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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib

Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji

Quantum TechnologY for Awareness



tte i


Shabd Guru

Basis, Use and Impact of the Quantum Technology of the

Shabd Guru

Siri Singh Sahib
Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji, Ph.D.

compiled by

Mukhia Singh Sahib

Dr. Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.
assisted by
Siri Sardarni Kaur Bhai Sahiba Bibiji Inderjit Kaur, ph.D.
Sarab N. Singh
Simar N. Singh

August 1995

Table Of Contents

Appendix 3 : Power of Words and Language . .

The Power of



The Primal Sounds - Quantum


The Roots of Language and the Vehicle of



Learning Language ...... .........

Words use Many Parts of the

Whole Brain Orchestration






Under the Hood-A Brief Tour of Your








The Conductor: the limbic-hypothalamic-pituitary axis ......................35

Endocrine Glands: instruments for energy



Automatic Nervous System: instruments for action and relaxing ........36

Immune System: instruments for
Senses and Central Nervous

The Shabd Guru




Appendix 4 : A Poctic Introduction to the Quantum

Technology of the Shabd Guru
Space for your Notes and Comments




This booklet is dedicated to the Sovereign Khalsa Spiritual Nation and their children and

We are grateful to Guru Ram Das for bestowing his grace and blessings upon us all.

drH qrd EIEI aI6+{

qdr fu,?r6 od a 6+{ I
fso rg A rdi:la fi rr t

gg ill-{en;1ry6


il w}{

Um Ss,Uar{e


DIT{3 4 rTrH

The Names of Rama, Krishna and Buddha,

The words of Moses, Jesus, Muhammad,

Devotions, Salutations, Praises and Prayers,

The wash of the saints feet, .the cup of Nectar,
The realm of Raj Yoga, the Lord's own mansion,
God's Name and Yoga and Concentration,
All of these shall be granted unto
Those who meditate on Ram Das the Guru.

Book : Furmaan Khalsa

Poem : To those who Meditate on Guru Ram Das
By : Siri Singh Sahib


The time has come to share the universal impact of Shabd Guru to uplift and inspire the whole
world with this technology.The time has come to awaken and arise:


g Ed HEr & s*s ildr

;'fup,r, F"rs A Sboe rt
HH=rd ffidr ;Y61 z4r!
i td'3 EE el fo xvi

a?rH Er}fE6 qoN



6HEdt ad ErfrH as
ltE 3r il'dr ft s*g ;rdr

Wake up!
Now is the time!


Time is running out!



Sing God's praises and realize your destiny.

Karma makes you sleepy.
Dharmawakes you up.
Walce up!
Leave your eruors behindyou.
Practice Raj Yoga.
Now is the time!
Wake up!


Book . Furmaan Khalsa

Poem : Wake Up!

Time itself is shaking us, deman-ding we wake up and change Like the insistent hand of Wahe
Guru it shakes us out of sleep.Time does not stay steady. It changes like the seasons. The
message and technology of the Shabd Guru is essential for now and for the future. Though its
priceless gifts and potential were given to all through the perfect Bani of the Gurus over five
centuries ago, the awareness it engenders in each person is what is needed to cope with the

challenges of the new millennium. During the lifetimes of the Gurus, the Bani and the technology
of the Shabd Guru was delivered to each person in the midst of their daily lives. It was shared
with all regardless of social status, caste, creed, rase, or nationality. Today it still carries that
universality. It is a technology to awaken the most frozen heart, uplift the most depressed mind,
and lead to fulfillment as a human being.
People everywhere need to know the experience of the Shabd Guru. We need to find ways to
share this practically and reach each person in the midst of their daily lives. Lives that are now
fast-paced, filled with information technologies, and interconnected globally. People need a
gateway to the experience of the Shabd Guru that speaks to their needs and which preserves the
tim6less vision embedded in the Naad and Bani of the Shabd Guru.

Time itself has prepared the way. The blessing of Guru Ram Das is opening the heart of the
world. We need not create anything. We need only step forward to serve the light in every person
that calls for the words to express itself. We are leaders by service to the Shabd Guru and people,
and we gain strength by the unity of our purpose. We need only understand this priceless gem in
terms of the needs of people now and for the future. Share, serye, uplift.

For 525 years Sikhs and non-Sikhs recited the dlrur ki baani and strived to synchronize their
lives with its principles. This recitation and practice was done with great devotion and open
hearts. This approach to practice which was rich with Bhakti - devotion - could only take such
deep roots in India, where devotion and respect for the lineage of wisdom is highly refined. The
core of Bhakti shall always be the heartbeat of the Dharma, but the needs and language of the new
global cultures, of the Information Age, and of the Western mind is for Shakti. The language that
addresses the struggles of the average person in the West is one that gives each person tools, the
experience of immediate personal change, and a discipline to examine, assess, and direct their

We, in the West, are probably the first to add the word "teclinology" to the word Shabd Guru.
What is meant by "shabd Guru technology"? Technology is the practical aspect of a theory that
can be put to some use. We have not invented this technology. We have only brought it tothe
attention of the Western mind in a form that is practical and applies to contemporary needs - an
applied awareness to awaken the spirit in life. Thought of in this way, the Shabd Guru technology
is a direct answer to the needs for healing, clarity, and spiritual elevation, that have increased
under the stress induced by the demands and opportunities of the Information Age revolution,
globalization, and the change of consciousness as we enter a new era.
The demanding dnd proof-seeking Western mind has inspired us to interpret the technology of the
Shabd Guru for the present and the new millennium in ways that stop the greatest of skeptics in
their stride. The Shabd Guru is both the storehouse and the tool to experience the profound
knowledge of the Self, spirit and God. It is a sophisticated source of Gian - tested iransformative
knowledge. Like a great mountain it can be scaled from many sides. The first approach was
through Bhakti which led to the power of the self, and to r.ul knowledge at the peak - Gian. The
Westein mind climbs the mountain from the other side - Shakti, a discipline for c'hange and


experience which also leads to Gan and from which the gates of Bhakti become naturally
accessible. From the peak all paths can be seen and followed.

This booklet begins the exposition of the technology of the Shabd Guru using modern research in
language, psychology, the brain and the neuro-endocrine system. This approach has opened the
way for many people who long to explore the spirit and to excel in their lives. It takes the Shabd
Guru out of simple classifications as an ancient religious text or a regional custom. It puts the
universality, effectiveness and uniqueness of its words back into the-center stage of understanding.
It puts experience and the methodology of the Bani first. Many truth seekers have become the
disciples of Guru Nanak by the experience of this technology - by Jappa, Nam Simra4 Bani and
cultivation of the Pavan Guru. From this first experience they continued to explore the facets of
the Shabd Guru.and gained devotion, dignity, purity, piety and compassion. Many have been
blessed to commit to the full discipline and consciousness of the Panth Khalsa. AII have become
stronger more effective people.
This booklet explains how everyone; Sikh or non-Sikh, benefits from the technology of the
Shabd Guru and can synchronize their lives with its rhythms, consciousness and precepts. We
have become accustomed to dispelling darkness at the flick of an electric switch whenever we
wish, but we still haven't mastered the switch to dispel inner darkness. That is the technology
the Shabd Guru:



E fid ?rq.d

"Without the Guru there is complete Darhress"

Asa Di Vaar

Guru Nanak - the most extraordinary spiritual teacher of our age established the right of wery
human to be sovereign in spirit and soul. Each person can become blissful, bountiful, and
beautiful regardless ofhis station in life. Guru Nanak was the perfect embodiment of this radiant
light. His words awaken the soul to its own essence in reality. He ended five thousand years of
hierarchical traditions of rulership and religions that oppressed people. Real freedom is freedom
from the limitations of the mind. That freedom is given through the words ofNanak that link us
with each breath to the infinite given to each of us by the Creator. He unveiled and captured the
technology of the Shabd Guru in his divine Bani. Through its practice we realize our fearlessness,
dignity and sovereignty.

No matter how much confusion we may be in, or ills we have suffered, or pains we have caused,
the Shabd Guru can clear the record and give protection and a new beginning. As we daily say
after our ardas:
"Khuar hoe sab milangae bache sharan jo hoe"
Those polluted in duality and variance who shall seek shall
of the Shabd Guru.


protected and saved in the shelter

We want this booklet to be a signpost on every path traveled by people of all different cultures for many traveling their paths, at an accelerated pace in this computerized world, are heading into
severe mental confusion and record high stress levels.
We warn the world that Information Technology, while being man's natural progress towards
convenience and a sense of achievement, must be balanced by an equally strong technology
of the
Self and_concept of human identity. With that sense of identiiy ana ita.iiy imbried by the
Guru, all the miraculous technologies of now and the future can serve us and the planet. Without
that personal practice to keep ourselves elevated and fully human, it will become an age of
confusion rather than an Age of Awareness. The information web that modern technoiogy is
weaving can hypnotize the mind and entrance its basic functions. The antidote is in Nanak's
supreme technology, call it by any name you will, a scientific technology, a miracle,
or grace, the
Shabd Guru's basis and experiential impact is timely, relevant, unchangLble and eternal
essential for the future. This Shabd Guru cannot be made in a lab. The Shabd Guru
cannot be
added to or subtracted from, it is complete. The Shabd Guru, while its impact and
effects can be
explored and documented by science, has an essence which goes infinitely beyond
the capabilities
of scientific research. The greatest computer and most complex instrument ofknowledge is
human being.
The urgent imperative before us is:
1. We should inspire people around the world to better their lives with
this precious and unique

2. We should find ways to extend the light of Harimandir Sahib to shine its
splendor and its
universal healing golden radiance upon all human beings.

