Pepsi pips Coca-Cola to on-trade top spot
Tue, 30 Mar 2010 | By David Burrows
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Pepsi has overtaken Coca-Cola as the top-selling brand in the on-trade, according to the Britvic Soft Drinks Report 2010.

Pepsi and Coca-Cola The two brands dominated value sales in the on-trade with 94% of the cola market, and 41% of the overall market. But the star performer was Pepsi, with sales jumping 10% to £475m, while Coca-Cola dipped 1% to £446m. R Whites came in third after another strong year. Britvic¶s annual report, using independent data from Nielsen, is the most detailed analysis of the soft drinks category, offering data in both on and off-trade sales, as well as brand performances. This year¶s headlines figures show sales figures for soft drinks back in growth after 2008¶s 1% decline - the market is now worth £8.5bn, a rise of 2%. Volume was also up 1%. This rise has seen the category leapfrog spirits into second place in the on-trade - behind only beer - and retain number one spot in take home sales.

The Top 10 brands remained dominant in the take-home market in 2009, accounting for nearly half of total sales. Coca-Cola managed to retain top spot, with Pepsi down in fourth. However, the fastest growing brand went to Pepsi Max with sales up 9%. It wasn¶t such a good year for another PepsiCo brand, though: sales of Tropicana dropped 6% to £270m as consumers traded down from pure juice. This was expected, given the economic climate, but what was less so is what they were trading down to, says Murray Harris, sales director at Britvic. ³[The findings] highlighted a number of unexpected switches that consumers have made over the last year. Who would¶ve thought that pure juice consumers would be switching now to low calorie cola?´ Research commissioned for the report showed that consumers were switching and swapping between brands and products to get the best value. As a result, promotions were up: within soft drinks alone promotions on formats for later consumption increased by 3% to 49%. Harris adds: ³Although soft drinks form a part of our everyday lives and the industry can by buoyed by this return to form, consumer spending habits have undoubtedly changed during the course of the downturn. Manufacturers and retailers have had to aggressively market soft drinks¶ value for money and the fact that the market has enjoyed solid growth in the last year can be attributed to this.´ The winners: - Pepsi Max - sales value up 9% - Pepsi - leapfrogged Coca-Cola in the on-trade - Relentless and Monster - glucose and stimulant drinks were up 7%, over half of which was down to these two brands alone - Actimel - value sales up 7% - Tango and Vimto - add some flavour to fzz with sales up 18% and 27%

The new product Pepsi is hocking is called Diet Pepsi Max. It would have hit the states sooner, but one of their main ingredients needed to be approved by the FDA. (apparently its some kind of synthetic,

discovered by accident artificial sweetener that blends with aspartame and is 200 times sweeter than regular sugar). Just perfect for the fat-ass Americans to drink by the gallon. Its really interesting to see how this drink was re-invented for each market Pepsi was shooting for: -In early 2005, they added a lemon-lime flavor and dropped it in to the UK and Australian drink markets, calling it Pepsi Max Twist. -Later that year, they added ginger and cinnamon to the drink and called it Pepsi Max Punch for the UK. -In late 2005 and early 2006, a coffee-flavored variety was introduced in France, Finland, Ireland, Norway and the UK. Known as Pepsi Max Cappuccino. Pepsi beats Coke with stock surge
By Theresa Howard, USA TODAY

NEW YORK ² Investor confidence in PepsiCo (PEP) finally put the No. 2 beverage maker's market capitalization ahead of Coca-Cola (KO) for the first time Monday. Pepsi closed up 31 cents at $59.31 to give it a market capitalization of $98.4 billion. Coke closed down 36 cents to $41.15 for a market capitalization of $97.9 billion. The shift reflects Wall Street's ongoing taste for Pepsi's diversified portfolio of beverage and snack brands compared with Coke's focus on soft drinks. Coke's stock appeal has waned vs. Pepsi's for nearly five years. And as late as the 1980s, Pepsi was a shadow of its larger rival. "Coke at one point had three times the market cap of Pepsi," says Caroline Levy, UBS beverage analyst. "It was the global consumer company. It doesn't have a lock on international anymore. Coke has suffered from its global exposure because it's heavily reliant on slow-growth countries such as Japan and Western Europe." While Coke was busy building its global soft-drink empire, Pepsi grew its business through acquisitions ² of non-carbonated soft drinks such as Tropicana and Gatorade and of snack makers by its Frito-Lay unit. Today, Pepsi generates about 23% of its worldwide profit from carbonated soft drinks while Coke generates about 85% of its profit from carbonated soft drinks such as Coca-Cola and Diet Coke, Levy says. "Pepsi recognized much earlier than Coke that carbonated soft-drink trends were at risk and that they needed to pursue non-carbs as well as snacks." Sales of soft drinks continue to decline as consumers drink more water and sports and energy drinks. Coke may soon pull a page from the Pepsi playbook of acquisitions. Wall Street has been pushing for Coke to spend on acquisitions. Coke Chairman and CEO Neville Isdell said last week during an investor meeting that he would look at buying regional brands. "Coke needs to worry about getting its business on track, launching noncarbonated products and creating sustainable brands, not worry about where its

