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Does Your Reflection In The Mirror Match The Way You Feel?
Reduce redness, wrinkles, and large pores with

IPL Photofacial Treatments.

Non-Invasive. No Downtime. Immediate Results.
Many patients wish there was a safe and quick way to get rid of their red complexion, fine wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and large pores. Photofacial is one of our most exciting anti-aging services. It produces evenly toned skin that looks more youthful, removes sun damage and also treats a variety of skin conditions, such as:
• Broken Capillaries • Sun and Smoke Damage • Veins • Mild Acne • Enlarged Pores • Dull Complexions • Uneven Pigmentation • Pigmented Freckles and Age spots • Red Flushing skin & Rosacea • Fine lines & Wrinkles
before after

Call to schedule your FREE Visia Complexion Analysis ($250 Value) with Dr. Sattele plus save 20% off all Light/Laser Treatments.



t lost it's lusne!r? kin Has your s pped toxi s
a It could be tr

Try our NEW Body Focus Clense21TM Detox Plan using real food and enjoy clearer looking skin, naturally!

SPECIAL OFFER: 210 for the entire 21 Day Plan

Kevin M. Sattele, M.D.
1611 Hazel Drive • Florence • 843-662-1515 1006 6th Ave S Suite • North Myrtle Beach • 843-361-1515 www.rapidweightlosscenters.com

To receive a FREE copy of Dr. Sattele’s informative report entitled: Looking Great At Any Age; A Consumer’s Guide To Non-Surgical Procedures, call our 24hr cosmetic hotline at 1-800-791-4810 and enter ID# 2140 or go to scskin.com.



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The Art of Style

2000 Block of Hoffmeyer Road Florence, SC
843-292-0150 • www.gallowayandmoseley.com


Experience a Truly Unique, Upscale Shopping & Dining Experience

the toy shop
specializing in creative and educational playthings
new products arrving daily MAG FORMERS AUTOMOBLOX & MORE EZY ROLLER

ladies fine shoes
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Opening Soon

843-667-9671 • www.butlersfineclothing.com

Glo Minerals . Pureology . Redken Keratin Complex System . Brocato

the plaza
Our Stylists/Color Specialists: Tammy Chapman-owner, Lois Still, Becky Cooper, Steve Connell, Anna Mcpherson, Kathy Hutchinson, Ashley Turner

ladies fine apparel
843-665-7669 • Mon-Sat 10-6

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“A Doctor’s Confession to the City of Florence…”
And why, despite all, I still do what I do…
Dear Friend, Confessions are tough. Real tough. But, sometimes a confession can set the record straight, and I want to give credit where credit is due. Before I talk about my confession, though, let me say a few other things first. Let me start by explaining the photo in this letter. You know, when I meet people in town they usually say, “Oh, yeah, I know you, you’re Dr .Strickland, I’ve seen your ad with that picture of you and the little boy.” Well, I’m the guy on the left. Ten years ago something happened to me that changed my life forever. Back when I was freshman in college, I injured my back while water skiing. The pain in my low back and leg was so intense that I couldn’t even walk, and sometimes I needed help getting out of bed. I was afraid that I’d lose the ability to even walk if the disability continued. After months of prescription drugs, that did more to disrupt my life than ease the pain and numerous steroid injections, I was told that surgery was the only option. Little did I know what would happen. I lost a semester in college (6 months of my life), and was not better. But there’s more. A friend of mine convinced me to give a chiropractor a try. The chiropractor did an exam, took some films, and then “adjusted” my spine. The adjustment didn’t hurt, it actually felt good. I got relief, and I could walk without pain again. It worked so well that I went to chiropractic school myself. Now for Branton, who is the little boy in the photo. About two years ago he was plagued with ear infections and chest congestion. He took many medications and even had to have tubes in his ears. Imagine, a little boy not being able to play outside with his friends, he was afraid of getting sick. After we started to adjust him, the ear infections and congestion started to improve immediately, and now, his problems are only occasional. He is able to run and play like kids should be able to. That seems like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference to him. tough, because there’s a host of so-called experts out there. They tell people a lot of things that are just plain ridiculous affordable family plans. You see I’m not trying to seduce you to come see me with this low start up fee, then to only make it up with high fees after that. Further care is very important to consider when making your choice of doctor. High costs can add up very quickly. Great care at a great fee… Please, I hope that there’s no misunderstanding about quality of care just because I have a lower exam fee. You’ll get great care at a great fee. My qualifications…I grew up in the Pee Dee and love it here. I’m a graduate of Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa. Throughout my career I have wanted to return to the Pee Dee Region and thankfully I was able to join Dr. McKay. I am happy to be back where I belong and doing what I love, helping people through chiropractic and natural healthcare. I’ve been entrusted to take care of tiny babies to pro athletes that you may know. I just have that low fee to help more people who need care. My assistants are Debbie and Jennifer and they are really great people. Our office is both friendly and warm and we try our best to make you feel at home. We have a wonderful service, at an exceptional fee. Our office is called ADVANTAGE HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER and it is at 507 West Palmetto St. (We are across from Montessori School, 1 block from the Venus Pancake House). Our phone number is 843-669-1010. Call Debbie or Leah today for an appointment. We can help you. Thank you. -Dr. Craig Strickland P.S. When accompanied by the first, I am also offering the second family member this same examination for only $10. P.S.S. Can you imagine not having to wait at a doctor’s office? Well, your time is as valuable as mine is. That’s why we have a nowait policy. You will be seen within minutes of your appointment.

It’s strange how life is, because now people come to see me with their carpal tunnel syndrome problems. Also they come to me with their headaches, migraines, chronic pain, neck pain, shoulder/arm pain, whiplash from car accidents, backaches, ear infections, asthma, sinus/allergies, numbness in limbs, athletic injuries, just to name a few. Here’s what some of my patients had to say:
“I had headaches almost everyday of my life for years; Dr. Strickland put an end to that in a few adjustments!” - (D. Kirkland-Florence. SC) “I suffered with chronic pain for over 25 years. I tried numerous different treatments including medication, physical therapy, and even surgery. A friend of mine told me about Dr. Strickland. With his help, I am now able to sleep through the night. Thanks to my friend and Dr. Strickland” (H. Davis, Timmonsville, SC) “I couldn’t sit, stand, or even lie down without pain. After a couple of visits, my low back and leg pain are gone!” (K. Turner-Florence, SC)

about my profession. But the studies speak for themselves, like the Virginia study that showed that 99% of patients who saw a chiropractor were satisfied with their results. That’s just incredible! Seventy-five million Americans no longer have health insurance , and those who do have found that their benefits are reduced. That’s where chiropractic comes in. Many people find that they actually save money on their health care expenses by seeing a chiropractor. Another way to save, studies show that chiropractic can double your immune capacity, naturally and without drugs. The immune system fights colds, flues, and other sicknesses. So you may not be running off to the doctor as much. This is especially important if you are selfemployed. And, an entire week of care in my office may cost what you could pay for one visit elsewhere. You Benefit from an Amazing Offer- Look, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to correct your health. You are going to write a check to someone for you health care expenses, you may as well write one for a lesser amount for chiropractic. When you bring in this article (by April 30, 2010) you will receive my entire new patient exam for $27. That’s with x-rays and a thorough health evaluation….the whole ball of wax. This exam could cost you $250 elsewhere. And, further care is very affordable and you’ll be happy to know that we have

Several times a day patients thank me for helping them with their health problems. But I can’t really take the credit. My confession is that I’ve never healed anyone of anything . What I do is perform a specific spinal adjustment to remove nerve pressure, and the body responds by healing itself. We get tremendous results. It’s a simple as that! Being a chiropractor can be



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Platinum. For the beauty you share.

1651 West Palmetto Street • Florence, SC 29501 Showroom Hours Monday - Friday, 10am-5:30pm • Saturday, 10am-4pm • Sunday, Closed www.jones-smith.com



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How Do You Pick A Dentist?
Ask These 8 Questions To Make Sure Your Dentist Stacks Up
Does your dentist offer gentle sedation?


Does your dentist have an intra-oral camera?


An intra-oral camera is so small it fits dentistry mouth and displays teeth on a in your 20”TV.The doctor can see your teeth magnified at 50 times! Does your doctor have to refer out alot?

Conscious sedation can be easily achieved with safe medication. 2 . Does your dentist check for cavities with a precise laser?

d e n t i s t r y 6.

today’s dendentistry
dentistry 7.

We have 5 dentists so most dental services are offered at our office!

With a painless laser , we can detect cavities earlier than the eye can see them.The laser scanner can detect new cavities years before any other means of cavity detection. Does your dentist place and restore implants? With multiple doctors, we both place and restore implants.

Does your dentist offer 12 months no interest? We work with our patients to provide easy payment options with no interest. This frees you from using those high interest credit cards. Do YOU let insurance dictate your dentist?



8. today’s den-


Does your dental office have convenient hours? We have 5 dentists & 4 hygienists available for your busy schedule.

dentistryaccording to what you want. Our staff
dentistry dentistry dentistry
can help you through the insurance maze. A $25 flat fee for an x-ray & consultation. A $93 value. A low cost way to find out what’s wrong.

Don’t be trapped! Pick your dentist

today’s denCall
entistry (843) d629-8000 Today!

Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry • 2214 W. Palmetto Street, Florence, SC dentistry

Visit www.carolinasmile.com for valuable offers!



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“I came to Bethea on Nov. 7th, 2009 for strength and to heal. The Rehabilitation Team helped me a lot! I couldn’t walk when I came; the team and I worked and worked. Now, I can walk on my own and I’m taking it one step at a time. I would recommend the Bethea Rehabilitation Team to anyone.” ~Iola Kirven After a knee replacement, I stayed in Bethea’s Health Care Center for Rehabilitation. There, I worked with the therapists to recover from the surgery. They were wonderful and caring. After working with the therapists, I’m back in my Patio Home at Bethea with my husband and cat Boford.” ~ Sally Savarie “I moved to Bethea in 2007 because I was falling a lot at home and my family was worried about me. I came to Bethea and I love it; it’s a beautiful place with a great staff! I am currently having the Rehabilitation Team help me, and my mobility is improving. I am gaining strength a little everyday. I recommend Bethea to anyone!” ~Toby Lambert

“I had a knee replacement and went to Bethea’s Rehab to recover. We worked every part of my leg, and even worked other body parts like my hands. I was in Rehabilitation for four months trying to get better; I truly feel that the attitudes of Bethea’s Rehab team was as helpful and encouraging as the therapy itself. I was groggy in the morning going to Rehab, but they always made me leave with a smile. I am now back at my studio apartment at Bethea. I live in Independent Living and I am so happy. I miss therapy, and will go visit everyone and exercise with the rehab team every once in a while in the future. I would recommend Bethea’s Rehabilitation Team to anyone!” ~Betty Phillips

Call Ashley today for your FREE lunch & tour!
(843) 395-4402 • arhodes@scbma.com 157 Home Avenue • Darlington You can visit us online at: www.bethearetirement.com

BETHEA BAPTIST is a Christ-Centered Retirement Community and is a division of South Carolina Baptist Ministries for the Aging, Inc.



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Located at 813 West BoBo Newsom Hwy • Hartsville www.BoSmithFurniture.com • 843-332-7701



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Chicks of the Month
Florence Co. Disabilities & Special Needs Board Family Support Services

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Mary Unmarried
Mary R. Dittman, MBA

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The Sir-Vey Ask Dr. Avie
Avie J. Rainwater, III, PhD, ABPP

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She’s Closet She Wants to Know
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Bridgers Drug Store

Fabulous Finds The World According to
Mindy Taylor

Wings for the Spirit
Sherry S. Page Atkinson

In His Own Words
Stan Gibson

Birds and Beads Who’s That Girl?
Ashly Bazen

And She Cooks,Too! Chick Lit Women at Work
Lisa King

Wee She
Mary Claussen Jones

There She Goes

Women In Philanthrophy Fund

Spring Fashion 120 • 122 • 124 • 126 What Advertisers Say • 108

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Cookie Cawthon
Cupcakes and Tears

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Sharon Bixler
Life,Work and Peanut Butter Cookies

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Paige Self Thomas
A Bloomin’ Onion

Beth Grant
You Can’t Always Get What You Want: You Get What You Need

Aron Cannon Smith
Blooming Where God Plants Me

Melodie Griffin
Sittin’ Pretty

Marti Miller

Jumana A. Swindler
Inflation Strikes Again

Ouida K. Page, RN, LPC
How to Blossom: Even If You Find Yourself Planted in Barren Soil

Ferebe Gasque
Music and Me



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J. Marshall Dent, III, MD
Use of HCG in the Treatment of Obesity

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Nigel A.R.Watt, MD
The Lovely Bones: Osteoporosis - The Silent Epidemic

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letter from the editor - April 2010

Bloom Where You Are Planted
AVE you ever stopped to notice
the incredible sight of a blade of grass that has miraculously made its way up from the ground beneath inches of asphalt? I have. It has to be the most fabulous display of BLOOMING WHERE YOU’RE PLANTED in all of nature. It is also proof that with the right attitude, tenacious will and unyielding determination, all of God’s creations – including mankind – can make the most of any given situation and still bloom. And we can still bloom even if we find ourselves in the one place we would rather not be. I can just imagine that little blade of grass saying to itself, “I really wish I was planted on a beautiful hill where I could grow amongst pretty flowers and willowy trees. But, here I am with this dark, thick barrier standing between me and life. No matter, I refuse to be held down.” If God placed within a little blade of grass the will to BLOOM WHERE IT’S PLANTED, can you imagine the power He gave to us to do the same? Well, that’s just what this issue is about. BLOOM WHERE YOU’RE PLANTED is about making the most of where you find yourself. Two examples are Rosanne Black and Tori Taylor. After being away from her hometown of Marion for 36 years, Rosanne returned to a new job and old friends.Tori admits that her family’s move to Florence was a total act of obedience to God. And while it may not have been exactly what she wanted to begin with, she is BLOOMING WHERE SHE’S PLANTED. Her story is very similar to that of Stan Gibson, who IN HIS OWN WORDS, writes about his desire to follow Christ, even though it led him and his family hundreds of miles from their home in Delaware to pastor Marion Baptist. BLOOMING WHERE YOU’RE PLANTED also means making the most of where you find yourself when it comes to work. For some time now, I have wanted to feature women with careers that are typically male-dominated – what some may call “Gender Benders.” That interest led me to investigate just how a woman does make the most of such a courageous move – challenges and all – to work in a field that most would consider to be a man’s job. From the construction worker to a Major on the police force, eleven women tell how they have BLOOMED WHERE THEY’RE PLANTED – in a presumably man’s world. Speaking of BLOOMING, in this colorful issue, four female physicians traded in their lab coats for Spring’s prettiest clothes, photographed by Collin Smith at Forest Lake Greenhouses. I want to thank these gracious ladies for lending their time and beauty for this special Spring Fashion section. Also, if you have been thinking about a new look, check out BEAUTY BUZZ and see how one reader’s look was transformed when she traded in her long locks for a totally chic short cut. Now, while we’re on the subject of a new look, I’ve been dying to ask you, “Have you noticed that She is a full glossy magazine?” What a fabulous way to begin our eighth year! Never resting on what is a good thing, it has been my desire to make She better and better for our readers to enjoy and an unbeatable tool for our advertisers to promote their businesses. A few months ago, a door was opened to me presenting an opportunity to upgrade to this beautiful allgloss magazine that you are holding in your hands. What better way to kick off Spring and all the beautiful colors than in shiny, glossy pages! Fabulous, I say! I am so grateful to God for WHERE I FIND MYSELF PLANTED. Sometimes, though, I must admit, I feel as if the soil around me is less than perfect for growth. Due to a stressful lifestyle and spreading myself thin, I feel like my soil is dry and barren. Other times, I let myself sink into the muck and mire of the garbage that exists because we are in an imperfect and sinful world. I get uprooted and unearthed and feel myself starting to wilt. But, then, I remember where my strength lies and what keeps me grounded and Who the source of eternal life is – Christ Jesus. That’s when, like the little blade of grass, I have to dig down deep.Tapping into that magnificent source of strength that lives within me, fighting to break through the barrier and turning my eyes toward the Son - I BLOOM! By the time this issue makes its way to you, evidence that winter has passed and Spring has sprung will be all around us. New life will have burst forth from

every tree, plant and flower. In every color, they will all be blossoming against a new backdrop of fresh green grass. Crickets and baby birds will be chirping. Only God Himself could have designed such a glorious display of sights and sounds. I have to ask, is there a season that offers more proof that God is real? How can you bear witness to Spring and not bear witness to the Creator? As we celebrate the arrival of this glorious Spring, let us pause to celebrate the One Who died on a cross for our sins. Let us sing praises to the One Who was raised from the dead and lives. Hallelujah!

Happy Springtime! Enjoy this issue . . . It’s a woman thing!

melia flowers berr y



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 15

Forget about...Tissues, pads and push-up bras.
Holding deep breaths and stretching your shoulders.


see what you’re missing at

Love your look.
Breast enhancement
We now offer Botox® Cosmetic.

Our academic programs include high school diploma, GED, Work Keys and more. Our new Career Readiness classes are designed for those who want to enter the work force. Community School offer a full range of computer classes, Spanish, dance, flower arranging and much more!

is our specialty. Call today

for a consultation.

J. Rufus Bratton, Jr.,
800 East Cheves Street, Suite 370 • Florence 843.667.3533

Call us or visit our website for complete information: www.poynor.com

301 S. Dargan St. Florence, SC 843-664-8152


Breathe Easy This Spring!
An estimated 430,000 Americans die each year from the effects of cigarette smoking. Cigarette smoke contains arsenic, formaldehyde, lead, hydrogen cyanide,nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia and 43 known carcinogens. This is a worker health issue. All people, whether
they work in office buildings or bars & restaurants, have a right to breathe clean air while at work.




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She: mail



I love She Magazine, and I look forward to getting a copy every month! Thanks for all you do!
Patricia Thomas,Florence

Dear She, We miss seeing She Magazine since leaving Florence, but we always pick up a copy when we come to town. She gets better and better! Leah Lane Weeks,Columbia Dear She, We are running out of She Magazine so fast each month. When they are delivered, can we get an extra “stack” for the store from now on? Emily Phillips,Owner,Burry Bookstore, Hartsville Dear She,
(She Magazine/Facebook © 2010)

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Thank you so much for taking time with us during the tour of She Magazine. We enjoyed our visit very much.

This proud mother took She to work to show off her daughter’s (Lee Jones Blackmon) “Chick-Lit” review of The Wedding in the February issue. Many of my co-workers loved seeing Lee in She and commented on how they always enjoy She Magazine each month. Thank you for bringing Lee home for a little while. We all miss her and Will but hope to visit them in England soon.

The Marion High School Fox Tales Staff Dear


Judy C.Jordan
(She Magazine/Facebook © 2010)





Seriously, reading the feature, “Mary Unmarried” has changed my life! I’ve saved all of Ms. Dittman’s columns. She is a great writer! Ms. Dittman, if you’re reading this, please continue to write those articles. They have helped me so much! Thank you!

Melissa Ford
(She Magazine/Facebook © 2010)

I love She Magazine! My aunt has given me a subscription for my birthday for the last two years. She couldn’t have given me anything I enjoy more. My favorite column is Mrs. Sherri Atkinson’s “Wings for the Spirit.” It is very uplifting and exactly what I need to read each and every month. Also, she is a dear friend of mine.

This coming from a former ad designer – She Magazine is awesome! You were an underdog coming into this thing, but you worked long and hard and have devoured the competition with one hungry bite! This has not gone un-noticed. Instead, it has been acknowledged! She is amazing!

Tracey FriersonSingletary
(She Magazine/Facebook © 2010)

Gina Ford
(She Magazine/Facebook © 2010)

Send an E-MAIL to editor@shemagazine.com or MAIL us at 609 N. Main St., Marion, SC 29571



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 17

Earn $500 to $5,000/mo. without leaving your job!
The current economic downturn has impacted almost everyone. This economic situation can be an opportunity of a lifetime for you.We can show you how to profit from current trends


You can make the kind of money most people only imagine, working just a few hours a week. And the profits go straight into your pocket. Finally, you’ll have the time freedom and money to do what you want, when you want.


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Now Imagine....
You You You You help people as you make money establish you own hours have no risk don’t have to quit your present job

Sounds to good to be true? ..........It Isn’t!!!!

Express Yourself.
Specializing in Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Infiniti, Land Rover and more!

2639 W. Palmetto St., Florence, SC 843.669.1466 www.RacewayAutomotive.com



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APRIL 2010

In Every Issue
1. J. Marshall Dent, MD is Board Certified in Family Practice & Obstetrics and Gynecology and also holds an Advanced Certification in Menopausal Medicine. He can be contacted at Complete Women’s Health Care in Florence. This month, in keeping with the health and fitness theme, Dr. Dent explains how insulin resistance leads to weight gain.



Contributors Contributors

2. Avie J. Rainwater, III, Ph.D., ABPP This month, She Magazine is happy to bring to our readers the debut of ASK DR. AVIE - A MAN’S PERSPECTIVE ON THINGS WOMEN CARE ABOUT. A Senior Partner of LifeCare Psychology Group, LLC, Dr. Avie J. Rainwater is the only Triple-Boarded Psychologist in SC, holding Specialty Certification in Clinical Psychology and Sub-Specialty Designations in both Biofeedback and Pain Management. He and his wife of 31 years, Karen, have three children together. Chelsea, Seth and Josh. 3. Melodie Griffin is a Hartsville native who is proud to call the state of SC her home. She resides in the Midlands now with her husband, 3 children and 2 Westies. You can learn more about Melodie at www.melodiegriffin.com. 4. Erika




Chapman loves her husband, Mark & living in Florence. Her passions include raising her three boys, serving as a KidSpring Volunteer at NewSpring Church and reading just about anything she can get her hands on.

5. Ouida K Page is a Licensed Professional and National Board Certified Counselor with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and is a member of the International Honor Society of Nursing. She specializes in families and issues relating to children, adolescents and women of all ages. 6. Cookie




Cawthon is wild about her family. She totally digs serving as a greeter at NewSpring Church every week, and she flat out loves reading, writing, speaking, teaching, and blogging www.cookiecawthon.com.



7. Jumana Swindler is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for McLeod Health. Her personal favorite pastimes, reflected in her writings, are RV'ing, movies,Theater, fishing, reading and spending time with her son and family. 8.

Ferebe Gasque is excited about her journey to find the "new normal," whatever that might be. She loves being the Music Therapist at McLeod Hospice House, learning the adventures of being a literary agent, writing for She Magazine, and keeping people guessing about her cyber-romance :)
9. Marti Miller lives and writes in Marion, SC and enjoys life, with love and laughter. Pig collections are important to these pursuits - especially the flying variety. They do fly. Really, they do

In This Issue
14. Cheri Jordan is a Florence resident and has been married to her husband, Robert, for eleven years. She is a stay-at-home mom to four children, Abbi, Luke, Savannah and Matthew. 15. Sharon Bixler is blessed to be the wife of Hal, mother of Holly (Stanley) and grandmother of Ian. She is a Member of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hartsville.
16. Nigel A. R.Watt, MD, With Pee Dee Orthopaedic Associates, specializes in General Orthopaedics, Hip, Knee and Shoulder Surgery. In The Lovely Bones: Osteoporosis -The Silent Epidemic, Dr.Watts explains who is at risk and what women can do to protect their bones.

10. Anna Pitts lives in Florence, She is currently pursuing her career as a School Library Media Specialist and loving every minute of the journey! This month, Anna continues to write about her upcoming wedding and fitting into her dream dress. 11.

Paige Self Thomas lives in Florence with her husband, Joey, and two Sheltie children,Timmy and Buddy. Together, Paige and Joey have seven grown children. She works part-time as Business Administrator for the Francis Marion University Center for the Child and is a Licensed Realtor with Prudential Segars in Florence.
is an Artist, Interior Decorator and Writer. She and her husband, Don, live on their family farm in Lamar, South Carolina. They own and operate Mantissa Row in Hartsville.

12. Beth Grant


Aron Smith and her husband, Collin, live in Florence. They have a son, Makgil (5) and a daughter, Clara Beth (3).


Mary Dittman, MBA, is an Instructor of Marketing and Director of the Internship Program in the School of Business at Francis Marion University. She consults for a variety of local and regional companies and is actively involved in the Florence community. Her new column “Mary Unmarried” is now a reader favorite.

Artist Spotlight





Amber Rene Chance is responsible for this month’s cover , a paper collage on wood panel. A native of Southern Colorado where she received her B.F.A in Drawing and K12 Art Education, Amber is currently a student of Illustration at The Savannah College of Art and Design. Her portfolio can be viewed at www.amberrenechance.com. You may also contact her via email (amberrene@amberrenechance.com).

19. Liz Odom says,“photography is a passion that I have always possessed and I am truly blessed that I now do what I love on a regular basis! Children and families are my specialty and my style is all about capturing the moment in its natural state and then adding a creative flair! I have a 4 year art degree from Anderson University,Anderson, SC and I now live in Florence with my husband and three children.






Ricky Ford is a photographer out of marion who says, “ Photography is an art to me and I want every image that I take to be timeless. His work is featured in this issue of She in a photo shoot for one of the feature stories, and “Wee She.” 843.617.0147 • His work can be viewed at www.rickiford.com.

21. Collin Smith A portrait and wedding photographer based out of Florence, Collin launched the $100 Portrait Project that donates 50% of its revenue to the Children’s Miracle Network & stays in the Florence area. He is also the man behind the creative photos in the CYNTHIA ads. View his work at www.cmsmithportraits.com.