3' We should carry forward the step taken by the first wise rishi who walked
the pure snows of
the Himalayas thousands of years ago. Guru Nanak extended those footsteps
all around Asia India, China and the Middle East. Now the path must circle the globe and lead
in to Space itself.
Let the slumbering, bickering panth awaken and support its traditional and time
tested ways with
more vigor and faith; let the latest scientific research
them in this endeavor. And may
this Panth, this path, this technology of the Shabd Guru
and its powerful quantum impact ,"urh
the information burdened and psychologically distraught minds of
-iUio6 of people, as
envisioned by Quru Nanak.

The technology of the Shabd Guru has been aptly described in a poem
from Furmaan Khalsa

called Gian


fdr,,ir6 EIE'

H1g' fgdr

dl E


fi ae ssE'r



o+ qeJU t
A[-dH3^ dl 6E


rd rd



6,-d )ifd

a HEIs a?
a drb dr'
fi s'u fr
rfs r+w

)rru-r6 i+o'uu
gHH g,?rrd ys Ua






u-e p


From the dance of tongue and Palate,

The seed of the Gurmantra is born.
Out of the Guru's mouth,
The Cave of Divine Knowledge,
Comes the Naad of the Gurumantra.
The tongue churns...
The Eternal song of

Har Har is sung.

Uttering the Gurmantra,

Pranas merge at the navel,
Andwith the Great Lock,
The Tenth Gate oPens wide.

From within the Cwe of Divine Knowledge,

God Himself is born!
Book Furmaan Khalsa
Poem : The Cave of Divine Knorvlecige

When the master Guiu Nanak said : Dhur ki Bani... he literally meant this Bani, its meaning
the sound of each syllable, has come from the primal source of all creation --- the DHUR!!!


is time to arise and experience the power of each syllable in the Sri Guru Granth
Sahib - to
directly experience this impact upon our lives of the powerful and unique permutations and

combinations of sound-sllables of the GurBani.

New research tools in bio-medical disciplines are opening a window on the functional processes
ofthe mind. With them we can begin to elaborat" on ,or. of the mechanisms of the brain that
'_support the impact of the Shabd cu*. with fl\dRl, pETs, fult spectru- aigirur rgc,
Magnetoencepholography and new methods to track neuro-endocrine chaiges,
the amazing
by Jappa Naam can be shown in brilliant pictures. ThoughLfi tning, ,"",
' explain the real inipact on the soul and heart, it does make-one facet of the Shabd Guru more clear
' and cracks the barrier of skepticism for many. It opens the gates of the Guru to a wide audience
who want to improve their lives, to answer the call of their soul and contribute
to the greater
awakening and service of humanity.


is hearing the Shabd, practicing the Bani, and living in the awakened
consciousness of a
Gurmukh that is important. You may enter the housi of the Guru and the grace
of Guru Ram
D'asthrough any gate: technology uni r"uron, devotion and surrender, service
and action, or
meditative absorption - Naam Simran. It is imperative to explain the Shabd
Guru in awaythat can
t.u9h and serve people in the age of awareness and informaiion. The Banis, concepts
technology should be available to every person, every place.

The next time you read your Banis aloud remember that you are automatically
using the
technology of the Shabd Guru. All its impact on the mini, body and heafi
ar;you;;J you will
happier, stronger and more aware.
This is only the beginning. It is the beginning of a conversation with you
the reader. Read, discuss
and pass on the message of this paper and the technology of the
Shabd Guru to other members of
your cornmunity. Communicate with us and let us together elevate everyone
with the light of the


We sincerelvloy our heads and pray, Iike you, that the Sovereign Khalsa Spiritual
will maintain Guru Gobind Singh's cornerstone of: One Panth, One Granth, One Maryadal
Lastly, we are indebted to staffof Sun and Son and others in the community
without whose help
the editing and publishing of this booklet would have been an arduous task.
Their names are as


Sardarni Sahiba Gurucharan Kaur Khalsa, Sardarni Sahiba Fateh Kaur Khalsa,
Singh Sahib
Guruka Singh Khalsa, Harimandir Singh Khalsa, Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa.
Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

Siri Singh S"hib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa yogiji

& The Shabd Guru Team

Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib
Harbhajan Singh Klralsa Yogiji

Quantum Technology for Awareness

Shabd Guru
Basis, (Ise and Impact of the Quantum Technology of the Shabd Guru. A
contemporory perspective and explorMion otthe Shabd Guru and the
Information Age.

We live in turbulent times. Storm

warnings surround us. There are warning

signs of personal breakdown


information overload everywhere. We

must learn the way to be happy and
thrive under new, elevated levels of
pressure. The cover story of Newsweek

reported that the president of Harvard

University, Neil Rudenstein, collapsed
into the fatigue abyss. He announced
that his life was scrambled and devoured
by an invisible enemy, information
overload. Mr. Rudenstein lived for three

years in a state of hyper-energetic

activity. He used brilliance, little sleep
and consistent high-level skills for
information management to create

excellent results for the University. Then

he hit a gap. Relationships, family,
health and performance all failed. He was
forced to withdraw from all stimulation
for several months on a Caribbean island
before he could return to his work, and
when he did it was in a much reduced
capacity. Intelligence, skills, resources
were not enough. He came up against
some basic, perhaps primal limitations
under the demands of an information

Mr. Rudenstein is only one example on

the top of a long public list of famous
people and leaders who have declared a
mental rupture and social meltdown from
hyperactivity and information overload.

We have seen this happen to people in

every walk of life: sports stars, police
ofiicers, professors, housewives, young
students, and stress counselors. Even
professionals whose job it has bepn to
handle great stress and coach others to
do so, fail to maintain their balance under
increased pressure from the information

storm, and resultant new



Some writers have recently warned us

about the impact that comes with the
increased rate of change and access to
unlimited information. The well known
futurist Alvin Toffler proclaimed, "The
breakdown of human performance under
heavy information loads may be related
to psychopathology in ways we have not
yet begun to explore. Yet even without
understanding its potential impact, we
are accelerating the generalized rate of
change in society. We are forcing people
to adapt to a new life pace, to confront
novel situations and master them in ever
shorter intervals."2

For many people the information bomb

has already exploded - in the silence of
their minds. Information overload and a
constant exposure to the moods and
manipulations of unprecedented numbers
of other people through technology is
becoming overwhelming. An article in
'Toffler, Alvin, Future

Shock, Random House,

the Wall Street fournal3 warns us of this

increasing problem:
scminars run by the Harvard Medical
School psychiatrist Steven Berglas,
technology-induced exhaustion is now
the most popular session. 'People won't
being overwhelmed,' Dr.
Berglas says. 'That's why they're driving
themselves crazl/."'

The massive overload of information we

subjected to destroys the


will all be


disorientation. We have mapped out

these syndromes and changes both in the

present and for the future. We have used


the quantum technology of the Shabd

Guru to help thousands of people in
these ways: to regain lost balance, to

Current surveys confirm the rising impact

and the emergence of new maladies. Our
own eyes can witness the pressurg, and

problems all around. None of'the

predictions and none of the current
symptoms touch how vast, radical and
imtnediate this problem is and will be in
the future. The limitations of the brain's
capacity to handle information and the
awakened sensitivity of consciousness
will cause considerable pressure on each
and everyone of us. The result will be
new forms of psychological, emotional

of the mind and creates


strengthen virtues already developed, and

to overcome

obstacles. Those who

of the Shabd
Guru excelled with stamina and
practiced the techniques

motivation, gained clarity in their values

and direction in life, dropped addictive

habits, and were healed from


mental and physical ailments.

The outcome of this shift of Age depends
on our ability to assess and command our
own consciousness. The demands of this
great change require that each of us use
and master and apply
technology of the Shabd Guru.


and spiritual disorders.

This new pressure on the mind has only

just begun. We are sensing the first

ripples of a vast tidal wave of pressure


dEUfo ?r-e'ErdufoAe'


Syndromes,u (DS) defines the variety of
maladies which have begun to plague us
like depression, disorientation, diffi.rsion
of identity and other effects which come
from the gap between the brain's capacity
to handle the flood of information and
social contacts it is exposed to and the
need to act immediately and consciously
in each situation. The gap between
information flow and sensory capacity
and response will widen as the quantity
of information and the number of people
exposed to it increase.

the smallest) and outward (tending towards the

on*ur61ur$fl r soo0r?

