger gay men never men don’t know the HIV status of vant to gay men today — young and from authorized distribution points, to any
that we pretend no longer exists: the had to experience that era. And with their casual partners. old, black, Latino and white. individual within a 50-mile radius of Washington,
unchecked spread of HIV. our community largely silent about the It’s time to end our collective But real change won’t come from the D.C. Multiple copies are available from the DC
Agenda office only. Call for rates. If you are
Not only did HIV never leave the disease, it’s all too easy to think of it as silence about HIV. government or big organizations. It will unable to get to a convenient free distribution
gay community, it’s getting worse. a thing of the past. Who can blame Gay rights organizations need to come from each of us. Ask yourself: Have point, you may receive a 52-week mailed
New HIV infections among gay men young men for thinking that they’re not put it back on the agenda. Over the I been tested for HIV in the last year? subscription for $175.00 per year. Checks or
credit card orders can be sent to Robbie
have doubled in the last 15 years. Last really at risk, that they don’t need to be past year, just 2 percent of press Have I talked about HIV with my part- Barnett at
week, the Centers for Disease Control tested, or even that getting infected releases from some of the top national ners? Have I reached out to friends that
& Prevention reported that gay and isn’t all that bad given effective anti- organizations were about HIV, and two I’m worried about, who may be at risk? Postmaster: Send address changes to the DC
Agenda, PO BOX 73647 Washington, DC 20056
bisexual men are more than 44 times retroviral therapy? But many younger major gay organizations didn’t issue a As tragic as this disease has The DC Agenda is published weekly, on Friday,
as likely as straight men to test posi- men may not realize that even when single release on the topic. I know that been, AIDS galvanized a generation by Brown Naff Pitts Omnimedia, Inc. Individual
tive for HIV. But instead of increasing treatment works, the side effects can many gay organizations have of gay men, and it showed that we Subscriptions are $175 per year for 52 issues
(only $3.37 per issue mailed to you USPS).
funding in response, states are slash- be terrible and long-term. New HIV/AIDS programs, but what’s gone is are a force to be reckoned with. Rates for businesses/institutions are $350 per
ing their prevention budgets. research is finding that more than half the advocacy. When AIDS organiza- Today, a new generation is taking gay year. Periodical postage paid at Washington,
Amid this crisis, the silence from of people with long-term HIV have tions became well funded and well rights to a place that was inconceiv- D.C., and additional mailing offices.
our community is deafening. Where’s early senility or another cognitive prob- established in the 1990s, gay groups able just a decade ago — fighting for Editorial positions of the DC Agenda are
the outrage? Where’s the protest? lem, not to mention a host of prema- largely abdicated responsibility for the our right to marry and to serve our expressed in editorials and in editors’
Understandably, after decades of ture geriatric illnesses such as bone disease to them. But today, the major country openly and with honor. notes as determined by the paper’s editors.
Other opinions are those of the writers and
coping with AIDS, we’ve been eager loss, arthritis, and organ failure, as well AIDS organizations rightly serve a very But taking care of ourselves and do not necessarily represent the opinion of
to change the subject. But in our as insulin and cholesterol problems. diverse group of people — gay and each other is just as important to our the DC Agenda or its staff.
impatience to move on, we’ve over- You wouldn’t choose to get diabetes or straight men, women, IV drug users. If future. Every one of us needs to con- To submit a letter or commentary: Letters
shot the mark. Our silence is fueling emphysema. Why HIV? the CDC’s numbers tell us anything, it’s front the resurgence of HIV. The first should be fewer than 400 words; commen-
the spread of HIV. The struggle to stay safe is hard that gay men are still far more affected step is ending our silence. taries should be fewer than 750 words.
Recently, I was at a large dinner for older gay men too. The fight by this disease than anyone. Our lead- Submissions may be edited for content and
length, and must include a name, address and
party, and the conversation turned to against AIDS has been exhausting ers have a responsibility to speak out David Mixner is an author, blogger, phone number for verification. Send submis-
AIDS. Most people seated at the table and long. I lost nearly 300 friends to more forcefully and more often. political strategist, civil rights activist sions by e-mail to
said that they didn’t know anyone who the disease. Many of us feel isolated We need to demand more of and public affairs adviser. Reach him ©
2010 Brown Naff Pitts Omnimedia, Inc.
was HIV positive. I knew for a fact that and alone, depressed, guilty and Congress and the administration. HIV via
april 2, 2010 • 23


Only fools rush in heavily in debt or has a serious health sit-

uation that may require the spending
down of assets to qualify for state provid-
ed aid, marriage may not make sense.
attorney and back up documents are
important, as they will give you the
authority to act in circumstances where
your marriage is not recognized.
DC Agenda, Equality Maryland
and the DC Center will sponsor a
series of free estate and financial
planning workshops to help local
Same-sex marriage relationships, adding a partner could
trigger a gift tax of up to 35 percent in Should we combine our finan- What about filing our taxes jointly?
couples navigate new laws related
to same-sex marriage. RSVP to
creates unintended 2010 of the value of the equity. cial assets like bank accounts or As mentioned earlier, for federal Kevin Walling at Kevin@equality-
Another complication that often aris- investment accounts? taxes, the law is clear: same-sex mar- or 410-685-6567.
consequences es is your tax filing status. Your federal Probably not. Thanks to the Defense ried couples can only file their taxes Join us in Baltimore, Silver
taxes need to be filed as an individual. of Marriage act, same-sex marriages as single. For the state of Maryland it Spring or Washington to learn more:
By JOSEPH KAPP If you live in the District of Columbia you are not recognized for the purposes of is still up in the air as there is no clear April 13, 7 p.m., 190 W. Ostend
can file your D.C. taxes either jointly or federal law. As a result, combining guidance on how to file taxes in the St., Suite 201, Baltimore, MD.
“Let us be lovers, we’ll marry our as an individual. However, according to assets like financial accounts can trig- state. In the District, same-sex mar- April 14, 7 p.m., 8720 Georgia
fortunes together.” Equality Maryland, “In the past ger a federal gift tax of up to 35 percent ried couples can now file their taxes Ave., Suite 303, Silver Spring, MD.
Never have the lyrics from Simon Maryland taxpayers have generally when your partner withdraws funds in either jointly or as single. April 15, 7 p.m., 1330 Mass-
and Garfunkel been more apt for been required to file their tax returns excess of the annual gift exclusion, achusetts Ave., NW, Washington, D.C.
same-sex couples. But, as Elvis sang, using the same ‘single’ or ‘married’ sta- which for 2010 is $13,000. This tax is Should we sign a prenuptial
“Wise men say, only fools rush in.” tus they use on their federal returns. payable by the giver. agreement? be a future problem. Unless
In the early days of love, it is easy to Because of the discriminatory federal There are many financial considera- Congress acts, next year the feder-
rush in and get married without think- DOMA, married same-sex couples Should I add my partner to the tions for signing a prenuptial agree- al estate laws change, exposing
ing about the financial consequences. have had to file their federal returns as title of my home? ment. These situations typically arise significantly greater numbers of
However, after the glow of love sub- ‘single.’ Further analysis will be needed Again, probably not. This is a common when one of the partners brings signifi- same-sex married couples to the
sides and the reality of marriage sets to determine whether married same- mistake that many couples make. Adding cantly more assets to the relationship federal estate tax upon the death of
in, the financial complications could be sex couples can file their state returns a partner to the title of a home could cre- or makes appreciably more income. a partner. Keep an eye out for next
significant for couples that have not jointly as married.” ate a federal gift tax of up to 35 percent in Some of the questions that ought to be week’s article with more details
thought through the ramifications or So, what’s a newly married couple 2010 of the half of the equity. The tax is asked, include: How will responsibility about the impact of this.
done advanced planning. Thanks to to do? Below is a list of frequently payable in the year the gift is made and for the debts acquired before the mar-
the Defense of Marriage Act, federal asked questions about the financial paid by the homeowner. Secondarily, if riage be paid? How will debts incurred This information is not legal or tax
law and the IRS do not recognize rela- issues of marriage. Keep in mind that the home has already appreciated signif- during the marriage be divided? How advice. Consult a professional
tionships between same-sex couples; every situation is different, so speak- icantly in value, you could also be creating will non-financial assets such as hous- regarding your specific tax and other
neither does the People’s Republic of ing with a qualified adviser about your a future capital gains problem. es, automobiles, collections or artwork potential legal obligations. Seek
Virginia, for that matter. As a result, particular situation is recommended. be divided? Are you both going to counsel from your own professional
where D.C. and Maryland laws overlap Should we still get a will and name each other as beneficiaries on advisors when making tax, estate
federal law, a new state is created — Should we get married? other estate planning documents? life insurance policies and retirement and/or financial planning decisions.
the state of confusion. The answer really depends on your Absolutely. If your partner ends up in assets such as 401(k)s, TSPs or IRAs?
For example, there are no transfer goals. Marriage is a legal act and carries a Virginia hospital, your marriage may Joseph Kapp is a financial
taxes when adding a spouse to the with it significant financial and legal obli- not be recognized. As a result, you Are there any other financial con- planner with Lincoln Financial
title of your home. However, because gations. It should not be entered into light- could be denied access to visit your siderations we should consider? Advisors Corp. Reach him at
federal laws do not recognize our ly. In situations where one partner is partner. Having medical powers of Yes, federal estate taxes could

