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Botswana is a country in Africa. It used to be a place called Bechuanaland and a British protectorate. The country changed it's name to Botswana in 1966 when it became independent. Many people in Botswana make money from mining for diamonds. A lot of people have become sick with something called HIV or AIDS and many have died. Map of Botswana 2007 ©


Surface Area: Botswana is 600,370 square km in size. Population: There are about 1,600,000 people living in Botswana. Located in: Botswana is located in Southern Africa. Capital City: The capital city of Botswana is Gaborone. Prime Minister: The Prime Minister of Botswana is Festus Mogae. Independent since: Botswana has been independent of Britain since 30 September 1966. Currency: The currency of Botswana is the Pula. Flag (image):

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Districts and sub-districts

Botswana is divided into nine districts: 1. Central 2. Ghanzi 3. Kgalagadi 4. Kgatleng 5. Kweneng 6. North-East 7. North-West 8. South-East 9. Southern

These districts are subdivided into a total twenty-eight subdistricts. Main population centres (in descending order) Cities
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Gaborone Francistown

Towns and villages
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How many?
Look at the sentence below and create as many words as you can using the letters in the sentence. Many people in Botswana make money from mining for diamonds. 2007 ©

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Teaching Notes & Lesson Plans
Where is it? How big is it? How long are the boundaries? What is the climate like? What is the land like? What natural resources are there? How is the land used? What dangerous things are there? Describe the people. What languages are spoken? What wildlife is there? What is the national flower or plant? What is the national animal? Are there endangered animals? Name the biggest city. What is the capital city? Can you label the towns on the blank map? Where does the seat of government sit? Famous people from this country. Are there well known tourist attractions? Are there any World Heritage Sites? What arts and crafts are unique to this country? Create your own African craft. Are there any famous African myths, legends or fables that originate from this country? Write your own short African story. 2007 ©

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