"The Multitasking Man: Type A Meets

Technolog5r", The Wall Street Journal,



By speaking in the consciousness of the

Shabd Guru the inner sound cutent is
started, lYisdom comes and you ore
merged into the vast (nyareness of
Anhada (Sri Guru Granth Sahib, pagel)
Using the Shabd Guru we can quickly
and effectively find the calm eye of this
mental and social storm of change. From

Anhad= Withoutllad0imi0; quantum - that

which is limifless, both inward (tending towards

ift fvsqrr .. The ego

vanishes when limitless bani (hymn) is obtainid.


andJlawless Bani ( hymn)

this place of inner stillness, slruniyd , we

can find our focus so we may excel and
be happy. This state is described as the
state of being samdarsi (erwfr). The
Guru describes the attributes of a mind
that dwells in such a neutral state:.

News reports are increasingly

documenting that even the most

competent, productive and intelligent

people have lost their sense of balance to
the inescapable pressure of information
overload, the lack of time, and increased
social and personal demands.

3H'..rg!t3p gEfror
(To wch a state of mind) happiness and
grief are same



(Sri Guru Granth Sahib, page 288)

(To ruch'a state of mind) gold and mud

apryar the same (Sri Guru Granth Sahib,

With countless remedies the malady isn't

Such a malady is cured by the medicine
af Naam6


We must prepare for and find antidotes

to a wave of new maladies. Each Age
has its special challenges to body, mind
and soul. For example, leprosy,
tuberculosis, malaria and smallpox are
plagues we faced for many generations in
the last Age. Through new medical
technologies and committed efforts,
some of the old enemies, like smallpox
have disappeared. Others are contained
and in retreat. Now, as we enter a new
Age, previously unknown challenges

such as viral

epidemics and

psychological/spiritual ailments beset us,

with more on the way. Depression and
fatigue-related psychological illnesses are
at epidemic proportions and rising at
accelerating rates. The Annals of
Internal Medicine, a prestigious medical

journal, recently reported fatigue and

stress as two of the top reasons people
seek a doctor. aver 25o/o of patients
complain of prolonged fatigue lasting at
least several weeks. Other symptoms
come with the fatigue: insomnia, inability
to concentrate or make decisions, loss of
a feeling of control, and alienation from
normal social and sexual relationships.

Shuniya: zero; empty.


At first people will try to deal with this

gap with increased electronic technology.

We will


to use

sophisticated devices, software, even
special intelligent helpers
sort the
information. The ancierrt
defenses of our human nervous system
will accelerate. We will fight, withdraw,
and fantasize more. Some of us will
attempt to diffi.rse the impact of the flood
of information with harmful adaptations
like drug use and violence. Electronic
technology will only bring us more
information, more choices, more
contacts, and more complexity. It will
push us beyond all the old frontiers of
identity - home, neighborhood, country
values, and the natural rhythms of nature.



Our old touchstones for forming an

will fail and we will hgve a


pervasive identity crisis.

All these examples highlight the necessity

for a potent and practical technolory to

generate the inner energy needed to
survive and excel under this pressure.

IdentitS Identity of God.

Energy is "ihe capacity /or action or

accomplishment; the effort your mind
otd body is able to exert to move from
the current state to a desired state."
Remember the famous formula of
Einstein, E = MC2. It converts the mass
of an object into the amount of energy it
can generate. In the realm of the mind
we can write a similar formula;
E (inner energY) = MC2
Mnd) (Consciously Conscious)

We must consciously direct

consciousness of the mind. We release
the energy we need to excel and balance
ourselves with an inner technology that
can alter the frequency of the mind and
the.state of the brain.



Hs a)

the oscillations of the mind


with the practice of the Shabd, and it

gets pacified of itself (Sarang M: 3,
Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page 1233)

lpd ffir@Ti3rfu

IrcUrdErdrdss I

Praise the God, O saints andfriends!

l{tth steady, complete concentration,
with one-pointednes.s of the mind.
(Siri Guru Granth Sahib Page 295)
Guru Nanak - the first Guru of the Sikhs,
immersed into the Shabd Guru, saw the
pain of people everywhere.T He
experienced the vast flood of information

from the entire cosmic

(The entire world is

gnwed sayeth Nanak)

tkough this wave of change. Just as

combining atoms has opened the way to
use the greatest energy in matter, the
quantums of sound are the atoms that
open the way to the greatest inner energy
of consciousness and command the
chemistry of the brain. Those Shabd
patterns are a legacy to be used and
shared with all as an antidote to the
maladies of the InfoDementia
Syndromes. The Shabd Guru technology
is not just for the Sikhs but for everyone,
for in every human is the Light of the
same Creator.8

We do not need new choices. We are

flooded with choices. We need an
elevated capacity to make choices. We
do not need more information. We need
the wisdom to use all the information.
We do not need another religion. We
need the experience of a Dharmd that
creates the spiritual fitness to act
believably on our beliefs. The Shabd
Guru is a special kind of technology with


unique contribution
potentials and handle the problems of the
new age - the Aquarian Age. In the body
it produces vitality; in the complex of the
awakens intelligence and
develops wisdom and intuition; in the
heart it establishes compassion; in each
person's consciousness
builds the
clarity to act with fearless integrity.




And he perfectly laid down patterns of

the Shabd Guru that commanded the
brain and mind with rhythm, sound,
concentration and breath. The patterns
of the Shabd Guru combine atoms of

information in the smallest sound units to

release the inner energy of awareness
needed to guide the brain and mind

gufuap ge-as rs E-e

From one Primal Light all men are created.
(page 1349, Sri Guru Granth Sahib)
Dharma: Right action; duty; guiding law
mqiEfur fiseHfd u-o"{ (Bu}-r61)
Whatever strengtlens oneself in a saints
company is Dharam. (Sukhmani)
,?ikTr rvsir

The Character of the Aquarian Age and the Information Revolution

We recognize the Aquarian Age


dawning. November of 1991 marked the

cusp of the last step of the shift of Age.

history of
Humankind. But this shift of Age is
different. The old "Piscean Age" was
dominated by machines and hierarchies.
The new "Aquarian Age" is ruled by
awareness, information and energy.
The greatest power will be your Wordyour consciously projected words. This
change is radical, not incremental. It is a
simultaneous change in both the outer
and inner worlds. The mind is changing
There have been many Ages and shifts

Ages before

in the long


sensitivity, its basic frequency and

functioning. Our lifestyle is changing its
sense of time, space, relatedness and

fr asqer

arw ses e Fdra (rrd$6)

The Kalygtt will turn everything

down. (Parbeenl2)



Both the Piscean and the Aquarian age are

part ofthe Kalyug age; the Piscean age being
the age ofknowledge and the Aquarian age
being the golden age of Kalyug. Eliot writes of
the Piscean age:
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
llhere is the Knowledge we have lost in

The cycles of Heaven in huenty centuries

Bring us farther from GOD and nearer to Dust.

T.S. Eliot, 'Choruses from "The Rock"


The current age according to the Indian

tradition. "In Kalyug, the chariot is fire,
falsehood the

charioteer" Guru Nanak (Asa di


Parbeen was a Punjabi poet.

In the Age we are leaving behind, it was

a central and even sacred task to find and
gain access to the right information.
There were special places of study in
remote areas - like Tibet, or in a deep
jungle or an isolated desert, accessible to
a few who could qualfy or who had a
special destiny. The motto of the Age
was "to be or not to be." Learn, grow
and become something. Great knowledge

about human potential was guarded by

secrecy and layers of initiations.
In the Aquarian Age there are no secrets!
Information is available. Finding it is not
the central task any longer. In this Age
the motto is "be to be." 'You already are
something by the grace of the Creator.
Accept your wholeness and your
larger creative
existence and express
with each
committed action.r3
demonstrate wisdom. Study alone,

to a


knowing a truth alone, will not be

important. Real value will come from
truth embodied in practical actions and in
the internal caliber and qualities of your
mind and heart. This is the profile of a
fulfilled human being.
The Aquarian Age person will demand
personal experience and the capacity to
act. The Shabd Guru is available to all
and will soon be on Information
networks all over the globe. You need

not search. You need to


experience, incorporate and express. This



qqy.311' Ei

aB u-a :l: r (Realize the

Atma and Paramatama as One)

Atrna : Soul
Paramatma: Oversoul, God.

last point is a key to grasp the shift of the

Aqtrarian Age. {rnagine that information
on anything and anybody is available to
everyone. In such a world, your value
will not rest in what you acquire, find or
know. It will rest in who you have
beconne through the experience of what
you find. Vaiue will lie in your capacity
and eonsciousness to use information.
You will be valuable for your wisdom
and i.rnique point of view. That is what
the Shabd Guru develops. It is not a

thought, an idea or a piece of

information. It is a patterning of
information" It is information about
inf,ormation. It is not just an experience,
it is an experience about experience. In

u,orld saturated wlth information we

need a technology to develop our
cornmand of it, not just gather more.