5 things you should know before you say ‘I do’

A legal guide to important questions to ask about mar-
riage and about your soon-to-be
may get saddled with alimony pay-
ments to support the less wealthy
(with rights of survivorship) each own an
undivided share in the whole asset.
the marriage, Chris and Kim begin to
drift apart after an argument. Kim moves
same-sex marriage spouse. Before you tie the knot, jump spouse upon a separation or divorce. In Therefore, the creditor of one of the joint out less than a year after their nuptials.
the broom, take the plunge or settle addition, all the income earned by both tenants has a right to the entire asset. Both move on with their lives, but they
By J. MAX BARGER down, take time to consider and talk spouses during the marriage, including There are other reasons to avoid never officially end the marriage. Upon
through the non-romantic aspects of wages, dividends and appreciation in joint tenancies, such as gift tax con- Kim’s death, 10 years later, Chris claims
To be certain, there are more than marriage: finances, economics, and investments, is considered marital sequences and loss of control. The one-half of Kim’s estate.
five things to consider before you the law. Here are some considerations. property. A judge may decide how to easiest way around this problem is to Even if you have an estate plan in
decide to get married: Where are we Marriage is not a cure-all to protect divide your marital property at the time simply avoid co-mingling assets and place, your spouse (or your spouse’s
going to live? Will we grow old togeth- your partner and your relationship. of a divorce regardless of who earned it keep your possessions in your own representatives) may un-do your plan.
er? Should we open a joint checking Marriage is still not recognized by the or added the most equity to it. name. Talk to your estate planning Generally speaking, a surviving spouse
account? How will we file our income federal government because of the The law looks at marriage as an eco- attorney about it. Know the benefits is entitled to anywhere from one-third to
taxes? At which parent’s house will Defense of Marriage Act. That means nomic partnership between the spous- and risks prior to changing title. one-half of the deceased spouse’s prop-
we spend the holidays? These are all protections afforded to opposite sex es. One may contribute money, while the You may become disqualified to erty at death. In addition, a surviving
examples of what may come to mind. married couples in the tax code, other supplies sweat equity. Unless you receive certain public benefits by being spouse may have certain allowances for
Thankfully, gays and lesbians in the ERISA, Social Security, Medicare and agree otherwise before the nuptials, all married. Eligibility for public benefits like property against the estate. The only
District and in Maryland now have the Medicaid, the Family and Medical the marital property is equitably divided Medicaid is complex. Eligibility require- way to make certain that the goals of
opportunity to consider entering a mar- Leave Act, immigration laws and many upon dissolution. This problem can be ments vary from state to state and can your estate plan are accomplished is by
ital union that is recognized by their other areas of the law are not available addressed in a prenuptial agreement (a be negatively affected by either (1) mar- executing a prenuptial (or marital) agree-
state of residence. In the District, the to same-sex married couples. “prenup”). In some states you can make riage because of family income levels; ment with your spouse waiving your
historic vote by the City Council in Many states like Virginia have dra- an agreement during the marriage, too. or (2) a wealthier spouse leaving an respective rights to your estates.
December 2009 allowed same-sex conian laws invalidating your marriage A creditor of your spouse can take inheritance to a less wealthy spouse. Just because you can does not
couples to obtain valid marriage licens- while you visit there. For example, if you your assets. One common mistake cou- If the couple has minor children who mean that you should get married. Many
es and get married effective March 3, and your spouse hike the Appalachian ples make is to title assets in their names are dependent on public health care, it of us fight and advocate fiercely for the
2010. In Maryland, Attorney General Trail and you get seriously injured near as joint tenants with rights of survivorship, is imperative that the couple carefully right to get married. Now that our com-
Douglas Gansler published an opinion Roanoke, your spouse may not be but without considering the conse- weigh how marriage will impact their munity enjoys that right in some places,
on Feb. 23 opening the door for the allowed to visit you in the hospital. quences. In some cases, titling an asset ability to qualify for public benefits, or to we must carefully consider if it is the right
recognition of same-sex marriages that Recognition of our marriages is a like a house or a checking account as qualify in the future. In other words, do decision for us individually. If it is, be well
are validly performed in other states. giant step forward in protecting our joint tenants with rights of survivorship not make a quick emotional decision. prepared so that you can reduce or elim-
Many gays and lesbians have loved ones, but you should not stop at “I can be a good choice. For example, it can Instead, get reliable advice before inate the unintended consequences
never had to seriously concern our- do” and assume your affairs are in order. create a cohesive feeling of permanence applying for the marriage license. from the legal side of marriage.
selves with exchanging vows. Never You still need to put an estate plan in and shared experience. It can also be a “You can’t disinherit your spouse” or
having had a talk about marriage with place, a health care power of attorney good tool to practice communication and “Divorce is not cheap and easy.” J. Max Barger, an attorney and
a parent or other mentor may have left (including a HIPAA authorization and liv- navigate interdependence. But it comes Marriage is an officially authorized union MBA, is Senior Council at Ackerman
an information gap. Faced with the ing will), a durable financial power of with severe risk for the unwary. with a long and rich legal history. Part of Legal where he leads the Estate
reality that we really can marry, many attorney, and a last will and testament If your spouse — or for that matter a that history includes laws that require Planning, Business Succession and
of us are not prepared for all that mar- — and for some, a revocable living trust. non-spouse who is your joint tenant on that you take care of your spouse. You Probate practice group. Max will be
riage offers, nor what it requires of us. Your spouse can now sue you for an asset or account — has a judgment cannot leave them with nothing. presenting “Five Things You Should
Simply put, you don’t know what alimony if you get divorced. Not a pleas- creditor, that creditor can come after the Consider this scenario: Chris and Do Before You Say “I Do” at the Hillyer
you don’t know. The excitement of our ant thought to have as you walk down entire jointly owned asset — yes, even Kim, residents of Maryland, just got mar- Museum and Art Space on
newly gained right, the love, the the aisle; however, the economics of your share of it. While this may seem ried in D.C. They are economically inde- Wednesday April 7 at 7 p.m. The sem-
romance, the feeling of freedom and marriage are important to understand. counterintuitive, property law deter- pendent and each has their own assets. inar is sponsored by Merrill Lynch,
justice may crowd out some very Historically, a spouse who is wealthier mines that parties to a joint tenancy They have no children. Eight months into GAYLAW and Ackerman Legal.
24 • april 2, 2010