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The Dining Room at

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T f|ÇzÄx YÄÉãxÜ Zxàá TÄÄ à{x TààxÇà|ÉÇ4
by Mary R. Dittman, MBA


The Apostle Paul said he had “learned the secret to being content” (Philippians 4:11). I’m not sure what Paul’s secret was, but I believe the secret to being content in your singleness is to “bloom where you’re planted.” I used to be confused by Jesus’ parable of the talents. In this particular parable, several servants are given talents (money) and then judged based on what they did with them. The servant who didn’t earn at least a minimal return on his talents was punished, and his talents were given to the more successful servant. I wonder if this parable is telling us to do the most we can with what we are given. My best friend used to tell me I had to be happy being single before I could be happy being married. But I had a lot of years where I felt like I could not be happy being single because I only wanted to be married. Sort of a “Catch 22” – need to be happy alone but can’t be happy if I’m alone. What to do? To me, “bloom where you’re planted” means “take care of what you currently have.” I remember when I was a little girl, I wanted a new Barbie doll. But I had cut all the hair off my other Barbies and played with them outside and generally had not taken good care of them. My parents told me I wouldn’t be getting any new Barbies until I proved to them that I could take care of my toys. If that’s how earthly parents handle their children, it makes sense to me that our Heavenly Father won’t entrust us with more and more if we’re not taking care of what we have now. Think about it like this: How do you get a promotion at work? You do an excellent job, show up early, stay late, take on extra tasks, have a positive attitude, support others, treat the customers right, respect your boss and do your best. Now that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a promotion; but, if you don’t do those things, you can be sure you won’t get a promotion! Well, the same is true in life. If you show up fully in your current life, treat people lovingly, respect the boss and do your best, you’re more likely to be given more. But, first, you have to show that you can take care of your little corner of the garden. Here is the secret to my personal contentment regarding the single life. I decided to show up fully in my current life. That meant treating my relationships (casual dates, friends, family) with love and respect, serving others (hey, I don’t have a family to cook dinner for, so I can cook meals for people who are sick or bereaved), taking care of my single friends, keeping my home tidy, doing volunteer work that I enjoy, participating in Bible study and just enjoying the life I currently have. It seems to me that many singles think they will be happier if they are married (or coupled). But ask anyone who is part of a couple and they will tell you that while a good relationship is a blessing, even the best marriage brings some additional heartache and drama. At the very least, you have to give up some things for a successful relationship. You’re not going to get your way all the time. Nobody has a perfect life. Even the three people you’re envious of probably don’t have it all that great. If you were able to look behind closed doors, you would find something that isn’t so great. If you knew the absolute truth, a lot of your married friends would tell you that they are envious of your freedom and time to yourself. I can promise you that. I don’t believe God makes people be single if they don’t want to be, but I do believe He will use anything and everything for His plan. He can use us to bless others – if we let him. You have a choice. You can choose to be bitter in your singleness, or you can choose to be better in your singleness. You can choose to be happy or you can choose to be negative. The choice is yours. If you have decided you cannot be happy unless you have your way, God isn’t going to reward your attitude. Again, think about your work life. Does your boss give you a raise and a promotion when you pout, stomp around and complain about things not going the way you want them to go? In the spirit of blooming where you are planted, let me share with you some of the benefits I have experienced in my single life that my married friends are jealous of. I can dump a guy if he’s irritating me. I can go to the symphony, theatre, all the movies I like, sporting events and church without anyone complaining or feeling left behind. I can have dinner with my girlfriends or guy friends and not get into an argument about it. I can paint the rooms in my house any color I like. I can spend as much money as I want on shoes and handbags. I can lie around in my fuzzy pink bathrobe. I have time to participate in a Bible study. I can travel anywhere I like. I can watch whatever I want to on TV. I can cook what I want to eat or eat frozen entrees every night of the week. I challenge you to make your own list of things that are good about being single. That doesn’t mean you’ll be single forever, but it will help you be grateful for where you currently are. In February, my dad’s wife of seventeen years died suddenly and unexpectedly. My dad and I both loved her very much. The week after she died, Dad confided to me that his fear was “always” that he “would end up alone.” My dad isn’t a single kind of guy! He has experienced a lot of anxiety and panic over his new life as a single. I thought about what Mordecai said to Esther (and I paraphrase): “Who knows that maybe you are single for such a time as this.” As Dad and I take this journey of grief together, I’m grateful for my life of singleness because I’m the only one in our family who can talk to him about what it’s like to live alone and to make a life on one’s own. You never know how your life is going to help others, so bloom where you’re planted and show God – and others – that you can be a mature adult and you can learn the secret of contentedness. Remember: A happy, confident woman is attractive. So, learn to be content, confident and happy by blooming to your full beauty where you’re currently planted.

Mary R. Dittman, MBA, is an Instructor of Marketing and Director of the Internship Program in the School of Business at Francis Marion University. She consults for a variety of local and regional companies and is actively involved in the Florence community.



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1247 South Irby Street • Florence, SC


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Spring is in Full Bloom...
Staff Photos by Collin M. Smith

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ladies fine apparel and shoes
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to Savannah last night. Alone. Serious face on. Blaring, I mean blaring, Nickelback’s “If Today Was Your Last Day.” I had driven through several periods of rain along the way; thankfully they washed my windshield crystal clear. The kinda clear that is sharp and crisp – unadulterated visual reality right in my face. The kinda clear that suggests the windshield has disappeared. It was dusk and overcast, so all around was a light grey glittered by approaching headlights. Beautiful contrast. A clear view down the road (I am so accustomed to experiencing my surroundings through the dust and grime of my not oft washed truck). After listening to and bellowing the song a few times, I settled into thought. Every Monday night we have friends over to our house. Eight couples and their young children. We do life together. Well, in the past month, three of those couples have been touched closely by death (yeah, nobody wants to join our group) – all somewhat unexpectedly – the Cawthons being one of those couples. God – in all of His coolness – is allowing us to share death too. And just yesterday, our group welcomed a brand new baby girl and has another on deck for next month. Beautiful contrast. In a hard-to-swallow kinda way. It was then that I sat in the clarity. It was one of those moments where scales fell from my eyes and I just enjoyed right perspective – the place where you get a clear view of the balance between life and death. I don’t often get it, but for that moment, I got it. Sometimes death comes to walk a mile with you, and its gift is a super heightened appreciation and understanding of life. And in that place you make peace with death – but for a fleeting time. Somehow we spend most of our time anesthetized from death’s certainty. I felt a panic last week as I drove Carson to school. The absolute certainty of my own someday departure slammed on brakes in front of me. Whoa! Wig-out moment. That reality can be alarming. I’m for sure going to the right place and all after I leave here; however, it is a little startling to the senses and the brain. But. I do believe there is a place where the proximity and certainty of death makes us live better. Unfortunately, I don’t think we are permitted to reside in that place. The trappings of this life keep us too in a tizzy with the now to live with a broad scope lens.

i was driving

Tomorrow we will lay my father-in-law to rest and observe my eight year-old niece’s birthday. The celebration of two lives at different points on the continuum. Cupcakes and tears. A tense and natural contrast that is hard to call beautiful. Yet, in a moment of crystal clarity and through a faith that leads me when my eyes are impaired by the dust and grime of life, I will call it beautiful, trusting Him to make it so. This has been a long, arduous winter. And I abhor being cold. I have been begging for relief since December and threatened to move further South when it did not relent. Santa in shorts is always A-okay with me. Everything has been so grey. And drab. Dreary. Cold and dead. But. The Bradford pears are blooming; I wore flip-flops two days ago, and my hydrangea has green poking forth among the brown remnants of last year’s growth. The forecast for this weekend is sunny, warm, and fabulous, and spring is finally here. Sunshine. Warmth. Rows of promising strawberry plants. Goldenrod and pink dogwoods. The girls and I have been spotting blooms and buds all around town. From the dreaded sprouts the dramatic! On the darkest day in the history of the world, He who is life hung on a cross – beaten, scorned, humiliated, and burdened by my own weakness and selfishness. Death had its day. But. Life was too powerful to be contained. Divine contrast. I will trust Him, indeed, to make it beautiful. It is His specialty. Bloom, sweet friends; bloom in your spring. The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom. Like the crocus, it will burst into bloom; it will rejoice greatly and shout for joy.

“I don’t often get it, but for that moment, I got it.”

Isaiah 35:1-2

Cookie Cawthon thinks Jesus and spring rock in a very big way.



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For every occasion and all your smoking and grilling needs,

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j|Çzá yÉÜ à{x fÑ|Ü|à
by Sherry S. Page Atkinson

Do you ever wish, as I do, that time would slow down and let us catch up with it? Everyone is busy, especially working parents with children in school and in extracurricular activities. Retirees wonder how they ever had time for jobs outside the home. We all would like to have more hours in the day to do all we want to do. Time is valuable, but what a blessing to be able to be busy. In our rushing here and there, you and I need to be reminded how short life is and to enjoy it. The next breath we take could be our last one. Every breath and every day is a precious gift from God. In Psalm 31:15, the Bible tells us our times are in His hands. There is a special purpose in wherever we are at this very moment of our lives. If you have given your heart and life to the Lord Jesus, the Bible states that our steps are ordered by the Lord. Whether you are working or resting, sad or happy, worried or trusting God, busy or bored, God is right there, loving you and wanting you to enjoy your life. You and I can experience peace as we are active with our everyday duties – if we acknowledge God’s presence. Psalm 23 reminds us: The Lord is my Shepherd! Because He cares for us, He tells us to cast all our cares (worries, not our responsibilities) on Him (I Peter 5:7). You and I need to get out of the driver’s seat and let God be in control. His way is the best way. Just trust and obey! Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. And let us not lose heart, grow weary and faint in acting nobly and doing right, For in due time and at the appointed season, we shall reap, if we do not loosen and relax our courage and faint (Galatians 6:9). As you and I focus on the Lord Jesus, not on unpleasant circumstances, no person or devil can prevent our being victorious. During stressful times, the key to being an overcomer is spending time with God. If you go to church regularly, that is very helpful and edifying, but it is not enough. Father God wants to have fellowship with you. Psalm 16:11: In His presence is fullness of joy. Isaiah 30:15: For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, in returning (to Me) and resting (in Me), you shall be saved; in quietness and in (trusting) confidence, shall be your strength. Satan works hard to keep us from spending time with the Lord. He knows we will have more strength and power to overcome him as you and I talk to Jesus with thankful hearts. The joy of the Lord is our strength, (Nehemiah 8:10). If we want God’s blessings on our lives, as well as our families and our nation, He must be first place. Fellowship with Jesus moves us from fear to faith and replaces our anxiety with peace. Remember the Bible story of Mary and Martha? Mary chose to worship Jesus, while Martha chose to do her chores. Uh-oh! How many of us are guilty of being like Martha too often? God will help us get the necessary responsibilities done if we obey and put Him first. Blessings and joy are waiting for us if you and I give back to Him some of the valuable time He has given us. If you have never invited Jesus into your heart and life and would like to, it is very important to get involved in a Bible-believing church that worships Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. And you could pray something like this prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for loving me and for sending Jesus,Your Son, to die on a cruel cross for the sins of the world. I am sorry for my sins and ask You, Jesus, to forgive me. Come into my heart and life and save me. Thank You for eternal life with You in Heaven when my life on earth is ended. I commit my life to You and ask You to lead me. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit that I may be strengthened to live the Christian life and serve You. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.

Make the most of today. It is all we have. Yesterday is gone and cannot be relived.Tomorrow is not here yet, and only our Heavenly Father knows what it holds. Let’s keep in mind that He is able to do superabundantly far over and above all that we dare ask or think (Ephesians 3:20). In addition, John 10:10: The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows). Because He lives, decide to enjoy your life!

Sherry S. Page Atkinson lives in the Centenary Community of Marion County with her husband, Jimmy. Those wishing to contact her may do so at the following address: 6526 South Highway 41, Marion. Sherry teaches an Adult Co-Ed Class at Marion Baptist Church and loves leading people to Jesus.



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Beautiful Skinevery age! at

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When life doesn’t go my way Could it be You sending me On the ride of my life For Your glory Where I am, use me Lord Where I am, use me Lord Use all of my time Use all my energy Use all my money For Your glory

Accepting a Pastorate at Marion Baptist Church meant moving his wife and six children from Delaware to South Carolina. Through prayer and the desire to follow God’s will for his life, Pastor Stan Gibson is excited about BLOOMING WHERE HE IS PLANTED..
WORKING AT A CHURCH is more than just going to Sunday school every day. Many ministers get burned out, have blow-ups or walk through discouraging times. I have journeyed in full-time ministry since 1998. I started as a Youth Pastor at Marion Baptist Church. This past January, I returned to be the Pastor after being away for ten years. I heard recently that there are “messy churches” or “pretending churches.” I have seen and experienced that. Please know up front that this has not lessened my commitment to the church but increased my passion to lead the church. I was in a difficult situation a few years ago. I knew the Lord was moving me on but didn’t know where or when. The Lord put a guitar in my hand and a song in my heart as I read through the story of Joseph in Genesis. Joseph’s life was full of ups and downs. Even when he had been done wrong, he let the Lord use him where he was. Joseph tended to “bloom where he was planted.” God used me in that difficult situation and used that difficult situation in me. All of us go through ups and downs. Oftentimes, we are not where we want to be. This is true in all our lives – whether it’s a job, a relationship, school, etc. This song God gave me is not just for me in vocational ministry, but for me in life, as well. For those of us that follow Christ, the secret is staying connected to Christ. Jesus said it so well when He said, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in Me, and I, in him, he will bear much fruit. Apart from Me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5). I made a decision to follow Christ when I was ten-years-old. Every year since I was twelve, I was connected to youth ministry in some way – as a student, an intern, a volunteer or a Youth Minister. The Youth Ministry at my home church came alongside my family in helping me know how to follow Christ. Giving back to the Youth Ministry was a big part of my call and a big part of the reward in doing Youth Ministry. I served in Youth Ministry in South Carolina,Tennessee and Delaware. I treasure my relationship with each Pastor, each teenager and each person along the way. I used to say I would do missions or anything but pastor. It was God that brought me to a point of being ready, willing and able to pastor. Certainly, I am unworthy without His blood, grace, love, mercy and forgiveness. Even as I continue to work through personal issues and difficult situations, I find myself repeating something I heard: We are all sinners We all need Jesus We all need each other The world needs the gospel I can’t imagine doing anything other than leading the people of God to embrace these biblical principles to help us all “bloom where we are planted.” I find myself crying out that the church will be the church and the people of God will be the people of God. The people of Marion Baptist Church were a blessing to me in the formative

Ricki Ford Photography
years of ministry. We had a friend call to gauge our interest in applying for the Pastorate after my friend and a mentor, Daniel Inabinet, answered a call to return to Florence. At the time, though, the timing wasn’t right. Over a year later, we had another friend call and ask us to pray about sending a resume. We prayed and sensed a need to be willing to send a resume, in part because some key leaders were requesting it and in part because of this increased passion in me to lead the people of God. From a young age, I have done a couple things that have proved to be very beneficial to me in my journey with Christ through good times and bad times, through times of making decisions and through times of repenting of sin. One, I have tried to hear God’s voice and act on God’s direction primarily through Bible study and prayer. Two, I have tried to surround myself with people that love Jesus and people that love me. I spoke with many people in discerning if Marion was God’s place, and now was the time to plant my life to bloom for the glory of Jesus. One man said that he was praying we would have enough faith to take the next step – whatever it was – and with enough doubt that it required faith to take the next step. Faith requires us to wait sometimes and move on at others. Isaiah 40:31 presents the idea that strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord. There were seasons where we were waiting on the church and seasons where the church was waiting on us. God had put on my heart to make myself available. It is evident now that we all were waiting on God’s direction and God’s timing. The people of Marion Baptist Church have been a blessing to me, my wife and our six children upon our return. It is my prayer that people will see Christ in me, in the people of Marion Baptist Church and in all Christ-followers everywhere. It is my desire to be a servant and a leader in my family, in my church, in my community and in the world. May I bloom where I am planted – and may God use me where I am.

Stan Gibson is the Pastor of Marion Baptist Church. He and his wife, Heather, are excited about serving the Lord and making their home in Marion. They have six children: Annie Kate, Nolan, Macy, Jenna, Sadie and Cora.



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where style is created
An Upscale Salon Where You’ll Feel Unique & Special!

HAIR SALON 2709 2nd Loop Rd
(between Cashua & Palmetto)

Florence, SC

Whether you’re building a new house or renovating an existing home, clean burning natural gas is your environmentally friendly energy choice. Natural gas appliances not only make everyday life better, they’re cost-effective to operate, generally last longer and require little maintenance. In addition to the actual environmental benefits of lower emissions, plus highenergy efficiency, more than 80% of the natural gas used in the U.S. is domestically produced. A home with natural gas reduces your impact on the environment without sacrificing comfort and convenience. If you want to make your home a little greener, while enjoying the comforts of home, ask for natural gas. To learn more, call 1-866-523-8242 or visit sceg.com/value.

Bringing Your Dreams

Burt Jordan Realtors 3037 W Palmetto Street • Florence 843-665-6835 • 843-687-2906 dculbreth@burtjordan.com

I’m ready to help you plan your Beautiful Outdoor Wedding or Special Event.


Domaine DeClaudine.com

Contact me at 843.667.8366 or DdeClaudine@aol.com



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Cinnamon Cream Cheese Bars
ingredients for bars:
• 2 Tubes (8-ounces each) of Refrigerated Crescent Rolls • 2 Packages (8-ounces each) of Cream Cheese, Softened • 1 Cup of Sugar • 1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract • 1/4 Cup of Butter, Melted • 2-3 Teaspoons of Ground Cinnamon, Mixed with 1/2 Cup of Sugar

from the kitchen of

Amanda Tracewell
“My husband, Jeff, and I ran Carolina Sandwich Co. in downtown Florence for eight years. As many know, it burned in December 2007 at the hands of an arsonist. Blessings come in many disguises, and God has blessed us in so many ways since then. Still, two years later, everywhere we go, we run into our dear customers and, eventually, the conversation always turns to ‘those Cinnamon Bars!’ So, for our loyal customers whom we love and miss so much, here you go! Enjoy!” ~ Amanda Tracewell
Amanda works part-time from home doing medical transcription, which allows her time to be a Full-Time Mom – her most important job! Jeff thoroughly enjoys his job as Business Unit Manager at Carbis. They live in Florence with their boys, Griffin (11) and Bryson (6).

directions for bars:
• Unroll one tube of crescent roll dough and place it in a lightly greased 13 x9 x 2 Pan. • Seal the seams and set aside. • In a mixing bowl, beat the cream cheese, 1 cup of sugar and vanilla extract until smooth. • Spread the cream cheese mixture over the dough. • Unroll the remaining tube of dough and place over the cream cheese mixture. • Seal the seams as best you can and stretch to fit. • Brush butter evenly over the top of the dough and sprinkle with the cinnamon/sugar mixture. • Bake at 350º for 25-30 minutes until golden brown. • Cool and cut into squares (*).
*Makes 20-24 bars.



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10,000 sq. ft. of fabric at

for only

902 Second Loop Florence, SC

Dr. Joe A. Griffin, III planted strong roots in Florence in 1989 and established Griffin Plastic Surgery. With professionalism, teamwork, personal care, dedicated staff and expert surgical skills, the practice is “Blooming Where It Was Planted.”


American Society of Plastic Surgeons

513 S. Dargan Street • Florence, SC • (843) 664-1122



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What’s on

Amanda Dowless’
Best-Seller List?

Over a period of more than three decades and playing out across
the ever-changing face of the Pacific Northwest, Firefly Lane is the emotional, powerful story of two women and the friendship that becomes the bulkhead of their lives. From the beginning,Tully is desperate to prove her worth to the world. Abandoned by her mother at an early age, she longs to be loved unconditionally. In the glittering, big-hair era of the eighties, she looks to men to fill the void in her soul. But in the buttoned-down nineties, it’s television news that captivates her. She’ll follow her own blind ambition to New York and around the globe, finding fame and success – and loneliness. Kate knows early on that her life will be nothing special. Throughout college, she pretends to be driven by a need for success, but all she really wants is to fall in love and have children and live an ordinary life. In her own quiet way, Kate is as driven as Tully. What she doesn’t know is how being a wife and mother will change her, how she’ll lose sight of who she once was – and what she once wanted – and how much she’ll envy her famous best friend. For thirty years,Tully and Kate buoy each other through life, weathering the storms of friendship – jealousy, anger, hurt and resentment. They think they’ve survived it all until a single act of betrayal tears them apart and puts their courage and friendship to the ultimate test. Firefly Lane is for anyone who ever drank Boone’s Farm Apple Wine while listening to Abba or Fleetwood Mac. More than a coming-of-age novel, it’s the story of a generation of women who were both blessed and cursed by choices. It’s about promises and secrets and betrayals. And ultimately, it’s about the one person who really, truly knows you – and knows what has the power to hurt you – and heal you. It’s an amazing book; I couldn’t put it down! It’s especially great for friendships that have stood the test of time. The friend that gave it to me – well – we’ve been friends for 17 years, since the fifth grade. And, now, through the magic of aging, we have shared so much! I have three children, and she has stood by my side and watched my children grow. Even through our struggles, we somehow manage to make amends with each other. Firefly Lane is a story you’ll never forget. It’s one you’ll want to pass on to your best friend.
Amanda Dowless is married and a stay-at-home mother of three. She is also a freelance writer and photographer. Writing and reading are her passions, right after her family and loved ones. She lives in Mullins and is eager to get to know others.

FIREFLY LANE is a story you’ll never forget. It’s one you’ll want to pass on to your best friend.



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Have Wagon Loads of fun at

Willard Farms!
Economical, Educational, Unforgettable Pick Your own Strawberries or We Pick them for You! Handicapped Accessible Wagon Ride Tours NEW! Agri-Plex Farm Park Cow Train Rides and Duck Derbies Jumping and Climbing Fun Hamburgers, Gourmet Hotdogs, and Fresh Cut Fries Homemade Ice Cream and Homemade Fudge Ole' Timey Candies, and Gourmet Salsa's, Dressings, Preserves, Hams, Cheeses, and Breads

For the Freshest of Fresh! Get your fruits and veggies by joining our CSA
Be Healthy with Willard Farms. For an Unbeatable Value with Convenient Delivery. (The Butcher Shop, Florence and Ozzie's at the Rustic Market, Sumter) We will bring you the Finest, Freshest, Fruits and Vegetables Weekly with Delicious Recipes and Ideas. Connect your family with Their Food Supply. Guaranteed "Fresh From Our Fields" Please call (803) 938-3188 for More Information and Visit our Website for What's Fresh Now! School and Group Tours Available

1220 South Brick Church Rd. ~ Gable, SC ~ (803) 938-2814 ~ www.WillardFarms.net

gs come in Cute thin ll Sizes! Sma
Bring this ad in for

Check us out at

& receive info on updates, new arrivals & sales!

New Beautiful Spring Clothing have arrived for your kids and baby!


your purchase of $50 or more.*
*Some exclusions. Expires 04.30.10

10 off

ew Sandals N
1210 Cashua Drive Suite 2 (across from Del Mae School) • Florence www.cottontailsboutique.com • 843-661-7108
Store Hours: M-F 10-5:30 • Sat. 10-3

Cottontails Children’s Boutique



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36 • April 2010 • She Magazine

Catering Available
Group functions • Weddings Parties • Special Events

Visit our website at stefanosflorence.com Customer comments welcome and appreciated online!
Sunday Hours • 11am-5pm
2600 S. Irby Street, Florence •


Rhonda Sanders recently joined the team of the Florence Presbyterian Community as the Director of Nursing for the continuing care retirement community located on West Lucas Street in Florence. She brings nine years of nursing experience to the position that includes working in a 111 bed nursing facility as well as providing nursing in a home care environment. She holds a bachelors degree in Business from Francis Marion University but made a career change to nursing in 2001 when she completed a nursing degree at Florence Darlington Technical College. “I have always wanted to be a nurse and to be able to help others,” said Sanders. “And I look forward to the challenges that this new opportunity at the Florence Presbyterian Community provides.” She is quick to say “the residents must come first” when talking about quality care, customer service and the goals she has for her new nursing team. Sanders is originally from Mullins, South Carolina where she and her family live and are members of First Baptist Church. Rhonda enjoys spending time with her family and relaxing at the beach with a good book. Florence Presbyterian Community is one of five continuing care retirement communities of Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina providing residency options from patio homes and apartments to assisted living and skilled nursing care.

Please contact Marian Howard for more information: mhoward@preshomesc.org • 843-665-2222 X 114 2350 W. Lucas St. • Florence



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 37



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I give all the my “ Grandmother credit towho Esther, developed my interest in plants and growing things, both indoors and out.

orest Lake Greenhouses, named after the nearby lake, is a full-service retail/wholesale garden center and greenhouse specializing in blooming plant sales and production. We’re now celebrating twenty years of “growing great gardens.” Other than Owner, I don’t have an official title. Here at Forest Lake Greenhouses, we all work as a team. Many of the people I work with have been with me for fifteen-plus years. They know how to keep the place running smoothly. Even better than I do sometimes. I give all the credit to my Grandmother Esther, who developed my interest in plants and growing things, both indoors and out. She spent time with me and helped me experience how much pleasure you get from watching things grow. I started working at a Mom-and-Pop-garden-stand when I was fifteen-years-old and kept on through high school and college. I have a Degree in Horticulture from Penn State University. Forest Lake Greenhouses was officially opened in December of 1989. We have been here for 21 years with the hope of being a place where people can get the plants

they need so they can enjoy and experience their own pleasure for growing things. This is also a special place where children are educated on growing things. The biggest challenge in my job is so much to do, so little time! Trying to fit everything I have to do within a specific time period is hard. It seems like I’m never finished. What I like most about my job, however, is the flexibility. Most of my work is done at the greenhouse, but I can do some office/writing work at home. I am blessed with a great boss – my husband – who lets me come and go as needed to spend time with our daughter, Allison, and her activities. There is no typical day at Forest Lake Greenhouses because every day requires a different job to be done. Our business is seasonal, and we must change all aspects of the business with every season. I’m doing something different every day. Constant change is typical. The greenhouse itself, with all its beautiful flowers, is a reason to get up and go each day. Our gardening friends and customers make us want to get up and do it all over again, as well. I hope our place fills emotional and spiritual needs for people. It’s not just a place to buy flowers; we want our place to make people feel good. We want everyone to have a good uplifting experience when they visit us. We want people to be inspired to garden. We want them to go home and create a special place, where they can experience the true joy that is possible from spending time in the garden.

Cheri Jordan is a Florence resident and has been married to her husband, Robert, for eleven years. She is a stay-at-home mom to four children: Abbi, Luke, Savannah and Matthew.



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Florence Wellness & Weight-loss Center
under the direction of

Florence’s Only Certified Bariatrics Center




I’ve lost 55 POUNDS!
Chrystal Hayes tells her story.

HER STORY... Several months after the birth of my second child, I was unsuccessful at losing the weight I gained during the pregnancy. After my first pregnancy, I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight within a few weeks, but I knew that losing the weight would not be as easy the second time. I could only fit into my maternity clothes. At 183 pounds, I was heavier than I had ever been before and was not happy at all with my appearance. One day, I had a doctor’s appointment, and I was reading She Magazine. I saw an ad for Florence Wellness & Weight Loss Center. The next day, I called and spoke with Ms. Thelma, who briefly explained the program to me and scheduled my first appointment. I started on the Modified-Fast Program. I was able to have two supplements per day for breakfast and lunch. I chose the chocolate shakes because they tasted delicious, and they were convenient. For supper, I ate a high-protein, low-carb meal. A list of foods was given to me to choose from, along with the diet plan. It was so easy to follow, and I think that’s why I have been successful. I was motivated to continue the program every time I weighed in and had lost more weight. Everyone noticed my weight loss. Even several of my co-workers, friends and family started the program, which helped me to stick to the plan. The hardest part was watching others eat the foods I love. The longer I was on the program, however, the easier it was to follow. The best thing about losing the weight is the increased energy. I feel better than I have felt in a long time; I actually have the energy to work all day and keep up with my two young children. My advice to anyone who wants to lose weight would be to call the staff at Florence Wellness & Weight Loss Center. They are so kind and supportive. If you follow the program, you will lose weight and feel better. My current weight is 128 pounds. I lost a total of 55 pounds. But, most importantly, I’ve been able to keep the weight off. Chrystal Hayes is married and has two children. She is a Registered Nurse and the Assistant Director of Nursing at Morrell Nursing and Rehab Center in Hartsville, South Carolina.