A scientist from an MIT

Everything is recorded in the Akasha, in

the Heavens - so make each action as if
you are in the presence of God. The

Shabd Guru develops brain

research facility

demonstrated something amazing. He

understood our point that, "People used
to remove themseives from normal
society in order to search out their spirit.
They would go to mountains, jungles,
deserts or caves. Or in a village they
rvould wear speciai garb to be in a
different world of spirit with different
rules. Now there is no place to go. You
can take a tour to the most remote spot."
His eyes sparkled as he turned on his
computer terminal. The screen showed a
spinning image of the globe. He had us
pick a country" We pointed to a South
Ameriean location. F{e zoomed the map
on the oomputer screen to show that
country. He asked us to point to a
region in it. He zoomed the picture to
enlarge that zone. It was a remote area
laced with hills. He entered a special
code. Several biips of light appeared.
F{e seieeted one. With a little


appeared of a vehicle with its speed and

other information. Our eyes opened
wide. He said, "We can track any vehicle
that sends out a cellular or other
transmission, and moves at 100 mph or
less, night or day, anywhere in the world.
We can locate an object as small as a few
centimeters. In a few years, we will be
able to track anything passively, even
without a signal from it. Shdl I leave the
computer to track it automatically so you
can look at it later?" It isn't even the
future. That capacity exists now!
Information, beyond what you expect, is
available even now and is increasing

a miniature



feelings and automatic alertness so you

can be aware of your actions and guide
them before you take them. It gives you
a tool to act as a conscious selfconductor. In the last Age you could get
away with many more behaviors - from
embezzling to dumping pollutants. You
could just hide them. Now that is rapidly
becoming impossible. In the past you
could establish a persona, a mask you
show to the world, and be known by it.
Now every persona is under audit. We
can track each ofyour actions regardless
of how you may appear. Every money
exchange, statement and behavior leaves
a trail. Just as the Guru emphasized, we
will be known by those actions.



Our individuql actions bring us nearer

to or further from God. (Page 12, Siri
Guru Granth Sahib, Japji Sahib)

Action is the language of the awakened

self As the Aquarian Age dawns, the old
defenses and manipulations based on

hiding or controlling access to

information will no longer work. We
need the capacity to assess each action
and its consequences before we take
them, as if every action will be known
and will reveal us. Only then can we
realize that our word, fulfilled by actions,
is our ultimate gift and power. The use
of the Shabd Guru is the highest
refinemtint of that power.

take actions and to make decisions on a

vast, shifting array of problems.

Although people intuit the shift in
different ways, there are several overarching themes we all agree must be
confronted and dealt with.

Learning is not enough. We must

learn how to learn. We need the
capacity not just for Cognition
but for MetaCognition.

Change and learning is

continuous and lifelong. We

The contact of the Shabd (Guru) with the

soul produces joy supreme,

( Sri Guru

Granth Sahib, Ramkali

must maintain mental, emotional

and physical fl exibility.

M: ,

ps. 1233)

There are many other dimensions to the

radical shift

of this Age.

orderly, nor

emotion and instinct.


everywhere are talking about it, making

predictions or debunking it. Some sense
the shift as a cataclysm or end of the
world, others as a new beginning, and
still others as a time of uncertainty and
unpredictability. What is clear to
everyone is a sense of urgency and a vast
change in society, consciousness and the
nature of our perception of the world and
each other. We have always experienced
change. But rarely with this intensity and
speed and NEVER with this scope and
vastness. The change is on all levels of
life at once. It is not sequential and

Complexity is increasing as is our

need to deal with it.

Our sense of personal identity

and its foundation is shifting.

is each step predictable.

This is an Age of Paradox - more

global and more individual, fewer
boundaries and more demand for
political separations; everything is
faster and we have less time. We
need far more love and unity for

we have more fear


responsibility to elevate and manage his

or her own state of awareness, to deal
with wide spread and constant stress, to

Information is not enough.

Neither is knowledge. We need

And it affects each one of us personally.

of how the shift is perceived,

every person down to the grass roots of
society is reaching for something to do
about it. Each person must accept the

Intellect is not enough. We need

a new relationship to intuition,


tremendous insecurity.


and constant peak

performance are the common

benchmarks to evaluate every
person and their work, and the


is to go inward and


We require a reconciliation

integration of the spiritual side of

life with the technological and
material sides - a Spiritual Fitness



sense values and meaning'

is no isolation. Each
action we take must be


considered ecologicallY, in terms

of others and globallY, because
each person does affect, directlY

indirectlY, vast networks of

people, and other living beings


and places.

Each of us has a potential information

processing bottleneck. That is one of the
functions of sleeP - to sort out
information and to revitalize the chemical
and glandular engines of consciousness.
The estimates most scientists use at this
time is that the human brain can process
and integrate information from the senses
at a modest 50 bits Per second. Over
100 million bits per second are needed to
create a typical TV picture. So we must
edit, delete and code the information.


Information Revolution

increased sensitivity of the Aquarian Age

will overload the

brain's buf;[ers, the

temporary storage and sorting areas. We

must be able to clear the subconscious

quickly and start

In all of this, the human being will need
to cope with the core change in the

amount and rate of information

accessible and required. The rapid

change in information processing power,

storage capabilities and distribution are
From the
amazing. (See appendix II
beginning of the information age studies
have been done, from the 1940s to the
present, that estimated the human ability
to store and process information so we
the new
could take advantage
technologies. The results are fairly
consistent. We have a massive capacity
for storage. The number of neural
connections goes into the trillions, but
the capacity to process the information of
the senses and the stored information of
severely limited. The
electrical, it is also
process is not



is not just
"hardware" or "software" to use

chemical. The brain

It is an
ocean of
information via the most subtle and
computer terms, it is "wetware."

cosmic electromagnetic




develoP new
capacities in the brain to deal with the
overload or we will suffer from
InfoDementia Syndromes.
The initial symptoms of the IDS will be:
stress, burn-out, more minor and chronic

illnesses, fatigue, sleeP


behavioral addictions and compulsions,

poor judgments and feelings of

depression, helplessness and withdrawal.
Some people are reacting to the current
level of pressure by refusing to use any
technology or throwing out the computer
and TV sets. But the future will be filled

with increasing types and quantities of

interconnecting devices. And we will
have l0 billion people with historically
unprecedented levels of higher education
express and
communicate! As the pressure increases,
we will see chronic fatigues, identity
collapse where people will simply leave
their physical bodies for extended periods
of inactivity, splitting of identities, and
catastrophic elrors in judgments.





opportunity and potential

prosperity everywhere - and with it
comes equal danger. Information and
intellect are not enough to manage our
brain and actions in this Age. This
massive change will bring many
unexpected reactions. Some people will
react, burn-out, and try to isolate


themselves physically or emotionally.

Delusions will become corlmon. The
rise of the open information society will
have a shadow filled with secret groups
and fanatic societies. This is part of the
turbulence of such a radical shift.

We must learn to use the


differently. The mind of the future

Aquarian Age person will change both in
sensitivity and quality over the next
several decades. In a few generations our
mental struggles will seem as distant and
perplexing to them as the problems and
thoughts of ancient prehistoric empires
seem to us now. That change of mental

quality will occur

already begun in some people.

automatically and has

We need an intuitive mind to


paradoxes, uncertainty and the need for

action. The intuitive mind can integrate
the polarities in an issue with a creative
sense of purpose and neutrality that
serves both polarities. This will become
a key difference between the happy and
prosperous and the miserable in the new
Age: who can handle information
pressure and who can not. The capacity
to command the brain into states that
handle all information (social, emotional,
data, sensory, psychic and subtle) and the
pressure to act wisely will create great
differences and classes in the world of
economics, relationships,
leadership and lifestyles.


How can we develop the mind to excel in

this new environment? How do we
embed core value capacity in the mind so



of action, an
guide clear decisions?

has an axis



Information and intellect are not enough.

It is just as the Guru says in Japji Sahib,

"ffiffu6iSifrduu*l "
(Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page


Thinking and thinking, even 100,000

clever thoughts will not solve the need of
the mind for direction nor the thirst of
the soul for meaning and connection It is
only by special practices of the Naamra
or Shabd Guru that you can have the
wisdom needed to act.

What happens when we have information

and intellect, but lack the neutral mind
and the practice of spiritual fitness to


with our


consciously? Consider this point

seriously for a minute, What type of
problem will arise? The answer is
Chernobyl. And the thousand possible
Chernobyls of the future.