friday, april 2 p.m., Govans Presbyterian Church, most events), simply show up.
RAW returns to the Green Lantern, 5828 York Rd., Baltimore. A meal will be VERDI’S RIGOLETTO will be shown at
1335 Green Court N.W., from 10 served at 5:45 p.m.; RSVP required for 7 p.m. as part of the Opera and Ballet
p.m.-3 a.m. RAW is inspired by gay the meal, 410-435-9188. in Cinema series at the Atlas
parties of the early 80s, filled with fog, Join the D.C. chapter of the NATIONAL Performing Arts Center, 1333 H St., N.E.
strobe lights and throbbing music, LESBIAN & GAY JOURNALISTS Tickets are $20 and can be purchased
along with go-go boys. The hosts for ASSOCIATION for happy hour at at the box office, at atlas
the evening are Karl Marks and resi- Nellie’s Sports Bar, 900 U St., N.W., or by calling 202-399-7993.
dent DJs, Shea and Bil. DJ RAD (of from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Get to know other CAREER DEVELOPMENT AT THE
Pink Sock) will be the special guest professionals working in journalism, DC CENTER, 1810 14th St. N.W., from
DJ. Catch his set on the 1st floor from communications and related fields. 3-4 p.m., brings trained and experi-
10 p.m. to midnight. Entry is free Information on the 20th anniversary enced volunteer human resource pro-
before 11 p.m., and $3 after that. 21+ NLGJA convention this September in fessionals to offer support with job
GAY DISTRICT, a weekly, non-church San Francisco will be available. searches, interviews skills, resume writ-
affiliated discussion and social group THE RAINBOW HISTORY PROJECT ing and individual career goal counsel-
for GBTQ men between 18 and 35 is presents readings from “Persistent ing. For more information, contact the
held from 8:30-10:30 p.m. at St. Voices”: Poetry by Writers Lost to Center at 202-682-2245 or careerde-
Margaret’s Episcopal Church, 1820 AIDS. Starting at 7 p.m. in the
Connecticut Ave., N.W. For more infor- Lecture Hall at Summer School
mation, e-mail Museum and Archive, 1201 17th thursday, april 8
NADA SURF plays the 9:30 club, 815 St., N.W. The anthology includes The Cherry Fund presents
V St., N.W., at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20. works by several D.C.-based poets, “CHERRY WEEKEND: A RETURN
“LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS” is including Essex Hemphill. The TO TRADITION.” The events of the
on stage at Ford’s Theatre, 511 10th evening will be moderated by Philip weekend kick off on April 8 with the
St., N.W., at 7:30 p.m. Tickets range Clark, Rainbow History board mem- Opening Party at Mova, 1435 P St.,
from $39-$55; call 202-496-4200 for ber and co-editor of the book. Clark, N.W. from 10 p.m.-2 a.m. Music by
information. Photo courtesy of Burnett
Richard McCann, Kim Roberts and DJ Jason Royce. Complimentary
FRIDAY NIGHT EREV SHABBAT Bernard Welt will read selected admission. The event is 21+. See
SERVICES are held from 8:30-10 Legendary comedienne CAROL BURNETT brings her latest show to poems from the anthology. For more related story on page 28.
p.m. at the Washington Jewish Baltimore’s Lyric Opera House on Saturday. information call 202-821-7532. DCBIWOMEN, the area’s social
Community Center, 1529 16th St. DC ICE BREAKERS, a GLBTQ social group for bisexual and bi-curious
group, will meet and ice skate at the women, will meet from 7– 8 p.m. at
saturday, april 3 ‘LAUGHTER AND REFLECTION monday, april 5 Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Ballston, Cafe Luna, 1633 P St., N.W., at 7
CHERRY FUND’S annual Cherry WITH CAROL BURNETT’ at the Lyric The DC Center invites bears and on top of the Ballston Common Mall p.m. The group’s goal is to create an
Weekend HIV/AIDS Fundraiser will Opera House, 140 W. Mount Royal their allies for the first “BEARS DO parking garage, 627 N. Glebe Road, accepting, encouraging environment
be held at Freddie’s Beach Bar, 555 Ave., Baltimore at 7 p.m. Tickets range YOGA,” starting today. This four- Arlington. The ice skating events take for bisexual women regardless of the
23rd St. S., Arlington, VA. A $5 dona- from $42-$72, call 410-685-5086. week class will serve as an introduc- place on first and third Wednesday gender of their partner or what they
tion is being asked that will help THE GREAT VIGIL OF EASTER is cele- tion to yoga for all different body nights, with a social after at a local bar. are looking for, meet other cool bi
HIV/AIDS Prevention & Education brated at the National Cathedral, a min- types and physical abilities. Classes Skating is from 7:45-8:45 p.m. Ice skat- women and affirm the existence of
Efforts in the region. DJ JFX returns istry for all faiths, at 8 p.m. Easter Sunday will take place four consecutive ing novices are welcome. No member- the bi-identity. For more information
from L.A. to throw down your favorite services at 8 and 11 a.m. Massachusetts Monday evenings: April 5, 12, 19 and ship fees and no RSVP needed (for visit
anthems, vocals and progressive and Wisconsin avenues, N.W. Visit nation- 26. Classes begin at 6:15 p.m. in the
house vibes. The party starts at 9 p.m. for more information. DC Center Activity Room and last for
The HOMOSONIC dance party will one hour. There is a suggested $5
be held at the Black Cat Mainstage, sunday, april 4 donation. To RSVP for this class e-
1811 14th. St., N.W., from 9:30 p.m.- EASTER SERVICES at Metropolitan mail
3 a.m. The event is co-ed gay/mix, Community Church of Washington, VIVIAN GREEN, a former backup
trans inclusive and straight friendly. 474 Ridge St., N.W., at 9 a.m. singer for Jill Scott, plays the
Cover charge is $10. Dignity Washington, a group for Birchmere, 3701 Mt. Vernon Ave. in
CODE returns to Motley Bar above LGBT Catholics, celebrates EASTER Alexandria at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are
EFN Lounge, 1318 9th St. N.W., for MASS at 6 p.m. at St. Margaret’s $35; call 703-549-7000 for information.
its monthly installment. Gear, rubber, Church, 1820 Connecticut Ave., N.W.
skin, uniform or leather dress code BurGREENdy - recycling during the tuesday, april 6
will be strictly enforced. Music provid- National Cherry Blossom Festival. PACKING PARTY at EFN Lounge/
ed by DJ Michael Hades. Admission BCV is going to be working to encour- Motley Bar, 1318 9th Street, N.W.,
is $10. Code is an 18+ event. There age recycling during the National from 7-8 p.m. Volunteers will be
will be an open bar from 9-10 p.m. Cherry Blossom Festival. Volunteers assembling safer sex kits and enjoy-
The first Saturday of each month is will encourage festival attendees to ing drink specials at Motley.
ladies night with JAM at Mova, recycle their empty beverage contain-
1435 P St., N.W. Entry is free plus ers by placing them in recycling con- wednesday, april 7 Photo by
the first 50 people get a free beer tainers that are located around the Maryland Attorney General DOUGLAS
courtesy of Miller Lite. Music will be Tidal Basin. There will be two shifts GANSLER will speak about his recent Sunday is Easter; there are multiple LGBT-friendly religious services offered in
provided by DJ GEMZ with a little between 3:30-6:30 p.m. Visit burgundy- legal opinion regarding recognizing out- the area by MCC-DC, Dignity Washington and others.
something for everyone. for more information. of-state same-sex marriages at 6:45
april 2, 2010 • 25

