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12 CFR Part 203

[Regulation C; Docket No. R-1001]
Home Mortgage Disclosure
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

203.2 Definitions.
In this regulation:
(a) Act means the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (12 U.S.C. 2801 et seq. ), as amended.
(d) Dwelling means a residential structure (whether or not [it is] attached to *real property)
*located in a state of the *United States of America, the District of Columbia, or the
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The term includes an individual condominium unit, cooperative
unit, or [mobile or] manufactured home.
(note) a dwelling is not real property
Puerto Rico. In 1962, added, individual condominium units, and cooperative units
Subsection (i)(2): Act 1962 added provision relating to other *structures to be used in addition to
living accommodations as community centers that may include premises devoted to commercial
(note) the term United States of America, is a compact of insular states, excluding the several
states of the Union, also referred to as a Corporation, see Title 48 U.S.C., TERRITORIES

1|P a g e

America (90 Stat. 263), ... amended and supplemented [48 U.S.C. 731 et.
Annotated 2013 Edition
Title 17


Note HUD ,created to manage Public Housing in Puerto Rico

1. Generally. The administrative functions of the Public Housing Administration can include
maintenance, cleaning, decorating, modernization and general improvement services, as
well as carry out collecting of rents and any other work that said agency deems necessary
and convenient. 1992 Op. Sec. Jus. No. 10.
Taking into consideration what is provided for in 38(c), 1002(a), (d) and (f) and 1004(a) of
this title, in the context of 31 et seq. of this title, the Public Housing Administration, with
prior authorization of the Secretary of the Treasury and subject to the applicable norms and
regulations of the Department of the Treasury, has the power to enter into contracts with persons
or public or private entities, so that the latter, under the supervision of the agency, can carry out
all types of administrative functions in the *public residences. 1992 Op. Sec. Jus. No. 10.
1. Sales with or without benefit. Since it has been created to provide *dwellings or lots for
persons of low income, the Housing Authority may sell property for the price of the land
and improvements, without profit. 1958 Op. Sec. Jus. No. 14.
Although created to provide *dwellings for persons of low income, the Housing Authority may
include in the sale price a reasonable benefit which would increase its funds. 1958 Op. Sec. Jus.
No. 14.
(j) Persons of low income.Shall mean persons or families who lack the amount of income
which is necessary, as determined by the authority undertaking the housing project, to enable
them without financial assistance, to live in decent, safe and sanitary dwellings, without
(k) Bonds.Shall mean any bonds, notes, interim certificates, debentures, or other obligations
issued by an authority pursuant to 31-38, 39-45, 46-55 of this title.

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(1) Real propertyShall include all lands, including improvements and fixtures thereon, and
property of any nature appurtenant thereto, or used in connection therewith, and every estate,
interest and right, legal or equitable, therein, including terms for years and liens by way of
judgment, mortgage or otherwise and the indebtedness secured by such liens.
(m) Obligee of the authority or obligee.Shall include any bondholder, trustee or trustees for
any bondholders, or lessor demising to the authority property used in connection with a housing
project, or any assignee or assignees of such lessor's interest or any part thereof, and the *federal
government when it is a party to any contract with the authority.May 6, 1938, No. 126, p. 253,
3; June 22, 1962, No. 89, p. 234.
Text references.
References to "the Capital of Puerto Rico" in subsection (b), to "or board of commissioners of
the Capital" in subsection (c), to "the City Manager of the Capital" in subsection (d), and to "or
the secretary of the Capital" in subsection (e), are all related to the "Government of the Capital",
which was created and regulated by Act May 15, 1931, No. 99, p. 626, former 381-564 of
Title 21, repealed by 118 of Act July 21, 1960, No. 142, p. 505, and repealed in turn by 13.02
of Act June 18, 1980, No. 146, p. 570.
With the abolition of the Government of the Capital, all said references could be to the
municipality of San Juan and its equivalent bodies and officials.
"[M]unicipal assembly" was substituted with "municipal legislature" pursuant to 2 of Act Jan.
5, 2002, No. 22.
In subsection (g) the term "United States Housing Authority" was changed to "Public Housing
Administration of the United States" upon authority of the President's 1947 Reorganization Plan
No. 3, which changed the name "United States Housing Authority" to "Public Housing
Subsection (i)(2): Act 1962 added provision relating to other structures to be used in addition to
living accommodations as community centers that may include premises devoted to commercial
use. In addition, translational changes were made in the English.
34. Housing Authorities lawCreation of Puerto Rico Housing Authority; Municipal
Housing Authority
There is hereby created a public body corporate and politic to be known as the Puerto Rico
Housing Authority. There is also hereby created in each..

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