The nuclear disaster at Chernobylr5 on

the morning of April 26, 1986, affected
millions of people. It had an impact
beyond anything imagined by its
designers, operators and even its critics.
Though many details may still be
discovered, the core of the story will stay
the same. The whole disaster was caused
by two electrical engineers. When the

lltithout the Naam, ane


self respect

I{ithout the Naam, one becomes a black sheep

And leads an accursed life ofno consequence.
Eamkali M: l, Sri Guru Granth Sahib, page
tt The Truth About Chernobyl, Grigori
Medvedev, Basic Books : New York, 1991

clean-up teams finally managed to breach

the core areas of the reactor and the

control stations, they pieced together
what had happened. Surrounding the
dead bodies of the two top engineers in
charge was a clear trail of ill+aken
decisions. The two engineers were well
trained, and educated at the top of their
respective classes. They knew exactly
what they were doing and the risks
involved. They had both information and
experience. One night, perhaps out of
boredom or a love of risk-taking, this we
can not determine, they decided to play a
game. They made a bet on how slowly
and how long the turbine in reactor
number four could free-wheel when the
power is removed They began shutting

down the reactor. They knew the

procedure created instability in the
complex system. In fact there were six
separate automatic, computer driven

alarm systems to prevent exactly what

they decided to do. The computer gave

warnings with flashing lights, then

alarms, then automatic valve shutoffs.
They padlocked the valves and overides
so they could not close! How far down
could they go? It went all the way down!
It exploded. They got the excitement.
They lost the bet. All that is left are the
padlocks and a legacy offear.

Those educated engineers had

intellect, the knowledge and

resources to fulfill their duty and excel in
their profession. But for some personal
reason they lost their clarity. Apparently
they had no practice to uselthe intuitive,
neutral mind. They lost track of the
reality of what they were doing. They
blocked out the calculated impact of their
actions. They had the best external
technology to stimulate the reactions of
atoms but no technology to stimulate the

inner atoms of the mind and self They

could not monitor their own internal

state. Without being

conscious, the mind became distorted.
For that momentary lack of spiritual
fitness and value clarity, they died,
thousands were killed and injured, and
millions exposed to long term risks. That
environment is now uninhabitable. They
lacked the spiritual fitness, the value
capacity, to read their inner compass
under stress. This will be an increasingly
frequent situation.

Individuals will have access to

technology and information with
potential global impact. Watch the
current controversies over Russia's open
sale of nuclear technology and weapons
to the highest bidders. Now we have
found weapons grade plutonium on sale
in the black markets in Europe and the
Middle East. Follow the spread of
chemical weaponry across the middle
east. Track the stories of hackers who
successfully introduce computer viruses
into key systems dedicated to defense
operations and to medicine.

The outer education provided by the

information revolution must be matched
by an inner education in wisdom, selfcontrol, intuition and the use of the
neutral mind. We have the quantum
technology of the inner science in the
Shabd Guru to answer the call of the
Age. We need stamina under stress,
clarity of values for decisions, a new base
for identity, and the ability to command

our brain, mind and states of

consciousness consciously through the
filter of intuition, wisdom and the
positive, negative and neutral minds. This
is where the Shabd Guru becomes
essential to the future.


The Nature of the Shabd Guru

ushabd" means sound, "Guru" means
teacher or knowledge that transforms
you. The simplest meaning of Shabd
Guru is a special sound that is a teacher.
But what is it that we learn from the
Shabd Guru and how does the use of
sound act as a teacher?

To answer this question look at a deeper

definition of Shabd Guru from its root
structure. "Shabd" comes from Sha- and
-bd. "Sha" means the expression of the
ego, the attachments we identify with.
"Bd' means to cut out/off or to
eradicate. The root meaning of Sha-bd is
that which cuts the ego. It is not just any
sound. It is not just a wise sound or a
song of truth. It is a sound that cuts away
the ego that occludes the truth from you.

Ego is formed by the mind's

automatic processing that attaches us to
and identifies us with objects, feelings

and thoughts. The ego is not inherently

bad. It is just limited




ftE lrfd

Ego is a chronic malody and in itself lies

the cure
(Siri Guru Granth Sahib, page 466)

In itself it

can be useful and even

to functioning. But when you

act attached to the ego as ifit is your real
nature and as if it defines your reality and
scope, then you create pain, unhappiness

and problems. Your spiritual reality is

that you are part of a vast creation. In

experience, you are a ereature ihat is n*'r

separate from the iarger rnal,rlx *i 1i*

and consciousness. -1.ri1hetr i'cu a*t il:

your specific role toward a goe: *r
project, you must foeus and. iixiit yoier
attention and energies. You can '"i.'r ihat
and forget anything other thaa: y*LIr
current attachment. Or you can act with
passion and commitment as y*u
remember and intuitively ccnnect tc the
larger Self that is you and to tire Xarger
world that you act wittrrira.
The ego creates a kind of forgetfutrness.
You forget the Creator.l6 You forget
vastness. The energy of the mind "legins
to act in narrow ways with petty feellngs
and limiting beliefs. You act aec*rding to
the information patterns of a small part
ofyour potential and experienee.

What is the alternative? If we cannot

base our identity in the known or *n eriy
limited position of ego w'hat cam we do?
Act egolessly. Base an identity in the
Infinite and the connection to your sen*<e
of the trnfinite. That may seeffi a gr*at *r
mystic accomplishment, but ii is tl:*
natural state of the Self. We are part *f
the Infinite by nature. It is the ntind that
forms a limited sense of self. We do not
need to create an Infinite sel.f. trt alread.5'
exists. That existenee is ceiied SAT
NAAM _ SATIT is reattt",;, ir,,liFl *n

ffidr?Jrft3-_rd r r (wprE
Being attached to temporary createi!. iie*ts
The Creator isforgotten. (Asa di Va*r,
468, Sri Guru Grantk Sakih)
" Sat: truth; pure: perarrrrtrfia


existence. NAAM is the identity or

creative name. We are all in essence a
reality that vibrates and creates. Most of
the time we act as if we are not. That is
the pain imposed on our life by ego. The
Shabd removes that pain by removing
barriers to perceiving and acting from the
Real Self.

This is one

of the miracles of grace

embodied in the teachings of the ten

Gurus of Sikh Dharma. Each of the ten

Gurus c'arried the Guruship and the
Infinite identity of the Shabd Guru with
very different personalities, ages and
situations. And yet each affirmed they
were all one Light. The identity they
embedded in the Shabd Guru did not
depend on ego or any finite identity.
They sang Shabds that merged the one
who recites them into the Infinite and
infinity of self, beyond the limits of time
and space. It is exactly such a technology
that is needed. It establishes a link with
the sense of the Infinite no matter what
mood and position you begin with. There
is a raga and sutra to lift every possible
position of the ego into egoless merger.

Ego will no longer work! The shift of

Age has changed the conditions of the
mind. The Piscean consciousness
operated with less sensitivity. you could
hide actions, thoughts and feelings with a
high degree of short term success. Some
ego positions were favored above others
by the conditions in a family, society or
environment. That has fundamentally
changed in this new Age: all finite
positions of ego are equally wlnerable.

We need to develop a new habit of

awareness. We must learn an inner
technology to base the identity of our
Self in the Infinite The Shabd Guru is

the quantum technology that establishes

that awareness. It is a compass point that
directs us to the Infinite in each finite

The practice of Jappa of the Shabd Guru

changes the frequency of our words. We

go from the words of the manmukh rs one who speaks with attachment to the
mind and intellect, to a gurmukhte - one
who speaks form the heart. When we
speak from ego our words carry a hook,
a calculation for what we believe we
need or want. When we speak egolessly
our words go to the heart of the other
person and speak wisdom that is true
regardless of advantage. Words spoken
in ego are ruled by impulse and intellect.
The words sharpened by the Shabd Guru

are ruled by integrity, intelligence




is the function of the Shabd Guru to

make our ego nothing so we can serve
and be served by everything. In a
cyclone you go to the eye of the storrn to
escape its turbulent power. In an Age
swirling with chaotic change the path to
the center of the storm is through the
neutral mind,20 established by quelling
the conscious and subeonscious reactions
to the ego. A sense of identity based on
the experience of the subtle and the


one following his mind; frmUui

.One who does not recognize the



One who follows the Guru;

opposite of Manmukh; Oa_:-rfofi-slri m1tuft5

HE ryH3L,I
Meeting the Gurmukh the Manmukh is


Eu fi glr a-d H.S gu F6o zra B a-d r,&

Het (lhe man in such a neutral


(samdarsi) state) is such who does not believe in

sadness or happiness andfinds gold to be the
same as common mud.


Infinite within us is the only source of


stability and power in the Aquarian Age.


The second word in the phrase Shabd

Guru is "Guru." If we break this word
into its inner naad,2l or atoms of sound, it
becomes Gu -Ru. Gu means darkness or
ignorance. Ru is light and knowledge.
Gur is a formula or instruction. A Guru
then gives a Gur, a formula or technique,
that transforms darkness into light,
ignorance into knowledge, the gross into

That may seem

necessarily easy

the refined.

A Guru then is an active knowledge. It

is not the intellectual knowledge that
simply classifies or analyzes. Guru
changes you. Guru develops the capacity
to see. It removes darkness, obfuscation.
The Shabd Guru transforms the
practitioner by removing the barriers
erected by the needs of the ego. The
encounter with the Guru is through
action. It gives you Know How not just
Know What. It gives you procedural
knowledge that is in your cells and
subconscious, not just representational
knowledge in your ideas. Think of the
difference between discussing death in
general, and discussing your potential
death from cancer with your doctor.