Top 10 reasons to choose Florence Wellness and Weight-loss Center

1. The ONLY board certified bariatric physician in the Pee Dee 2. The ONLY certified Bariatric Center in the Pee Dee 3. The most cost effective program in the Pee Dee 4. Individual programs tailored to your needs and the flexibility to change programs 5. Thorough metabolic laboratory evaluation on every patient 6. The knowledge and experience to offer hormone balancing to enhance weight loss 7. Bonafide maintenance program once goal weight is obtained 8. Each patient seen by physician every visit 9. All inclusive plans (no hidden cost) 10. Flexible hours and late hours to better accommodate your schedule

MOST COST EFFECTIVE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM IN THE PEE DEE! Programs as low as $45 every 2 weeks, including Lipotropic Injections, Vitamins, and Appetite Suppressants

See Dr. Dent’s article on pg. 66

Complete Women’s Health Care
J. Marshall Dent, M.D.
Member of North American Menopausal Society • Member of American Bariatrics Physicians

410 South Coit Street • Florence • 665.5055



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You Can’t Always Get What You Want,

by Beth Grant
uddenly, the winter blues begin to abate and the sun begins to warm my back. I’m free to smell the first blooms of spring and realize how wonderful it is. Just for that moment, the smell engulfs my senses and it’s so nice that I stop and pick a small bloom to remember it longer. Oops, I drop it and when I lean to pick it up, I find a tiny empty eggshell. The pale blue shell was once a safe haven to a baby bird who found its way out into the world. All of a sudden, I hear the songs of many birds, and I wonder which one belonged to the bird in the shell. Tiny bits of green – new life – are beginning to poke through the yellowed winter grass, and I sigh in honor of the first blooms bursting forth. A gentle breeze begins to blow through my hair as I look up and watch the clouds move by. Gazing at the clouds, I begin to see shapes form, and I stare at the sky for a long time. I start seeing what appear to be faint water droplets drifting downward, and I close my eyes for a moment. Just then, an anxious squirrel with a red tail scampers by and races up an old oak tree, startling me. A pecan is in the paws of the squirrel that plants itself on a branch and begins chewing at warp speed. Before me is nature’s beautiful bounty, complete with weeds that need pulling. This spring, I’m going to enjoy the flowers amongst the weeds. Recently, we took our grandchildren to a local sheep farm. I can’t describe the happiness I felt as I witnessed their little precious hands feeding bottles to the newborn lambs. There were squeals of joy from our grandchildren as the tiny lambs attacked the bottles so hard it nearly knocked them down! The matted lamb’s wool felt so soft and warm. The hens were flying around us and perching nearby. What a wonderful time we had there – and it was free! We visited the farm’s market afterwards where you can purchase organic eggs, milk, meat and cheese. Even the ride over was special because it’s nice to take in the peaceful scenes along the way. Realizing these stolen moments of time with our grandchildren don’t last forever; I savor them like a fine wine. The changing of the seasons is also fun because of spring clothes with their bright colors. They are just delicious after all the browns and blacks of winter. Well, they could be more fun if I hadn’t packed on the extra pounds this past year. I remember the vow I took with myself when I said I would never gain back the weight again! Well, even my knit dresses don’t hide the evidence of my transgressions. Boy, if you really want to ruin the day, try on four pairs of last year’s pants and none of them fit. Even the blouses are begging for mercy! Oh, brother, here come the conversations with the girl in the mirror again. “Now, you promised yourself you were not going to do this – and look at you! Now, you’ll have to start all over.” Actually the conversation usually ends with me calling myself a couple names, and somehow that seems therapeutic. When I put on weight, you can bet a new hairstyle is soon to follow – as if that neutralizes the view somehow. So, I tried bold blond highlights (just in the front) to liven things up a bit. I looked in the mirror at the same person but with foreign hair. Did I feel better? No, just different. After a couple compliments, I started to feel like maybe this was a positive step. Perhaps the hair was detracting from the weight. Then the dreaded roots started making their appearance and quickly began to overshadow the coolness of the new look. So, after a couple more tries, I gave up and went back to the more natural shade I was born with. I should also mention that because I straighten my tresses, I’m sporting some broken off “spikes.” So, now I have to basically pomade them to smash them down in place. Wow, if I could just accept the weight gain as a passing phase and learn to love my curls, then I could save twenty minutes getting ready every morning. Maybe I could go “curly” most of the time and give my hair a break (and my straightening iron). Really, I should be better about wanting what I have and seeing the beauty in it. Each season brings welcome change and something special to look forward to. I should focus on the flowers and not the weeds. After all, is it a weed? Or is it a flower?

Beth Grant is an Artist, Interior Decorator and Writer. She and her husband, Don, live on their family farm in Lamar, South Carolina. They own and operate Mantissa Row in Hartsville.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 41

don’t hide your beauty any longer!
More sound, more comfort
Just like your fingerprints, your ears are like no one else’s. Why wear earbuds that might fit anybody but don’t exactly fit you? myBuds earpieces from Westone are custom crafted to fit your ears precisely. You won’t believe the long-wearing comfort and superior sound quality that only a custom fit can provide. Custom myBuds couple easily with your stock iPod earbuds (and most other brands, too!) and stay securely in your ears when walking, jogging, or riding, while reducing distracting external noise for better sound. Choose from a wide variety of materials and a vast selection of colors to make your earpieces even more uniquely yours.

Offering a variety of procedures & treatments to combat the signs of aging including: Perma Lip • Vitalize Peel Restylane • Glo Therapeutics Pulsed Light Photorejuvenation Prevelle Silk • Clarisonic and much more

Save $7 off myBuds

thru 4/30

Florence • Hartsville Lake City

492 WEST CHEVES ST. • FLORENCE • 665-0400



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Specialized Health Care for Kids: MCLEOD CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL
For decades, McLeod Children's Hospital has been providing the highest level of pediatric care and technology for the sick and injured children of Northeastern South Carolina and Southeastern North Carolina. McLeod Children's Hospital treats the special needs of more than 26,000 children who receive inpatient and outpatient care each year.

McLeod Children's Hospital - A Different Approach, Appropriate for Kids.
One of only four Children's Hospitals in the state of South Carolina, McLeod Children's Hospital stands out as among the very best in serving children and their families.Without a Children's Hospital and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), children of Northeastern South Carolina and Southeastern North Carolina would have to travel away from the region to receive life-saving care. Everything in the Children's Hospital is highly specialized and designed specifically for children. From the child-friendly décor to its pediatric satellite pharmacy, the McLeod Children's Hospital encompasses many areas of service that are provided to its patients and their families.

ChildReach Mobile Intensive Care Unit
Since 1992, a specially designated mobile pediatric intensive care unit, ChildReach, has transported children and newborns from community hospitals throughout the region to high-tech, lifesaving specialists at the McLeod Children's Hospital. Nurses and respiratory therapists respond immediately to assure high quality care for the newborn during transport, often making the difference between life and death for the baby.

Camp Health
"Summer camp!" When heard by children and adults alike, this phrase conjures thoughts of laughing with friends, singing timeless songs by a campfire, and bunking up in wood cabins after a long day of canoeing on the lake. For children with chronic illnesses including Asthma, Sickle Cell, and Type I Diabetes, attending a traditional summer camp can pose serious health risks. For this special group of children, McLeod Children's Hospital hosts its annual Camp Health. A free camp for children ages 5 - 12, Camp Health is staffed by a team of nurses, therapists, and dieticians to monitor campers during play and rest periods. Camp Health provides fun and exciting activities for its campers, including trips to the aquarium,Water Day at the McLeod Health and Fitness Center, Science Day at ScienceSouth, and bowling. Medical professionals also provide illness-specific education and information to children and their caregivers during Camp Health.

Pediatric Subspecialties Offered at McLeod Children's Hospital
• • • • • • • • • • • Pediatric Intensivist Neonatal Intensivist Pediatric Endocrinologist Pediatric Cardiologist Pediatric Neurologist Pediatric Orthopedist Developmental Specialist Pediatric Pulmonologist Pediatric Nephrologist Geneticist Retinal Specialist

Tune in to the Miracles!
On Saturday, June 5, join the Children's Miracle Network celebration and be a champion for children by watching WBTW News 13 and calling in your pledge to support the care of infants and children in our region at McLeod Children's Hospital. www.mcleodfoundation.org

Child Life Program
Because hospital experiences can be extremely stressful to children and their families, the Child Life Program at McLeod works to provide children with a more positive healthcare experience through the caring expertise of a Certified Child Life Specialist.The Child Life Specialist utilizes Diversion Therapy and Medical Play to reduce the amount of stress the child and family have during the child's hospitalization.The Child Life Specialist also uses the Child Life Activity Center for the implementation of age-appropriate activities for children to learn, be creative, have family time, and interact with other children.The specialist also provides emotional support for the children and their parents and acts as a liaison between the child's family and the medical team.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 43



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SheMagazine and
Chick-fil-A salute...

In a letter to She Magazine, Robin M. Parker, Service Coordinator with the Florence County DSN Board, wrote: I’d like to nominate the ladies of Florence County Disabilities and Special Needs Board Family Support Services to be She Magazine’s “Chicks of the Month.” The Family Support Services Department of the Florence County DSN Board is made up of Service Coordinators and Early Interventionists who serve over 1000 individuals in Florence County with Mental Retardation, Related Disabilities and Head and Spinal Cord Injuries. We all enjoy not only working for this outstanding agency, we also enjoy sharing our lunch breaks together each day, often ordering takeout or bringing leftovers and sharing recipes. We sometimes even get together and cook a meal at the office in an effort to save money. This is what we call Lunch Crunch! And just as many other women across the Pee Dee, we love to read She Magazine! There’s always a copy on our lunch table!

If you would like to receive lunch courtesy of She Magazine and Chick-fil-A at the Magnolia Mall, Magnolia Mall Drive-In and Florence Darlington Tech locations, send an e-mail telling us why your office or group should be Chicks of the Month to: editor@shemagazine.com



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 45

305 N. Main St. • Marion

Bring a Friend & Save!

Mon-Fri 7:30am-6:00pm Sat 8:00am-1:00pm

One of the Top 10 Prom Stores in the U.S.
211 W. Main St • Dillon 843.774.7646 or Toll Free: 866.421.6599
Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat. 10-4

Pace’s Pharmacy of Nichols
116 S. Main St. • Nichols


Mon-Fri 8:30am-6:00pm • Sat 8:30am-1:00pm

First Charter Company
Main St. • Marion, SC




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As four letter words go, STILL seems rather benign, doesn’t it - especially since, time of year, called to be STILL – to remember the greatest sacrifice ever made and the at second glance and count, it’s actually a five letter word. Duh. So now there is proof pos- most significant evidence of agape love any of us can ever know. We rejoice in the itive that math skill is not a gift I have received.Words, evidently, are more my thing? And Resurrection, as well we should, but it is in the sacrifice of crucifixion and death that we know I really like that opening sentence, so let’s just count the different letters – that will make He loves us STILL. And yet, our sorry little Easter Bunny selves want to hop all over the place…busy, busy, busy. In the words of the great cartoon philosopher, Pogo, “We have met the title a four letter word after all. See? It STILL works. But yet, there is a mighty edge to this benign little word that bears further inves- the enemy and he is us”. Oh, Pogo, talk about hammering home a point in the funny pages. The quiet STILL-ness of night is shattered by the STILL glorious fullness of each tigation – like that very human urge to run one’s finger ever so gently along the rim of a disposable razor to test if it’s still sharp enough to slice through the forest growth on one’s new day. We cannot always be still. But we can always know. And the ability or necessity legs. Oh.That’s just me, then, is it? Sorry. Fill in your own description for that human urge to be still allows us greater access to our Great High Priest.When the veil was torn, the to investigate something further even when it makes no good sense to do so. Here’s a new covenant began. Blood is still shed to cover sin, but He covers it for all who believe, thought: How about picking at a scab? Or running one’s tongue over and over that raised repent, and turn with His one sacrifice.The Levitical priesthood is no longer.The tabernabump where you bit the inside of your mouth because you were too busy shoveling in that cle worship system is last bite? It kind of hurts, but we STILL keep messing with it, don’t we? Curious creatures replaced by the Christ. But still are we. STILL is one of those amazingly exciting words (just go with the irony, will ya?) does not mean that can be used in so many ways. Artists sing of it all the time. Tim McGraw describes silent.We cannot STILL on his album, Southern Voices: “In that quiet place where all of me is exposed – be silent in our where God dwells and waits for us to come as we are to Him”. Love songs from Lionel understanding of Great Ritchie and Reba McIntire bear the single (almost four letter?) word in their titles. STILL the is used almost 300 times in the NIV Bible (Psalms, Job, and the gospels). This one tiny lit- Commission – to tle word can be an adjective, an adverb, a verb, or a noun! Wow. It can be negative or pos- go forth and make itive. It can be gentle and quiet or powerful and commanding. Oh, be STILL my little English disciples of all nations. major’s heart. Let’s investigate this a little further, shall we? Can we please, please, can we? For God so loved the world. He still does.We are Oh, thank you! Let’s explore the adjective STILL first. Sometimes the message of God is called to be still and know and described as a still, small voice. Here’s another: Still waters run deep.Well, well, well…who then to go forth in His example knew? STILL makes for a pretty decent modifier – very descriptive, very deep - and some- and in His love. But STILL…I love a good egg times incredibly painful, as in a still birth – when one tiny word placed before another can hunt too, don’t you? Peanut butter eggs bring so much grief. The adverb STILL can be either negative or positive in usage. For example, a and malted robin’s eggs and Butterfinger classroom teacher or beleaguered mom might be aggravated enough to exclaim: “I’m eggs and coconut eggs and maybe even one STILL waiting for your cooperation, little ones!” A person wishing to convey evidence of really sweet Cadbury egg and potato candy a lasting relationship may use the words, “I am still loving you!” even after a perceived eggs and those dyed devilled eggs – the ones with the pink and green and blue tint in the wrong is suffered. Then, of course, there’s the noun – the one that usually describes a contraption white – these STILL excite me. Yes, designed for the production of moonshine or white lightning or elixir for purely medici- curious creatures are we. Only nal purposes.And the product’s purpose depends pretty much on personal preferences or when we focus on being His geographic location or even family history. In these here parts, we don’t look too very children instead of His kindly on the STILL, whether it be shaken or stirred or distilled. But there are other nouns creatures, though, can too. Photographers create a STILL for movie marketing and promotion.Actors use STILLS we fully understand how in their portfolios. Artists create STILL life canvasses. So the noun form of STILL isn’t so to be STILL and bad after all.Who doesn’t appreciate a good fruit bowl painting or a George Clooney shot know…investigate His (uh-oh, there goes the English major’s heart again)? There’s even a physician named STILL. word daily…hear His He’s credited with pioneering the field of osteopathy. STILL nouns are all around us – we quiet and still Voice beckoning us to live our just don’t always point out where they are located? The verb form is probably my favorite though.Why? Consider this: Be STILL and lives full-out for Him…to know that I am God (Psalm 46:10). Or try this one:The LORD will fight for you; you need dance with the One what only to be STILL (Exodus 14:14). How can a verb be STILL? Doesn’t a verb require action? brung us, even when this Yep. Sure does. It is an action to be STILL. Ever try getting a 3-year old to do that in a world’s music would have us room filled with toys and puppies? Takes ever ounce of strength for that poor child to be hear a different beat. But, STILL, we dance. STILL and not grab and go. STILL is an action of great purposefulness. In this season of new life, when the very nature surrounding us shouts of movement and growth, when our faith beholds anew the fulfillment of the prophesied Messiah, we can get lost in the excitement, in all the commotion. We can’t be STILL. There is so much to do! There are the Easter dinner necessities to purchase and prepare, the search for brand new dresses and hats and gloves and shoes and bowties and suits, the dying of eggs, the baskets to fill, the plastic eggs to hide, and the chocolate bunnies to consume. There is just so much to do.Yet, we are, more than perhaps any other Marti Miller lives and writes in Marion, SC and tries to be still and know every day, with the invaluable guidance of wonderful teachers and discerners of Truth for whom she prays in gratitude daily.

by Marti Miller



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for more informationVisit:
www.theswampfox.com/events/foxtrotfestival.html marionsc.gov/visitors/marionfoxtrotfestival.aspx


May 14th & 15th
Friday, MAY 14TH • Fox Field
movie starts at dusk

Movie & Fireworks Display
outdoor family entertainment
Concessions provided by Marion HS Booster Club




Saturday, MAY 15TH • 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

SATURDAY, MAY 15TH • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Fox Field • $5.00 Entrance Fee

The Tams
delights with an extensive array of cherished Motown hits, forgotten golden oldies, swingin' New Orleans Jazz and Blues, Carolina Beach & Shag, pulsating Old School Funk, timeless Rhythm & Blues favorites, Swing music & high energy Current & Classic dance tunes. (Concessions Provided By Marion HS Booster Club)

Other Entertainment


Justine Roberts Performing Arts Center, Marion Shannon Godbold, Marion R&B Singer Justin Wilson, Myrtle Beach R&B Singer Tosha Clark, Mullins R&B Singer Marion County Mass Choir

Morris & Nikki Ward, Marion Midlife Crisis/Love Handles, Florence Delta Gems Adorations & Little Ricky & the Mighty Golden Stars, Bennetsville Gospel And Much More Including Fantastic Country!

Noon- 6pm
where South Main St. & Goldbold St. Meet
Emmelyn Davis Dance School, Marion



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by Sharon Bixler
Oh! How I love peanut butter cookies! Much like my job, they contain many different
ingredients, each having its own unique quality and purpose. Some of them are very good (like a lump of brown sugar), while others, I totally avoid (the shortening). Yet mixed together and baked, they are delightful. Much the same way, God uniquely combines our talents, experiences, knowledge and wisdom into His Own special purpose for us. I don’t know why I started making this comparison, but it just seemed to fit. Recently, while baking peanut butter cookies, as I prepared the cookie dough, I thought of the shortening, which is rather solid and tends to slide around and tastes disgusting. It represents all the tasks I have to do that aren’t necessarily fun (making copies, packing and unpacking the car and conference calls) and some I downright detest (e.g. my expense reports). Then, I think of the margarine and peanut butter. These are my students and customers. The margarine needs time to warm up before it will blend well, as do some of the people I serve. Others are more like the peanut butter – smooth, rich in flavor and sticky. These are the folks who understand the value of increasing their skills and knowledge and come prepared to learn and then stick with it. The flour gives the cookie its structure, much like the material that I teach. The basic information may or may not change much, but the content has to be constantly fluffed up and updated in order to maintain the quality framework. The baking soda and powder not only add lightness to my cookies, they also represent my benefits and salary as an employee. Yes, these may seem small in measure; but, over time, they grow. However, that is the compensation – not the satisfaction – of my job. A small sprinkle of salt for flavor reminds me of what Jesus said, “Let your speech, at all times, be gracious, seasoned with salt . . .” (Colossians 4:6). In other words,“Help illuminate the dark places for others.” God has given me many opportunities to encourage workers who rarely hear praise. I am even able, at times, to sprinkle the Lord’s light by sharing Him with others. There’s nothing like teaching something and watching the light bulb go on when someone finally understands the concept. These are all such wonderful opportunities that I thank the Lord daily for in this job. The sugars add sweet flavor and texture to the mixture. My job may not always be smooth just as the brown sugar needed for peanut butter cookies tends to be lumpy at times. However, over all, my job is sweet and fully satisfying. And last – but certainly not least by any means – are the eggs, that which glues it all together. The residents are the glue, the center of this mixture. Without them, everything else would just fall apart. As with cookies, all the ingredients have to be carefully measured, mixed thoroughly and baked. My job is the same way. Each part is a piece of the integral whole; none can stand on its own and be the cookie. God made our purpose like that. We can’t stand on our own because we tend to fall – or fail. God purposes our lives and our work – which may or may not be that purpose. But, I propose that no matter where you are working or who your boss is, if you acknowledge God as your CEO, things will improve. Maybe not externally, but your attitude, responsibility and peace will improve. And who knows? God may show you your exact purpose for being in that job. Remember,“. . . do all to glorify God” (I Corinthians 10:3).

Sharon Bixler is blessed to be the wife of Hal, mother of Holly (Stanley) and grandmother of Ian. She is a Member of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hartsville.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 49

Historic Marion Spring Tour of Homes & Gardens

the Ma rion Cha mber of Commerce
Saturday, April 17, 2010, 10am - 3pm
Corporate Sponsors:
• Anderson Brothers Bank • The City of Marion • First Charter Company, Inc. • First Citizens Bank • Hulon Jewelers • Johnson Controls, Florence Distribution Center • Pee Dee Electric Cooperative • Pee Dee Federal Savings Bank • Professional Pharmacy • Dr. E. Terry Smith, Jr., D.M.D. • Coastal Oil Company

Great Taste at a Great Price!






Marion Chinese Restaurant
Marion • 843-423-4885
(across from the old Wal-Mart)

Luncheon will be available, sponsored by the Friends of the Marion County Museum, for $12.50 per person by reservation only. For more details, contact:

Store Hours
Monday- Wednesday 11:00am- 2pm • 5:00pm- 9:30pm Thursday - Saturday 11:00 am - 10pm Sunday 11:00am - 8:30pm

Check our website for a list of the featured Homes & Gardens in this year’s tour!

Now Serving Alcoholic Beverages

Marion Chamber of Commerce PO Box 35 • Marion, SC, 29571 marionsc@bellsouth.net



Bauble Lulu

SillyBands Bracelets -HOT NEW ITEM!

Available in many sets! (custom charm bracelets for mom and me!)

My Vintage Baby Clothing In-Store!

Belle Ame Tutu Skirts

Check Surcie’s out on Facebook!


100 West Harrison St. Dillon, SC • 843-841-2883



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She’scloset Flower Power!
Florals are all the rage this Spring let them inspire you to get all DRESSED up! 1 2 3


1. flirty floral dress with sheer cover Lulu’s Boutique, Hartsville 2. feminine ruffle v-neck dress with belted waistline by Madison Belk, Florence

3. solid navy top and belt accentuates the waist of this dress with floral bottom Minnie’s Giftique, Hartsville 4. pink flower can be used as a pin or hair accessory HandPicked, Florence

5. sling-back, peep-toe pumps by Poetic License Phil Nofal’s, Florence



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 51



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as we host a to benefit

Utuç f{ÉãxÜ
W t à x M April 17th g | Å x M 10am to 12pm j { x Ü x M A CHOICE 2 M8K
Crisis Pregnancy Care Center
1307-B Broughton Boulevard Florence, SC 29502

Suggested Items:
• Gently-Used Baby & Maternity Items • Clothes • Shampoos • Lotions • • • • Diapers & Wipes Bottles Booties Baby Bibles

Fo r m o re info rma tio n, ca ll 669-HO PE ( 669- 4673)
*All contributions are tax deductible.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 53

Have Fresh Produce Baskets Delivered Straight to Your Door!

Prom & Wedding Gowns on Sale!
20%-50% Off Select Gowns!

Shop Early While Selections Are Still Good!

An example of a single share would be: 3 Produce Baskets are available:

•Family Share (Family of 4) •Small Share (Ideal for 2) •Single Share (Ideal for 1)
Call for Pricing Information.

•6 •4 •2 •5 •1 •4

ears of sweet corn sweet potatoes bell peppers tomatoes pint of beans squash
Mori Lee Casablanca

Flirt Clarisse Flirt

•We provide 5-6 different items off of our list (see website) every week. We try not to have any one item more than 3 weeks in a row.

Our larger shares would have more of what is listed on our website and depending on the week, more variety as well.

221 E. Main St. Dillon, SC

To Order, Call



Spring Forward with your Best Face!
Rejuvenate your skin this Spring with a Parisian Facial or a Glycolic Peel from Matis Paris Skin Care Line. Call for Free Consultation and Specials!
Botox - Juvederm - Xtreme Eyelash Extensions - Permanent Make-Up

2015-J W. EVANS ST. • Florence • PH: 665.2526 • FAX: 676.0990

For more info, call 843.407.6951 or 843.206.5684.
Sherri Hyler, RN, CPCT and her team were trained by the best!
The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics in Costa Mesa, CAworld renowned for their intensive curriculum and up-to-date techniques.

Booth Rentals Available for Hairstylists

Dr. Daniel Hyler- Medical Director 927 S. Santiago Dr. • Florence, SC




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Sometimes I wonder what God’s reaction is when I tell Him I’m not going to do something. Does He chuckle, thinking what a silly, naïve child I am? Or maybe He is saddened because I don’t immediately respond to His request with a, “Yes, Lord!” This month’s issue is about blooming where you have been planted. To be quite honest, I am nowhere near the “blooming” stage. But I have been planted. In a place I never thought I would be. And to be honest, it’s a place I never even wanted to be. My husband, Collin, and I have decided to (gasp!) homeschool our oldest child next year. I know. I know. Some of you just choked on your coffee. Some of you rolled your eyes or laughed. And some of you nodded in understanding or acceptance at the statement I just made. Trust me. I’ve had all of those reactions and then some. This is not a decision we have come to lightly. I’ve said no to it, prayed over it, lost sleep over it, cried over it, researched it and discussed it to no end with anyone who would sit and listen to me. The plain and simple fact is that right now, this is what I am being led to do. I remember when my son, Mak, was just an infant, someone asked me if I would homeschool him. I smiled and politely said,“No, that’s really not for us.” In my head, though, I was thinking,“Are you insane?! I would never do that! I want my child to be normal.” Funny how ideas can change, huh? Mak has been in the school system for the past three years, and we have loved it! I really cannot say enough about how excellent the entire experience has been for us. He has an incredible teacher, who loves him and has taught him more than I thought was possible for a six-year-old child to understand. He has made wonderful friends and been through incredible experiences. And, yes, I’m a little scared about him missing out on those things when we bring him home. But I also know that there are many things we can do at home that we could never do if he stayed in traditional school. And that excites me! I am so ready for this task of teaching my boy!