Visit us at

Garth Fagan Dance African Children’s Choir

Saturday, April 10 at 8 p.m. Journey of Hope
Acclaimed for his choreography for Broadway’s The Lion King, Garth Fagan remains one of
the great reformers of American dance. With dancers unmatched for excellence, individuality,
Sunday, April 11 at 4 p.m.
unmannered approach, and athleticism, Fagan’s accessible and entertaining blend of ballet, Born in war-torn Uganda, the African Children’s Choir was founded in 1984 by human rights
modern, and Afro-Caribbean movements dazzles. Join us for an evening of classic pieces and activist Ray Barnett, who wished to show the world that the choir’s members, like the millions
contemporary favorites. “A prime example of the versatility and sophistication of concert dance of orphaned children in Africa, have beauty, dignity, and unlimited potential. Their engaging
in this new century.” (Los Angeles Times) performance blends song and dance from the entire continent of Africa and features more than
ten languages, unique cultural dancing, and uplifting gospel music. “It’s difficult to tell who is
$44, $36, $22
having more fun—the choir or the audience.” (The Scotsman)
$42, $34, $21 ff

ff = FAMILY FRIENDLY: Youth through grade 12 half price!

Center for the Arts

On the Fairfax campus, six miles west of Beltway exit 54 at the intersection of Braddock Road and Rt. 123.

888-945-2468 or
26 • april 2, 2010

mixing business with pleasure
ship award on behalf of the network. Organizers say a must-see event is number other than the traditional 10 per-
18th annual Equality U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, Pennsylvania’s the Brian Sanders Dance Tribute on cent [for LGBTs]. We’re not a Ft.
Forum promises Gov. Ed Rendell and Maryland’s Gov.
Martin O’Malley are scheduled to
April 30 at Merriam Theater. The 11th
annual Gay and Lesbian Art Exhibit will
Lauderdale or a Miami, not a resort des-
tination, but a traveler who has gone to
informative fun in Philly attend. Several leaders from national feature the works of photographers the traditional beach resorts and really
gay rights groups will also be there rep- Richard Renaldi and Marc Yankus. A wants a more sophisticated sort of
By JOEY DIGUGLIELMO resenting some of the movement’s most panel featuring appointees of President vacation, with great museums, we have influential players. Dan Choi, an officer Obama will highlight the visibility of a lot of that. It’s hard to compare to New
in the U.S. Army facing discharge LGBT people in this administration. Two York, but we do offer lots of arts and cul-
For many LGBT activists, the most because of his outspoken gay rights new LGBT-themed documentary films ture here. Also our gayborhood is right
efficient way to get an up-to-the-minute activism, is also scheduled to attend. will be shown and nine parties are in the heart of the city. You don’t have to
handle on the state of the gay rights Past honorees have included scheduled. Visit for get on a train and travel 25 minutes from
movement — and also have some fun straight allies like San Francisco Mayor a complete schedule of events. where all the tourists would be.”
mingling — is the annual Equality Forum, Gavin Newsom and New Mexico’s Judd Proctor, a Richmond, Va., The Equality Forum is just one of 10 Photo courtesy of Equality Forum
always in Philadelphia and slated for April Gov. Bill Richardson and lesbian tennis resident who produces LGBT history gay events scheduled for spring in the The Equality Forum has become a
26 to May 2. With about 50,000 in atten- legend Martina Navratilova. radio show “The Rainbow Minute,” city. Mr. Gay Philadelphia, a celebrity- Philadelphia tradition. This year’s event,
dance, organizers say it’s the largest gay “We’ve always honored folks attends the Forum annually and says judged pageant, is April 17 at Voyeur scheduled for the end of April, is its 18th.
civil rights forum in the world. who’ve been on the cutting edge of he finds the experience enriching. Nighclub. Also that week is Philadelphia
“It’s really the one location where all our movement and folks who per- “There’s a little bit of something for Black Gay Pride. Every Saturday in Kitchen at 1234 Locust St. (formerly
our major issues are discussed and it haps when they step forward, weren’t everyone who attends,” he says. “I espe- May is the Frontrunners Philly Fun Run Bump) and Westbury Bar and
really brings together literally all the always as appreciated by our com- cially enjoy the evening panels based and a Pride event in nearby New Hope, Restaurant at 261 South 13th St., have
major and preeminent movement lead- munity but we believed in what they on current LGBT topics. They always Pa., in Bucks County (May 13 to 16). had major renovations. JR’s Lounge
ers and we’re very proud of the fact were advancing,” Lazin says. have activists and people in the know And the Liberty Bell Classic, the city’s (no connection to Washington’s JR.’s)
that there’s no registration fee and so The Forum also promises seven and the Q&A sessions give attendees a largest LGBT sporting event, hosts a opened about six months ago at 1305
many of the programs are free,” says days of panels and parties. The highlight, chance to participate and meet leading weekend of softball competitions at the Locust St. It was formerly Camac Bar.
Malcolm Lazin, the Forum’s executive organizers say, will be SundayOUT! at experts and activists nationwide.” end of May (go to or Yelk says the pizza there is first rate.
director and one of its founders. the Piazza & Liberties Walk on May 2, Bruce Yelk, who heads the gay divi- for more information). And speaking of food, a couple
The International Equality Dinner, which is a seven-hour street festival slat- sion of Greater Philadelphia Tourism Philly Gay Pride is June 13. QFest, new gay restaurants are also worth
the event’s central event which is slated ed for Philly’s newly revived Northern Marketing Corporation, the city’s mar- Philly’s gay film festival, is July 8 to 19. checking out, Yelk says. Look for
for May 1 at Philadelphia’s National Liberties area, an old brewery that’s keting arm for leisure tourism, works And if you haven’t been to the City Sampan ( at 124
Constitution Center, will feature an been dubbed “the Piazza.” with the Forum to help promote its of Brotherly Love in a few years, some South 13th St.; Chifa (chifarestau-
especially heady list of honorees this No registration is required. Except events and coalesce its offerings with aspects of nightlife have changed. Tabu, the latest from superstar
year. David Boies and Ted Olson, the for the dinner, where tickets run other aspects of gay Philadelphia which, Lounge & Sports Bar, which opened chef Jose Garces at 707 Chestnut St.;
straight attorneys working to have $200, most events cost between $5 Yelk says, has become one of the East this month at 200 South 12th St., is the and nearby Knock Restaurant and Bar
California’s Prop 8 overturned, will and $10. Panel discussions are free. Coast’s most gay-friendly cities. newest space. Several others, includ- ( at 225 South 12th
receive a role model award. CNN’s Tony Hotel Palomar Philadelphia is the “We have a very strong community,” ing Voyeur Nightclub at 1221 St. James St., which Yelk says is the best place to
Maddox will pick up a business leader- official Forum hotel. Yelk says. “I don’t know if anybody has a St. (formerly Pure), Q Lounge and go for Friday night happy hour.


a cleaning service, inc.

