Renée Montagne

Shared Sponsorship @ $1,000
Sponsorship Opportunity: Boise State Radio is seeking three sponsors to invest $1,000 for our presentation of Morning Edition host Renée Montagne on April 29, 2010 as a benefit for the Boise State Radio Program Fund. About Renée Montagne: Renée Montagne has co-hosted NPR's Morning Edition since 2004, broadcasting from NPR West, with co-host Steve Inskeep in NPR's Washington, D.C. headquarters. Morning Edition airs on KBSX 91.5 FM, from 4am to 9am, Monday-Friday. Over the years, she has done thousands of interviews, ranging from Kurt Vonnegut on how he transformed surviving the WWII firebombing of Dresden into the novel Slaughterhouse Five; National Guardsmen on how they handle the holidays in Iraq; a Hollywood historian on how the famous hillside sign came to be; and Toni Morrison on the dreams and memories she turned into novels. Sponsor will be included in all events on April 29:    Private reception preceding her talk at the Cottonwood Grille; Q&A at The Egyptian Theatre; and Ticketed reception at Flatbread Community Oven in downtown Boise following the Q&A.

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SOURCE: MRI Doublebase 2008 Base: Total US Adults Prepared by NPR Audience and Corporate Research

A $1,000 investment provides Sponsor benefits:  Minimum 100 on-air promo tags on 3 stations promoting the events, valued at $500.  20 on-air messages (10 before the events and 10 afterwards, valued at $900. These messages may be dedicated to the nonprofit of Sponsor’s choice.  2 tickets to invitation-only pre-event reception, priceless.  2 tickets to reception afterwards, valued at $40.  6 floor tickets to main event at The Egyptian, valued at $120.  Logo on tickets & posters, valued at $300.  140X140 web ad on website homepage in April, valued at $42.  140X140 web ad in April e-newsletter sent to 6,500 BSR members, valued at $48. Sponsor Investment: $1,000  Return Value: $1,950.00
March 31, 2010

Contact for Underwriting Information:
KATHE ALTERS  Underwriting Manager   (208) 426-3617 phone  (208) 344-6631 fax Boise State Radio 1910 University Drive  Boise, ID 83725-1915 