Where God Plants Me
by Aron Cannon Smith
You know what the really great thing is? Mak’s excited, too! He wants to study the solar system. He wants to learn what really makes a Corvette go. He wants to write a book. He really wants to learn to write in cursive. In his six-year-old mind, writing in cursive is the one thing that will make him “big.” And he wants to do it. And I’m really enjoying watching him learn. I had to keep him home from school for an entire week recently because of an awful outbreak of hives. We spent the whole week learning together. He wrote letters to friends and family. He read to me; I read to him. We did a little of everything. But the thing I remember most that week is fractions. We worked on fractions for days. And I will never forget the look in his eyes when it clicked with him. He got it! And I’m the one that taught him. I selfishly loved the feeling of joy that I got from seeing my boy understand this new concept. I walked down the hall to Collin’s studio and said,“Okay, let’s do it. I really want to homeschool him next year.” I knew that I wanted to be there for more of those “Ah ha!” moments. Collin was all for it. This in itself is a miracle. Collin has always been a diehard-public-school-education fan. But he is also excited about teaching Mak at home. He fully believes that I am capable of teaching our child, and he is there to encourage me when I have my doubts (which happens a lot, by the way). In fact, the amount of support I have received has been overwhelming. I remember the first time I told someone that we were planning on homeschooling Mak next year – someone who was an acquaintance but not a close friend. I had no idea what her views on education were. We were sitting in the kid-section at Redbone Alley, and she asked me what we were doing with Mak for school next year. I remember thinking,“Okay, Lord, here it is. I’m going to tell this girl that I’m homeschooling my child and she’s going to look at me like I have threeheads.” Her reaction blew me away! She responded with, “Oh, that’s so great! Homeschooling is my dream!” I wanted to jump up and run over to her and hug her. It was so far from what I was expecting to hear from her but exactly what I needed to hear. This type of thing has happened more times than I can count. I have become friends with people who have been where I am now and have become my “go-to person” for all-things homeschool. I have discovered friends who are also thinking about homeschool and are as confused as I am. And I am so thankful for each one of them. I think a friend of mine said it best when she told me that homeschool finally became okay in her mind when she realized that there is no right or wrong. Public school is great. Private school is great. Homeschool is great, too. It’s all about finding the right fit for your family. For now, that right fit is homeschool. I’m committing to one year. From there, we’ll see. I certainly don’t see myself homeschooling a seventh grader. But, then again, I didn’t see myself homeschooling a first grader either. I’m learning not to say, “I would never . . .” I am scared out of my mind at what this adventure will bring to our lives. Seriously, I’m terrified! But you know what I keep coming back to? The one thing that brings me peace more than any other thing? God loves my son. He loves him even more than I do, and He wants the best for him. He wants him to gain wisdom. He wants him to have friends. And He has called me to this job of giving these things to my son. If He believes in me, I should have confidence in myself. I have no idea where this journey will lead us or if I will “bloom” in this place I have been planted. But I am so excited about the opportunity!

Aron Smith and her husband, Collin, live in Florence. They have a son, Makgil (6) and a daughter, Clara Beth (3).



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 55

Making Every Moment of L i f e Matter

1507 W. Palmetto St. 843.656.1056 1.866.621.4914

Comforting Solutions for In-Home Care

2151-K W. Evans St. • Florence • 843.662.6470 • T-F 11-7 Sat 10-3

Personal Care Services • Light Housekeeping • Homemaking Services Companionship • Transportation • Meal Prep • Respite Care • 24-Hour Care



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She wants:


Think you know one? Rope him and bring him in.

Being Featured in

She Magazine!

To nominate your man, send a detailed email to editor@shemagazine.com. Be sure to include a day and evening contact number and WANTED in the subject line of the email. DEADLINE IS APRIL 20th.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 57

Attorneys & Counselors at Law
Purchase • Refinance Equity Line Investment Commercial Construction •1031 Exchanges

Sweet Berry Farm
Fresh Strawberries around first week in April
For more information, call: Harry Huggins at 260.6326 U-PICK OR WE PICK
4833 Pamplico Hwy. • Florence • 5.5 Miles past Carolinas Hospital

Automobile Accidents Personal Injury • Consumer Law


Nearly everyone will eventually need a lawyer: buying a home, making a will, settling a dispute. ALLOW US TO SERVE YOU.

814 W. Evans St. • Florence, SC • 843-317-4900

Pre-worked & Painted Canvases, Cascade, Paternayan, DMC Yarns & Specialty Threads Completion of Needlepoint Projects Available • Lessons Given

Pillows Bellpulls Door Stops Ornaments Stool Covers Chair Seats Luggage Straps

Marsha Poston
3129 Claussen Rd. • Florence 843-669-7869 • Mon. - Fri. 10:00 to 6:00

The Premier Home Builder in the Florence Area.

Alegacy Resource Solutions
Is “I Do!” in your future?
Visit Our Amazing Selection of Wedding Invitations, Birthday Party, Bridal & Baby Shower Invites. Plus Many More Occasion Stationery.

Specializing in Saving You Money

Experience building elaborate & modest homes at reasonable prices Work in a timely and professional manner Each phase of construction is inspected and approved New Homes & Additions

We take pride in our work and we take care of our customers!

Selections Include:
• Birchcrafts • McPherson • Carlson Crafts • And Many More!

Save Up to 40% Off Now!
Visit us at www.HopkinsBuildersLLC.com or Contact us at 843-992-4697 or HopkinsBuilders1@aol.com To Schedule a Consultation Appointment Call 843-468-0036

1301 W. Evan’s St. • Florence • 669-4372 • Corner of West Evans and Edisto

Computer Foot Detox Special: $25 Body Systems Analyzer Special: Now Only $25
Completely Redone Rolls Royce • Red carpet Roll Out License Plate Displays Occasion • Air Conditioned

The Body Systems Analyzer personalizes an Herbal program custom fit to your own body and needs.
Certified Herbalist • Certified National Health Professional Owner: Helen Holladay Cosmetologist: Anna Holladay

Gerald Photography & Rolls Royce Services, LLC
www.Geraldsphoto.com • 3012 Glencove Dr • Florence

Nature’s Sunshine Distributer



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get ready, ‘cause here

Visit our website www.shemagazine.com for a vendor application. Spaces fill quickly.



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comes! She

Coming in September at the Florence Civic Center
For more information, call 423.2393 and speak to Tuesday Taylor.



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What area of your life could use a little fertilizing to help you reach your fullest potential?
Yvonne Thomas
FLORENCE “A new professional career path because if you love your job, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

Aubre H. Lunn
HARTSVILLE “To answer my true call to the ministry to become all I can in Christ. As Assistant Pastor of my church, Faith Outreach Family Worship Center in Darlington, I want to reach the fullness of His power.”

Julia Whisnut
FLORENCE “Wedding planning – there is so much to do and way too many decisions to make!”

Carol Jones
FLORENCE “The area of my life that I feel could use a little fertilizing to help me reach my fullest potential is the spiritual area. Staying connected to God and submitting to His will guarantees me the ability to reach my fullest potential.”



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 61

This year's modified health fair includes:

• Cholesterol • EKG • Blood Pressure and Stroke • Cancer & Diabetes Screenings • Body Mass Index • Height & Weight • Nutrition & Health Infomation and much more

SATURDAY, MAY 15, 2010
8:00 AM - 11:00 AM Pre-Registration:
Monday, May 3 through Friday, May 7

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Located at the McLeod Dillon Professional Building 705 N. 8th Avenue, Dillon, SC

Hospital Main Lobby

249 W. Main St. Lake City


Dare to Bare?
Save 100 on a package of 6!

Board Certified, Dan M. Ervin, M.D.-FACS-Facial Plastics

Call today for your FREE CONSULTATION!


Huntington Medical Plaza • 1523- B Heritage Lane Florence • (Just Off Second Loop)



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A Breath of Fresh Hair...
Spring is finally here and what better way to begin a new season than with a new hairstyle?
This month in BEAUTY BUZZ, we found a reader who was willing to go from long to short to prove that nothing wakes up a tired look quite like a fabulous cut!

SALON: First Impressions Salon in Florence HAIR STYLIST: Patsy Clemmons, Owner
FIRST IMPRESSION: Renee has a very demanding profession, so we wanted to give her an easy-maintenance style. CUT: Wispy, razored cut, root to ends, with side-swept bangs COLOR: Rich chocolate brown with auburn highlights PRODUCTS: Artec Textureline Magnifier while wet, Pureology Shine Luxe Finish EXTRAS: Renee was very pleased with her final look. The style made her eyes pop and enhanced her cheekbones. MAINTENANCE: The style is low-maintenance; Renee just needs to follow up with the products we used. MAKEUP: We started with an age-fighting moisturizer, full-coverage foundation, concealer and a loose mineral powder that evened out her skin tones beautifully. We stayed with neutral colors for the eyes and used eyeliner and mascara to make her eyes pop.


Renee Lynch
lives in Coward and works as a Helper for a Pipe Fitter and Safety Coordinator for Pipes-R-Us. What she love s most about her job is being able to be outside and be with her husband. She never gets bored, having something different to do every day. She enjoys getting her hands in the dirt.



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“It's spring fever....
You don't quite know what it is you DO want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” -Mark Twain



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 65

fun fresh,
Come see what’s in store for you this Spring!

315 RAINBOW DR. • FLORENCE • 843-665-6868

6 wks-6th grade


401 Pamplico Hwy. • Florence, SC



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Use of HCG in the Treatment of
by J. Marshall Dent, III, MD
I have had several people approach me about my opinion on the use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in dietary programs and the benefit it may have for weight loss. I am very familiar with its usage and have known that it was no more than a way to charge patients for something that was no more effective than a placebo. In order to be fair and unbiased, I went to the authority on obesity – the American Board of Bariatric Physicians – for their position statement. HCG is a hormone normally secreted by the trophoblastic cells of the placenta during pregnancy. It was first described as treatment for obesity in conjunction with a very low calorie diet by Dr. A. Simeons in 1954. The Simeons Method consisted of a rigid diet of about 500 calories per day combined with 125 units of HCG injected six days per week for eight weeks. The protein intake on the Simeons Diet consisted of about 45 to 50 grams per day. The Simeons Method was very popular in the 1970’s, and advocates claimed that the Method had numerous advantages, including rapid weight loss with minimal hunger, no weakness and dramatic loss of fat in the stomach, hips, thighs and upper arms. After a series of clinical trials disputing the effectiveness of the Simeons Method, it fell from favor; but, popular demand for HCG in the treatment of obesity has recently resurfaced in the United States. It is currently available for injection and as a sublingual tablet. A number of subsequent studies produced evidence that the HCG in the Simeons Method was ineffective, and the weight loss was entirely due to the diet. A Meta-Analysis in 1995 of prior studies concluded that there was no scientific evidence that HCG was effective in the treatment of obesity. The meta-analysis found insufficient evidence supporting the claims that HCG is effective in altering fat distribution, hunger reduction or inducing a feeling of well-being. The authors stated, “. . . the use of HCG should be regarded as an inappropriate therapy for weight reduction . . .” The results of the meta-analysis support a firm standpoint against this improper indication. Restraints on physicians practicing this therapy can be based on our findings. PubMed and Google Scholar searches (December 2009) revealed no favorable reports on the Simeons Method since the 1995 MetaAnalysis. On the other hand, there have been no significant harmful effects of HCG injections in the medical literature. The diet employed in the Simeons Method provides a daily protein intake below the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) recommendations. The caloric intake of the Simeons Diet is similar to the Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD), but the protein intake is lower than that prescribed in the VLCD in current use. A further criticism of the Simeons Diet is that the amounts of protein per servings do not reach 30 grams – the threshold dose required for the initiation of muscle protein synthesis. Recent studies indicate that HCG injections in men, especially with testosterone deficiency, can produce a slight gain in muscle mass, which is thought to be due to rises in testosterone levels. The dose in the latter study was 250 units twice weekly. However, no studies have been reported that muscle mass changes in patients before and after weight loss with the Simeons Method. Therefore, one cannot assume that weight loss with the Simeons Method will result in a net gain in muscle mass. There are no reports in the medical literature regarding the effectiveness of sublingual HCG.


The combination of educated food choices, behavior modification and exercise can give one a reasonable chance to maintain their weight for many years to come.

Summary: • Numerous clinical trials have shown HCG to be ineffectual in producing weight loss. • HCG injections can induce a slight increase in muscle mass in androgen-deficient males. • The diet used by the Simeons Method provides lower protein intake that is advisable in view of current knowledge and practice. • The overwhelming majority of medical reports are critical of the use of HCG injections in weight loss. • Physicians employing HCG or the diet recommended by Simeons may expose themselves to criticism from other physicians and from local, state and national medical boards. The conclusion of the American Board of Bariatric Physicians: • The Simeons Diet for rapid weight loss is not recommended. • The Simeons Diet is not recommended at all. • The use of HCG for weight loss is not recommended. Many feel that the use of HCG is only a ploy to take advantage of obese people who will do or pay anything that will help them to lose weight. I wrote this article to educate the readers of She Magazine that there is no magic shot that will help you to lose weight short of hard work and dedication to the task at hand. I have found the best way for one to lose weight is through education of the proper foods to eat, the correction of poor eating patterns that is consistent with mindless eating and learning the art of portion control. Taking a selfanalysis of our eating patterns is the first step to achieving ones’ weight goals. Once the weight goal is reached, then maintenance becomes the primary focus. The combination of educated food choices, behavior modification and exercise can give one a reasonable chance to maintain their weight for many years to come.

Dr. Dent only uses Bio-Identical Hormones in his practice. If you have questions about the information in this article, you may contact Dr. Dent at Complete Women’s Health Care in Florence. Dr. Dent is Board Certified in Family Practice and Obstetrics and Gynecology and also holds an Advanced Certification in Menopausal Medicine.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 67

Lake City Concert Series Arts Benefit

april 23&24
5001 North Kings Hwy, Ste 111


Appointments 843-449-4940

Thursday May 6th at 6:30pm Nan Ya Plastics Banquet Hall
featuring Glen Gourley and a Broadway Ensemble Included are fine food and drinks! Tickets - $25 from the Lake City Chamber of Commerce 374-8611
Featuring a silent auction with art from local artists with the proceeds supporting arts education.

It’s spring at Asbury Village
Flowers bloom, birds sing out, and everything seems to come alive. This spring, experience a “rebirth” of your own - at Asbury Village. You’ll enjoy the active lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of - and, with the help of all of our amenities and services you’ll be free to spend your time exactly as you choose. • No entrance or endowment fees • Custom-built, all brick patio homes • Spacious, private apartments • Basic utilities, property taxes, & insurance included • Weekly housekeeping, linen, & laundry service • Interior/exterior maintenance & repair included • Restaurant-style dining with flexible meal plans • Full daily calendar of recreational, social, & cultural activities

For a personal tour, call

& find out about maintenance - free retirement living!

843-664-0700 • www.methodist-manor.com 2100 Twin Church Road • Florence, SC 29501
Methodist Manor of the Pee Dee does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.

Patio Homes • Independent Living Apartments Assisted Living Suites • Alzheimer’s Care Center



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The Lovely Bones:
Osteoporosis – The Silent Epidemic
by Nigel A.R.Watt With Pee Dee Orthopaedic Associates

who has suffered a fracture (a broken bone) has been immediately aware how important their bones are. When we read in Proverbs that “pleasant words are health to the bones”, “healthy bones” and “healthy body” are used interchangeably. Osteoporosis is, indeed,“the silent epidemic,” and the extent and impact on society is considerable. Over half of the population over 50 years of age has either low bone mass or established osteoporosis. One in two women and one in five men over the age of 50 are likely to suffer an osteoporosis-related fracture in their lifetime. For a woman, the risk of occurrence of a hip fracture is equal to the risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer combined. The estimated cost of osteoporosis-related fractures is approximately 20 billion dollars annually. Even though osteoporosis is not a malignant or fatal condition, the consequences and importance are great. Clearly, one of the ways in which we can offer “pleasant words which will bring health to the bones” is to pass on information concerning the detection, prevention and treatment of this significant condition. Here are some of the “bare bones” of the condition. WHO? – Osteoporosis particularly affects post-menopausal women, but men are also affected with incidence occurring approximately ten years older. Caucasians and Asians are at greater risk than Hispanic and African Americans; however, all groups are at risk, and the outcome following fractures is equally severe. There are well over fifty different underlying medical conditions or factors which can cause or pre-dispose to osteoporosis. Risk factors include females, older age, positive family history, low body weight, previous fractures, poor calcium and vitamin D intake, high protein, sodium or caffeine intake, inactivity, smoking, alcohol intake of three or more drinks per day and medications (especially steroids). Underlying diseases include thyroid disease, diabetes, rheumatoid disease, malabsorption, chronic renal disease and multiple other “primary” causes. WHAT? – Osteoporosis is the most common bone disease. It consists of a loss of bone mass where all elements of the bone structure are reduced, resulting in lower bone density. Osteoporosis is not itself painful, but what is painful are the resulting fractures which can occur following even mild trauma in the course of normal daily activities or from a low-energy fall such as a trip and fall from body height. WHEN? – Osteoporosis may develop at any age with underlying diseases but is most common in post-menopausal women and elderly men. The risk of fracture is also influenced by the multiple environmental and personal factors that increase the risk of falling. WHERE? – Osteoporosis affects the entire skeleton, but the resulting mechanical weakness and risks of fractures from falls and other accidents are greatest in the spine (vertebrae), wrist and hip. All fractures can have a significant and permanent effect on the quality of life and independence, but hip fractures have the greatest impact. DETECTION – The diagnosis of osteoporosis and the diagnosis of “low bone mass” is made following a bone mineral density (BMD) measurement. BMD testing is recommended for:


TREATMENT AND PREVENTION – Orthopaedic surgeons, like myself (often referred to as Bone Doctors), are usually involved in the treatment of fractures that occur as a complication of osteoporosis but not in the treatment of the condition itself. Your primary care provider or gynecologist will normally be the best to advise on testing for diagnosis and treatment. A comprehensive evaluation is needed to detect or exclude underlying disease as a cause of osteoporosis or other causes of abnormal bone fractures (which may be more serious and complex than osteoporosis itself). Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis overlaps with the (also important) prevention of fractures and reduction of risk of falls and accidents.

• Speak to your doctor about your risk for osteoporosis and risk for suffering fractures. • Have a medical checkup to exclude or identify secondary causes of bone diseases. • Diet, adequate calcium (at least 1200 mg per day) and vitamin D (1000 IU per day but
often much more in certain individuals).

• Regular weight-bearing muscle strengthening exercises, mainly to reduce the risk of falls
and fractures.

• No smoking. • No excessive alcohol intact (three or more units per day).
MEDICATION TREATMENT – If osteoporosis or low bone mass with high risk of fractures is identified, prescription medications may be recommended. The choice of medications will depend on the individual patient’s requirements and other medical considerations and include biphosphonates, hormone therapy, calcitonin and parathyroid hormone the risks of falls and resulting fractures may not sound easy, but certain steps can be taken to reduce the risks. Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists can help significantly by improving physical, psychological and social independence and functioning. Modifying the home environment to avoid uneven surfaces, improving lighting and providing assistive devices may reduce high-risk activities and injuries. The treatment of fractures associated with osteoporosis follows the same principles of treating any fracture. This involves initial relief of pain and general supportive measures. Hip fractures frequently require surgery for either repair or replacement of the broken part. Spinal fractures less commonly benefit from surgical intervention, but may be helped by external support with bracing and procedures such as Kyphoplasty and Vertebroplasty, which involve injection of cement into the damaged vertebrae. Wrist, shoulder and other fractures may receive nonsurgical (e.g. cast or brace) or surgical treatment, depending on the exact location and shape of the fractured area. Overall, the impact of osteoporosis and treatment of the resulting fractures is a very significant personal, social and economic burden. With our aging population and altering lifestyles, this is likely to be an increasing issue in future years. Those of you who wish to “bone up” on this subject may refer to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (www.nof.org) for more details.


• Women over 65 years and men over 70. • Post-menopausal women and men over 50 who have significant additional risk factors. • Adults over the age of 50 who have suffered a fracture. • Adults with certain medical conditions or medication treatments (including rheumatoid •
arthritis and long-term steroid use). Adults who have been selected for medication treatment of osteoporosis or who are already receiving osteoporosis treatment.

Nigel A. R.Watt, MD, specializes in General Orthopaedics, Hip, Knee and Shoulder Surgery. Originally from England, Nigel Watt, MD, earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Medical Degree from Cambridge University. He completed his General Surgical and Orthopaedic training in London, Cambridge and Edinburgh and received the Diplomas of the Royal College of Surgeons in General and Orthopaedic Surgery (UK equivalent of Board Certification). Dr Watt completed Fellowship Training in Arthroscopic and Joint Replacement Surgery of the Knee, Hip and Shoulder in Florence and Columbia, South Carolina, and served as Associate Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of South Carolina.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 69

104 N. MacArthur Ave Dillon, SC 843-774-9243 1970 E.Hwy 76 Marion, SC 843-423-2492 62 Public Square Darlington, SC 843-395-2252 2151-F W. Evans St. Florence, SC 843-662-0971 205 Kelly St. Lake City, SC 843-394-1494
Merle Norman Cosmetic Studios have been independently owned and operated since 1931.


McLeod Physician Associates is very pleased to announce that Dr. Roland Skinner is now affiliated with the new McLeod Neurological Associates in Florence. Board certified in Neurology and Sleep Disorders Medicine, Dr. Skinner has been treating the neurological needs of area patients since 1987. McLeod Neurological Associates offers state-of-the-art services for a full range of neurological conditions. This includes stroke patients and patients for stroke prevention, seizure disorders, headaches, multiple sclerosis, sleep and peripheral nerve disorders, and neurological complications of other illnesses. Dr. Skinner is also skilled in the performance of Electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies. McLeod Neurological Associates and Dr. Skinner are now welcoming new patients by referral.

Physician Associates

McLeod Neurological Associates, 800 E. Cheves Street, Suite 380, Florence, South Carolina 29506 843-665-4104



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UxçÉÇw à{x VÜÉááAAA
This Easter, we encourage you to believe in the truth that is Jesus Christ.

Accept the JOY. Accept the HOPE. Accept the LIFE.

For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 (NIV)



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 71

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD. Psalm 127

Serving our community since 1987
Open 7:00am - 6:30pm • Low Child / Teacher Ratios 2 Snacks & a Hot Lunch Provided Daily Full Day Nursery & Preschool Programs (6 weeks - 4K) Preschool Teaches ABEKA Curriculum AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM (5K-6th grade) Transportation provided from many local schools: Greenwood, Carver, Savannah Grove, Delmae, Royal, Moore & McLaurin FULL DAY SUMMER PROGRAMS Weekly Themes • Daily Activities Field Trips (4K-6th grade)

Registration for 2010/2011 Summer & Fall Programs open to the public March 15th. We currently have openings for our After School Program (5K-6th grade).

Mullins Location.

1356 Pineland Dr • Florence • 843.667.0318 Debbie Peek • Director dpeek@southsidebaptist.org

Spring into your Perfect Size with
VASER LipoSelection
The Next Generation of Body Contouring Get the body you want with VASER Lipo®.
People come in all different shapes and sizes. Every body type has areas that are predisposed to fat storage and, even with rigorous diet and exercise, those unwanted bulges often persist. VASER® Lipo uses ultrasonic energy to selectively break apart fat deposits for easy, safe removal. It’s a successful way to remove unwanted fat on just about any part of your body.

Call today to discuss your options!
www.advancedwomenscare.com 901 East Cheves Street, Suite 200 • Florence, SC
J. Michael Davidson, MD C. Dale Lusk, MD Paul E. Chandler, MD Mark A. Hucks, MD



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sho p i talk
IT’S A FAMILY THING . . . Connie Thompson, Owner, with daughter, Kelli Noland, and granddaughters, Blaine & Olivia

Ryan McCormick, Deborah Davis, Michelle Garner

ABOUT US: Currently in operation for 75 years,

Bridgers was founded in 1935 by E. B. Bridgers, Lee Hewitt and O. M. Mabry. Later, O. M. Mabry became Sole Proprietor. In 1980, Mike Thompson purchased the business; Mike and Connie Thompson have owned and operated the business ever since. Their eldest daughter, Kelli Thompson Noland, has been with the business since 2000. In addition to being a pharmacy, Bridgers has expanded into a gift shop, as well.

of Marion
WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE: In the hustle and
bustle of today’s society, getting medicine can be a timeconsuming task. Thus, we provide free delivery services within the city limits of Marion. Most chain pharmacies today do not offer delivery services, and this makes Bridgers a more convenient option for customers. Orders placed by noon are delivered on the same day. Orders placed after noon are delivered the subsequent business day.

Bridger’s Drug Store
Also, in May of 2009, Bridgers was awarded accreditation from the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation to be able to provide Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to Medicare Beneficiaries.

OUR STAFF: Bridgers Drug Store is owned and operated by Michael (Mike) and Connie Thompson. Kelli Thompson Noland functions as the Store Manager. Our Pharmacists include Mike Thompson, Meritt Allen, Larry Clark and Shrina Amin. Our Pharmacy Technicians are Shannon Owens, Amanda Thompkins, Sommer Ford, Rebecca Rabon and Amy Richardson. Ryan McCormick is the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Billing Representative, as well as a Pharmacy Technician. Deborah Davis, Shelley Graham, Michelle Garner, Taylor Herlong and Kristin Rewis serve as our Sales Associates. Raymond Britt has been delivering for the store for over 20 years.

WHAT WE OFFER: Bridgers was founded on personal service and special attention, and we continue to operate under that same principal. We currently offer full prescription services. In addition to pharmaceutical services, we offer a wide array of over-the-counter items. Also, we accept most insurance policies and strive to coordinate with physicians’ offices, insurance companies, etc., as needed to ensure that our patients receive their medications. Simply by dialing our phone number, Bridgers offers an automated refill request line that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can also accept refill requests via our website at www.bridgersdrugstore.com.

OUR GIFT LINES: In the last few years, we have extended our gift lines to offer a broader range of items that would suit most needs. Our gift lines include cards, balloons, jewelry, handbags, shoes, scarves and home decor. Most recently, we have added embroidery and monogramming to the list of services that we provide. A sample of our gift lines include: Russell Stover Candy, Lindsay Phillips Switchflops Shoes, OKA b. Shoes and Greenleaf Aroma Décor Diffusers. FIND US: Bridgers Drug Store is located at 325

North Main Street in Marion. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM until 6:00 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Our phone number is 843-423-2682. Our fax number is 843-423-2429. Please send your e-mail address to bridgersdrugstore2@yahoo.com for sale information, specials and updates on gift items.