Twice voted Maryland’s Best Gay Bar

a clean house
(Baltimore Outland News, Maryland R-Group)
Top Ten List Area’s Best Burgers
(WTOP Listeners Poll)
a clean mind
• Happy Hour All Night
• Games on the Big Screen

• Trivia and 50 Cents Off Bottles and Drafts
• Games on the Big Screen

• Happy Hour All Night

• Free Pool, 50 Cents Off Bottles and Drafts

• Karaoke in the Show Lounge satisfaction guaranteed
We Offer • Alternating Weeks, 1st and 3rd DJ,
a Full Menu 2nd and 4th Drag Show services provided in DC, VA and MD
commercial and residential
Saturdays licensed, bonded, insured
A short drive from DC, Baltimore and Annapolis. • Karaoke
Come see what you’ve been missing! • Drag Bingo 3rd Sat. of Every Month free estimates


9855 Washington Blvd. N • Laurel, MD 20723
301-498-4840 •
april 2, 2010 • 27

2 0 3 3 M S T R E E T, N W | 2 0 2 5 3 0 3 6 2 1
W W W. M S T R E E T B A R A N D G R I L L . C O M

Easter Jazz Brunch - Sunday, April 4th

Enjoy your traditional favorites – A-La-Carte
Celebration - Live Entertainment – Yvonne Johnson
Three Courses: Appetizer, Entrée, Dessert
Champagne, Mimosas or Bellini
$32.95 Adults $14.95 Children’s Menu/13 years or under
Served 11:00AM-4:00PM Reservations Recommended

Saturdays – DC Date Night

Two Dine For $49.00
Any Entrée, With Choice of Appetizer Or Dessert

Chefs Nightly Dining Special

Created Nightly — A Three Course Dinner Menu
$21.95 – (Mon – Fri)

Chefs Daily $9.50 Lunch Entrée Specials (Mon – Fri)

Happy Hour Countdown- $5, $4, $3, $2, $1

Drinks and Food Mon- Fri - 4:00-7:00PM

½ Price Burger Mondays

Come see what all the fuss is about… Every Monday for Lunch

Sunday Jazz Champagne Brunch

“Top Ten Best Brunch in Washington” - Subscribers
Three Courses - Champagne Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s
Live Entertainment Featuring - Yvonne Johnson
Served 11:00 AM To 3:00 PM - Reservations Recommended
$29.95 per person

“Available for Private Parties”
Book On Line
or Thru
28 • april 2, 2010

deborah cox anxious to reconnect with gay fans
Singer, actress to cherry weekend
perform at Town event schedule
next weekend Cherry Weekend, the annual
charitable lineup of gay parties and
By TYRONE FORD other events, arrives next week and
Special to DC Agenda runs April 8-11. For full details and to
purchase tickets, visit
Many young, up-and-coming musi- Events benefit HIV/AIDS youth
cal sensations get their start thanks to service organizations. Full coverage
overzealous parents forcing them into in next week’s DC Agenda.
the industry. Not so for chart-topping
singer and actress Deborah Cox. Her A PARTIAL SCHEDULE
interest in the business came from a OF EVENTS:
genuine love of music.
Cox was born in Scarborough, APRIL 8: Opening party with DJ
Toronto, and she was singing in TV Jason Royce at Mova, 1435 P St., N.W.,
commercials at age 12 and performing 10 p.m.-2 a.m. Admission is free, 21+
in talent shows. In her teens, Cox
began performing in nightclubs and APRIL 9: Dark Cherry emceed
was writing her own music. For a short by Tim Woody at EFN Lounge, 1318
period of time in the early 1990s, Cox Ninth St., N.W., 5:30-9:30 p.m. 21+
continued her musical career as a
backup vocalist for Celine Dion. In APRIL 9: Friday Night Party w/ DJ
1994, she realized that to advance her Alyson Calagna and opening DJ
career, she would need to move to Los Jason Horswill at Apex, 1415 22nd St.,
Angeles with her producer/songwriting N.W., 10 p.m.-4 a.m. Cover is $11; 18+
partner, Lascelles Stephens.
The legendary Clive Davis signed APRIL 10: Moody Mia
her to Arista Records in 1995 and she (Moody’s Birthday Party) with Joe
released her self-titled debut album that Gauthreaux at Town, 2009 Eighth
year. It wasn’t until 1998 that the release St., N.W., 2-7 p.m. 21+
of her album “One Wish” brought Cox
huge pop success with the release of APRIL 10: Town Presents
the album’s first single “Nobody’s Deborah Cox with DJ Ed Bailey at
Supposed to Be Here.” The song spent Town, 2009 Eighth St., N.W., 9
14 weeks at #1 on the Hot R&B charts p.m.-4 a.m. Cover is $25, 21+
in the U.S., as well as eight consecutive
weeks at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. APRIL 11: Sunday Morning Party
The album went platinum, becoming with DJ Susan Morabito at Cobalt,
Cox’s biggest-selling album to date. 1639 R St., N.W., 4:30-9:30 a.m.
Deborah Cox has enjoyed a Cover is $15, 21+
career that has produced multiple
chart-topping hits and a Broadway APRIL 11: Sunday Closing Party
debut in the Elton John-Tim Rice with DJ Abel and opening DJ tim e at
musical “AIDA” in 2004. In addition, Town, 2009 8th St., N.W., 8:30-1:30
she has shown her commitment to a.m. Cover is $20, 21+
her gay fans as part of Cyndi
Lauper’s “True Colors Tour” in 2008
and she performed at last year’s
Delaware Pride celebration in DC Agenda: You made your
Rehoboth. Cox will appear at Town Broadway debut in the Elton John-
Danceboutique, 2009 Eighth St., Photo courtesy of Deco Entertainment
Tim Rice musical “AIDA.” What was
N.W., for the Cherry Fund sanctioned that experience like?
event "Town Presents Deborah Cox R&B sensation DEBORAH COX will perform at Town next weekend as part of Cherry Weekend. Cox: I’ve been a fan of Elton John’s
w/ DJ Ed Bailey" on April 10. The music for a long time; I love his songs,
event starts at 9 p.m. with an influenced by gospel music and artists attraction. Throughout my career, so you are/Beautiful U R.” Why do you the lyrics and music. Elton has had a
entrance fee of $25. The event is like Yolanda Adams, Aretha Franklin many things have happened to me think the song proved so popular? very colorful career, and I think his
people age 21 and older. and Whitney Houston. Those were the based on what I’ve focused on, what Cox: I think “Beautiful U R” was music is very diverse. I’ve always clung
The DC Agenda talked to Cox ones who really stood out in my mind; I believe in, so teaming up with Clive one of those songs that really res- to artists who have an amazing time
about her career and her musical they really provided inspiration. Davis on the first go around made onated with the core of women. It being very diverse, and Elton definitely
influences. perfect sense. My mentor growing up came from the perspective that I’ve is. Playing the role of Aida was defi-
DC Agenda: What was your impres- was Whitney Houston and I believed felt for a long time that during hard nitely the opportunity of a lifetime
DC Agenda: You started your sion of Los Angeles having moved from so much in her talent, her gift and her times you sometimes need to lean on because the songs are just so moving
career at age 12. What was the pres- Canada to pursue your career? voice; Clive must have heard some- yourself, and try and find a way and I felt a lot of passion singing them.
sure like starting at such a young age? Cox: My initial impression of Los thing similar in me as he did with through any negativity going on and
Deborah Cox: I don’t remember Angeles was that everybody was Whitney. Clive is a consummate song really love yourself no matter what. DC Agenda: You will be appear-
there being much pressure. When I really nice. It wasn’t a genuine nice man; he lives for the music, and is You can’t wait for validation from the ing in D.C. at Town Danceboutique.
started, I was having a lot of fun, work- though, it was the kind of nice that totally driven by the people and world, and that is hard sometimes for What should your fans expect?
ing with a lot of great people. I always you could tell there was a motive vocalists that he loves. I feel so fortu- women because we are expected to Cox: It’s definitely going to be high
found the business part to be the most behind it. Friendly with a motive you nate to have had the opportunity to do and be so much for so many peo- energy. I haven’t been to D.C. in a
challenging; like when it came time to could say. Fortunately, I was able to learn a lot of this business from him. ple that at times we forget about our- while so it’s going to be really exciting
find people to represent me, it was sift through everyone and find the selves. I also believe “Beautiful U R” to see all my fans and reconnect with
about finding people to trust, who had real genuine people. Now that I’m DC Agenda: “Beautiful U R” branched off beyond women and all of them. I really do love my fans so
the same vision. Fortunately, I found away from L.A., I have so many peaked at #3 on the Canadian Hot AC spoke to everybody. Anyone can find it is so exciting to get to connect one
those people at an early age and I was friends I miss back there, and some Chart in January 2009 and hit #1 on a song that they can totally relate to. on one. I get such an adrenaline rush
able to move forward. great memories of the city. the U.S. dance chart, becoming your from performing in front of an audi-
10th song to do so. It included lyrics DC Agenda: What projects are ence, so I can’t wait to be back in D.C.
DC Agenda: You began writing DC Agenda: What was your such as, “It takes time/Don’t have all you working on now?
music as a teenager. What was your impression of the legendary Clive the answers/No matter how hard it Cox: I’m currently working on my Deborah Cox lives in Miami. She is
source of inspiration? Davis and how were you treated by gets/Hold on to what’s inside” and new album and I’m also preparing to married to her manager, Lascelles
Cox: I have always listened to a lot Arista Records? “Don’t never let nobody tear your world be on Broadway in the role of Stephens. They have three children,
of different artists. I have been greatly Cox: To me it was like the law of apart/Look in the mirror and see who Josephine Baker in “JOSEPHINE.” Isaiah, Sumayah and Kaila Michelle.
april 2, 2010 • 29


