The US government is the most thoroughly fraudulent one in the history of nations post-WW2.

It has always insisted on its right to keep, maintain and use all laws or regulations that benefit itself only and no one else. It is prepared to break other laws or regulations just to make sure that its own rules reign supreme. The government of the US has violated international rules and regulations time and time again since the end of 1945 in many attempts to subject foreign people to its own domestic rules, laws and principles. It has even waged very harsh combat against its own people to force individuals and groups to surrender to its federal laws. What a very fraudulent kind of government. Seventeen years ago this month, more than seventy civilians were wiped out by the US authorities in Waco, Texas after a fierce all out battle using high-powered weaponry. Those killed included women and young children. Only a fraudulent government would use very sophisticated army weapons against young children. (This action has been repeated eleswhere, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan). The Waco siege started in Feb 1993 and ended in a fierce confrontation on April 19 1993. The particular Waco location in Texas was inhabited by a group of people highly involved in bizarre religious behaviour and who had also proclaimed the US government as their enemy. US government agents went there in February to try to arrest the leader but failed. The US government then decided to lay a siege on the site but there were many children living inside there together with the adults. During the first few days of the siege, some children and adults were allowed to leave the site but in the end there were still more than twenty young kids inside the location. Negotiations went on between the federal agents and those inside with the aim of ending the siege peacefully but for the most part, both sides were simply waiting for each other to let off the first shot. The US federal agents started to disagree among themselves with some of them wanting to adopt a more aggressive stance towards the people inside the site (aka the Ranch Apocalyse). Soon, more than a dozen Army infantry assault vehicles were brought to the location. The armoured vehicles were then used to crush the surrounding fences, cars and other belongings of the Ranch despite the many pleas from the people inside not to do so. Worse, the agents began to view the people inside as enemy combatants and proceeded to cut their water supply and employed loud noises to disrupt them despite the fact that negotiations were very much still ongoing. The negotiations became increasingly difficult and certainly were made worse by the uncompromisng stand of the federal agents. The agents began a whispering campaign against those inside the Ranch and put forward suggestions that they were

ready to die or willing to commit suicide despite repeated denials from them. On the strength of those ugly lies and wild allegations of impending death and uncontrolled behaviour inside the Ranch, the US A-G authorised a military assault on April 19. What a fraudulent government. Ready to lie and kill its own people. During the assault, army tanks breached the outer walls and noxious gas was pumped in despite the presence of many young children inside. The noise of the assault plus the gas, smoke, debris and loud sounds deliberately hurled by the agents caused a panic inside and some of the adults lit fires in parts of the Ranch in the general confusion. A huge fire soon engulfed the whole building and when it finally ended, more than seventy people lay dead. Twenty-five of them were young children. Such is the very fraudulent and very merciless conduct of the government of the US. The killings at the Waco Ranch briefly awakened observers to the harsh and uncompromising stand of the US government even towards its own citizens. After the incident, nine adults were sentenced to various prison terms after a court trial. A few others were released but not before getting locked up for quite lengthy periods without trial and sometimes in clearly involuntary solitary confinement. Some alleged receiving painful torture and regular beatings while under detention. Waco is just one incident that has exposed the very thoroughly fraudulent nature and conduct of the US government. There are many, many other similar incidents, and some of them were even very much worse than the one at Waco. All these incidents definitely prove just how fraudulent and evil the US is, even long after the end of WW2. Today, the US is quick to pronounce judgement on others and has even dared to criticise unjustly the judicial systems of foreign countries, although still so fully unable to comprehend the deadly results of the killings at Waco. Killing many young innocent children in Vietnam, Iraq, Kabul, Pakistan and elsewhere was really, really horrible. But killing one's own children with one's own hi-tech weapons ? And now, still always wanting to blindly judge, criticise and lecture others ? ? ? Have you ever asked yourself if all those children ever had a quarrel with you ? That you had to kill them so mercilessly ? ? Did those unfortunate kids owed you a big, big sum of money and refused to pay you back ? ? ? That you had to expropriate their lives and their blood in return ? ? ? You are full of fraud. You are the master of all fraud. The big mother of fraud. You are thoroughly fraudulent. Go to Hell. You and all your fraudulent rules and laws. Go fry in Hell !!! May all the leaders of the US government fry in Hell forever.

Hell is really the final home for you all.