"Death" takes

on an urgency


it is yours. It

forces a
along with
deep evaluation
to you.
And you want to know what to do; what
action to take.
To encounter the Shabd Guru is to learn
by doing, by experience. The Guru will
give a practice. That key practice for

relevance when

Shabd Guru

of it,

is the meditation and


Naad = Rythmic Primal Sound. From Na

(nothing) + z4d (primal), hence that which
comes forth in the beginning from nothing.

sounds and

easy. Simple is not

or without challenge.

greatest challenge



practitioner's own suboonseiousl The

mind is not trained to base itself in a
relation to the Infinite. It is based in ego.
It is filled with reactive thoughts that try
to maintain the attachments of the ego
and tries to avoid pun.u When you
repeat the patterns of sound and thought
in a Shabd, those thoughts counter the
direction and intensity of the habitual


The Shabd provokes a

dumping of the stored subconscious

patterns of thinking and feeling. Iq

under the torrential ' flood of

subconscious feelings and thoughts, you
persist in repeating the pattern of the

Shabd Guru, then the new Pattern

establishes itself. Your mind clears, and
you awaken dormant inner capacities or
enhance existing ones.

Where do the patterns of the Shabd Guru

come from? They exist from the
beginning of creation. They are the tides
and rhythms of the movement of the
creative pulse of Infinite consciousness.
They vibrate in all things continually.



From One Sound countless wcues are
born, and These wcmes oru inseporable
/rom the One Sea (Akal Ustat)
It is the ability to hear and feel them that
is needed. That capacity comes to a mind

srg 6 ffi1s fu6 aefa @A ?l

(ffds) llithout experiencing the Hari Ras; the
Ego is a thorn within ( Kirtan Sohila)


of specific primal


afa aR




fearless, neutral, open and

awakened. The ten Gurus of the Sikh
path heard it perfectly. They put that
rhythm and pattern of energy into the
poetic compositions of the Siri Guru
Gradh Sahib. That's why it is ealled a
Granth rather than just a collection. It is

a "knot." It

binds the pattern of

of the songs.

awareness and a potential of
consciousness. Each Shabd is a kind of

Each Shabd is a template for an aspect

spiritual DNA that restructures the mind

and stimulates the brain.(See Appendix

The Siri Grrru Granth Sahib



collection of such gems.

awareness into the words

The Quantum Technology and Impact of the Shabd Guru

The impact of the Shabd Guru comes
from its masterful use of the technology
of sound and rhythm. It is a "quantum
technology." A technology is the
application of a science. The sound
patterns of the Shabd Guru are based on
the science of sound. In the West this
would be the science of reflex to create
changes in neurotransmitters to
command the state of the brain and mind.

It is "quantum" because it
the smallest particles of



energy into effective combinations and

patterns. It uses the quantum patterns
like seeds that act as blueprints for
constructing larger patterns. The atoms
of sound build the molecules of language,
thought and mind.

The techniques of the Shabd Guru

codified in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib
and in the mantras of Kundalini Yoga23
for us to mine their secrets. Every

person can use them to elevate

themselves, to heal, to develop stamina,

to increase intuition. They do not need to

know the science of the process. They
only need to apply the technology of the
Shabd Guru.
Because the reflex points are stimulated
by the movements of the tongue, you get
the maximum benefit from the pattern of
a Shabd by consciously repeating the
sounds out loud. That is called Jappa conscious, conscientious recitation.
Rotating the tongue over the 84 reflex


in the pattern of the Shabd

In time we will

produces the maximum impact on the

gross level of the neuro-endocrine

psychology and behavior. We will

elaborate an intellectual model of the
entire sequence of quantum sound
technology. From the movement of the
tongue to its reflexes to the neuro-

the nervous system and

unravel many of the

mysteries of this complex relationship of
sound, brain, neuro-endocrinology,

endocrine cascades to the change of

mental state, we are at the beginning of
that study and modeling process.

system. As the Shabd gets established in

subconscious, every cell of your body
will vibrate the pattern with you. That is

Yoga: Union; to merge polarities.


*ar grra elum g6r

au e'e

He bestowed upon Guru Ram Das the throne of

RaJ Yoga. (Savrye M: 4, page I399). Kundalini
Yoga is the highest form of Raj Yog.


called the state of dappa Jap25 - of

repeating without repeating. In that ideal
state the resource released by the Shabd
Guru is always available to you
regardless of the momentary focus of
your attention on daily tasks. It is the
result of great devotion, much practice
and mastery, or grace. When that state is
reached you still repeat the Shabd out
loud, but the dimensions of joy and
awareness that accompany the practice
are without limit. You recite the Shabd
in the beginning of the practice of the
Shabd Guru in order to clear the mind,
and attain an awareness. When you reach
a stage of mastery, you still recite the
Shabd out loud because you have
become the Shabd and the Shabd has
become you. There is a merger between
the personal experience of you and the
impersonal experience of Infinity beyond
you and within you.26 The core
technique to precisely vocalize the Shabd
of the Shabd Guru is useful and true for
the most novice beginner and for the
most exalted master. The repetition of
the Sutras of the Shabd Guru is a tool as
timeless and unconditional as the Shabd
Guru itself.
The ancient seers and the Gurus have left
us maps and tools to guide us into the
territory we want to explore. They also
give us the clear warning not to confuse
the maps for the actual territory. They
implore us to realize that no amount of
study replaces the knowledge which
comes through experience.


A.lappaiaap: internal vibration of Naam

without conscious effort


tr;Fcl 1o

treA A uded u'd (One with

Gobind (God), as *-utl. *.rg., with water)
'o 6r5q trfrc sfr

The human body

is analogous to

musical instrument. It is constructed with

72 strings. Each string or "sur" acts like
a meridian - it is a flow of the energy of
life calledprand' The inflow of cosmic
energy into the body cascades through
the crown of the head, the "tenth gate,"

like a waterfall and collects in


pools or special vortices. Those pools are

called chakras or energy centers. The 72
strings are controlled by three central
strings or channels. These are called the
ida and pingala the left and right
channels to either side of the spine, and
the shushmana - the central channel up
the middle of the spine. The upper
centers vibrate with the release of each
independent thought. The thoughts ofthe
mind are released at a rate as high as a
thousand per blink of an eye. These
vibrations or patterns of thought "pluck"
those strings. The strings vibrate into
72,000 channels. Their vibration creates
the shape and function of the physical
body, the emotional body and the mental
body. Just as you stroke a string on an
instrument and it forms a shape in the air.


can vibrate a pattern in the central

channel it will induce a synchronous

pattern throughout all the rest of the
strings. To vibrate a Shabd in the central
channel you must become still, bring
your full attention to the sound pattern
and let go of your attachments by






perfectly it requires a combination of

Shahi and Bhakti. Shakti is the power of
precision and discipline in the repetition.
It is the pure energy which enforces alt''I,
implementation witilLut human tiredr they
Bhakti is the feelins of surren'che spirit'
-6gv61srcffective and
devotion; it is the


breath; shakti.



which provides the energy to complete

everything. It is form and flow, sun and
moon, rhythm and tone in perfect blend.
That opens the intuitive knowledge of
the central channel - Gian.28

The thousand thoughts released by the

mind can distract you. They can pull you
away from the Shabd. But the rhythmic
Naad of the Shabd Guru engages and
synchronizes the flow of thoughts. The
pulse of the atoms of sound produce a
pattern of energy that structures the
space of the mind to link with the Shabd.
This produces an active stillness, a
;huniya, a zero-point in consciousness.
In that stillness you are like an instrument
perfectly played in an orchestra. Your
instrument merges into the larger tune.2e

Another map for the mechanism and

impact of the Shabd Guru traces the
reflexes between tongue and brain. The
body is perfectly designed to use the
Naad or rhythm of the Shabd Guru.
connection between the
There is
movement of the tongue in the mouth
and the chemistry and neuro-transmitters
in the brain. One end of this connection
is an array of 84 reflex points on the
upper palate of the roof of the mouth.
The palate has two parts: hard and soft.
The hard palate is located directly behind
the teeth; the soft palate is located on the
roof of the mouth. 64 points (32 pairs)
are located along a "IJ" on the hard
palate near the base of each tooth. 20
more points are in a "IJ" on the roof of
the mouth. The exact location varies in


tonguu.' understandin



endocnne ,.card so deeply

mental state, wd at all
that study and mo& T.S. Eliot (fr. Four

each person to conform

shapes of the mouth.

to the unique

The movement of each part of the tongue

stimulates these meridian points. The

poirrts are like a keyboard input to a

computer. The computer is located in the
hypothalamus area of the brain. It
receives the impulses from the repetition
of the patterns of sound in the Shabd.
This is translated into instructions that
regulate chemical messengers that go to
all vital areas of the brain and body. The
hypothalamus lies just below the
thalamus in the midline of the brain. It is
connected by blood vessels to the
pituitary gland - the master gland of the
body. The hypothalamus is known to
regulate vital functions like hunger,
drinking, body temperature and sleep. It
also triggers the regulation of moods,
emotional behavior and sexuality.

