The Malibu Parks & Recreation
Presents a AND

Hunter/Equitation Benefit Show
Sunday, July 18th, 2010 9:00 AM Sharp At MALIBU EQUESTRIAN PARK 6225 Merritt Dr. Malibu, CA 2 blocks from Zuma Beach
Show Manager: Emma & Anne Blackwood (310)456-8131 or (310)980-0440 or Judge: Bennett Kurtze

\ 2010 Show Dates Sunday March 14th Sunday July 18th Sunday November 21st

Schedule of Classes 8:00-9:00 A. Ticketed Warm-up 2’ Open

Division A



1. Walk/Trot Hunters Over Poles 2. Walk/Trot Equitation Over Poles 3. Walk/Trot Equitation On the Flat 4. Walk/Trot Hunter Under Saddle Division B Cross rail Open 1’6”-2’ 1’6”-2’

6. Cross Rail Working Hunters 7. Cross Rail Equitation Over Fences 8. Cross Rail Equitation On the Flat 9. Cross Rail Hunters Under Saddle

10. Leadline (will start at approximately 12:00)


Division C
11. Short 12. Short

Short Stirrup 2’-2’3”

12 & Under

Stirrup Working Hunters Stirrup Equitation Over Fences


13. 14.

Short Stirrup Equitation On the Flat Short Stirrup Hunters Under Saddle

Division D

Long/Rusty Stirrup Stirrup Working Hunters Stirrup Equitation Over Fences

13 & Over 2’-2’3” 2’-2’3”

15. Long/Rusty 16. Long/Rusty

17. 18.

Long/Rusty Stirrup Equitation On the Flat Long/Rusty Stirrup Hunters Under Saddle 2’-2’3” Open

19.2’-2’3” TRR Medal Class

B. Ticketed Warm-up Division E 20. 21. 22. 23. Open


Open Open

Open Working Hunter Open Equitation Over Fences Open Equitation On the Flat Open Hunter Under Saddle

2’6”-2’9” 2’6”-2’9”

24.2’6”-2’9” TRR Medal Class



ENTRY FEES $20.00 Per Class-Members $25.00 Per Class-Non-Members $25.00 Per Class-Medal Classes $10.00 Arena Fee $5.00 Drug Fee $5.00 Award Fee

$10.00 Per Class A/B $70.00 Division Discount

$15.00 Non-Member Fee $10.00 Leadline

$25.00 Single Membership

$40.00 Family Membership

Single Membership must be 18 years of age or older

Show Rules & Regulations 1. EACH RIDER & HORSE COMBINATIONS NEEDS A SEPARATE NUMBER 2. Open classes are open to Amateurs & Trainers 3. All riders must wear boots & regulations Helmets when riding in the show or warm-up arenas. Absolutely no exceptions. All riders under 18 must wear regulation helmets and riding boots when mounted on the show grounds. 4. If you need to cancel a class, it must be done before that class starts, and it must be done with the show secretary. NO refunds unless class is canceled. 5. All decisions from judge are final. 6. USEF rules govern, but TR&R rules prevail. 7. TR&R reserves the right to cancel or combine a class with 3 entries or less. 8. ALL DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH. 9. NO STALLIONS ALLOWED. 10. Warm-up class is a ticketed class and riders must purchase the tickets for as many rounds as they would like to ride. (entry number is not required)

11. End of day champion and reserve champion will be given out to each division and overall unless otherwise noted. To be eligible for year-end awards you must be a member of TR&R at the time of entry. May join at sign-up. 12. All riders must sign a release form on entry before they get a number. All riders under 18 may not enter a class without the release form signed by a parent or guardian. 13. Please do not disturb show personnel in show booth.

*Walk/Trot is open to riders who have never shown at the canter. Riders may not enter any other Division. *Riders in Cross Rail Division may cross enter only into the Short Stirrup or Long/Rusty Stirrup Division. *Riders in the Open Division may only cross enter into the Short Stirrup or Long/Rusty Stirrup Division. *Leadline is open to riders who have never shown at the trot or canter. *Cross Rail classes are open to riders who have never shown over 2’3”. *Short Stirrup and Long/Rusty Stirrup are open to riders who have never shown over 2’9”. *Trainers or professionals may only school in divisions A-D but may show in division E