market cap is compared to Pepsi," says John Faucher, JPMorgan beverage analyst. Investors apparently were still skeptical after the meeting last week at which Coke executives recapped the year and looked ahead to 2006, which will include the unveiling of another global ad campaign.

List of pepsi products?
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Pepsi Brands include Frito Lay, Tropicana Juice Products, Quaker Brands, and Gatorade. Frito Lay Products include Tostitos, Doritos, Lays Chips, and Flat Earth Snacks. Quaker Brands include Aunt Jemima, Rice-A-Roni, Near East side dishes, Spudz snacks, and Crisp'ums baked crisps. Quaker Breakfast Cereal Brands include, Life, Puffed Wheat, Harvet Crunch, King Vitamin, Quaker Oh's!, Mother's Cereal, and Cap'n Crunch. Gatorade Brands include G2, and Propel Fit Water. Pepsi's SoftDrink Brands include Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Voltage, Sierra Mist, and Diet Sierra Mist.


Strategy & Leadership Water

Global corporations, as well as the EPA, have timed major water-related initiatives with World Water Day, March 22. Here¶s a look at some of the announcements. First, the two cola giants have separate initiatives.

PepsiCo is more than three-quarters toward its goal of reducing water consumption by 20 percent by 2015. So far, the company says it has reduced water use (per unit of production) by more than 15 percent. In 2009, the company saved 11 billion liters of water because of efficiency improvements. Those efforts include using purified air to clean Gatorade bottles, instead of water, as well as the UK subsidiary Walkers reducing water use 42 percent at a potato chip factory. In a separate announcement, PepsiCo said it planned to reduce packaging weight by 350 million pounds by 2012, as well as to eliminate all solid waste to landfills at its production facilities. On the other side of soda production, Coca-Cola and the U.S. Agency for International Development have jointly invested $12.7 million in a global partnership to support water scarcity and quality in Africa. The campaign falls under the banner of the Water and Development Alliance. Dole Food introduced water-saving processes at its banana harvesting and packing operations in Costa Rica operations. The New Millennium Packing System aims to reduce water use tenfold, as well as cut energy use 50 percent. Nestle Waters is embarking on a water education campaign, starting in nine communities where the water bottler has LEED-certified facilities. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson outlined a new vision for keeping contaminants from drinking water. Specifically, EPA is looking at stricter regulations for the carcinogenic compounds tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene, acrylamide and epichlorohydrin. Tetrachloroethylene and trichloroethylene are used in industrial and textile processing, while acrylamide and epichlorohydrin can be introduced into drinking water during the water treatment process. Nalco, a leading water treatment company, and World Wildlife Fund have started a partnership, with the goal of developing best practices to protect and conserve water. For maintenance purposes and toilets, the Navy is tapping into recycled wastewater. UK-based United Biscuits has reduced water use 28 percent since 2007. The company previously had a target to reduce water 25 percent by 2020, meaning the goal has been met early.

Pepsi Outdoes Coca-Cola, Plans To Stop Selling Sugary Drinks In Schools Worldwide