The special patterns of the Shabd Guru

slimulate the hypothalamus to change the
chemistry of the brain. This adjusts the
functions of the endocrine system and the
metabolism to create a neutral balanced
mind, and to strengthen the immune
function. Many sophisticated states can
be stabilized in the mind using the Shabd


It can conquer

enhance intelligence and intuition, and
open the power of compassion.

Another approach


understand the
impact of the Shabd Guru is to follow the
functional changes in brain metabolism
and the neuro-endocrine system. We
wondered if we could see some trace of
such an effect using the latest in brain
imaging technology. We set up a pilot
study at the University of Arizona using

P.E.T. scan

Positron Emission
Tomography. We used an isotope of

see changes in metabolism in
different areas of the brain' We took a



baseline scan after a period'of activity walking and normal internal dialogue. A

second scan was taken in the same

subject after 'a period of walking while
using a basic Shabd Pattern, i.e., 2
repetitions of the Panj Shabd followed by
one repetition of the Guru Mantra
Shabd: Sa Ta Na Ma, Sa Ta Na Ma,

Wha Hay Gu Ru. The

expected little change with such a subtle
variation in activity. The results showed

a powerful shift in the function of the left

hemisphere to the right frontal and

parietal regions. The metabolic shift
suggests a strong mood enhancement,

countering any dePression. The

metabolic drop in some regions of the

hemisphere corresPonds to a
lessening of inner critical voices- The
areas of the right frontal cortex suggest
alertness and hypervigilence, which
creates a readiness to respond to unusual
stimuli and to creative thoughts. Some
other areas seemed affected, like the
anterior cingulate gyrus, but it will take
further research to maP the changes



These technological approaches and

brain connections oPen the way to
teaching a broad audience about the
benefits and use of the Shabd Gtrru. For
some, devotion is the natural apProach'
For others it is the immediate difference
it makes in their lives. The explanations
need to be practical and accessible, so
the Shabd Guru can be known as a
quantum technology anyone can use. For
a more extensive explanation of some
basic links between the brain, its

structures and the use of sound,

Appendix III of this Paper.


Understanding the technological process

of the Shabd Guru in this way invites its
use to alleviate many of the maladies we
fact, we have
over 25 Years the
application of this technology in many
social programs to end addiction, and a





of psychological problems from






disturbances. In every area we created

change, alleviated symptoms and
changed lifestyles. Just as the Gurus
created social change and provided food
and education to change people's lives,

what we could notice using

Shabd Guru aPProached as a

quantum technological process can be
used to alleviate many personal and


social ills.

This was a small initial study to sample

instrumentation. The next set



probably employ functional MRI

technology for better resolution,

especially of the hypothalamus regions.

What is important about this study is that

it is the first study to show a significant

brain state shift from the use



Shabd Guru. The brain can be shifted in

specific patterns by the use of Jappa with
the Shabd Guru. It oPens the waY to
begin the exploration of the tongue,
sound, shabd, neuro-chemical, brain


Affirmations and positive statements are

helpful and good to use. Mantras are
effective and gradually create changes.
But the Shabd Guru as captured in the
Siri Guru Granth Sahib is unique. The
patterns are a perfect weave of rhythm,
sound, tone, focus, and meaning. TheY
act as informational DNA for the spirit.




as effective and

universal as those Patterns.


Education for Leadership and Spiritual Fitness

in the Aquarian Age

is changing. It is being
evaluated and "re-invented,' in every
country. This should not be surprising.
Education responds to the needs of the
society, individuals in the society and the
Imperative of the Age. In the early years
of the Greeks and in early Vedic times
the capacity to memorize and to make
acute sensory distinctions was essential.
A core part of education was training the
ability of each person in mnemonic
memory techniques and in rhythmical
poetry. In the Era of Enlightenment the
transfer and questioning of information
became important, as did apprenticeship
in specific disciplines.

Now education is changing again. The

impact of the information revolution has

changed our training from memorization
to the acquisition of information to the
use and interpretation of information
now. We are educating all the senses.
Multi-media is becoming a new standard
for presentations. The need and ability to
use all the senses in education has
introduced techniques to use the body,
emotions and self-awareness as central
parts ofthe education process.

We arrange memory and understanding

based on our sense of self-awareness. As
we discussed earlier this sense of self is
changing. We must gain the skill,
MetaCognition, to recognize our inner
state of awareness, our state of emotion,
our sense of the body and then adjust it
to our task of learning. It is only through
the cultivation of experience of the self

and the experience ofself-regulation, that

we can truly master the ability to "learn

how to learn."

There are many calls

for a new
"experiential" education. The problem is

which experience? Just having many

experiences does not insure a ',learning
experience." There are many dimensions

to the structure of experience that helps

us move it from sensation to information
to knowledge to practical wisdom.

That is the power of the Shabd Guru.

The quantum process ofthe Shabd Guru
guides and integrates experience into a

higher, refined level for profound

learning and practical use. It preserves
balance and a sense of higher identity
amidst the flood of information and

change we must handle in the Aquarian

Age. We must sophisticatedly educate
that inner sense of the self so we can
have a foundation in the self upon which


accurately weigh

the deluge of

information. This will only be possible by

learning and teaching the quantum
technology of the Shabd Guru as part of
any complete education curriculum.
The quantum process ofthe Shabd Guru

sets the brain to a new level of

functioning. It gives the mind the caliber
and strength to process any range of
information. Teaching the quantum
technology ofthe Shabd Guru as a core

part of an Aquarian curriculum will

become commonplace in the future. Real

education for the Aquarian Age blends


devotion with discipline, intelligence with

intuition, and understanding with the
capacity to act and project with integrity.
It will be perceived not as a philosophy
or a set of values. It will be seen as part
of the training of the experience of self,

so that you can embody your philosophy,

carry your values, increase your spiritual
fitness and deliver your self as an answer

to the challenge and imperative of the



Appendix I: Information

Information ltself. Why is information

so important? Granted, the increase in its
quantity, rate and distribution create

pressure on each human.

should it be so disturbing?



to do this is to allow a selforganization to occur. A Shabd is a

template of information that directs the
structuring of information itself. It builds
the mental DNA to direct the flow and
The best way

character of the mind.

The answer is that information is not

really a "thing." Things are concrete,
stable and we can catch a hold of them.
Information is the structuring element of
reality. Take DNA as the example. A
cell changes all its atoms in a short time.
The human body changes many cells in
72 hours, the entire skin in a month, and
even all the components of the brain cells
in a year. But the structure of it all
remains constant. And that is due to the
information coded in the sequences of
chemicals in the DNA. Information
Change the
information and new forms emerge.


Your self-concept or Identity is the DNA

of the mind. Change your concept and
all the forms of your behavior and even




of your body changes.

in this way is an ultimate

power that restructures matter

directs concentrations of energy for

or dormancy in the human being.


to huge amounts of new

information creates conflicting


instructions for basic forms to contain

and direct our energy- emotionally,
mentally and physically. If we can no
longer limit the information rate and
flow, then we must use a new process to
organize amidst it.

That is why it is a quantum process. It

changes the fundamental codes. Human
DNA evolved as an information medium.
The combination of 4 base pairs, A-C-TG, into long sequences forms a compact
w4y to code information with sufficient
redundancy to correct most errors. It is
so well designed that recently DNA itself
is being used as a computer!3 The human
brain can contain about one million
words. The DNA in a small test tube
would have about 1020 molecules which
could code over a billion million words.
A 1,000 liter container of DNA would
have about 1014 the capacity of the
human brain. So information, a great deal
of information, can be stored in highly
structured sequences of a few basic

Now think of those basic chemicals


primal linguistic sounds and notes. Think

of the rhythm of the Shabd, the Naad, as
the structuring element that links them
together. Think of repetition as the

redundancy that insures the code

implants itself in the new vehicle of

matter- your brain and nerves,

accurately. The capacity of the Shabd

Guru to code trillions of aspects of the

Vat of DNA may Become Fast Computer of
the Future, Science Times: New York Times,


April 11, 1995.


shapes of matter, mind and emotion is

remarkable and expected. The trick is
that the DNA has captured a compact
code of basic units that holds the
information of a pulse of the creativity of
life. Exactly so the Sri Guru Granth
Sahib has captured a compact quantum
code of sound, structured in rhythm, that
holds the information of the pulse of the
creativity of Consciousness and God.

To immerse oneself in the Shabd Guru is

to be restructured by the imprint of
Infinity. The mind so organized is a
perfect flexible structure to handle all
information of the environment and

mind. It has the structures necessary.