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74 • April 2010 • She Magazine



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Welcome Springtime! It’s time to burst forth from the confines of winter and blossom! This issue is all about BLOOMING WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED making the glorious most of where your find yourself - now. This month’s feature stories are about women doing just that, along with a special tribute to GENDER BENDERS. These women have found themselves hard at work amongst the boys - and they are blomming!
Feature stories begin on page 76




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E bloom

where you’re planted...


Chrystal Brown
“Working in a male-dominated environment and a not-so-feminine job isn’t really an issue with me.”

Collin M. Smith Photography

is muddy, dirty and smelly, but somebody’s got to do it – and that’s me! I work on my family’s turkey farm in Lamar, South Carolina. It’s actually my dream-job-come-true! I love it! My daddy, Johnny Watford, is the Owner/Operator of the farm. I work right along with him and several other family members who help out from time to time. Daddy has been a farmer all his life, but he actually started the turkey business in October of 1995. I am a Tenth Generation Farmer – and proud of it! I think my daddy is secretly proud of the idea that I’m following in his footsteps; although, he isn’t one for very much outward expression. As far as our relationship goes, we think alike and have the same personality, so it’s easy for me to learn from him. But, this family trait also causes us to – at times – have too much together-time, which brings out a clash in our personalities. It’s a good thing the farm is large enough for us to work on opposite sides for a little while. I’ve always liked being on the farm. I wanted to get involved with the turkey farm from the moment I stepped foot on the property at 7:15 P.M. on October 25, 1995. Yep, I remember the exact day and time the first turkeys came in. Over the years, I’ve helped out with just about everything from getting the houses ready for the turkeys to come in and taking care of them to maintenance of the turkey houses, grounds and equipment. Before I started working full-time, I helped after getting off work as a Medical Transcriptionist. When I started working full-time at the turkey farm, I kept the equipment working, refilled foot pans, ran errands and fed the horses and cows. I didn’t pick up the turkeys in the beginning because I was out of practice from not doing it in a while. After all, I wasn’t exactly building muscles by transcribing all day. When I started fulltime, the turkeys already weighed an average of 45 pounds each. Now, I dispense medication to the turkeys when needed, dispose of the dead turkeys (I can do that now; I couldn’t when I first started), maintain equipment, run errands, order supplies, call in feed inventory, pick up supplies and anything else that needs to be done around the farm. I also haul hay for the horses and cows on the other area of the farm. The toughest thing I have to do is lifting those huge turkeys! Also, the transition of sitting behind a desk for years – and having an allergy to exercise – to working on a farm full-time and being on my feet all day was not easy. What I like most about my job is being able to be outside and not be stuck behind a desk all day. I get

My job

constant exercise, which is helping me to adopt a healthier lifestyle. But, most of all, I love being able to work with family. Most people in the area (99% of which are family) were not surprised by my career choice. After all, as I mentioned before, I am a tenth generation farmer – that includes my grandmothers, aunts and female cousins. As for the other people, I’ve been told that I’m crazy for wanting to work on the farm instead of an inside air-conditioned job. I was actually told by one person, “You have to be the secretary, right, or the bookkeeper. Women don’t do this kind of work.” All I could do was laugh at that man. Here I was covered from head-to-toe with dirt and other substances. “Hmmmm!” I thought, “When is the last time you saw a secretary or bookkeeper looking like this while on the job?! I don’t think this happens on ‘Casual Friday’ either.” Working in a male-dominated environment and a not-so-feminine job isn’t really an issue with me. When I’m at work, I get muddy, dusty and sweaty, not to mention the fact that the whole neighborhood can smell that I’ve put in a day’s work; but, that’s okay with me. After all, I love to go mud bogging – without a truck. When I’m not at work, I like to get dressed up and go out on the town with my husband. I have no problems at all maintaining my femininity. The biggest obstacle to overcome being a woman in this business is, at times, I’m not taken seriously when it comes to ordering parts or equipment from places where the people aren’t familiar with me yet. I have had instances when I’ve been in parts stores or warehouses and the friendly salesman directs every question toward the male standing beside me if I’m with one of the men from the farm. This hasn’t happened when the salesperson is a lady. After all, she’s working in an environment that’s predominantly male, as well. Yes, my job is muddy, dirty and smelly. And, yes, I’m a woman. But, most importantly, I’m a woman who loves her job!

Thirty-seven-year-old Chrystal Brown and her husband, Chris, have been married for seven years. They have a two-year-old son, Chase. She was born in Florence but has lived in Lamar most of her life, which is where she considers to be home. Chrystal graduated from West Florence High School in 1991 and from Florence-Darlington Tech in 1992 with a Certificate in Medical Transcription. She was a Medical Transcriptionist until she happily began working on the family turkey farm. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family, going shopping, going to flea markets and reading books.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 77

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E bloom

where you’re planted...

“Homeowners will look at me and say, “I know you’re not going on the roof!”... I always look at them with confidence and say,

“Why, yes, I am!”

Collin M. Smith Photography



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Amber Wright Benton
Construction Worker
a wife, a mother of two, a housekeeper, a cook and, yes, a full-time construction worker. My husband and I own a construction company, and I’m very active in the business. And, no, I’m not the secretary who answers the calls and shuffles papers all day. My job’s not glamorous. I may be on jobsites supervising a crew of eight to ten men at a time, whether it be from the ground or up on the roof. Other days, I may have my tool box in hand, installing windows with other members of my crew. Trash has to be taken somewhere, so you may find me pulling a double axle hydraulic dump trailer around town heading to the local landfill – which I pull with my personal work truck, a Ford F-250 diesel that I picked out myself. And might I add, seeing a woman at the landfill is not a sight seen too often. I went to college and obtained my Physical Therapy Assistant Degree and worked in the Physical Therapy field from 1998 until November 2000. It’s a field that I’m very passionate about and always looked forward to working in. I was working full-time as a PTA, and Greg was working full-time in finance. Still, we had some extra time and talent, so we began Southern Remodelers in 1998. The business really took off and with great hesitation and a lot of prayer, Greg stepped out on faith and quit his job in finance and opened a mortgage company of his own and started Southern Remodelers full-time. We were blessed from the start with our business, and the Lord opened many doors for us. We decided in October 2000 that I needed to quit my job as a PTA and start helping out. I began by taking care of the office and running the mortgage business – something I really dreaded. I went to school to prevent having an office job and here I was pushing papers. Uuuggghhh! Little by little, I began to learn the construction side of the business. I would go out with Greg to do estimates and ride with him to the jobs. I was learning by watching. Pretty soon, I began taking material to jobs, and it was obvious that my Jeep Cherokee was not an appropriate vehicle for such work. So, it was destined to be; I had to get a truck. And a truck I did get! A Ford F-250 Diesel! When people see me step out of it, they say,“Wow! What a big truck for such a small woman!” Now it was time to learn to pull trailers. And, yes, back them, too – all on my own. And, that I have done, as well. So, now I pull trailers, supervise crews, install windows, estimate jobs, dump trailers, load and unload material and anything else that needs to be taken care of. My husband and I work very closely together. It’s not always an easy task working with your spouse 24/7, but it’s a rewarding one. Sure, it can be a challenge, and it requires a lot of prayer and patience. And, yes, there are a lot of disagreements; but, if you agree to disagree, you’ll be okay and go far. It’ll bring you closer together and make you stronger as a couple. My husband is very proud and supportive of me. We depend on each other a lot, and we’re there to support one another. I couldn’t do it without him, and he couldn’t do it without me. We’re a team. Many customers we encounter admire the fact that Greg and I work so closely together. They say it’s wonderful to see a husband and wife work together the way we do. I’m thankful to God that He has given us a way to be so close to one another. Greg supports me 100% in everything. When someone doubts the capabilities of this small-framed five-foot woman, he assures them, “Looks are deceiving; she’s as capable and competent as I am.” He’ll tell you that I’m a very determined person and I let nothing stand in my way. Where there’s a will, there is a way!


Most people don’t question my capabilities as a female in our line of work. However, there are always a few who do – especially men – up until the point they see me in action. Occasionally, when Greg tells a homeowner that I will be on the job instead of him, they’re a little skeptical. Nevertheless, Greg assures them that I am very capable of handling any job and they shouldn’t have any worries. Homeowners will look at me and say, “I know you’re not going on the roof!” Or, they’ll ask me, “Are you really going to install my windows?” I always look at them with confidence and say, “Why, yes, I am!” Some contractors can’t believe Greg allows me to do the tasks he does. But I don’t do them because I have to; I do them because I want to, and they give me a sense of accomplishment. They’ll ask Greg if I could teach their wives to be as involved in their businesses. We just laugh. I must say that, as a female, I don’t lack respect in this field. The people I work with – vendors, employees and other contractors – have a lot of respect for me. And my guys would never let any harm come to me. They’re always there to lend a helping hand when needed. Being a woman, some things may be a bit harder for me in this field – such as lifting bundles of shingles or setting up ladders – but I always find a way to overcome these challenges. Doing tasks that are not so feminine doesn’t affect my femininity at all, either. As a child, I grew up doing pageants. I also grew up in a neighborhood where there was nothing but boys. So, I’ve learned to adjust with what is at hand. When I was a little girl, on the weekends and when necessary, I’d put on that pretty little dress, fix my hair and makeup and prance on stage with a smile. However, I would also put on my jeans and go out in the woods and the ditches for a game of war with the boys. Even today, I love to get down and dirty with my two boys. But I still love to dress up and go out for a nice meal with my husband or spend time with friends. God has blessed me beyond anything I deserve. He has given me a wonderful, loving husband; two beautiful, healthy boys; a beautiful home; and a successful business. To God be the glory and all credit is given to Him. And, yes, I’m thankful to be a woman working in a man’s world.

Collin M. Smith Photography

Amber Wright Benton has been happily married to her amazing husband, Greg, for fourteen years. They have two boys, Rivers (10) and Hunter (9). She was born and raised in Florence. Amber and Greg are the Owners of Southern Remodelers, LLC, in Florence. She loves spending time with her family.



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E bloom

where you’re planted... GENDER BENDER

Jenni Wiggins
It’s In Her Blood:

Mechanic First Class
As told to She Magazine

people are fortunate enough to get paid for doing what they love. Jenni Wiggins, a Mechanic First Class at Progress Energy’s Robinson Nuclear Plant in Hartsville, is definitely one of those people. “I got my interest in mechanics from my grandfather,” Jenni said. “He was a Master Mechanic, and he would take me to work with him rather than to daycare.” Jenni said that experience sparked her love for taking things apart and putting them back together again, for fixing things that were broken and for working with her hands. “I was his little grease monkey,” she said jokingly. “He would actually sit me up on top of an engine when he was working on it, and I learned a lot from watching him. Even around the house, he was always working on an engine or a car or something, and I was always right there with him.” In 2000, while working as a mechanic on an automated assembly line, Jenni decided to go to school to study electronics. While in school, she applied for a job at Progress Energy’s Sutton Power Plant near Wilmington, North Carolina. “I did well on the tests, and they offered me a job,” Jenni said. “To tell you the truth, when I went to school for electronics, I had every intention of going to work for Progress Energy right from the start. I wanted to work for this company.” At the Sutton Plant, she quickly proved herself as a talented mechanic with an aptitude to work in a very demanding environment. In 2001, she saw an opening at the company’s Robinson Nuclear Plant and applied for the position. “It’s really challenging work, but I like the way Progress Energy does things,” Jenni said. “They want the job done right the first time, and they train you to do that. That sense of getting it right the first time is even more intense in the nuclear side of the business – and it should be. We have very high standards.” When she moved to the Robinson Plant, Jenni was the only woman in the plant’s maintenance shop. But, she quickly found herself to be accepted as “one of the team,” which is exactly what she wanted. “It’s challenging, sometimes, being the only woman in the shop; but, the guys I work with are great. I love the people I work with, and they don’t treat me any differently,” she said. “They pick on me just like they pick on each other. But I can dish it out as


well as they can! That’s when you know you’re a part of the group; they pick on you.” Jenni said Progress Energy’s policy on diversity and inclusion helps make it easier for women to work in a male-dominated field. “When I first got here, I really felt like I had to prove myself to everyone,” she said. “I think anyone feels that way when they start a new job, but I probably felt a little more pressure because I’m a woman. But the culture of the company is that no one is to be treated differently because of who they are. It really is engrained in the culture, and it gave me a lot of confidence because I know that it would not be tolerated – not just by the company but also by the group of people I work with. I know this company actively embraces diversity and inclusion and, sometimes, I wonder if I would have had the same opportunities at another company.” She said that women have real opportunities to excel at the Robinson Plant, where many roles that have traditionally been filled by men are now filled by high-achieving women. “We have female Reactor Operators, Chemistry Technicians, Engineers and Managers,” Jenni said. “And every one of them is in the position because they are good at their job. The nuclear industry is a really good place for women, but it’s definitely not for everyone.” A desire and willingness to learn new things has helped Jenni develop professionally. She’s learning to weld, and she’s considering enrolling in an advanced welding program at nearby Florence-Darlington Technical College. “That’s one thing I love about my job,” she explains. “They actually encourage you to expand your horizons, to grow and learn new things. And that’s an important part of being happy in your job.” Born and raised in Wilmington, NC (where she still calls home), Jenni Wiggins has a small family. A total of eight members include her grandmother, mother, brother, uncle and three cousins, all of which still live in Wilmington. Jenni moved to Hartsville in 2001 to pursue her career with Progress Energy. Now she loves this small town. Friends and family are of utmost importance to her. She enjoys working in her yard, spending time on the water – whether it’s at the beach or Lake Robinson – and entertaining her family and friends.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 81

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E bloom

where you’re planted...

Barbi McDonald Bassham, CPA


Kayce Mines Brock

Ricki Ford Photography



7:15 PM

Page 3

Barbi McDonald Bassham (left) and Kayce Mines Brock

Public Accountants
by Cheri Jordan
various perspectives that the accounting profession provides. I enjoy taking a detailed financial report, analyzing the information, consolidating it into a simplified format and then relaying this information in an effective manner to individuals outside of the accounting field.” As with any profession, there are a few negatives. Barbi does not enjoy the deadlines. “They’re never-ending! It never fails. Every year, I know I’m going to work New Year’s Day and the Fourth of July because a lot of deadlines fall on holidays.” Barbi does feel, however, that she works well under the pressure of the deadlines. For Kayce, the negative would be the stereotypes that are often associated with the accounting profession. She says that people often look at her as a “bean counter” and assume that individual tax returns are all that accountants do. In addition to stereotypes, the recent corporate scandals have also contributed to some negative perception of the accounting profession. I asked the women about obstacles that they face as women in their career. Both agreed wholeheartedly on their answers: The balance of motherhood and their career. While neither of these ladies has children yet, they recognize that mothering is a full-time job in itself, and they know that women struggle with giving their best to their career, as well as their children and family. And though they realize that the accounting profession has always been more of a male-dominated profession, they both feel fortunate that they have faced very little opposition in their field based on gender. Barbi and Kayce are both content and satisfied with their work; but, as with any profession, they have goals and aspirations that reach higher than where they currently are today. Barbi wants to continue to grow personally and professionally. “I strive to one day climb the corporate ladder and become part of the executive management team of a company where my experience and qualifications can be utilized to help run a company.” Kayce aspires to eventually become a member of the management team in a financial role. And while both women have long-term goals, they also both agree that they have already accomplished so much. Among their greatest accomplishments, Barbi and Kayce acknowledge their marriages. Their husbands have been an invaluable support to both women and often are the motivating factor that has encouraged them to pursue their goals and dreams. Both of these women were excited to share their stories with She and hope that they can encourage other young women that may be interested in a career in accounting. Kayce says,“I think Barbi and I break the stereotypical mold of CPAs. We’re young, female and actually like to have fun rather than counting receipts out of a shoe box all the time. I hope this exposure will shine a light on the profession and encourage female readers to pursue a career in accounting. The profession has been very rewarding to me, and I want to share that experience with other individuals.” Barbi wants to encourage readers that may be interested in the CPA profession, “Becoming a CPA can be a very rewarding career with interesting work, a high level of respect and attractive career opportunities. I encourage young women reading this article that have an interest in business and think they may want to become a CPA to set in place the goal to put those three little letters that can have such a big impact behind your name – CPA.”

it’s that time of year again. April 15th is quickly approaching, and we’re all looking at tax deadlines. Some of you out there completed your paperwork long ago; but, others (like myself) procrastinate until the very end. As you gather your papers to head off to a local accountant, who do you expect to see behind the desk? A male or female? More often than not, we assume that a man will be handling our money and our business. For so long, the profession of CPAs has been dominated by men, but two local ladies are helping to break that stereotypical mold. Meet Barbi McDonald Bassham and Kayce Mines Brock. Barbi lives in Florence with her husband, Jason, and their two pets, Bart and Lydia. She is a Senior Tax Analyst with ESAB Welding & Cutting Products of Florence, where she has been employed for five years. Some of Barbi’s responsibilities at ESAB include federal and state tax reporting and compliance, international tax issues, property tax, tax planning and research, cash management and financial reporting. Barbi is a graduate of Francis Marion University, where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration. She recently became a Licensed Certified Public Accountant with the State of South Carolina, and she is a Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants (SCACPA). Kayce is a native of Hartsville, where she still resides with her husband, Mike, and their Basset Hound,Abby. She went to school at the University of South Carolina, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting and a Master of Accountancy. She is well on her way to pursuing her Licensure from the State of South Carolina as a Certified Public Accountant, as well. Kayce is currently employed as a Senior Financial Analyst with Progress Energy at the H. B. Robinson Nuclear Plant. Her primary job responsibilities include budget preparation, budget adherence monitoring, monthly financial reporting, outage reporting and financial projections. Both women knew early on that they were interested in a business career. Barbi discovered her love for accounting when she took her first accounting course in college. The subject matter made sense to her and inspired her to work harder towards achieving her goals. Kayce knew she loved accounting before she was even out of high school. She attended Hartsville High School, where she was fortunate enough to be exposed to several business courses. She took two accounting classes and enjoyed them immensely. “They held my attention and kept me busy,” Kayce says. It was from this initial exposure in high school that she selected to pursue a career in accounting. Barbi and Kayce both have numerous hobbies outside of work that include traveling, shopping, running and exercising and spending time with family and friends. They do feel blessed, however, that they also enjoy going to work. It’s not a mundane drudgery to them, but something that they look forward to. Barbi enjoys the “strategic thinking that is required by a tax accountant to help minimize the tax liability and come up with optimal tax benefits for a company.” She goes on to say,“At the end of the day, it feels good to know that I’ve contributed to the company, and I feel valued and accomplished.” Kayce enjoys her work, as well, because she knows that her work is making a difference. “Financial success is at the heart of every business, and I appreciate the


For so long, the profession of CPAs has been dominated by men, but two local ladies are helping to break that stereotypical mold.

Cheri Jordan is a Florence resident and has been married to her husband, Robert, for eleven years. She is a stay-at-home mom to four children: Abbi, Luke, Savannah and Matthew.



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E bloom

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George-Anne McElveen does it all!
graduating from high school, I attended Peace College in Raleigh, North Carolina. Peace is an all-girls Presbyterian school. I graduated in 1996 with an Associates of Arts Degree. From there, I went to NC State and graduated with an Agricultural Business Management Degree. I was one of the very few girls in my classes. In many, I was the only girl. I got along well with all the boys in my classes and was very active on campus. I was voted in as the first female President of the Agricultural Institute Club. After graduating from NC State, I lived and worked in Raleigh for a few years and then, much to my surprise, I moved back to Marlboro County and bought a house in Bennettsville. I started working for Palmetto Brick a little over six years ago. I was hired as the Office Manager, which is the title that I still have today. Along with the typical Office Manager responsibilities of keeping the office organized and running smoothly, I was also hired to be the Dispatcher for the Florence Branch. Palmetto Brick has their own fleet of trucks and it’s my responsibility to schedule shipments and pick-ups, all the while keeping in mind that each customer needs their materials in a timely manner. It’s not always easy, especially when the building boom was in full swing in the Pee Dee. There were times when it was so busy that not only did we have all the trucks in our fleet running at full capacity, I would also have to hire in trucks from trucking companies that specialize in brick delivery. Palmetto Brick has been manufacturing brick in Wallace, South Carolina, since 1919; we have the distinction of being the oldest family-owned brick company in South Carolina. We also represent about fifteen other brick companies that are spread throughout the Southeastern United States. Organizing all the deliveries and pick-ups, as well as processing all the paperwork that comes along with it, can be a daunting task. But, with the support of the guys in the office, it gets done. There are only four of us at Palmetto Brick of Florence. Mark Howle is our Manager. Marty Lee handles Inside Sales and Customer Service, and Dale Sistare covers Outside Sales. Each of us has welldefined responsibilities, but all of us come together to do whatever is needed. When Mark (our Manager) told me a little over a year ago that we were going to have to lay off our brickyard forklift driver and we’d all be expected to pick up the slack, I didn’t hesitate. On February 10th, 2009, I received my forklift certification after completing the test on the first attempt. I’ve always been the type of person that did whatever was needed to get the job done. I’ve never had the thought that since I’m female, there are things that I can’t do. I think my mindset came from being raised on a farm. You just did what had to be done because no one was going to do it for you. Don’t get me wrong, I miss wearing heels and cute skirts to work. Now it’s blue jeans and steel-toed boots, but I thank God every day that not only do I have a job, but I work for a great company, and I work with people that I consider family. I’ve surprised many people with my ability to operate a forklift, but one of my proudest moments came when a truck needed to be unloaded while our Vice President and CFO were visiting our office. They came out on the brickyard to watch me unload the brick. It made me a bit nervous, but I was glad to show them that not only could I keep the office running smoothly, but I could do whatever else was needed – and do it well!

From office manager to handywoman,


Along with driving the forklift, I also have to hand-load block and mortar into customers’ vehicles. I also take my turn sweeping out the warehouse and restrapping brick. Our former forklift driver also maintained our landscaping. There were many days in the summer that you would see me mowing the grass in front of our office on Cashua Drive. Let me tell you, it is no fun push-mowing the grass in 90+ degree weather with cars going by honking their horns. But I didn’t feel right letting Mark and Marty do it. It wouldn’t have been fair. Thank goodness, we now have a landscaping crew again. I’ve never really thought about myself as being a “gender bender.” In a way, I guess I am. But I really just think of myself as a person that works hard. I’m proud of what I can do, but it’s not something that I’m surprised that I can do. When I was at NC State, I had to take a Tractors and Machinery class. I was the only girl in the class and on the first day of the lab, we were told that we would be split into groups. A huge portion of the semester’s grade came from the group’s ability to tear down and rebuild a tractor engine. When we first started working, one of my teammates was thrilled that I was on his team because they had a “secretary.” It didn’t take long for the other members of the group to realize that I could do more than just take notes and handle the paperwork. By the end of the semester, I was elbow deep in grease and he was taking notes. We got an “A”! The thing I like most about my job is the respect that we all have for each other and the jobs that we do. Palmetto Brick is a great company to work for. It’s a family-owned business and the mentality throughout the company – from top to bottom – is one of respect. I know I’m not being asked to do anything that the men in the highest position haven’t done or wouldn’t do. And that says a lot! Not only about the company as a whole but the family that runs it. I have no doubt that if I called Andy Rogers or his father, Bobby (Owners and Vice-President and President, respectfully) right now and told them that I needed their help, they would gladly lend a hand. The men in my office are wonderful! They don’t look at me as a fragile female nor do they view me as someone that is there to emasculate them. We’re all just here to do a job the best that we can. If I need help loading 75-pound bags of mortar into the back of someone’s pickup, Marty or Mark will be glad to help. And the reverse is true, as well. If they need my help, I’ll be right by their side. Sometimes the customers are a bit surprised when I come out into the warehouse or onto the brickyard to load them; but, most of the time, it’s not an issue. I just loaded a bag of mortar into the back of a brickmason’s truck. When I set it down, he looked at me with widened, surprised eyes and said, “Girl, you are diesel!” I’m hoping that was a compliment. Either way, I’m taking it as one. I met my fiancé, Nelson Blackmon, at Palmetto Brick. His family owns Blackmon Memorials in Darlington, and they engrave brick for organizations to use as fundraisers. It all came together when I was getting a brick engraved for my former boss, John Sanderson. Meeting Nelson through Palmetto Brick solidifies the realization that this is where I’m meant to be.



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Collin M. Smith Photography


George-Anne McElveen grew up in the small community of Drake, which is outside of Blenheim in Marlboro County. Her dad, George, was a farmer, and her mom, Mary, taught third grade in Bennettsville. She has an older brother, John, and a sister-in-law,Tina. George-Anne and her fiancé, Nelson Blackmon, are getting married on April 24th.

Experienced • Accredited • Professional

www.eleganteventssf.com • 843-601-1506



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Kathryn R. Anderson, DVM
by Sharon Bixler
Liz odom Photography

would think staring a one-ton animal in the eye would give you just a hint of fear – or at least a little apprehension. Not so for Kathryn R.Anderson, DVM. My interview with Dr. Katie Anderson certainly blew my Veterinarian paradigms into oblivion. The Veterinary profession had been dominated by men up until the last few years. My pitiful way of thinking went something along the lines of, “If you were a male DVM, then at least you would have a physical advantage, especially when treating large animals.” “Not so,” says Dr. Anderson. “When a large animal looks me over (a barely five-foot, maybe one-hundred-pound woman), they laugh. I am not intimidating at all, whereas a big man definitely may make the animal bristle and think, ‘You’re not touching me!’ It’s all about brain-over-brawn. If your approach is gentle and you convince them it’s their idea, treating them is not a problem.” Dr. Anderson and I talked about some of the prejudices she encountered through the years, beginning in college. She graduated in 1989 from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine – the first class dominated by female students. She recalled several incidents in practicals when the male professors were always harder on the female students, adding that the school now has mostly female professors. (My, my how times change!) Other incidents occurred mostly early in her own practice. She would examine a pet, and the owner would ask, “When is the Veterinarian coming in?” And, men still experience difficulty discussing “private things” about their pets with her. I met Dr. Anderson well over ten years ago, and we have shared many trials, sadness and happy outcomes over the years. I have followed her from practice to practice in Hartsville because of her gentle manner and care for all of our “family members.” She opened her own practice because she “wanted to be able to control the style and type of practice [she] had.” Some of the challenges of starting her own practice were simply the logistics of building the hospital, staffing and stocking the practice, all the while working full-time. “However, I had a wonderful contractor to take the worries from the construction and a sales representative that handled the procurement of drugs and equipment,” she said. “Also, many of my friends helped, doing what they could.” At times, I’m sure she was overwhelmed but most elated with the finished project. Presently, she enjoys the challenge of both a large animal (equine) and companion animal practice, treating approximately twenty animals a day. The last exotic animal to be treated was a pet iguana belonging to Mrs. Floyd’s class.