(Owners Welcome Too.)
Drink Specials & FREE Giveaways

Larry’s Lounge
2009 Most Pet Friendly Establishment in DC
Corner of 18th & T St, NW
Every Wednesday 4-8pm

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30 • april 2, 2010

sexuality and the human heart
so he thought) end of days.
Will the real Paul We must understand Paul of course
please stand up? as a man of his era, when polygamy as
often as monogamy was in practice.
By DAVID J. HOFFMAN We must also realize that he lived in a
Special to DC Agenda tradition of Jewish purity codes — of
kosher food and kosher sex. But as
On Good Friday and Easter 2010, Wills said in 2006 at a Politics and
oh what a liberal target is Saint Paul, Prose bookstore stop on his book tour:
said by right-wing scourges to be the “There’s only one reference to homo-
Christian pillar of their self-righteous sexuality in Paul and I wouldn’t call it a
homophobia. condemnation of homosexuality.
Saint Paul was thought by many to “It’s in the form of a diatribe, back and
be a voice of fiercely misogynist views forth, and he does argue against it,” Wills
of the inferiority of women in their concedes, because unlike the Greeks
roles in marriage and in the church. and Persians and Arabs and Turks, the
Saint Paul, whose conventional por- Jews did consider it “unclean.” Because,
trait is of a man deeply hostile to anything Wills explained, “you were fixing things
of the flesh, whether opposite or same improperly — one a man, the other a
sex in coupling, elevated celibacy alone man, in the form of a woman.”
to be the ideal state preferred by God. But Paul knew that Jesus himself said
But suppose this Paul is essentially nothing external makes you “unclean,”
a fiction of those who came after him that as Wills pointed out, “it’s what comes
— later church fathers in particular who out of your heart — and Jesus tran-
unscrupulously added in their own scended that division of mankind into the
contemporary interpolations editorially ‘clean’ and the ‘unclean.’ There could be
amending his letters written to early nothing more distant from the gospel of
Christian believers. To these “primitive Jesus.” Echoing Jesus, Paul wrote in
Christians” living before there were Romans 14:14, “I know, relying on Lord
churches or priests or bishops or even Jesus, that nothing is unclean of itself.
any of the New Testament writings, Only if a man supposes it unclean does
themselves, their only source of insight it become unclean for him.”
into their Messiah was an oral tradition Photo by stock.xchng/rforkel For Jesus himself said of the inher-
coupled with occasional letters dis- ited Jewish purity code (Matthew 15:
patched by missionaries such as Paul anti-sexual Pauline mask cast across — who never thought of himself as with all the early Christian Diaspora 10-11) “Understand what you hear from
and other Apostles to far-flung commu- the face of the Jesus message. other than a Jew and certainly never “gatherings. What, therefore, does Paul me: what a man takes into his mouth
nities in the Diaspora, across Rome, That hauntingly simple message is considered himself a “convert” out of mean in the First Letter to Timothy does not make him unclean.” Purity,
Greece and Asia Minor. really a call to love, not hate or divide. It Judaism — we have the original record- when he bluntly tells women to shut Jesus said, is a matter of the heart and
These letters are consequential, for is to love God and to treat our neighbors ed account of the man he called Jesus- up? “A woman must be an entirely sub- intention, not of ritual observances.
they form together with the so-called as ourselves — the new law brought to Messiah. And he was surely a zealot, missive learner,” he writes. “I forbid a Soon the controversy over what
Gospels — of Matthew, Mark and Luke, Earth to amend but not of course entire- termed by Garry Wills in his 2006 book woman to ... take the lead over her hus- Paul really said may be put at least
with John being suspect now and ly erase the old law of Jewish customs “What Paul Meant” an “embattled mes- band — she should also hold her partly to rest, for this fall leading
Thomas more and more seen as and commandments handed down as senger” and a “voluble street fighter, a peace.” But as Wills and others quickly scholars of the Jesus Seminar will be
canonical — the bedrock foundation of part of the chosen covenant with God. man busy on many fronts often harried, point out, Paul almost certainly did not bringing out their translation of seven
Christian doctrine. We know them of Yet of Paul there persists this view of sometimes exasperated.” write this epistle — someone else did of Paul’s epistles, the ones authenti-
course as the Epistles of Paul — to the him as the betrayer of Jesus, with a bet- Another writer called Paul “a feral later, adopting his name as author. cated to be by Paul and not someone
Romans, the Galatians, the Philippians, ter right to that title than Judas Iscariot, creature” — something like “the theo- But in a letter Paul almost certainly writing under his name. Two of the
the Thessalonians, Corinthians. who handed him over to his enemies on logical Scarlet Pimpernel” — in Wills’ wrote, First Corinthians, he also declares translators, Arthur J. Dewy, professor
From the standard translations of Gethsemene. Thomas Jefferson, for colorful comparison, appearing here that in religious gatherings “women must of theology at Xavier University, and
Paul we get a hectoring voice, often example, famously called Paul “the first and then there, “sometimes leaving be silent (and)... submissive,” though this Roy W. Hoover, professor emeritus of
written at the level of a rant or a dia- corruptor of the doctrines of Jesus and footprints the size of craters, at other language is also thought to be a later biblical literature and religion at
tribe, hurling thunderbolts at wayward George Bernard Shaw declared in 1928 times, no marks at all, save a half- interpolation, added by other parties. Whitman College, spoke recently at
Christians, urging them to mend their that, “it would have been better for the sentence in a later letter as the only Says Wills: “The pseudo-Paul has intrud- a Jesus Seminar on the Road pres-
ways, haggling sometimes over fine world if Paul had never been born.” mark of his coming and going.” ed upon real Paul.” It’s true, however, that entation on Paul held at St. Mark’s
points of the Mosaic purity codes, of Paul of course never met Jesus, but In all Paul’s peripatetic comings and the real Paul was essentially opposed to Episcopal Church on Capitol Hill.
food cleanliness as well as marital his writings are the very first written goings, several principles are constant, marriage although he was a pragmatist “Will the real Paul please stand
practices. From this stereotype of Paul record of what Jesus said and did, and and contrary to the stereotype of him and also conceded that it was “better to up,” was their message. This autumn
— arguably a version of Paul in fact in fact precede by several decades the he did not view women as unequal of marry than to burn.” In fact, Paul assert- with their new translation, in the
very foreign from the original figure, actual books of the “Gospel” or good men. According to Wills: “Paul believed ed that the ideal Christian state of sexu- works since 1996, we may finally get
the “real” Paul if we could but know news but perhaps best translated from in women’s basic equality with men,” a ality was to ignore it in favor of evangel- to see him and his message of radi-
him — comes the dark shadow of the the Greek as “revelation.” So with Paul view of such gender equality consistent ism and waiting for the swift approach (or cal equality and love.

