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Seventh Semester
(B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering)
EC 2404 Electronics System Design Lab
Time:3 Hours

Maximum Marks:100

1. Design a high gain amplifier circuit with Bridge type transducer and Plot the
variation of the temperature Vs output current.

2. Write and Simulate a program to generate maximum length sequence codes

using shift register and XOR gate.

3. Draw the schematic of Astable multivibrator,monostable multivibrator and

bistable multivibrator circuit and design its PCB layout.

4. Design a phase controlled voltage regulator using full wave rectifier and SCR,
plot the output voltage characteristics for various conduction angle.

5. Design a sequential timer to switch on & off for minimum of 3 relays in a

particular Sequence using timer IC.

6.Write a program to perform echo cancellation and execute it using TMS/ADSP

kit .

7. Design AM circuit using multiplier IC and demodulate the same using envelope

8.Draw the schematic of HWR,FWR circuit using Orcad pspice and design the
PCB layout.

9.Construct the circuit for frequency modulation using IC 566 and Demodulate the
same using 565.

10.Design a FSK modulator using 555/XR 2206 and convert it to sinusoidal

waveform using Filter and transmit the same using IR LED and demodulate the
same PLL NE 565/XR 2212.

11.Design the system with high frequency carrier signal in which the information
signal is impressed on the amplitude of the carrier signal .

12.Design and construct wireless data modem using FSK modulator/demodulator.

13.Write a program to interface a stepper motor with 8051 microcontroller and

execute the same to rotate the motor in clock wise and anti clockwise direction.

14.Using IC555 ,design a process control timer with relays and calculate the ON
time of the timer .

15. Design a Instrumentation amplifier with the bridge type transducer

convert the amplified voltage from the instrumentation amplifier to 4 20 mA
current using op-amp.

16.Write a program in Verilog and simulate with Xilinx software to implement a

Pseudo random Binary Sequence generator.

17. Write a program in Verilog to simulate and implement an ALU using Xilinx.

18.Design and construct AC voltage regulators using Silicon controlled rectifier

and vary the conduction angle and plot the output voltage.

19.Design a modulation and demodulation systems in which the information signal

varies with the frequency of the carrier signal .

20. Design a microcontroller based system for home security Systems.

21. Write a program in verilog to simulate and implement an unit which is used to
perform arithmetic and logical operation .

Mark Allocation:


Design & Circuit Diagram/Program


Procedure, Model Graph,Tabulation

&Output verification


Graph & Result