Two years ago in March, I experienced firsthand what happens when a practice is unable to treat a pet. I vividly remember the afternoon I went back to Dr.Anderson’s office to check on my precious “designer dog” (a.k.a. all-American Mutt). I had taken Abbee in early in the morning in Status Epilepticus (which means she had a continuous seizure for three hours). When Dr.Anderson told me that she could not keep her – first, you could have knocked me over with a feather and, second, I immediately thought,“What do you mean you can’t keep her?! She needs you! I can’t take care of her!” Then, Dr. Anderson calmly and quietly reassured me and explained that she needed to be in an animal “hospital” where there is a Veterinarian on duty twenty-four hours a day. Then, I understood. She said that she has to refer her patients to a specialist about five or so times a month. Thank goodness there are others who offer these special services. (By the way,Abbee recovered and is fine, being maintained on medication.) Stories that end like mine are only part of the joy that being a Veterinarian offers. It’s also the every-day moments when they can make someone else’s day by sending their precious friend home, healthy and happy. A surprising reality in the profession, Dr.Anderson said that one of the biggest dangers a Veterinarian faces is people! I expected “a danger” to be an agitated, hurt dog that needs treatment or something like that. But, no! It’s that agitated-hurt-dog-thatneeds-treatment’s owner! She explained that, sometimes, when an outcome is not what a person wants or expects, emotions become extreme and can get so out-of-hand to the point of actually having to call the police. In regards to the future, Dr. Anderson looks forward to continued advances in both medicines and technology. However, the larger issue for Veterinarians continues to be pet owners who will not take responsibility for basic care spay/neutering and vaccinations. She and her staff continue to support the Darlington County Humane Society through their spay/neutering program and also medical and surgical services as needed. Nevertheless, she admitted that her greatest challenge is balance – her practice/business/on-call time; husband,William of twenty years; and her pets (which include several dogs, cats and horses). Add all that to routine household chores and personal obligations and it leaves very little “down” time. However, she occasionally does have some leisure time to show her horses in dressage competitions. (Although she didn’t mention it, I believe she has a few trophies and ribbons from these competitions, confirming her commitment to excellence.) Our community is blessed to have Dr. Katie Anderson as one of the Veterinary Services available. Her love for animals is written on her face, and the genuine concern for both pet and family is echoed in her voice.

Sharon Bixler is blessed to be the wife of Hal, mother of Holly (Stanley) and grandmother of Ian. She is a Member of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hartsville.



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Major Karen Acosta
Patrol Division Commander Florence Police Department

at the age of five that I wanted to be in the military and to be a police officer. My journey began as a freshman at Rutgers University in the ROTC Program. In my sophomore year, I committed to the Army ROTC Program. Upon graduation from Rutgers University, I was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the US Army Military Police Corps. My first duty station was Fort Ord, California. After that, my Army career took me all over the world to include Presidio of San Francisco, California; Seoul, Korea; Camp Market, Korea; Fort Sam Houston,Texas; Fort Ord, California and Los Angeles, California, as well as drug enforcement work in Honduras. After I retired from the Army, I started my civilian law enforcement career as the Chief of Police in Kingstree, South Carolina. I spent two and a half years in Kingstree and was selected to be a Major at the Florence Police Department. One of the greatest professional experiences of my law enforcement career came when the City of Florence sent me to the FBI National Academy. My present position is the Patrol Division Commander. My job is to oversee the daily operations of the Patrol Division such as the officers assigned to the North and South Region, Community Services,Traffic Unit and Officers assigned to safeguard the City-County Complex. In addition to my Patrol Division Leadership, I am committed to community-oriented policing through various programs such as the Citizens Police Academy and Neighborhood Crime Watch Associations. I am also a Member of the Mayor’s Coalition to Prevent Juvenile Crime and a number of other programs in which the primary task is to assist “at-risk” youth. Being a Police Officer is something special and a profession not entered into lightly. I did not enter this profession for monetary gain but because I truly want to make a difference. My greatest satisfaction comes from helping others versus putting the bad guy in jail. My greatest hope is to make a difference in someone’s life – especially the life of a child. I have the privilege of working with officers who want to make a difference in children’s lives – particularly those “at risk.” The

I knew

Florence Police Department is involved in a number of programs such as Camp FEVER (Fuel to Encourage a Victorious and Evolving Resurrection), the Florence Police Department Educational Basketball Program, the Junior Citizens Police Academy and the Mayor’s Coalition to Prevent Juvenile Crime. I also have the honor to serve on the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Pee Dee Areas. My biggest challenges are to impact families in a positive way and to build relationships in communities where those relationships were not previously strong. This is not only my challenge, but the challenge of the whole Florence Police Department, and we are making positive progress. The men I work with treat me as they do everyone else. I am viewed as a contributing member of the Command Staff, and my opinions, experience and input is valued. The people I come in contact with view me as a Police Officer performing my job. I treat people fairly and firmly, and I haven’t had any issues due to gender. I never give much thought to being a “gender bender.” My career was based on pursuing my childhood dream and the desire to serve. The Florence Police Department currently is approximately 10% female, with me being the only female on the Command Staff. I don’t feel as if there are any disadvantages to being a female in my position. Being a woman in this line of work brings a different perspective in resolving issues. Since my entire career has been in law enforcement – and I have excelled in my life’s work – gender, for me, is not an issue. It’s about doing the best job you can, supporting those you work with and the community that depends on you. Being in a career that some may not see as being feminine, I maintain my femininity by reminding myself that while this is a very fulfilling job and I get great satisfaction from it, my focus outside of work is my family and friends. And I indulge myself with a well-deserved massage and facial whenever I can fit it into my busy schedule.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Karen Acosta has been in Florence for ten years. She is one of four siblings, having two sisters and a brother. She has two wonderful nephews, Brett, a senior at Washington and Lee University, and Rob, a sophomore at Nease High School in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. She enjoys golf and baseball – more specifically the New York Yankees. She’s on the Board of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Pee Dee Area. Karen is also a proud Founding Member of the Florence Veterans Park, having the privilege of working on several committees to establish the park.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 89

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Collin M. Smith Photography



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Tori Taylor
can be full of unexpected adventures that can often turn out to be just what we need rather than the disaster they first appear to be. Tori and Austin Taylor are learning firsthand that sometimes the unexpected circumstances that the Lord leads us through may be huge blessings in disguise. The Taylors and their four-year-old daughter, Tyner, live in Florence. By the time this story is printed, they will have welcomed their second child into the world. Tori earned a two-year Engineering Graphics Degree from FlorenceDarlington Tech and began work as a Detailer in 2000. Her work involved drawing steel joists using a drafting program called AutoCAD. She now works for Aluminum Ladder and uses AutoCAD to draw safety access equipment. While her job is in a more male-dominated field, she has seen the number of women Detailers increase. In college,Tori was often the only girl in most of her classes. Now, however, six of the seventeen Detailers at Aluminum Ladder are women. Tori loves the variety she finds in detailing the safety equipment. Some days, she may work on something structural. Other days, it may involve moving parts. Her job requires great attention to detail because if one small piece is off, it may affect ten other things. Tori finds that her natural bent as a woman is an asset in her work. Many of the projects she works on are time consuming, so the ability to multitask and patience are characteristics that are helpful and needed. When Tori first started working as a Detailer after college, she found that sometimes men seemed to have a hard time relating to women in the work field. At times, they almost seemed uncomfortable or scared about what they could or couldn’t say around women. As the number of women Detailers increased, that seems to be less of an issue. Last summer, after being with the company only six months, Tori was sent on assignment to Louisiana to take field measurements for two weeks. While it was difficult leaving her husband, Austin, and little girl,Tyner, for that length of time, it was also an honor to be given the opportunity. In a sense, it felt like a small victory both professionally and as a woman in a male-dominated field. The last nine months have been full of challenges and changes for the Taylors. Soon after Tori returned from her out-of-state job assignment, she became pregnant. The family was surprised and delighted. Austin worked in lumber sales for fifteen years and in November 2009, he was laid off. Suddenly,Tori and Austin were faced with some circumstances they were not expecting. At one time, Austin had encouraged Tori to go back to school for a nursing degree, but she felt that field just wouldn’t fit her personality or skill set. When Austin found himself without a job, the conversation turned to the possibility of him going to school for nursing.

by Erika Chapman
He prefers not sitting behind a desk all day and enjoys being on the go. So, now, Austin is enrolled at Florence-Darlington Tech, taking prerequisite classes with the goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. Roles have also shifted in their household a bit because Austin’s schedule allows more flexibility to take on more household duties, and he’s more available to take care of Tyner during the day. The circumstances they have faced as a family over the last nine months were definitely not what they would have “planned.” Nevertheless,Tori recognizes the goodness of God in them. She has seen God more at work in her life during this season than ever before. Experiencing a shift in roles as a couple has given Austin and Tori a deeper appreciation for each other. She has seen God work in the details of their lives. For example, the fact that Austin made it into the next semester’s classes, even though it was the end of November when he went to register, was definitely a blessing, as well as the coincidence that the birth of their baby will fall during his spring break from classes. This season has increased Tori’s faith, and it has strengthened her marriage. Indeed, the past few months have been stressful, and she recognizes that more stress will come. But none of it compares with the peace she has found as she has been forced to fully rely on God. So, even though she faces the adventure of another child and Austin’s new career,Tori is confident that she can depend on God. She knows that He is the greatest Detailer of all.

“...Tori is confident that she can depend on God. She knows that He is the greatest Detailer of all.”


Erika Chapman lives in Florence with her amazing husband and three busy little boys. She gets excited about discovering a great read, NewSpring Church and sharing her most recent adventures at www.erikaivory.wordpress.com.



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“To keep my feminism in check, I will occasionally wear my heels to work.”

Collin M. Smith Photography

Mandi BrewerAllen

the Manager of Don’s Car Crushing in Sellers, South Carolina – a position typically held by men. My grandfather started the company in the 1940’s. From there, it went to my uncle and then to his son, Donnie Brewer, who is the current owner. Growing up, I wanted to be a race car driver. I guess that being a woman in a man’s world has always been my dream. Now, I love working in the junkyard. It never gets boring for me because every day is different. A typical day for me, however, is weighing trucks in and out, paying customers, arranging trucks for shipments and supervising the men who work there. I also go out and look for scrap metal to buy. One day, I might be knocking on someone’s door if they have old cars in their yard or I may be at a factory making a deal. I also deal with issues involving our heavy equipment, which could be anything from a unit breaking down to ordering fuel. Some days, you can even find me on the yard riding our Case Front-End Loader. The fact that it’s sometimes hard for the guys to take orders from me can be intimidating at first, but I have to remind myself of my responsibilities. The men I work with have accepted my role, and we constantly provide each other with feedback. Sometimes, my employees have a hard time

I am

taking orders from a woman, especially those younger than I am since I’m only 28-years-old. However, they do realize I know what I’m talking about since I’ve been in this business all my life. They also know that I wouldn’t tell them to do something that I wouldn’t get out there and do myself. I have no problem putting on my boots and walking through mud to look at a junk car. (To keep my feminism in check, though, I will occasionally wear my heels to work.) The biggest obstacle of being a woman in this business is getting others – especially men – to take me seriously. I have to work harder to prove to myself to them. I think some try to take advantage of the fact that I’m a woman. But, I must admit that I get a feeling of empowerment when they realize they cannot take advantage of me. Yes, men definitely do see me differently. And I love proving to them that I know what I’m doing. To me, that’s an accomplishment. There are several perks to being a “gender bender.” The most important to me is having others realize that a woman can succeed in a man’s world. But, what I like most about what I do is the fact that I’m carrying on a family legacy.

Mandi Allen and her husband, Chad, have one son, Joseph. She grew up in Hemingway, but she has lived in Effingham for four years. Her parents are Dewey and Rena Brewer. Outside of work, Mandi enjoys spending time with her family, reading, racing and boating.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 93

Our Assisted Living
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Vanessa Brown
“We had a choice to make – stay where life was nice and comfortable or be obedient to God.”
a planner – the list maker, organizer, color-coded, calendar-type of planner. God gets a kick out of my plans and frequently reminds me of who’s really in control. Surprise! Surprise! It’s not me! He got a real good laugh out of my plans when I moved from Mexico to South Carolina to attend Charleston Southern. I intended to move up for a year or so, experience something new and then head back home to continue on with life. I was not going to marry an American guy. And most definitely not someone going into the ministry! I ended up meeting, falling in love with and marrying Michael – handsome, funny, godly. Most importantly, though, he was a business major. God sure does have a sense of humor ‘cause just two years after our wedding, we moved to Texas. Not for a great, big money-making job. No! We moved to Texas for seminary! The transition was a difficult one. I’ve learned most transitions are for this planner of a gal, but we eventually settled into a great life in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Michael completed seminary. We had great jobs, great friends, bought a house and even got a puppy (also not part of my plan). Life was grand. And, although we were away from all family, we were prepared to live in Texas the rest of our lives. To my surprise, God didn’t really care how prepared we were to stay in Texas or how grand a time we were having there. He had a different plan. After four years in Texas, God called us to Anderson, South Carolina, to be part of NewSpring Church. We were sad to leave Texas; but, at the same time, we were excited about moving closer to family and getting involved in a growing church. Things didn’t go as I had planned at first, and the move was very difficult. Transitions are not easy for me. But, thankfully, God has it all under control. Life in Anderson got better with time. Dare I say, life was great? He provided an amazing group of friends for us. I absolutely loved my job more than I ever had before. We loved being part of God’s move at NewSpring. We had the perfect house. And if things weren’t going well enough for us, my mother-in-law was

‘Sow’ Not What I Planned
able to care for our little boy during the week – for free! Could life get any better?! We sure as heck didn’t think so. And this time – for real – we were done with moving. Anderson is where we wanted to stay, grow our family and live forever! I'm sure you can guess where this is going . . . In November of 2007, after three and a half years of living in Anderson, God started to reveal a new plan for us. This one was the scariest and most difficult to accept. He was asking – no – He was telling us it was time to move again. And, this time, He planned for us to move to Florence. Florence! Of all places, Florence was not on the top of any list we would have made. And, he wanted us to start a church! Also, not at the top of the list. “He must have gone crazy!” “What in the world is God thinking?” “Florence?” “Start a church?” It was all too much for us to process, so we kept quiet. (You know. If you don’t tell anyone, you don’t have to do it, right?) We prayed and prayed and prayed – for months. He didn’t change His mind. He was very clear about the location and about what He wanted us to do. We didn’t expect to uproot our family again; we did not want to start over. This was not part of our plan. We had a choice to make – stay where life was nice and comfortable or be obedient to God. We were obedient; but, I must admit, not without some kicking and screaming along the way. I sure do know how to throw a fit (proud moments, indeed). This time I’d had enough experience with moving to know that it would not be easy. Tears would be shed, friends would be missed and comparisons would be made. But, with time, life would not only get better, it would be great again. And, it has been.


Vanessa Brown is savoring life in Florence with her amazing husband, Michael, her active three-year-old, Matthan, and she is anticipating the arrival of Baby Girl. She enjoys blogging at www.vanebrown.wordpress.com, and she loves serving at NewSpring Florence.



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Florence officially launched in January of 2009, and throughout the year, we’ve witnessed tremendous growth. But, most importantly, many lives have changed. We have met some truly amazing people and have some pretty cool friends. We’ve moved into a lovely home with a nice sized yard for that dog we still have. Our little three-year-old is loving life and looking forward to being a big brother next month. The move has been hard. Michael’s job isn’t easy. We face many challenges week after week. We moved out of a very comfortable life and into one with so many more new and out-of-our-comfort-zone experiences than we could have ever imagined. But, we are happier – truly happier – than we have ever been before. We’ve seen God at work and moving in ways that we have never experienced Him before. And that makes it all worth it. We know this is just the beginning, and already life in Florence is great! Although I won’t say it can’t get any better. I’ve learned my lesson! Our personal experiences have involved a lot of moving, changes in jobs, friendships, homes – this is what God has chosen to use as a pruning process for us. Your experiences, challenges, ups and downs may look completely different. The process of not only growing into who God has called you to be, but blooming in His plan for you may look completely different, but we all go through a process. Blooming into God’s purpose requires work, time and patience – all things I’ve experienced with each and every single move. He prunes, revealing – although sometimes hurtful – the things in me that need to change. He always provides every single thing we need to grow and bloom in the place where He has called us to be. A little water in the form of new friendships, some fertilizer in new opportunities and good soil to land on, allowing us to dig our roots in and grow. He requires us to put in some work, some time and effort and, most definitely, practice patience. But, in time, a new seed begins to sprout, and we begin to see glimpses of His purpose and His plan. And you know what? It’s all worth it. Even if it wasn’t how I planned it.




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E bloom

where you’re planted...


Liz Odom Photography

Melissa Bradshaw
“I think an advantage of being a woman in this industry is the fact that a woman has a natural instinct to care for animals.”

Farm Manager
the Farm Manager at Palmetto Arabians, LLC. The farm consists of four state-of-the-art barns with 45 acres of pastures for the horses to enjoy. The staff consists of a maintenance crew and me. My responsibilities include general farm maintenance and horse care. I’m in charge of breeding the horses using artificial reproductive technology. I manage the breeding stallions’ collections and shipping schedule. I’m also in charge of foaling out pregnant mares in the springtime and marketing the young horses we have for sale. I was drawn to this career because of my love for horses. It’s a facet of the horse industry that doesn’t involve as many politics as being a horse trainer. I participated in a Breeding Internship while at North Carolina State University, and I really enjoyed it – even though the hours were crazy. Just as in human births, you can’t determine when horses are going to give birth either. Although my job could be considered one that is male dominated, I’m not so sure I consider myself a “gender bender.” Girls are always horse crazy. Sometimes, though, I catch myself on the tractor or fixing a fence. I definitely feel like I might be one then. It’s not often you see a girl doing those jobs. Being a female makes my work more challenging because being a handyman can be trying for me!


Three men work at the farm with me, and they are great! Sometimes I think they might not be so happy when they hear me calling for help, though. That’s because they know that I need some serious help if I have resorted to call for them! I think an advantage of being a woman in this industry is the fact that a woman has a natural instinct to care for animals. Each and every mare that I bred, every one that I checked as pregnant, every one that I watched as her belly grew and assisted with having her foal – they have all been special to me. And every foal that has been born feels like it is my own baby! With that being said, foaling season is the best part of my job. Being involved in foaling out mares is very rewarding after waiting 340 days for a mare to have a full-term pregnancy. You never know what you’re going to get! Being in a career that’s not seen as being very feminine, it’s still easy to maintain my femininity. Actually, that’s not even an issue. Yes, I wear jeans, boots, sweatshirts and my hair is up in a ponytail every day. But a shopping trip, a day at the beach or getting dressed up for a night out with my husband usually brings out the girly side of me really easily. I love horses, and I work on a horse farm. I’m surely blooming where I was planted.

Melissa Johnson Bradshaw and her husband, Eddie, have been married for little over a year. She has been in Florence for almost seven years. She is a North Carolina State University Graduate. Her very large family consists of six half brothers and sisters. Pawleys Island is her favorite place in the world and a day at the beach there is the best. She also enjoys traveling, going to horse shows and spending time with her family.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 97



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E bloom

where you’re planted...


Rose Mary Parham
Liz odom Photography

by Ferebe Gasque
the beautiful, model-like young woman walking into the restaurant, one would never guess she could possibly be the mother of five and certainly not a tough-on-crime prosecutor. But, looks can be deceptive. Rose Mary Parham is both of those. As a little girl growing up, Rose Mary Sheppard dreamed of being a wife, a mother, and a professional woman. Her parents always encouraged her to be independent and productive. She knew she wanted to have the ability to provide for herself, even though she hoped to have both a career and a family. The logical thing to do after finishing high school in Orangeburg was to go to college. Which college to attend was never a concern. After all, she grew up in ORANGEburg (sorry, just couldn’t leave that alone)and her dad (and several other family members) was a Clemson graduate. She received her BA in English from Clemson (probably with a very high GPA, though she would never say so), she entered Law School at the University of South Carolina. In the meantime, she had fallen in love, as well. So, she and her new football-player-husband moved to Alabama when he was offered a coaching job there. In Alabama, she was able to complete her law degree, continuing to work on her personal goals. As often happens to coaches, another move was in the cards and, as a result,Texas was introduced to a beautiful, strong, confident, capable, South Carolina woman who very successfully served as Assistant District Attorney for the Lone Star State for the next four years. In addition to practicing law, Rose Mary also began fulfilling another part of that little girl fantasy of becoming a mother. Unfortunately, not all fairy tales come true exactly as we envision them and Rose Mary’s marriage to her college sweetheart ended. Not to be thwarted in her dreams, however, she returned to South Carolina and was hired by the US Attorney’s office in Florence. Through this new position, she met and married Brad, who was at that time an Assistant US Attorney in the Greenville office. After they married, Brad was transferred to the Florence office, where they continue to “put away the bad guys” together. Rose Mary and Brad added three additional children to the household. Rose Mary says the only way she is able to juggle her life and to do so much effectively is because she has such a wonderful husband. She also gives accolades to Ms. Louetta, who is their right hand in helping keep the family and house running smoothly.

To see

Rose Mary loves all of her jobs. She loves being a wife and mother because those roles keep her grounded. She is reminded each day by her family what is really important in this life. Isabelle (14) and Harriotte (12) are in the International Baccalaureate program at Williams and Wilson. Margaret (8) and Mary Tindall (6) attend Royall Elementary School. Arthur (4) is in the Montessori program at McLaurin Elementary. Rose Mary and Brad feel that having their children in public school is yet another way to invest their lives in the community. That stability also helps her to fight harder to ensure those who have committed crimes receive the appropriate punishment. Being a prosecutor is not an easy job. It is her responsibility to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Her commitment to what is right, and to keeping this a safe place where her children can grow up and be anything they want to be, encourages her to keep on keeping on, even when the work is difficult. She has successfully prosecuted many crimes in the past eleven years, since coming to Florence. Several of the most recent notable are the Hanna case in Johnsonville (where the City Manager was murdered by her husband), Kenneth Hinson (who held the girls in the underground bunker), and Timothy Poole (who murdered his adoptive parents). The co-worker who nominated Rose Mary also said,“She and Brad are very active in the Methodist church in Florence. She is a very friendly person and handles a huge amount of responsibility almost without effort. Rose Mary has the largest case production in South Carolina for the US Attorney’s Office. She also handles a real estate rental business from home at night while attending every single function for her 5 children. Rose Mary Parham is quite an inspiration to everyone who knows her and is a fantastic role model for young women.” Rose Mary was honored when she discovered that one of her peers had nominated her months ago to be featured in She Magazine, which she reads regularly. Since being intervied for this Gender Bender issue (never one to sit on her laurels), Rose Mary announced her plans to resign her position as an Assistant United States Attorney in order to run for Solicitor. In addition to her new political quest, she will be opening her own law office where she will continue to practice law, in her pursuit of truth and justice. This same beautiful, model-like, forty-year-young woman is determined to do everything she can to keep her adopted home town and surrounding areas a safe place where her children and their friends can grow and thrive.

Ferebe Gasque loves the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends by telling their stories to the readers of She Magazine.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 99

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E bloom

where you’re planted...


Rosanne Wallace Black
“I’m back at home. I’m going to bloom where I was originally planted.”
raised in Marion. When my family and I moved back to Marion, we were fortunate enough to be able to move back into the house that I lived in when I was four or five years old. Life growing up on Northside Avenue was fun, with lots of children living on the street at that time – most of which were boys who wanted to play army. Therefore, the girls were the nurses. You weren’t a true member of the neighborhood unless you had fallen into the ditch that was behind my house. Even my Mom! Also, my Dad built a great treehouse in our backyard, which was always very busy. I moved away from Marion when I went to Columbia College in 1973. I was even gone in the summers as I usually spent them working in Myrtle Beach. I met my husband, Greg, on a blind date in Columbia. I graduated from college in 1977, and we were married in 1980. Columbia is where we stayed for four years. Then, we began a series of moves. First, to Louisville, Kentucky, then to Memphis, Tennessee, and finally to Myrtle Beach, where we lived for twenty years. We started thinking about moving again after our youngest daughter finished high school. My Mom needed some help, so we started applying for jobs in the Marion area. Greg had already applied for his current job when Mom fell and went to McLeod Hospital and eventually to McLeod Hospice. We met so many people there and now have the privilege of being part of their ministry team. We lost Mom in November 2008 and moved to Marion in January 2009. I found out about the museum position when I saw an ad advertising the opening for a Director. I had put in an application to the school system, but the hiring freeze came and put a halt on that. I think that was one of those times when God closed the door but opened a window. I’d say he opened one super window! I applied for the Museum Director’s job and was hired. I love it! I feel like I’ve found my niche here in Marion. It seems that the job calls for some teaching, some event co-coordinating, some fundraising and I’m surrounded by lots of history. I love everything about being the Museum Director! What a blessing to love your job.

Museum Director, Marion County Museum


I was

And, yes, I’ve heard the saying,“You can’t go home again.” That certainly doesn’t apply to me because I think it’s been wonderful to go home again. It was a good move for me. When you lose both your parents in a short time, you need friends to “love on you.” And that’s what moving back to Marion has felt like to me – a big hug. There’s nothing like being in your hometown – a place where the people loved your parents, they loved your grandparents – and they love you. It’s comforting and soothing to hear stories that begin with, “I remember when . . .” about your family. I guess you’d call all those stories special treasures. I appreciate life in a smaller town now because it has a feeling of a community; people care about you and your family. Of course, some of the larger places we’ve lived have all had good things about them, but people are more transient and less connected with their neighbors. Nevertheless, I think I learned the lesson that you should do your best to bloom – no matter where you are planted – the first time we moved. It really didn’t do any good to focus on the negative things and make myself miserable. After wasting some time, I learned that it’s much better to focus on the positive things and make the best of wherever I am. God places you where you’re supposed to be, so there must be something good about that place – no matter where it is. And there must be something you’re supposed to learn from it. Usually, it’s preparation for your next job, move or situation. I want to make the most of returning to Marion by trying to do my best at the Marion County Museum through sharing the history of our county and planning lots of fun events, some fundraisers and educational events. That’s one of the perks of my job as Director – getting to meet so many wonderful people that I wouldn’t ordinarily meet. My parents always taught me to do the best job I can – even when no one is looking. And that helps me with another goal, which is to reconnect with old friends – and make lots of new ones. I’m back at home. I’m going to bloom where I was originally planted.