NEW YORK ² PepsiCo plans to remove sugary drinks from schools worldwide, following the success of programs in the U.S. aimed at cutting down on childhood obesity. The company said Tuesday it will remove full-calorie, sweetened drinks from schools in more than 200 countries by 2012, marking the first such move by a major soft drink producer. Both PepsiCo Inc., the world's second-biggest soft drink maker, and No. 1 player Coca-Cola Co. adopted guidelines to stop selling sugary drinks in U.S. schools in 2006. The World Heart Federation has been negotiating with soft drink makers to have them remove sugary beverages from schools for the past year as it looks to fight a rise in childhood obesity, which can lead to diabetes, heart problems and other ailments. PepsiCo's move is what the group had been seeking because it affects students through age 18, said Pekka Puska, president of the group, a federation of heart associations from around the world. He said he hopes other companies feel pressured to make similar moves. "It may be not so well known in the U.S. how intensive the marketing of soft drinks is in so many countries," Puska said in an interview from Finland. He added that developing countries such as Mexico are particularly affected by this strong marketing. Coca-Cola this month changed its global sales policy to say it won't sell any of its drinks worldwide in primary schools unless parents or school districts ask. The policy does not apply to secondary schools. The World Heart Federation wants all drinks with added sugars removed from schools with children through age 18. Coca-Cola, based in Atlanta, said in a statement Tuesday when asked if it would expand its policy to secondary schools that it believes authorities "should have the right to choose what is best for their schools." PepsiCo's policy requires cooperation from its bottlers, vending companies and other distributors who take the company's products to schools worldwide. The company said it did not have exact figures for sales in schools around the world but said they did not make up a major portion of sales. Story continues below In primary schools, PepsiCo will sell only water, fat-free or low-fat milk, and juice with no added sugar. In secondary schools, it will sell those drinks along with low-calorie soft drinks, such as Diet Pepsi. Sports drinks are permissible when they're sold to students participating in sports or other physical activities.

In the U.S., the industry has swapped lower-calorie options into schools to replace sugary drinks. Sales of full-calorie soft drinks fell 95 percent in U.S. schools between fall 2004 and fall 2009, the American Beverage Association reported last week. The industry voluntarily adopted guidelines in 2006 as part of an agreement with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a joint initiative of former President Bill Clinton's foundation and the American Heart Association. Puska said defeating childhood obesity isn't as simple as just removing sugary drinks from schools. Students must also exercise and eat better, not just at school but at home as well. Students should learn these habits at schools, he said.
PepsiCo has already started down this path through its relationship with Matt Damon. Earlier this year PepsiCo donated $2.5 million to Damon's H20 Africa clean water initiative. To compliment Pepsi's donation, the movie star is endorsing Ethos bottled water (Starbucks' bottled water brand), which will be launched nationally this spring through PepsiCo and Starbucks' North American Coffee Partnership joint venture. The Ethos brand is promoted by claiming to donate 5 cents from every bottle sold to help children around the world gain access to clean water. Part of a slogan from the brand's upcoming North American ad campaign states "if you choose to drink bottled water, please choose to make a difference." Until now Ethos water has only been available at Starbucks' 7,000 North American outlets. This will soon change when PepsiCo's huge national distribution system moves the brand out to 40,000 merchandisers in North America.

2009 Milestones
‡ PepsiCo is named to the 'Best Companies for Multi Cultural Women' list by Working Mother magazine ‡ PepsiCo joins Ceres, a leading coalition of investors, environmental groups and public interest organizations working to address sustainability efforts ‡ Near East brand launches two new products²Pearled Couscous side dish and Near East Gourmet Meal Kits ‡ SoBe Lifewater introduces two new zero-calorie flavors ± Acai Fruit Punch and Mango Melon ‡ Pepsi celebrates its 75th anniversary in Canada ‡ PepsiCo honored with 'Respect Award' for its commitment to diversity by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) ‡ PepsiCo-Almarai joint ventures acquires stake in Jordanian dairy company, Teeba ‡ Frito-Lay Turkey honored with 'Environment-Friendly Industrial Plant' award from the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry ‡ PepsiCo creates Baked Snacks North America Business Unit to meet consumers interest in more nutritious snacks