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april 2, 2010 • 31

Asbury United
Methodist Church
Friday April 2, 2010 Good Friday
Weslyn Choir & Higher Praise
Gospel Chorale
Seven Last Words 12 noon - 3:00 PM Pastor
Sunday April 4, 2010
Easter Sunday
6:00 AM Sunrise Service
8:30 AM Worship Service -
Weslyn Choir
10:30 AM Worship Service -
Higher Praise Gospel Chorale

926 11th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Rev. Dr. Louis Shockley, Senior Pastor
Regular Sunday Morning Services
Metropolitan Community
8:30 AM and 10:30 AM Church of Rehoboth


Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
“REHOBOTH” – Room for Us, Room for ALL !
(Genesis 26:22)

MCC Rehoboth is seeking a permanent pastor for

a small but enthusiastic congregation which is poised to
grow. We are located on the shore of Coastal Delaware,
and our ministry is open and inclusive for ALL who wish
to join us on our journey.
We seek a people-loving, outgoing pastor who is
dynamic in nature, visionary in thinking, and proficient
in attracting, maintaining, and supporting congregational
Our pastor would demonstrate joy and affirmation
of everyone as a child of God, welcome in our growing
fellowship and sharing our common lives.
MCC Rehoboth offers this position half-time to start,
increasing to three-quarters and then full time as quickly
as our growth in membership and finances allow.

Please submit letter of interest and CV or resume to:

Metropolitan Community Church of Rehoboth
Pastoral Search Committee
PO Box 191
Rehoboth Beach DE 19971
32 • april 2, 2010

a fascination
with abomination
Molotov’s ‘Mondo ‘Mondo Andronicus’
Andronicus’ re-imagines Through April 3 at 8 p.m.
Tickets at the door
a Shakespeare classic The Theatre at 1409 Playbill Cafe
1409 14th St., N.W.

By DAVID J. HOFFMAN tale of murder and revenge set in

Special to DC Agenda ancient Rome. It has only two more
nights to run — 8 p.m. Friday and
Tongues cut out, hands chopped Saturday at the intimate backroom
off, a sliced off phallus held as if in rigor stage at the 1409 Playbill Cafe on 14th
mortis, do we have your attention now? Street, N.W. It’s so intimate that if you
And the literal disembowelment of sit too close to the stage, you may fear
one character, Lavinia, after being raped for your own limbs.
by the invading Goth barbarians — all Without a doubt if your idea of fun
this in grisly, stomach-churning homage is a snuff film or the wretched excess Photo courtesy of Molotov Theatre Group
to Shakespeare’s early revenge-tragedy of the “Hostel” film series of S&M tor-
“Titus Andronicus.” ture scenes of the young and the sex- This is the last weekend to catch the gory ‘MONDO ANDRONICUS’ at 1409 Playbill Café.
In other words, welcome to “Mondo ually desirable, then this one’s for you.
Andronicus,” from the gore-fest world But it may also be for you if you “Notoriously Shakespeare fills his to confront, in Obama-era America. confront the audience with the violence
of “Grand-Guignol,” the French simply can savor the comedy-gore action with bizarre, numbing atrocities Consider Afghanistan and the sanitized and force them to think about the horri-
Theatre of Horror, and the peculiarly subtleties of blood and guts, which ... and paints a malignant, nightmarish havoc of innocent women and children ble things happening in the world. It re-
morbid yet theatrically alive spawn of after all merely brings to the actual ‘wilderness of tigers,’ a Rome featur- killed by U.S. drone-fired missiles. sensitizes people to violence.”
the Molotov Theatre Group, a troupe stage the nuanced viscera of every ing sizzling entrails, rape, dismember- “Our culture is so immersed in But says Molotov co-founder Alex
of horror-theatre aficionados based in single act of torment and mutilation ment, slit throats, cooked heads in a violence,” says D.C. newcomer and Zavistovich, “goremeister” to the
D.C. and founded in 2007 to pay trib- that Shakespeare relegated to the off- pie, a cannibal feast,” wrote the gay actor and Molotov troupe mem- troupe, who plays Titus: “You can’t
ute to this drama for those with a taste stage back story. For the Bard, the English biographer of Shakespeare, ber Cyle Durkee, who plays coward- have a light without a dark to stick it
for what the poet Coleridge called “the main event was how the Roman gen- Park Honan, who was fascinated by ly Saturninus and savage Demetrius. in, and we provide the dark; it’s real-
fascination of the abomination.” eral, the eponymous Titus Andronicus, the playwright’s Tudor view of the bes- “We’ve become desensitized to it.” ly not a whole lot more than that.”
“Mondo,” for short, Molotov’s latest simply endures pain and suffering such tiality of ancient Rome. “Grand-Guignol is so intense, it See “Mondo” and decide for your-
cocktail of horror and body-part splat- that Job would have seen his own tor- So how different are we today? breaks the fourth wall,” adds Durkee. self: What does the dark have to
ter, retells the original Shakespeare ments as merely a day at the beach. That’s the question “Mondo” forces us “This is not a comfortable thing — you teach us about the light?