Rosanne Wallace Black and her husband of almost thirty years, Greg, have three children: Jonathan, a Citadel Graduate, now working in Chicago as an Engineer;Wallace, a University of South Carolina Graduate, who works for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; and Caroline, a Sophomore at the University of South Carolina, majoring in Sports Management. Her parents are Brownie and Bettie Wallace of Marion. Rosanne enjoys scrapbooking, working in the yard, photography, baking sourdough bread and decorating.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 101

April 30th at 7pm
•Sample food of “Anything Butt BBQ” contestants •Nicki & DaBlooze Band playing country/rock/blues •Participate in the “I Love My Blue Jeans” contest

May 1st, 9am-3pm
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102 • April 2010 • She Magazine

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She Magazine • April 2010 • 103

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are well trained & specialized in the care of the cardiac patient. Together with your primary care physicians we strive to maintain continuity of care; with the patients’ best interest in mind.

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No Referral Necessary



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Collin M. Smith Photography

Six-year-old Mary Claussen Jones has a smile that will light up the world! She attends the Montessori Program at McLaurin Elementary; but, she still loves to play school.
In her spare time, she


Taylor Swift and being a great BIG sister to her two-year-old sister,Tyler. Also, she is learning how to play tennis just like her daddy. Mary Claussen is so to her family because she is willing to to those less fortunate. She loves to support any organization that is raising money and conducting canned food drives. She has just discovered what the Manna House is and their purpose and is already asking to volunteer.

singing and dancing




She has a big heart for others and is always asking how she can help. Mary Claussen is a special little girl who is already an integral part of a better world.
This month’s “Wee She” was submitted by Mary Claussen’s mom, Dana Jones. If you would like to nominate a little girl for “Wee She,” send an e-mail to editor@shemagazine.com with “Wee She” Nomination as the subject.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 105

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a Little


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pring has sprung, daffodils are out and the Bradford pears are astinkin'. And, apparently the human spare tires have inflated since last year at this time.

Sincerely Yours, By Jumana A. Swindler
opened the bottom drawer of my armoire, where shorts and tees and hot weather clothing are kept and enthusiastically pulled out one of the bathing suits I bought this past August.Ah, I thought, it’s almost time to have fun in the sun again, to frolick in frothy salt water and bask in heavily chlorinated pools. Eagerly, I slipped on the garment in preparation for my favorite season to begin. That’s when I noticed it…the shrinkage. The suit was indeed tighter in key areas, specifically those that begin in B – like Buttocks, Belly and Bosom. It was obvious that some mysterious virus had attached itself to the fabric in those locations and made them smaller. Alarmingly, this material was also the good stuff, cleaned and pressed cottons with even some of the sales tags still attached. None of these garments were like the new styles on display at area stores --- pre-wrinkled, pre-faded and pre-junky looking. Wouldn’t it be cheaper for folks to just sleep in their outfits instead of investing in this season’s fashions? I started to panic, thinking this could be the new wave of chemical warfare developed by enemy forces in the world, especially after I noticed the same problem in some of the other items in the drawer. Primarily, the fitted shorts and tops weren’t fitting. They were clean and neat, pressed and some even still had the sales tags attached. It was necessary for me to seek help and I went straight to the scientific approach. I traveled over to see my friend,Vicky. She’s a nurse with a specialization in epidemiology. (That means she studies epidemics, not causes them.) At any rate, she tried to reassure me that her analysis of the situation eliminated any theory I had about a dangerous disease-carrying bug that tightened summer fashion-wear. “Listen kiddo, there’s a simple solution to this,” she said, obviously squinting at my chin. “What’s wrong,” I said, worried, “Am I breaking out in a rash, too?” “No.” said Vicky calmly.“I was trying to identify the chocolate-like substance caked on your skin.” Frustrated, I explained that it was a chocolate-like substance. Chocolate syrup. I had eaten my daily hot fudge sundae on my way over. “But that’s not the issue here,” I yelled. “I want to know what’s caused my wear to warp!” Gently, Vicky explained my miscalculation – that it wasn’t the material that had changed in shape, but was the product I was filling it with, like parts of my body, that had changed proportions. That’s when I said it….. I rarely explode into four letter expletives, but it just came out: DIET!!!! I’ll have to diet. So the journey has begun again. Cutting calories, factoring fat grams and fretting over forgetting those fried foods. It has to be done almost every year at this time. But have you ever noticed that when you’re trying to avoid over indulgence, food temptations seem to be constantly dangling before you – even in simple conversations. Sentences are full of enticements ---


Cheese, did you see her hair? We had a meaty discussion regarding that plan. He’s such a fruit cake. That’s as easy as pie to do. Don’t let them fudge on their order. I mean really!!! How can you get way from it? Certain canines are called weiner dogs, making a fist is called a knuckle sandwich, responding with a negative spitting sound is called a raspberry. People’s heads are called noodles, fun friends are called nuts or their jokes are corny. Almost everything can be translated into a carbohydrate! But dieting has to be done. Not dieting can cause stress on a large scale. I mean it can really weigh heavily on your mind in summer. What I meant to say was that it can also lead to wide spread misery. “I tell you what,” Vicky said the other day. She noted that the only thing worn thin by my weight reduction efforts of late were my nerves. “Sometimes moving furniture around improves your moods. Just move your bathing suits and summer stuff you’ve been concerned about to another drawer. Maybe the clothes will grow back by next year. Just buy some new things for now….” Gosh.Why didn’t I think of that.Thanks Vicky. I owe you a chocolate Sundae.

Jumana A. Swindler, a resident of Florence, is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for McLeod Health. Her personal favorite pastimes, reflected in her writings, are RV'ing, movies, Theater, fishing, reading and spending time with her son and family.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 107

Spring Clearance! Additional 25% off Storewide

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(843) 332-2221 • 202 South 2nd Street Hartsville
Accredited by Community Health Accreditation Program



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The Little White Dress
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In September 2009, a new full-service bridal boutique opened at the Rainbow Harbor Shopping Center in Myrtle Beach. Specializing in wedding gowns, dresses for the bridal party and the Mother of the Occasion, The Little White Dress is the only fullservice bridal boutique of its kind in the Myrtle Beach area. Service and attention to detail is what the store is all about. Brides deserve an amazing experience when they shop for the dress that they are going to get married in. The ladies of The Little White Dress are trained consultants and create a calm and inviting environment for the bride to try on the gowns of her dreams. When we first opened our boutique, we purchased an ad in She Magazine with the hope of reaching a broader base of potential clients other than the immediate Myrtle Beach market. Recently, we participated in The Wedding Showcase at the Florence Civic Center and met many potential brides. We were so excited to hear from the beautiful Florence brides and area vendors that they recognized our name and logo from our ads in She Magazine! As a new business, one of the most important goals is to get your name out that you are open and in business. She Magazine helped us do just that! We are in the business helping brides find the dress of their dreams, and She Magazine is helping us by putting our ads in front of brides. The Little White Dress is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Appointments are preferred. Call us at 843449-4940, or visit our website at www.thelittlewhitedress.net. Friend or fan us on Facebook.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 109



12:00 PM

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Music me and
by Ferebe Gasque
To be one who is famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) for NEVER being at a loss for words, I often have difficulty coming up with an appropriate subject for my She Magazine articles until the last minute. This month is no exception. I love spring. I love flowers. I do NOT have a green thumb. I have, in fact, worked in a few “gender-bender” arenas. I am a seminary graduate and was for awhile a Minister of Music, title and all. There aren’t lots of women who do that. There really weren’t many of us in the early eighties. Then, there was the time I worked for a construction management company onsite. That was fun. And educational. And, I was definitely in the minority there. The guys suggested I put “Mom” on my hard hat (which I did… in fact, I still have it). Of course one of the reasons was that “Ferebe” wouldn’t fit. I lived in South America for a year, teaching Missionary Kids. That wasn’t “gender-bender” but it was a great year. Hmmmm… maybe another month for that one. Hopefully, though, I am blooming where I am planted now. Back at home. I’ve mentioned before that when my mother died I began searching for my “new normal.” I wish I could tell you I’ve found it. Two years later, though, that isn’t the case. Perhaps my “new normal” isn’t a place but a journey. One of the current stops on my journey is at McLeod Hospice House where I have been privileged to serve as Music Therapist since November of 2007. I am only there two nights each week, funded through the McLeod Foundation, but those two nights are life-changing for me. Sometimes they are meaningful to the patients and families and staff, as well. My position at Hospice House did not just happen. It was a long, God-directed path that led me there. However, that too is another story for another day. As I was pondering my subject, though, I decided it was time to enlighten folks who read She Magazine of a profession that is not as well-known as doctor or lawyer or construction worker or even minister. The allotted number of words do not allow me to tell you everything about the amazing world of Music Therapy. I’ll definitely try to hit the high spots. I feel a sequel coming at some point! The official definition, according to the American Music Therapy Association, says:“Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.” Most music can be therapeutic (there are some kinds that aren’t therapeutic to me, but everybody’s different). But, having the ability to perform music does not make one a music therapist. My training in Music Therapy began after I already had a Masters Degree in Music. But, as I sat in classrooms at Florida State University, I realized who I really was. I think I had always been a music therapist at heart; I just didn’t know what to call it. And, since I didn’t have any formal training in the field, I couldn’t be one, anyway. However, after classes in Anatomy and Physiology (not one of my shining moments) and Special Education and Abnormal Psychology and Behavior Modification and… well, you get the picture, I finally completed my course work. That’s when the fun began! It was my honor and privilege to intern at the Florida State Hospital in Chattahoochee. Though it was physically and emotionally taxing, I would not trade anything for the experiences I was able to have during those six months. After successfully completing my internship, I was required to sit for the national Board Certification Exam. Certification must be renewed every five years, either through continuing education credits or by retaking the exam in the fourth year of the five-year cycle. Most people, I don’t think, realize how much work is required to be a professional in many fields. Those who love their jobs, those who see them as a calling rather than a position, help to spread that false conception. As a Music Therapist, I want people to feel comfortable with my presence and to be improved (in whatever their area of need) when I leave. That,I believe, is the viewpoint of most professionals who really love what they do. At Hospice House, I do not often use a lot of the training I am required to master. Most often, I am in the rooms with the patients and families to provide comfort care, support, pain alleviation (so less medication is required), and assistance with respiration. My training helps me to know what to sing or play, at what tempo, at what volume, and even when not to provide music in a given situation. I am grateful for the experiences and for the things I learn each week from those I serve. So, I suppose though I still haven’t found my “new normal” (if it even exists), I hope to continue to bloom where I am planted. For further information about Music Therapy, please feel free to contact me at ferebe.she@earthlink.net, to join the Music Therapy Association of South Carolina fan page on FaceBook, or to check out www.musictherapy.org and www.cbmt.org. For those of you who are interested in my ongoing cyberdating saga, the mystery man is scheduled to be visiting in Florence in May…

Ferebe Gasque loves educating folks about the wonderful world of Music Therapy, being the Music Therapist at McLeod Hospice House, and serving on the SC Task Force of the American Music Therapy Association and the Certification Board for Music Therapists.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 111

Gifts Accessories


American Lighting
809 2nd Loop Rd • Florence • 667.0336

April Specials:
Relaxation Foot Bath • Serenity Massage • Tranquility Facial • Dosha Body Treatment

Services Include:
Facials • Chemical Peels • Nail Care Aromatherapy Massage • Body Treatments • Microdermabrasion
At The McLeod Health & Fitness Center 2437 Willwood Drive • Florence

Gift Certificates Available

To schedule an appointment or for a full menu of services, call 843-777-3200 or visit us at www.mcleodhealth.org



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She is more than just a magazine. She is a movement!
A movement fueled by loyal readers who are passionate about what they find within the pages each month. It’s a well-known fact that women make or influence over 80% of all consumer purchase decisions. But the opportunity to market to the female segment runs deeper than the supermarket checkout. In essence, women are three consumers in one: They are buying for themselves, they are buying for their families and in more and more cases, they are buying for business. Want more proof that your business needs to tap into the

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Over 275 businesses advertise in She Magazine because they know that targeting the SHEconomy is smart, and they advertise consistently because

She gets results.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 113



ENJOY! Join us on Facebook!

Pee Dee State Farmer’s Market

2513 W. Lucas St. Florence

1800 2nd Loop Rd., Suite 1 Florence, SC 29501 Don Walter, Center Director


Spring Style!
Jackie Kennedy
Sales Manager

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She Magazine

Receive $25 Off Any $100 Repair
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• We Service ALL Makes & Models • FREE Oil Changes for Life with Purchase of New Car

Auddie Brown
311 N. Cashua Dr. • Florence

843.661.4000 • www.AuddieBrown.com



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ave you ever felt like your life was a jigsaw puzzle and some of the pieces were missing? Like maybe some of them were lost forever? If you have ever spent time putting together a puzzle and enjoying watching the picture come to life only to find out that it will never be completed, you know what I mean. Sometimes, I think days and moments in our lives are like that. I have heard that phrase “Bloom where you are planted” most of my life and have never really understood it. In some ways, to me, it would be like putting the wrong piece of the puzzle in a place it doesn’t belong and expecting it to look the same. Not too long ago, I was at a supper party where several of the guests were trying to help complete a puzzle picture that was doomed, either because pieces were lost or some had been misplaced in the scene. What a frustrating and funny time we had trying to convince ourselves that purples and blues could mix in the sky and that somehow these thirteen pieces had to – absolutely had to – fit, and we could say the work was done. When I think about that in regard to my life, I realize how often I carry that mentality into a lot of situations. It’s what I call sticking a round peg into a square hole. I have often tried so hard to bloom in places I had no business being and wondered if I must have smelled and tasted like a bloomin’ onion. Actually, I have been in the mood for a bloomin’ onion lately, and they are actually mouth watering and delicious – when you intend to head for Outback and have an appetizer. But they’re not exactly what you bargained for if you have waited all day for a steak and shake. Nothing on earth can make those two the same. I’m being a little facetious about this phrase, as I know there is merit in our trying to make the best of situations, to be all that we can be wherever we are and to love ourselves and life regardless of the circumstances. But, on


a Bloomin’ Onion

by Paige Self Thomas

the flip side of that coin are lessons we can learn. There are reasons why roses and veggies are generally not established in the same garden and why we should not always think we can bloom anywhere we are planted. I fully believe that God has given each of us gifts and talents. Finding those gifts and using them to the fullest is part of our mission on this earth. When we use them according to His plan and in line with who we were created to be, it can be the most beautiful picture and pleasing symphony. The other side of that is like trying to push that piece of the puzzle into the wrong space or eating an onion when steak is on our mind. It won’t fit, and it won’t accomplish what was intended. From my experience, frustration can often set in. I think one of the best gifts we can give ourselves in this process is to realize we are all a work-in-progress and that the finished project is open-ended. I think most people are a little bit like me in that life feels better when it’s somewhat settled; you know who you are and what to expect on a daily basis. But, when there are things going on that seem chaotic and the details of our lives are unknown, we can be unnerved. Herein enters that trust factor. Many, many people are having times in their lives right now where things are unknown and unsettled. We do that brave thing and try to be okay with our present circumstances. We do what we know to do to fix it and make the picture how we think it should be. In doing so, we sometimes miss the moment when we could realize that the something different is what was intended. We are being shown a different way. The picture doesn’t have to turn out the same. And our “pieces” can be used beautifully and in harmony, even if it’s not how we thought – or want – them to be. I am speaking to myself and to all my She girlfriends when I say – as we enter into spring – just breathe. Realize that we have a God Who wants to carry the burden and Who has made us every bit of who we are for His divine purpose. He has given us gifts we use and some we have yet to discover. At the end of every day, as we pick the petals off the daisy, know that it will end on,“He loves me.” What better way to bloom than with that under your wings?

Paige Self Thomas lives in Florence with her husband, Joey, and two Sheltie pups. She has three grown sons and four stepchildren. She works part-time as Business Administrator for the Francis Marion University Center for the Child, and she is currently licensed as a Realtor with Prudential Segars Realty in Florence.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 115

MAGNOLIA MALL David McLeod Blvd. Mon-Sat: 10am-9pm Sun: 1:30-6pm 843-665-8758 1608 Second Loop Rd. Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm Sat: 10am-2pm Closed Sunday 843-676-2708

SPECIALIZING IN: Life & Health Insurance Financial Consulting
1314 W. Evans Street ~ Florence, SC ~ (843) 665-9297

•Repairs •Engraving •Jewelry Service •Watch Batteries •Remounts •Stone Setting •Chain & Charm Soldering On Premise and Fast!



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NYC, NY Nanyuki, Kenya

Florence, SC NYC, NY

Going Somewhere? Take She along!
New York City, New York
Ginger Sullivan,Tippi Harwell, Bobby Saman, Sandra Anderson November 2009 She Magazine
• “Each year, my sisters and I take a trip to the New York City Wholesale Diamond District (on 47th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenue) to celebrate my survival of breast cancer. Here we are with our friend and NYC Business Owner, Bobby Saman, who we visit on each and every trip.” - Tippi Harwell

Florence, South Carolina
(Back row, left to right): Carolyn Gregg, Amanda Gregg, Carolina Hewitt, Courtney Gregg, Shelley Smith, Madisyn Hewitt, Rachel Gregg, Morgan Weatherford (Front row): Tripp McAlister, Dylan Bryant, Carolina Smith, Colton Gregg, Cameron Weatherford

September 2009 She Magazine
• “During Hopewell Presbyterian Church’s Christmas Play, “The Toymaker,” She Magazine was used as a prop by Carolina Hewitt’s character, “Margie.” The entire Youth Group took turns passing it around during rehearsal breaks.” - Dresden Tucker, Florence

Nanyuki, Kenya
(From left to right) Casey King, Kim Shaw, Courtney Gainey, Jennifer Danford, Heather Cox, Cookie Cawthon, Alicia Parker

New York City, New York
Melissa,Tater,Tammy, Julie, Pam, Lorre, Kathryn, Cheryl & Ruby

November 2009 She Magazine
• “Here we are on the Equator at Sweetwaters Tented Camp in Ol Pejeta – Sweetwaters Conservancy near Nanyuki, Kenya. We were part of a large group from NewSpring Church serving on a short-term mission trip to the remote area of Segera.” - Cookie Cawthon, Florence

March 2009 She Magazine
• “This was our New York 2009 Girls’ Trip filled with shopping and fun! Our small town of Turbeville, SC, has a historical restaurant named the Chat-n-Chew, which was established in 1952. On our trip to New York, we located another Chat-nChew, so we took a copy of She along to try out this familiar-named establishment. There is no place like home, especially when it comes to Southern cooking. Although the cooking was not the same, we had a great time!” - Kathryn Turbeville



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Update your rooms with custom pleated drapes!

Donna Turner's customer is happy with her new drapes made at Maibe Sew.

All Fabric $3/yard
843-317-0098 Mon-Fri 10-5:30 Sat 10-2
3332B W. Palmetto St. • Ebenezer Plaza Hwy. 76 • Florence (across from Dollar General towards Timmonsville)


Storrs, CT Salzburg, Austria
Great Prices and a Great Selection! 122 W. Carolina Ave. • Downtown Hartsville

To be featured in “There She Goes,” send an e-mail to editor@shemagazine.com. Include a picture of yourself (and your traveling companions if you’d like) with a copy of She Magazine along with a brief description.

w w w.b f a

n d m .n e t

ua Dr. 812 Cash SC Florence,

Storrs, Connecticut Drusilla Carter
December 2009 She Magazine • “I brought the December issue of She to share with my family in Storrs, Connecticut, home of the University of Connecticut.” - Drusilla Carter, Pageland, SC



Salzburg, Austria Patsy Allen and Caroline Tate
December 2009 She Magazine
• “Instead of ‘The hills are alive, with the sound of music’ in Salzburg, the hills were alive with the words of She Magazine when my mother, Patsy Allen of Florence, and I traveled to Salzburg, Austria, with She Magazine. It provided entertainment as we traveled. We spent our Christmas holiday and New Year in Germany and Austria with our husbands.” - Caroline Tate

•Breakfast buffet includes fruit bar & hot bar; featuring cheese grits, scrambled eggs, blueberry muffins, cantaloupe, & hot coffee. •Lunch & dinner includes hot bar, soup & salad bar, & dessert bar with hot cobblers, & ice cream. •Meetings & party space available up to 150 people.

Ladies Day!
Every Wednesday • $6.50 (Tax Included • Full Buffet) Hwy 52 & 95 • Florence • 843-669-1611



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by Melodie Griffin
“…for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.” Philippians 4:11.
The Apostle Paul said it – not me. I wouldn’t dare say that I have fully and completely learned this lesson, but I am certainly a work in process. “Whatever state I am in” has changed several times over the last many years. Let’s see. There was South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, then back to good ‘ole South Carolina. While I am fairly sure that the apostle Paul was not referring to a geographical state in which to be content, it is no secret that moving around can be tough. There’s a new house, new license plate, new friends, new school, new church, new grocery store, new bank, and new names to try to remember. Lots of new. Each time the address has changed on my driver’s license, I have found the intense need to hang onto God for dear life. That’s not a bad thing. Whether searching for the laundry detergent aisle or that new best pal, God was quietly there assuring me with His peace. Psalm 121:5 says that the Lord stands BESIDE you. Can’t you just picture God standing in line with me at the DMV? What a thought! I’ve had other addresses, too, that I didn’t mention yet. Maybe you’ve lived there once or twice yourself. I recall the neighborhoods of Surprise, Disappointment, and Stress. Oh, and let’s not forget the subdivision of Grief, Betrayal and Discomfort either.Those were doozies! How vividly I remember sitting on the front porch of those emotions and wondering where my fairy tale life had gone – silently asking God the questions that He knew were running around in my heart. “What just happened? Why? How? What now?” The numb throbbing was loud in my ears. The fear of the future ever present…but so was God’s unmistakable peace. People would ask, “How ARE you – really?” And I could honestly answer that I was pushing through with God’s grace and strength – really. Then again, I have lived in some swank sectors, too. The view was incredible from the neighborhood of Maturity, Growth, and Fulfillment! And the birds were always singing when I made my home in Joy, Exhilaration, and Delight. Those places are my favorite. But the key is somehow to find the serenity and peace God gives no matter WHERE He has placed me for the time being. I don’t seem to find that in a Hershey bar (though it never hurt). No, I find my focus when I spend time reading the words God spoke, when I speak to Him and pour out the cares of my heart, and those delicious times I spend talking about Him over coffee or lunch with a friend. (We call that “soul slushing.”) I will leave you with a more complete section of Paul’s writings from Philippians 4:11-12, and I will whisper a prayer that you and I can continue to experience more and more of the contentment that comes from knowing the lush love of an extravagant Savior – regardless of the current state in which we find ourselves. “…for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” (NIV)

“Each time the address has changed on my driver’s license, I have found the intense need to hang onto God for dear life.”
Melodie Griffin is a Hartsville native who is proud to call the state of SC her home. She resides in the Midlands now with her husband, 3 children and 2 Westies. You can learn more about Melodie at www.melodiegriffin.com.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 119

Monogramming Baby Items Gift Items Purses Jewelry We’ve have the perfect gift for your GRADUATE!
812 S. Cashua Drive, Florence • 843.665.6755 • Tues-Fri, 10-5:30 Between Baby Furniture & More and Christy Moore

AUDITIONS: Twisted Force Hip Hop Competition Team May 15th and 16th
High Gold Champions at International Dance Challenge

Summer camps available. Open registration now for currently enrolled students. Open registration for new students begins May 1st, 2010
• BALLET • POINTE • JAZZ • TAP • HIP HOP • CHEER Niki Chavis, Owner/Director 1001 South Cashua Drive Florence • 843.665.0606 www.florenceschoolofdancearts.com

Nutrition Response Testing
Comes to Florence
Dr. Brian D. Porzio, DC 2234 W. Palmetto St. • Suite A • Florence • 843.665.5505 • pdchiro@yahoo.com
Ten years before I retired, I began having numerous health problems. I suffered with recurrent sinus infections, daily bodily aches and pains, brittle splitting fingernails, and I felt weak and tired because I was unable to sleep at night. I was living on medications and not feeling any better. I even started to notice household items such as detergents and things with fragrances would make me feel sick. After feeling so horrible, I gave up and withdrew from friends and family. I just did not want to live in sickness anymore. So at the recommendation of my daughter, I decided to go see a doctor that wasn’t going to just give me more medications. She said that this doctor would check me for any underlying nutritional deficiencies that might correlate with my health problems. Dr. Porzio performed a nutritional exam and was able to zero in on a few deficiencies that my other doctors didn’t find. And guess what? I am now feeling great. My hair and nails are stronger, my sensitivities to fragrances and detergents have diminished, my bodily pains are gone, and I am no longer sad and fearful. My entire outlook on life has changed. I am full of energy and feel alive again. I not only found help from Dr. Brian, I also found Hope.

Connie Pierce, Age 72

Nutrition Response Testing:
is a noninvasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying nutritional causes of ill health. The procedure is simple and direct with the body providing all the information and feedback needed. We use the extraordinary properties of the human cells and tissues to bring about healing and health changes...exactly as nature intended. We will create a Designed Clinical Nutrition Program that is specifically for you.

Let Us Help You Get Healthier Naturally! Call 665-5505



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In keeping with our BLOOM WHERE YOU’RE PLANTED theme and the focus on GENDER BENDERS, we found four women physicians who were willing (okay, with a little coercing) to trade in their lab coats for this Spring’s prettiest clothes.

She wishes to thank each of these women for
making time in their hectic schedules for the sake of fashion. We also want to thank Forest Lake Greenhouses for the use of their beautiful facility and Collin M. Smith for lending his photographic talent.

This page: DR. PAMELA CLARK, Pediatric Endocrinologist with McLeod Pediatric Subspecialists – wearing a golden fuchsia peacock feather halter dress by Classique with eggplant leggings by Idea! and a bold and bright blue flower ring

Collin M. Smith Photography



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 121

Bloom your Room into Spring!
Upscale Boutique That Offers:
Jewelry, Handbags, Monogrammed Gifts, Children’s Wear, &

Gifts for All ages.