and foods ‡ PepsiCo opens new Russian beverage plant in Domodedovo, the largest bottling plant in PepsiCo's global system ‡ Naked Juice becomes the first nationally distributed brand to use 100% recycled plastic bottles with the Naked reNewabottle ‡ PepsiCo Russia celebrates 50th Anniversary ‡ Gatorade introduces limited-edition Jordan series bottles ‡ PepsiCo pairs with CBS to launch first-ever video player packaged in a print ad ‡ PepsiCo products make 'Best Foods for Women' list in Women?s Health magazine ‡ EPA awards PepsiCo's Chicago office with Energy Star certification ‡ Pepsi kicks off its 2009 partnership with the NFL ‡ Smartfood adds Peanut Butter Apple flavor to its lineup ‡ Mountain Dew introduces 'UltraViolet,' Dew's first diet line extension ‡ PepsiCo sponsors National Urban League Conference ‡ PepsiCo reaches merger agreements with Pepsi Bottling Group and PepsiAmericas ‡ PepsiCo agrees to acquire Amacoco, Brazil's largest coconut water company ‡ PepsiCo launches its first lightly carbonated fruit-based beverage in Brazil, Frutzzz ‡ Aunt Jemima brand celebrates 120 years ‡ PepsiCo is awarded several 2009 beverage innovation honors during Drinktec trade show ‡ Sabritas and PepsiCo Mexico Beverages receive three Effie 'Top Marketing Campaign' awards ‡ TrueNorth expands offerings with three new nut/fruit combinations²Apple Cinnamon, Citrus Burst and Almond Cranberry ‡ IZZE Sparkling Juice launches at Panda Express restaurants across the country ‡ PepsiCo Brazil signs pledge to change marketing campaigns to children ‡ PepsiCo says it will form new bottling unit; Eric Foss, 27-year industry veteran, will be CEO ‡ PepsiCo joins Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation to help reduce obesity in the US ‡ PepsiCo wins U.S. EPA SmartWay Environmental Excellence award for its leadership in conserving energy ‡ Sabritas and Gamesa-Quaker unveiled the first every hybrid trucks in Mexico ‡ PepsiCo U.K. and Ireland were named as one of the 'Top 50 Places Where Women Want To Work' by The Times, an influential UK newspaper and online publication ‡ PepsiCo is recognized at two events for its dedication to Talent Sustainability and dedication to Asian American employees²2009 Best Companies for Asian Pacific Americans from Asian Entrepreneur, Top 10 Companies for Asian Americans from AMBA ‡ PepsiCo again named to Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index ‡ Propel supports Breast Cancer Awareness with its ³hope.nowpropelled´ website, special packaging and pink caps ‡ Consumer Reports magazine names Quaker Chewy 90 Calorie Granola Bar among best during a taste test on lower-fat snack options ‡ United Nations Association of New York honors Frito-Lay for its environmental efforts ‡ PepsiCo ranks among top companies on Corporate Social Responsibility Index by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship ‡ PepsiCo signs as partner of new Meadowlands Stadium, the future home of the New York Jets and New York Giants ‡ Pepsi Brazil wins the top spot for 'The Most Admired in Brazil' by Brazilian business magazine Carta Capital ‡ PepsiCo named 'Corporation of the Year' by Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council for its diligence, commitment and legacy of diversity ‡ The European Union approved the proposed mergers of PepsiCo, Pepsi Bottling Group and PepsiAmericas ‡ PepsiCo Hope delivers more than 50,000 free, healthier snacks and breakfasts to Dallas children ‡ Frito-Lay receives the United Nations Association of New York's 2009 Annual Humanitarian Award in recognition of Frito-Lay's accomplishments in environmental corporate social responsibility ‡ PepsiCo Russia signs the Russian Advertisers Association's pledge to eliminate advertising to children under 12 ‡ Pepsi wins 'Football Promoter of the Year' award in Nigeria for its involvement with the development of grassroots football ‡ PepsiCo and Calbee Foods Company announce strategic alliance to make and sell a wide range of food products in Japan ‡ Gamesa-Quaker's Stila brand named 'Brand of the Year' in Mexico at the 6th Anahuac/AI Ries Marketing Awards ‡ IZZE brand launches new flavor of sparkling juice²IZZE Sparkling Lime ‡ PepsiCo open first overseas green plant in China as part of its $1 billion investment in the country ‡ The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) names PepsiCo as one of its 2008 Water Efficiency Leaders, for its efforts of water efficiency and environmental sustainability ‡ PepsiCo's Valhalla, NY R&D site receives LEED certification for its environmental sustainability efforts ‡ PepsiCo International introduces first non-alcoholic, flavored malt drink, Bario, into Saudi market ‡ Pepsi Jordan wins the King Abdullah Excellence Award, Jordan?s most prestigious award on a country level ‡ PepsiCo receives 'Corporation of Year' award from United Cerebral Palsy in recognition of its EnAble program,