1 7 T H & R H O D E I S L A N D AV E . , N W
202 872 1126 W W W. B B G W D C . C O M


APRIL 4, 2010








april 2, 2010 • 33
34 • april 2, 2010

dcagenda lgbt nightlife guide
washington, dc The popular Levi/leather bar’s origins date
to the 1960s. Features billiards, regular
1836 18th St., NW
30 DEGREES tournaments and other special events. Washington, DC 20009
1639 R St., NW Located near the convention center, two 202-483-1483
Washington, DC 20009 blocks north of Gallery Place Metro. Dupont Circle area bar and restaurant
202-462-6569 popular with both men and women. DELTA ELITE
In Dupont Circle area; popular with men 3734 10th St. NE MIXTAPE
but check schedule for other events. Washington, DC 20017 Different locations
1409 14th St., NW Longtime bar popular with African- Alternative dance party for queer men and
Washington, DC 20005 American men in Brookland women featuring electro, alt-pop, indie
202-265-3055 neighborhood; hosts regular ladies night. rock, house, disco and New Wave. Check
Logan Circle area restaurant and bar Check web site for special events. web site for 2010 schedule of events.
(Dupont Circle Metro) popular with the
theater crowd and featuring open-mike DIK BAR MOVA
nights, karaoke and other special events. 1637 17th St., NW 1435 P St., NW
Washington, DC 20009 Washington, DC 20005
ACADEMY OF 202-328-0100 202-797-9730
WASHINGTON In Dupont Circle area, above Trendy Logan Circle bar and lounge
Longtime organizers of drag events in the Dupont Italian Kitchen. popular with men features regular happy
city; most events held at Ziegfeld’s. See hour and other specials. Formerly known
web site for full list of upcoming events.

2004 18th St., NW
Washington, DC 20009
as Halo, MOVA re-launched in early
2010 as a environmentally friendly bar
with an emphasis on community service.
Green Lantern
DC Agenda photo by Michael Key
1609 17th St., NW 202-265-9599
Washington, DC 20009 NELLIE’S SPORTS BAR
202-232-0395 Popular restaurant and bar in the 900 U St., NW
In Dupont Circle area; popular longtime Adams Morgan area; happy hour Washington, DC 20001
restaurant and steakhouse with recently
renovated Upstairs Lounge.
specials and many other special events.
See web site for updated schedule.
baltimore LEON’S/
Sports bar featuring poker events, drag 1722 870 Park Ave.
APEX EFN LOUNGE/MOTLEY BAR bingo, trivia contests and other specials. 1722 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21201
1415 22nd St., NW 1318 9th St., NW Popular bar with massive outdoor deck Baltimore, MD 21201 410-539-4993
Washington, DC 20037 Washington, DC 20001 and plenty of TVs for watching sports. Multi-level after-hours dance club attracts
202-296-0505 202-341-8281 • 202-642-4537 a mixed crowd but remains gay-friendly. In business for more than 50 years, • OMEGA Leon’s is the oldest gay bar in
In Dupont Circle area; popular with men, but 2122 P St., NW BALTIMORE EAGLE Baltimore and among the oldest in
check schedule regularly for other events. Funky, edgy neighborhood lounge in Washington, DC 20036 2002 N. Charles St. the country. Friendly bar with jukebox
Logan Circle with special events galore. 202-223-4917 Baltimore, MD 21218 gets especially busy on Sunday nights.
BACHELOR’S MILL Popular with men and women; features 410-82-EAGLE Tyson Place is a restaurant bar
1104 8th St., SE dancing, videos. Check web site for Dupont Circle area bar and club popular Longtime Levi/leather bar not far located behind Leon’s with a
Washington, DC 20003 event schedule. with men featuring dancing, drag and from Mount Vernon offers friendly bar, separate entrance.
202-544-1931 other special events. billiards, outdoor patio, videos and a
Longtime bar popular with African- FAB LOUNGE full store for your leather needs. PORT IN A STORM
American men in Capitol Hill area. 1805 Connecticut Ave., NW PHASE 1 Mostly men, but welcoming to women. 4330 E. Lombard St.
Washington, DC 20009 525 8th St., SE Baltimore, MD 21224
BANANA CAFÉ 202-797-1122 Washington, DC 20003 CLUB PHOENIX 410-534-0014
500 8th St., SE 1 W. Biddle St. Friendly neighborhood lesbian bar gets
Washington, DC 20003 In Dupont Circle area; popular with men Baltimore, MD 21201 especially popular when the Ravens
202-543-5906 but hosts regular women’s events. The Phase opened in 1970 and remains 410-837-3906 play. Features billiards, music and more. a popular lesbian bar and club. Features Mount Vernon-area downstairs bar
Popular Capitol Hill area restaurant and FIREPLACE regular special events, including Jell-O attracts men and women; friendly service. QUEST
bar (Eastern Market Metro) for both men 2161 P St., NW wrestling, 80s theme nights and more. 3607 Fleet St.
and women. Features Cuban, Mexican Washington, DC 20037 Check web site for details. DRINKERY Baltimore, MD 21224
and Puerto Rican cuisine. 202-293-1293 205 W. Read St. 410-563-2617
In Dupont Circle area; neighborhood bar REMINGTONS Baltimore, MD 21201 Neighborhood bar in Highlandtown
BLOWOFF popular with men. 639 Pennsylvania Ave., SE 410-225-3100 area is popular with men and women
815 V St., NW Washington, DC 20003 Another of Baltimore’s friendly neighbor- and offers billiards.
Washington, DC 20001 GREEN LANTERN 202-543-3113 hood bars in Mount Vernon featuring 1335 Green Court, NW billiards, jukebox and welcoming service. SAPPHOS
Created by musicians Bob Mould and Washington, DC 20005 1001 N. Charles St.
Richard Morel, Blowoff is an occasional Popular country/Western nightclub in Capitol GALLERY Baltimore, MD 21201
dance event popular with men. Events are Hill neighborhood with more than 6,000 1735 Maryland Ave. 410-752-7133
held in clubs around the country; D.C.’s Friendly bar for men hosts regular happy square feet of space for dancing and billiards. Baltimore, MD 21201
Blowoff parties are held at the 9:30 club hours and special events, including One half block west of Eastern Market Metro. 410-539-6965 Part of the Grand Central complex,
in the popular U Street corridor. karaoke and shirtless drink special Longtime bar and restaurant popular Sappho’s attracts a lesbian crowd
nights. Check web site for details. TOWN DANCEBOUTIQUE with African-American clientele. and offers comfy couches, outdoor
B.O.I. PRODUCTIONS McPherson Square Metro. 2009 8th St., NW patio and more in its second Washington, DC 20001 GRAND CENTRAL floor location.
Organizes regular women’s events around JACK’S 202-234-TOWN 1001 N. Charles St.
town. Check web site for updated information. 1527 17th St., NW Baltimore, MD 21201
Washington, DC 20036 Dance club and bar popular with men 410-752-7133
1639 R St., NW