Girl’s clothes: newborn to 14 Boy’s clothes: newborn to 6X

Antiques & Consignments
• Lamps • Prints • Furniture • Collectables • And More
M-F 8:30-5:00 • Sat 9:00-1:00

CONTACT HOURS Mon.- Fri. 10-6 843.662.8135 843.992.7259 Sat. 10-5
2509 S. Cashua Drive, Florence, SC (beside Creekratz)

After hours by appointment

817-B South CashuaDr. Florence, SC ~ 843.669.9000 / 843.687.7985

Specializing In:
•Coordinating, planning, & directing weddings & receptions. •Banquets & special events •Dinner, anniversary & parties •Health fairs •Fund raising events •Corporate events

Give me the theme & I ll take care of the rest of your dreams.
Dr. Griselda Wilson, Event Coordinator & Wedding Planner
(803) 437-2564 or (706)231-9879 • wgriseld@yahoo.com
Certified Wedding Director and Coordinator



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DR. MARY ALLYSON EMERSON, with Family Medicine Associates of Florence, a McLeod Physician Associates Practice - wearing a Kay Unger orchid pink textured linen dress with a feminine ruffled neckline

Collin M. Smith Photography



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 123


Now Featuring:
Teaching the Joy of Dance

Now Offering Coaching For Pageant or Runway Modeling! Toni Adams, Owner/Director
INSTRUCTORS: Carl Askew, Brittany Jeffers, Mary Wallace Monday - Thursday 2:30 - 8:00 Ages 3 - Adult

NEW BALANCE Diabetic Shoes
Tired, Achy Legs, Varicosities, Pregnancy, Lymphedema, Ulcers

•Strips & Monitors •Lancets & Needles •Inserts •Shoes: Brooks, Aetrex, PW Minor, Drew, Saucony, Crocs

130 N. Coit St. • Florence, SC • 843-617-9607

P)843-662-5107 F)843-662-5880 2204 Second Loop Rd. Unit E, Florence

1935 W. Palmetto Florence


sandwiches with a



Come see our beautiful selection of flags to accent your home! Largest selection in the Pee Dee
1501-A S.Church St. Florence, SC 662-2181

Convertable Crib to toddler, daybed, and full size $399.99 & up. (matts opt’l).

Furniture for any Kid!

A Ring to Treasure begins with a Magnificent F Yellow Diamond. ancy
Bunkbeds (matts opt’l) $299.99 Futon $299.99 w/ 8” matt

Thyme Platform bed $249.99 and up Qn Set • $299.99 Mon-Fri 10-6pm • Sat 10-5pm Delivery Available • 2199 W. Evans • Florence • 843-669-2528

305 Rainbow Dr. • Florence • 662-2641 Mon.-Fri. • 9:30a.m.-6:00p.m.

Second Time Around
Accepting Prom, Wedding Gowns, & Ladies Wear

0-Plus Sizes Layaway Available

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Check out our CLASS schedule at

All Fabric

804 H 2nd Loop Huntington Plaza, Florence • 843.629.9633 Tues.-Fri. 10-5:30 • Sat. 10-3:00
sewunique4u@bellsouth.net One Million Pillowcase Challenge.

1451 W Palmetto St, Florence • 843-665-0001
Jeanette Norwood Jordan, Bridal Consultant since 1981



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DR. ANDREA JACKSON with Carolinas OB/GYN Associates and a Member of the Medical Staff at Carolinas Hospital System wearing a Print Shantung Skirt Suit by Kim Rogers This 2-piece Shantung Suit includes a 3-button jacket with a notch collar and a slim skirt in an all over watercolor print.

Collin M. Smith Photography



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 125

•Menopause Musical, A Mother Day Treat Charleston, SC May 8th, $65 per person (Bus & ticket)

The King’s Academy Hosts its Annual Spring “Fiesta” Auction Enjoy an authentic Mexican Meal Prepared by the Hispanic Ministry of Trinity Evangelical Presbyterian Church Adults $7.00/Children 12 and under $3.50 Bid on artwork provided by Lynda English, vacation homes, jewelry, plane rides, 50 square feet of granite with stainless sink provided by The Granite Store, Lowcountry Dinner for 25 provided by Greg Stuckey and so much more! Friday, April 30th • Dinner 5:30 to 7:00 Silent and Live Auctions 5:30-8:30 The King's Academy Fine Arts and Athletic Building 1015 S. Ebenezer Road • Florence
•NY Shopping Trip July 25-28th, $260pp(2)$220pp(3)$190pp(4) •Disney Trip (June 13-15,2010) $285pp(2)$265pp(3)$245pp(4)

•Essence Music Festival (July 2-5, 2010) $495pp(2)$395(3) •Labor Day Weekend Nassau/Freeport Bahamas Cruise from Charleston, SC Sept. 1-6, 2010, $395pp-IN, $425-OV **All trips include Motor Coach transportation.**



1776 Cedar Swamp Rd. Kingstree, SC 29556

Trust a Name that Says it All . . .

The Earring Lady
Dichroic Glass Jewelry by Barbara Mellen

Master’s Touch
Center for Health & Healing
Personalize Your Massage To Fit Your Specific Need!
• Stress •Headaches •Hotflasses •PMS •Muschle Pain & Aches

I’ll Blend An OIL Just For You!

• Hundreds of new American made styles in colors to match your spring outfits • Not pierced? We can convert our earrings while you wait without charge. • Swarovski Heart Earrings only $6

I C A N H E L P. . .
Lori A. Zaborowski, L.M.T. #1499
Specials Offered in Marion Studio Only

2717 Second Loop Road • Florence
(Look for the Lavender House)


Monday- Saturday 10:00-6:00



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with McLeod Psychiatric Associates wearing a Muse bohemian blue jersey border print dress with ruched detailing for a flattering fit!

Collin M. Smith Photography



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 127

You are invited to help change our world...
Ada Nwankudu is participating in an international contest to T become “The Next Top Spiritual Author.” It is sponsored by New York Time’s bestselling authors. To win, your vote MUST be T counted. My book, “The Answer,” offers strategies to tackle the mounting problems reaping our world apart. It explains the T causes of these problems and offer practical solutions. “The Answer” is the product of a voice.Three years ago, while in my living room watching TV with my family, a voice spoke to me.The voice said,“Ada, find a way to help people seek Me and find me. So many of my children are lost. So many are depressed, angry, anxious, unfulfilled, and unhappy.They are living a life void of purpose. For answers, they turn to drugs, alcohol, crime, television, other people, the experts and everywhere else except Me. I created these people. I hold the answers they are seeking.” Completely ignorant of what to do, I prayed for divine guidance and set sail on a journey that ended with a degree in Enlightenment –a degree that revealed the deficiencies of my other four degrees. The real purpose of education is to help people identify their lives’ purpose and the whole process of life. T “The Answer” is about how to love, how to live simply, how to free our minds from prejudice, superstitions, fear and become creators. Creators, by the nature of their being and their focus on the public good, improve the world around them. During this competition, I need you to be my co-messenger. I need our voices to speak the truth, the healing, and the change our world yerns for. Let’s build a world in which the greatness of the whole is a reflection of individual greatness.

1. VOTE! The author with the greatest vote wins. Phase one voting is from March 29th to April 25th. I will remind you of the other phases.To vote, go to http://www.NextTopAuthor.com. Ask all your friends anywhere in the world to vote 2. JOIN my fan club, follow me on twitter, facebook, or write me at 1160 Berkeley Ave. Florence, SC 29505 3. PUBLICITY! Share your creative ideas --radio,TV, print media, flyers, internet, etc.This is the key to winning. 4. CAMPAIGN! Campaign for votes everywhere, every day. Recruit other campaigners. 5. PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! Pray daily and help birth a miracle. 6. SPONSORSHIP! Send in financial gifts. Help sell raffle tickets or raise money. Help pay for this ad.

1. Being able to preview the life enriching works of other authors, about 2000 of them. 2. One year of free Slim Magic—see ad in She Magazine. Enter via my e-mail at ANwankudu@yahoo.com 3. An hour a month spiritual coaching with me for a year. Enter via my e-mail. 4. The incredible joy that comes from giving and helping birth a miracle. Spiritual enrichment from the wealth of information presented by the contestants.

- Ada holds four college degrees. She is a Spiritualist and a full-time Nurse Practitioner.



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Women in Philanthropy Fund
Erika Chapman speaks with Linda Russell, the Chair for 2010, to find out how this important organization began and its vision for the future.

by Erika Chapman
As women, we naturally have the impulse to nurture. And when we look at the world around us with eyes of compassion, we see many broken and hurting people with numerous needs to be met. Our instinct is to try and help in some way; but, often, the task seems daunting, and we don’t know where or how to begin. Where do we jump in? Which organization do we choose to partner with? We often have resources to offer, but they seem miniscule compared to the need. In early 2009, a small group of women came together and decided to do something with their desire to help the community around them. Marguerite Willis, Susan Bankson and Amy Urquhart laid the groundwork and began the Women In Philanthropy Fund in Florence. This fund allows donors to join together to give capacity-building grants to nonprofits. Marguerite Willis explains that they believed in “the transformational impact that can be made through the power of collective giving.” Their mission states: “We are an inclusive group of women seeking to dramatically improve the overall well-being of citizens in the Pee Dee region through our combined financial and intellectual resources.” The organization became official as a donoradvised fund of the Eastern Carolina Community Foundation in late July 2009. The ECCF acts as the host organization and provides infrastructure support. Throughout 2009, the Women In Philanthropy Fund continued to bring in new members and gave away their first grants on October 29th. The Women In Philanthropy Fund made three grants to three organizations in 2009. Between July and September, they raised enough money to grant out $10,000. They accepted applications from seven counties and received fifteen applications requesting over $110,000. The recipients included Mercy Medicine Clinic for $4,500 of a $10,000 request for a free denture program. Services had been offered by dentists, but there was still a need for denture supplies. The second recipient was Dillon County Partnership 4 Kids, which requested $2,000 and was awarded $1,000. This was used to buy cribs, car seats and other material items to help children stay in their homes instead of being taken to a foster care situation merely because child safety items could not be purchased by the parents. Some of the grant will be used for literature to promote awareness of this program in Dillon County.


Linda Russell, the Women In Philanthropy Fund Chair for 2010
The third grant recipient was the Naomi Project, one of only two long-term transitional facilities for domestic abuse in South Carolina. They granted $4,500 of a $10,000 request for volunteer training and literature to promote this nonprofit in Florence. The Women In Philanthropy Fund currently has 35 members, and their goal is to reach 100 members. Membership is $500 per year for women 36 years or older and $250 per year for women 35 years and younger. Several women have given a one-time gift to encourage new membership and have committed to match every new membership payment made by April 30th, 2010. Linda Russell, the Women In Philanthropy Fund Chair for 2010 shares,“This gift by members just illustrates the enthusiasm and passion we have for what we are doing.” Women can become involved by contacting Susan Bankson, Executive Director of the ECCF, at 843-667-1131, or via e-mail at susan@easterncarolinacf.org. All members do have a vote on the final grant-awarding ballot and can be involved as little or as much as they want. Linda Russell explains, “Members are encouraged to attend meetings, especially during the grant process so they will have a deeper understanding of the request thus giving them a greater insight when casting their vote.” The Women In Philanthropy Fund is making a difference and will continue to do so. It is a group of women passionate about impacting their world – beginning with the community around them. They are looking for individuals that want to be involved in an organization of women helping those in need. If this stirs your heart, makes you excited or even peaks your interest, they would love to hear from you!

Erika Chapman lives in Florence with her amazing husband and three busy little boys. She gets excited about discovering a great read, NewSpring Church and sharing her most recent adventures at www.erikaivory.wordpress.com.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 129

CUSTOM Interior & Exterior


Celebrating 51 years
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This issue of She Magazine features Gender Benders (women with careers that are typically held by men). Do you think that women can do, or do you believe some jobs are best held by men?


Dr. Joe Griffin - Florence
“There is around 5-10% of jobs at one end of the workforce spectrum that only men should do and 5-10% of jobs at the other end that only women should do, but both males and females are capable of doing the vast majority of jobs. I’m not having a baby, though; I don’t care what anybody says!”


Bruce Olson - Florence
“It’s ironic that you caught me at Spa de Vie – a salon – with this question. I’m helping my daughter because she just bought the business. I own a steel distribution company; and, since I’m helping her set up this particular kind of business, I would conclude that women or men can do any job. It comes down to an individual’s personal and professional desire and motivation.”


Morry Thomas - Darlington
“Women in the military have proved – without a doubt – that they can hold any job a man has traditionally held, including combat duty. Not limited to the military only, women in the workforce have proved to be dedicated multitaskers, which is something men are not suited for. Yes, women can do any job a man can do. And in some cases, women do a better job!”


Jay Gregg - Florence
“As I watch how my wife, Kim, juggles being a full-time mom, nurse and wife, I realize a woman can do anything she sets her mind to.”



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 131

are benign (noncancerous) tumors that grow on or within the muscle tissue of the uterus. Approximately 20-40% of women35 years and older have fibroid tumors. Uterine Fibroids are more common among women of African-American descent.

• Very heavy menstrual bleeding some times with clots. • Pelvic pain or pressure leading to constipation and/or urinary frequency. • Anemia- resulting in fatigue due to low blood count.

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• Enlarged abdomen If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may be a candidate for (UFE) Uterine Fibroid Embolization. It is a minimally invasive procedure designed to block the blood supply to these tumors resulting in resolution of symptoms and shrinkage of the tumors. Recovery time is usually less than one week.

For more information, call:
Mary Beth Lewis, MD Florence Radiological Associates

1615 W. Palmetto Street • Florence 665-6410 • Monday-Friday 10-6 • Saturday 10-4




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Dr. Avie



Avie J. Rainwater, III, Ph.D., ABPP

Dear Dr. Avie,

I have a question for a friend. (Honestly, it really is for a friend). She keeps picking the wrong men over and over again. She needs some advice on what to look for in a man. The thing is; she doesn’t trust my opinion because I haven’t had the best luck either. Seriously, from your perspective, what are some basic things that we should look for in a good man? What are the red flags? When can we trust our hearts?

Dear Reader,
It sounds like you and your friend both have the ability to choose the wrong man. Guess what? Luck has nothing to do with it! We are each pulled into relationships because we were created to be in relationship. It began with God and Adam in the Garden of Eden. It was then that God saw that Adam had a need to be in a relationship with another human. He made Eve for Adam – and vice-versa. So, we are quite literally made to be in relationships. And, as such, we are drawn to others. While the need for companionship, for fellowship, for connectedness is a wonderful thing, one must also use wisdom. Just because we can be in a relationship with someone, that doesn’t mean that we should be in a relationship. It would probably be a good idea to think about two things before getting into a relationship. First, what do you need in a partner – and what do you want. The needs are the most fundamental aspect of a relationship. While needs can be different for each person, as a rule, men need respect and affection, while women typically need companionship, caring and kindness. It is likely the need for companionship (to not be alone) is what trips most women up and lands them in a relationship with the wrong man. The need to just be with someone can crowd out the other needs and a woman finds herself with someone, but it is a someone that is otherwise not a good match to meet any of her other needs – much less her wants. Needs are typically related to values. They are unique to you, but they need to be shared by your partner – at least in a way that your needs are consistently met. If your needs are foreign to your partner’s values or interests, then you will constantly be unfulfilled. For example, if you’re a religious person and your partner is not, then you will feel unhappy that you can’t share your experiences in your faith with this special person in your life. If you’re politically liberal, yet you fall for someone who is a staunch conservative; well, unless you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, this is probably going to be an area of constant struggle for you. This is precisely why eHarmony has performed better than all other dating sites; they cause the subscriber to think about their core issues and list them in a way that matches the other individual to those areas. Of course, you must know yourself well enough to be able to delineate your own needs and wants. If you don’t, then no relationship is going to work well. The bottom line – we do better when we share most of the same core values. The more inconsistency there is in the need’s area, the most likely the relationship is to ultimately fail. Wants are important, as well, but they are not typically deal killers – unless you and your partner differ vastly in these areas or the two of you can’t juggle time sufficiently to get what you want on your own and still have time for one another. Let’s say you’re an outdoorsy person and your mate is more of a sedentary soul. If you’re off camping every weekend, then you’re going to be frustrated that you are doing this without your partner. And more problematically, it won’t leave much in the way of together time for the two of you if you’re apart each weekend. Wants often have to do with our hobbies and recreational activities, but they can be related to more substantial issues such as finances. And since these refuel us, they are very important. So, having consistency in wants is very important, just not as essential as compatibility in needs. What are the red flags? If you find a man who you think you might want to be with, but he isn’t caring – that’s a flag. Even if he is attentive but not kind, that’s a concern. Don’t sell yourself short! You have some flexibility in your wants, but don’t settle for a man that doesn’t meet your needs.When he is attentive to your needs, then you can trust your heart.

Avie J. Rainwater, III, Ph.D., ABPP
Senior Partner of LifeCare Psychology Group, LLC, Dr. Avie J. Rainwater is the only Triple-Boarded Psychologist in SC, holding Specialty Certification in Clinical Psychology and Sub-Specialty Designations in both Biofeedback and Pain Management. He and his wife of 31 years, Karen, have three children together, Chelsea, Seth and Josh.

* If you have a question that you would like to have answered in ASK DR. AVIE, email anonymously to askdravie@shemagazine.com



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 133

Also offering nutritional counseling.

Sherri K. Scott, LMT # 4017,

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She Magazine • April 2010 • 135

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HOW TO BLOSSOM... XäxÇ \y lÉâ Y|Çw lÉâÜáxÄy cÄtÇàxw |Ç UtÜÜxÇ fÉ|Ä
by Ouida K. Page, RN, LPC
God has a way of helping us make the most of whatever situation we find ourselves in when we seek His will in our lives. Sometimes, we end up in situations that He never intended for us to be in. Nevertheless, He helps us become the best that we can be anyway. For example, we could be in a marriage or a job that He never meant for us to be in. We all are talented human beings created by a God that truly loves us and wants what is best for us. He helps us bloom where we end up when we seek His will because He wants us to succeed and be the most influential that we can be. He continues to lead and guide us and give us wisdom even when we have made a poor decision that got us into a mess. Blooming where you’re planted is a choice, a challenge and, many times, will involve change. The situation that we are in may be demanding, and we may be in situations where we have to grow and change whether we want to or not if we are going to survive. In today’s economy, we may study and have a degree in one area and end up working in a totally different business or career simply because we’re glad to have a job. Some people are even adding degrees together and practicing Law and Real Estate, along with having an Insurance Business or getting a Law Degree and an LPC-Licensed Professional Counselor Degree. They are combining different practices in order to have enough business and are spreading the work over several different yet compatible areas. Some individuals may have worked in a plant all their lives and now that many plants are closing, they are having to return to school much later in life and learn a new career. This can be very challenging and scary at the least. Some individuals have not attended school in twenty-plus years and now they need to blend in with the younger population of students. This can be a real stressful process until you become comfortable with the routine of school, studying and exams. God knows when we are trying to do our very best. When you do everything that you can and you ask Him to intervene and help you, that’s when He steps in and works things out for your best interest. A dandelion is a plant that blooms wherever it’s planted. It may end up in poor soil, but it has a tremendous root system that will sustain it anywhere. What is the stabilizing factor in your life? What is your root system? Who or what do you depend on to nourish and sustain you? I hope that you have a relationship with Almighty God – for it is He that can lift you up when you are down. And He is the one that can change your circumstances through prayer. If you are in a job situation or a relationship that is really tough and seems impossible, ask God to help you because He specializes in the impossible and wants to help you do your best so you can bloom where you’re planted.

Ouida K. Page is a Master’s Prepared Licensed Professional and National Board Certified Counselor. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and is a member of Sigma Theta Tau (International Honor Society of Nursing). She has been in private practice in the Hartsville and Florence areas for over 15 years, specializing in families and issues relating to children, adolescents and women of all ages. She is married and has one son who has graduated from Wofford College. To contact Ouida, you may call 843-398-0915. You may also contact her by e-mailing editor@shemagazine.com with “Ouida” as the subject matter.



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 137

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138 • April 2010 • She Magazine

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She Magazine • April 2010 • 139

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mindy taylor
My Family: I am married to Bill Taylor, the Town Administrator in Cheraw.
We have a blended family of three children: My son, Brandon, a senior at Methodist University, where he played football for four years; and two stepdaughters, Olivia, who lives in New York City; and Katie and son-in-law JJ, who live in Pineville, NC.

My Job: I am the Manager-Community Relations
for Progress Energy, responsible for a 13county region in South Carolina.

Childhood Ambition: I wanted to be a party planner. My Escape: A weekend with my husband at our place in
Pawley’s Island

Biggest Challenge:
Time – there’s never enough!

Proudest Moments: The birth of my son and when I married the love
of my life, Bill, and added two daughters to my family

My Music: 70’s – it brings back fond

Beauty Product I Can’t Live Without: Oil of Olay Daily Facials Cleansing

Guilty Pleasure: A good glass of
red wine

If I Could Have a Do-Over, I Would . . . Have gone to graduate school
immediately after graduating from Clemson University with a Degree in Economics.

Last Purchase: A colorful spring

Favorite Movie: Grease One Thing You’ll Always Find in My Fridge: My grandmother
traveled to the Holy Land and brought back a bottle of water from the Jordan River.

My Inspiration: My husband, who puts up with me every day. And my
parents, who didn’t kill me during my teenage years! I had a wonderful childhood, and my parents are great role models.

Something Most People Would Be Surprised to Know about Me: I got to fly in an F-16 Jet with a Fighter Pilot from Shaw Air Force

The One Thing I Know for Sure: The Lord has blessed me



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 141

Business Women Love To Barter
Carolina Barter


www.Barter.sc (866)532-4725 Info@ Barter.sc



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She Magazine • April 2010 • 143

gÉÑ [tà fÑxv|tÄígxtá
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Ashly Bazen
My Favorite Song: “Me and Jesus” by Stellar Kart My BFF: Taylor Weatherford One Word That Describes Me and My Personality: Outgoing – Because I never meet a stranger
ASHLY BAZEN started riding horses when she was five-years-old. That means she’s been riding for about twelve years now. She started riding in Florence and wanted to move up to the National Level. With that, she began training in Camden with Judy Young and then ventured out to the larger shows. Riding horses is Ashly’s life. Whenever she’s having a bad day, she can go to the barn and everything is better. “It is so much fun, too! It’s the best feeling in the world. Just you and the horse. There’s no other feeling like being in the saddle. I remember when I was out of riding with my leg and going out to the barn in a wheelchair or on crutches, just to see my horses and to brush them. It killed me to go to the barn and know I wouldn’t be able to ride,” she recalls. Ashly’s been riding horses competitively since she was six-years-old. Her most memorable accomplishment was when she was eleven-years-old. She earned the most points in any equitation divisions in North and South Carolina. She was awarded the South Carolina Hunter Jumper Association Amy Gabrial Memorial Trophy and also the North Carolina Hunter Jumper Association Trophy. She rides English Style and has done the Hunter/Jumper Events from the local shows all the way to the National Levels. Once she started getting serious about riding, her family even made the move to Camden so that she could be with a National Level trainer. Ashly has poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears into her passion. In 2007, while practicing at home to leave for a show in Palm Beach the next day, she had a riding accident. The horse spooked at a jump, ducked out and tossed her to the ground. She landed on a jump standard and injured her leg. Being the tough kid she is, she remounted (to correct the horse) and thought she had just sprained her ankle. When the swelling wouldn’t go down, her parents took her to the doctor the next day to find out that she had shattered her fibula. Surgery was scheduled for the following day and her showing was halted. That was February 2007. From that point, there was no riding; there was only watching from afar. With a broken heart, Ashly’s only riding was in a wheelchair and then she was on crutches until her second surgery in July 2007. With that surgery, there was still no riding. The doctors removed all the hardware, but she was still not able to ride. All she could do was watch. Nevertheless, keep in mind, with a barn full of horses, she still continued with their daily care. And she kept on attending some shows with friends and helped out. Finally, in November 2007, Ashly was back in the saddle – with the same horse that threw her! She was still having some serious issues with her leg; there was continued swelling and pain. And she had to rebuild the confidence of jumping. Most importantly, however, she had to learn to trust her mount again. There was always a horror in the back of her mind that if she had a fall, it could result in another surgery.

Collin M. Smith Photography

Through it all, though, this courageous girl has never missed a beat. Although she isn’t able to show at the level of jumping that she once did because of the pain and swelling, she continues to run the family barn. She cares for nine horses on a daily basis. And she rides and trains the horses. She has also ventured into some horse breeding. Ashly’s passion is horses. Her dreams for the future are riding and teaching. She wants to pursue this full-time and plans to start teaching riding in the spring. Although she is still considered a Junior Rider in the show circuit, she plans to start a small lesson program this spring/summer and make the turn to a professional level. She has talked this over with Judy, her trainer, and will take baby steps to get the program started. “Safety first is what I want to teach,” Ashly asserts. She would love to make riding a career, and that’s what she plans to do. Ashly’s always been in love with horses and she enjoys all disciplines, but she likes the Hunter/Jumper Events the most. She’d like to eventually be like Judy Young, her trainer in Camden. “She has been my role model in the horse industry. She got me where I am today. I wouldn’t be the rider I am without her. She has taught me, kept me in the saddle and given me opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise,” Ashly explains. Several years while Ashly’s family lived in Camden, she was Judy’s only student that lived nearby. Therefore, Ashly had the opportunity to go and ride different horses every day and learn from them – good experiences and bad. Ashly said that the bad horses teach you lessons that are invaluable and make you a better rider. She also had opportunities to show many very nice expensive horses for Judy that gave her a lot of exposure in the horse world and opportunities to do some of the larger shows. Ashly has been very fortunate that her parents and sister were very supportive during all this. In order for her to have the strict lesson program she needed when showing on the National Level, the family actually moved to Camden for four years. Ashly’s mom made the drive back and forth to Florence for work every day and her dad made two drives to the barn every day for lessons. Her sister, Kimberly, even agreed to change schools, without any hesitations. Now her family has a small barn and horse sales business, which has enabled her to continue her dream and also build it up so that she can step right in and take over. With that, Ashly is very blessed and thankful and to all of them. Bob Marley once said,“Love the life you live, live the life you love.” Those words are Ashly’s inspiration. And as long as there’s a horse involved, Ashly’s loving and living her life.

Ashly’s parents are Vicki and Kenny Bazen of Timmonsville. She has two sisters, Kimberly Caples and Jessica O’Cain. She is a Home-Schooled Senior through Distance Learning with Laurel Springs High School.



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Often, back pain or injury doesn’t happen as the result of a major accident. It is the simple everyday task that can be a real pain in the back.




3124 S. Cashua Drive • Florence, SC 843.665.2600
3/10 of Mile past Celebration Blvd.



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When it comes to nurses, Carolinas Hospital System keeps striking gold.

Pictured (l-r): Tina Williamson, Education; Sissy Dennis, Progressive Care Unit; and Stefanie Gainey, 8th Floor.

Congratulations to our 2010 Palmetto Gold honorees!
ith the announcement of the 2010 Palmetto Gold nurse awards, Carolinas Hospital System continues as the only hospital in the Pee Dee to have nurses named recipients of the honor every year since the program’s inception in 2002. Given by a coalition of South Carolina nursing organizations, the prestigious Palmetto Gold honors the best of the best in nursing. These three outstanding nurses make us proud today and every day, and we know there will be more to come.

805 Pamplico Highway • Florence, South Carolina • (843) 674-5000 • www.carolinashospital.com