which champions inclusion for people with different abilities in the workplace ‡ PepsiCo's World Headquarters in Purchase, NY, was named as the winner of the 2009 Landmark Award by the American Society of Landscape Architects and the National trust for Historic Preservation ‡ Frito-Lay North America announces new partnership with Terra Cycle, a company that will repurpose Frito-Lay snack packaging into merchandise ‡ PepsiCo named to Ethisphere's 'Most Ethical Companies' for 2009 ‡ Quaker is honored with 2008-2009 Brand Laureate Heritage Award for the 'Best Brands-Consumers' by the Asia Pacific Brand Foundation in Malaysia ‡ PepsiCo Chicago is recognized by BusinessWeek magazine as one of the top 'green' headquarter locations in the U.S. ‡ PepsiCo is listed in the top 20 'Ideal Employer MBA Ranking' in Fortune magazine ‡ PepsiCo China beverage group named 'Supplier of the Year' by Wal-Mart China ‡ FLNA and Oberto Sausage Co. hagree to end partnership for distribution and sales of OhBoy! Oberto brand meat snack products in the U.S. and Canada ‡ Tropicana becomes the first North American brand to be independently certified by the Carton Trust, an organization established to address climate change ‡ Sierra Mist launches new flavor²Sierra Mist Ruby Splash ‡ Pepsi becomes official beverage of Norwegian Cruise Lines ‡ PepsiCo acquires Karinto snack business in Peru ‡ Frito-Lay SunChips announces plans to begin using the first fully compostable snack chip bag made from plantbased materials to significantly improve the environmental impact ‡ PepsiCo's Mexico divisions, Gamesa-Quaker, Sabritas and Gatorade, receive the distinctive Corporate Social Responsibility award from Cemefi, the Mexican Center for Philanthrop, for their Talent Sustainability efforts ‡ Wal-Mart Mexico names PepsiCo Beverages Mexico as the 'Supplier of the Year' ‡ Aquafina, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi and Mountain Dew top the 2009 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index ‡ Lipton launches new Sparkling Green Tea²the first-ever sparkling beverage from the Lipton trademark ‡ Consumer Reports names Quaker products among its top choices at supermarkets in their 'Great Every Day Products' article ‡ The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awards PepsiCo a 2009 Energy Start Sustained Excellence Award for its energy efficiency program ‡ PepsiCo announces intention to acquire its two largest anchor bottlers, The Pepsi Bottling Group and PepsiAmericas ‡ PepsiCo's TorTrix brand receives the 'Hall of Fame of Guatemalan Brands' award from the American Marketing Association ‡ PepsiCo introduces three new products²Pepsi Natural, Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback, all sweetened with natural sugar ‡ PepsiCo Ireland is recognized as one of the '50 Best Workplaces' by The Great Places to Work Institute ‡ PepsiCo Chicago Sustainability Center achieves LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, making it the fist in the Consumer Products sector to receive the prestigious Platinum distinction ‡ Frito-Lay launches $2 line for consumers seeking value ‡ PepsiCo India launches Nimbooz by 7Up, a beverage inspired by India's favorite lemonade drink ‡ Tropicana introduces Trop50, the first orange juice with the all-natural sweetness of Stevia ‡ PepsiCo is recognized for its Diversity and Inclusion program by three leading business publications² DiversityMBA, DiversityInc., and ‡ PepsiCo introduces first climate-friendly vending machines to the U.S. ‡ Gatorade's G2 launch topped Information Resource Inc.'s list of most successful product launches of 2008 ‡ Aquafina launches the Eco-Fina Bottle, the lightest weight bottle in the market ‡ Frito-Lay introduces new Smartfood popcorn clusters ‡ Doritos SuperBowl XLIII ad ranked number one by USA Today's Ad Meter ‡ AMP Energy unveils three new line extensions²AMP Energy Lightning, AMP Energy with Black Tea and AMP Energy with Green Tea ‡ PepsiCo scores major league, multiyear sponsorship with both New York Mets and New York Yankees ‡ Latina Style magazine recognizes PepsiCo among the leading companies for Latinas at the Style 50 Awards and Diversity Leaders Conference ‡ Spitz Brand has been named one of Canada's '50 Best Managed Companies' by the National Post ‡ PepsiCo Greater China opens newest bottling plant, Chengdu Pepsi Beverage Co. Ltd. in West China ‡ PepsiCo named 'Corporation of the Year' by Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council for its diligence, commitment and legacy of diversity ‡ Gatorade India establishes new training center for most-talented cricket players ‡ Frito-Lay North America adds more than 1,000 fuel-efficient vehicles to its fleet ‡ PepsiCo announces a multi-year distribution agreement with Rockstar Energy Drink ‡ Tostitos brand crowns six University of Texas fans as the champions of the Tostitos 'Race for the Bowl' competition

and awards them $200,000 for their school's scholarship fund ‡ IZZE Sparkling Juice becomes available at Sam's Club ‡ Frito Lay Turkey launches its second better-for-you snack, Cheetos Rings ‡ Eleven PepsiCo China bottling plants are honored as '2008 Enterprise of Excellence in Water Saving' facilities at the 2008 Chinese Beverages Industry Association annual meeting

Pepsi - Product
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2 6 .Pr o p e l Fi tn e s s Wa t e r 2 7 .Si e r r a Mi s t 2 8 .Sl i c e 2 9 .SoBe 3 0 .Sto rm 3 1 .Te em 3 2 .Tr o p i c an a Pr o d u c t s 3 3 .Tr o p i c an a Twi s t e r 25