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1. Tactical draw back inside kingdom. Has been debated.

We need to regroup,
we can not fight the entire server. We must establish relations, have at least
1 good ally ( at least as strong as we are) and after that we can war multiple
alliances. Until that we chew mm lvl 1 and mm lvl 2.

2. Stocking shields and mm scrolls is for upcoming wars. Cease all purchases for
honor points. Buy only shields, mm relocation cards and (if possible) precise
relocation cards.

3. Moving to MM3. We will attack one of the mm3 in our kingdom neighborhood.
That way, people who will stay to protect mm lvl 2 and mm lvl 1 can also
launch attacks with a decent period of time ( 1 1:30 hours ). If we go for a
distance MM 3, people inside kingdom can not support the people leaving for
distant MM3.
4. War tactics: Attacking and Defending will be made as a Roman Cohort.
All the members moving to MM 3 will attack all at once, one target, until 0.
Than move to the next target. Priority are high levels targets, and targets
with resources.
High vips must be broken, by rally. Our strongest members from MM 3 start
rally with their 1st squad ( 5 or 10 min rally). 3-4 members join the rally with
their secondary squad. When the rally leaves, everyone on-line try to
coordinate their teams just behind the rally. If rally is going to make 5:32
seconds, ideally your team must be 1 second behind it, thus 5:31. It is
acceptable up to 10-15 seconds. Rally is a waste of heal to defend, thus the
enemy will be broken in no time.
Defending tips :

NEVER DEFEND A RALLY. Just leave your

wall empty.
When at war for MM3, your defending ( wall ) team should be only your
primary ( 1st, best) team. 2nd and 3rd will be left empty. The logic beside the
above is that : loosing 3 teams = you lost half of your heal. Your primary can
defend better and will cause to the enemy more heal damage.
Defending against stronger opponents(high vips) must be done by the bellow
1st attack is ignored. 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th are defended. This depends on the
power of the enemy attacking you and your power. My case is as follows : I
am a vip lvl 2. A vip lvl 14 could probably beat my 1 st team with both his 1st
and 2nd ( in theory, practically I think I can beat his 2 nd ). Thus when I defend
against Vip 14, I leave his 1st attack break in and will defend 2nd 3rd etc. How
is this done ?
1. Empty your wall no heroes
2. You follow the Intel inside kingdom. When 1 st attack reaches ~10
seconds, the 2nd should be ~14, the 3rd should be ~18 and etc. You start

counting in your head while moving to the wall configuration. After 10

seconds passed make sure you click the : Adjust team, activating your
primary team. That way you will get broken by 1 st attack but you will block
the remaining attacks. Makes sure you heal your troops often during the
period of 10-15 seconds, during the attacks.
War on mm3 will be based on endurance. If we all attack and defend
organized we will prevail.