Each sutra and each complete Shabd
adds an inheritance, a spiritual DNA that
establishes your ID and lineage with
Infinity, the unknowable unknown itself.
The information revolution has unleashed

the hidden potential of kundalini, of

Shabd Guru, of the patterns of God in
each of us.

It will

push us to need a Guru

that is of Shabd. Not a person, nor an

idea, but a pulse that is a process of
subtle and powerful restructuring of the
mind to function without resistance or




Information Technology

Information Technology.

Information Age has already penetrated
work, living and
every area
only intensiff its
impact. The news wires are filled with
the World-Wide Web
formed by interconnected computers and
information technology. Three changes
in technoloW are bringing information to
the fingertips of every person on earth no
matter where they live, and gradually, no
matter their level of status or wealth:

information. This means that all

the information contained in all
the computers in the entire world
could be stored in a single crystal

Processing Power. How much

information can be calculated and

knowledge transfer. Now all the

Shabds of the Guru is available
on a single CD-ROM computer
disk for a few dollars.



at what speed
the power of



processing. Until recently only

the largest corporations and
universities could afford the

"super computers" like the

famous Cray computer. The

average person used a small

"home" or ofiice computer. Now
a new generation of chips is on
the way within five years that will
have the power of six Cray supercomputers and cost only $100

(rather than say $10,000,000).

The power that once

belonged to a small elite
will be possible to everyone.

Information Storage Capacity

Storing all that information used
to be a major limitation. We are
quickly moving into the use of
crystals, molecules and optics.
The expectation is that we can
use molecular states in crystal


to store and retrieve

of salt! Storage will not be a

problem. This was a central

problem for the last Age.

Ancient scriptures would be
engraved in gold foil, inlaid in
bamboo and guarded from
generation to generation. Most
of the instruction was oral and
relied on a strict culture of

Information NetWorking. The

computer on your desk is actually
a doorway to every computer in
the world. With a few keystrokes
you can leap from Delhi to New
York City, to the Sorbonne, or to
medical databases
With the technology available we
can form "virtual teams and
offices" with members around the
city, country or world with equal
ease. The boundaries that used
to define us by country, town,
family, clan, class or caste no
longer apply We can work with,
meet and be influenced by people
and ideas everywhere. Some
historians speculate that this will
be seen as a major factor in the
upheavals and transformation of
politics in Eastern Europe and
Asia as we enter the next century.


can not


controlled. It changes the flow of

decisions and even the pathways
of power in entire societies.

Complexity. Complexity is largely


the eye of the beholder. One person sees

something as complex, another as simple.

Genius and intelligence has


the tracking of our actions, words and

impact on others. Something you did
years ago can be returned to you now.
Watch the contortions of contemporary
politicians and leaders as pictures and


from 25 years before are

discovered and flashed around the world

out of their original contexts.

described as the ability to find simplicity

in the complex. Intellect as been

described as the ability to create
complexity out of simplicity.

Complexity arises naturally as the

number of things increases and there
interactions increase. If you imagine a
system of three people who don't rely on
each other for many things, it is relatively

simple. But increase the number of

people, N, and the number of possible
connections increases proportional to N2.
Include a feedback between people so
each persons action depends on

response from proximate others and the

system becomes non-linear



chaotic. That is it becomes so complex it

is lawful but not predictable!

That is the other reason the information

revolution has such an impact. It has
connected us. Hence it has changed the

complexity and increased


unpredictability of all our actions. Who

knows which action will suddenly be on
world-wide TV networks? Who knows
which transaction will be flagged by
computer monitoring of the tax
collection agencies?


has always been true according to the

teachings of the Shabd Guru that all our
actions are accounted for. But we act as
if they are not. As if a faulty memory is
insurance against the karma of actions.
Now even the gross world has increased

With complexity comes the need for the

mechanism in our brain that is built in to

compute in

such unpredictable,
nonsequential conditions. We call that
intuition. Intuition will grasp the higher
order structures that information patterns
create regardless of the smaller details.
It is just like pulling a plug in a drain.
The water swirls down the drain. Throw
a flower petal on the water and you
know it will eventually swirl its way
down. You may not predict each wiggle
of the petal, but you know for sure its
destination. You can decide whether to
put the petal in the watbr or

you are to act

Intuition lets you know if

and put your self in the water or not. It is
certain, even if with it you need nirbhao
and nirvair, fearlessness and a sense of
personal agency rather than blame.

Ihtuition, the opening of the brain areas

that allow it, such as the hypothalamus,
pituitary and pineal glands, are one of the
gifts of Jappa of the Shabd Guru. That is
effective, unique, and necessary.




Appendix III: Power of Words and Language

and their connection to the basic neural and glandular
structures in the brain.

.-i\ /


p.rmission from the book "BreathWalkr': Motivations for Life" by

Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. and Dr. Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D., (c) Copyright and All
Rights Reserved.

Er*"pt.d *tth

The Power of Words

Words are the perfect neuro-stimulators to activate and connect many areas of the brain.
When combined with repetitive movement and with the powerful limbic/hypothalamic
influence of the breath, they are a potent tool to elevate moods, enhance your range of
feelings and command the cellular basis of your consciousness and state of mind. Science
has not mapped all the twists and tums of the brain's neural maze. There are still secret
corners, unknown territories and surprises to discover. One of the richest sources of how
to use words and rhythms to create whole brain patterns and to integrate emotions and
thinking is captured in the quantum technology and primal sound templates of the Shabd
Guru. The rhythmical phrasing and the sonorous use of words are maps into those secret





The Shabds of the Guru capture the patterns of sound and energy in template3 of
consciousness. Part of the effect comes from the rhythmical combination of basic sound

elements or phonemes that underlie common language. The Guru uses coillmon language
in an uncommon way Like all samples of the Word from people absorbed in the ecstasy of
the Infinite, it is filled with meaning, structure and poetic richness. It is poetic, purposeful
and potent. The simple primal word units in linguistics are called phonemes. They are the

smallest unit of speech that distinguishes one word or utterance from another. The
patterns of the Shabd Guru use this quantum or atomic level of language and the
corresponding structures imposed on our brains by the universal grammar that underlies all
language. It doesn't matter what your language is. Repeating primal sounds vibrates the
base of language itself.

You are talking at a level different from daily conversation. You are establishing a cellular
command communication. You are using fundamental vibrations that capture the earliest
distinctions language makes and that resonates with universal energies within us.
Think of the several levels on which we use words. The first is common language. The
words are anchored to personal experiences and history. A car will bring up associations
of the cars we have owned or dreamed of. Someone else may have very different
associations for the same word. We must be adept at identifying the background of the
person we want to communicate to as well as the contexts we both are using. The second



level is a structured sentence or collection of words that act as a kind of affirmation,

formula or ceremonial guide. Widely used slogans are like this. They are less personal and
often capture very specific feelings. "We are number one, all the way, Hey Hey." We
chant such phrases at sports events and political rallies. The military is famous for their use
of phrases to command, inspire and coordinate. The third level is primal sounds. These are
neither personal nor impersonal. They are transpersonal. They have neutral content but an
active form. The fourth level is beyond words - the unspoken words of the mystic and the
gut reality of things vibrant and before any single expression,
Now think of repeating a single primal sound, lets say "Ma." At the first level of language
you may think of your mother and all the associations you have with the concept of that.
As you continue to repeat it, it gains an energy like an affirmation. You will start to
dissociate it from the purely personal level and notice its qualities as a sound and energy.
As you move to the third level the words merge with rhythm and become a pattern of
energy. You feel aware and awake. You are mindful of all the stories coming from your
brain and your active left hemisphere. The primal sounds keep you steady and calm. You
remember that you are greater than the stories of the mind and that you can direct that
story. The final level is beyond our wordb and we leave it there just to feel and to live.
The Primal Sounds - Quantum Patterns
Repeating the pattern embedded in a Shabd ingrains that pattern of primal sounds into the
brain. It affects us by the pattern of the sound itself as well as by the higher levels of
normal meanings. That is why, to have the maximum impact, we repeat it while giving
our full attention, reproducing it in the same manner as it was spoken - without rushing or
slurring, and by vibrating it in the central channel of the spine and brain.
Each primal sound is a word that is pronounced by a particular part of the mouth. When
we form a word to speak it the tongue moves and touches the palate, the top of the mouth
and tpeth in a well-defined spot. It directs the pressure of the air and vibrates the vocal
chords and areas in the skull. These primal sound scales are unique combinations that use
these areas of reflex to direct the patterns of the brain. Not every combination of sounds
will create a pattern of wholeness nor a pattern for healing. The Shabds are a treasure
chest that records a perfect sample of patterns of wholeness and healing. They form a
well-tested legacy for our use.

I wanted a little more

idea of how these sounds work.

asked Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib

Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji as the expert on the ancient linguistic technologies of the
yogis. The linguists of old had two systems of grammar to understand the structure and
effects of language. One is normal grammar as we think of it. The other is called "niruha"
or beyond the forms. It didn't translate the basic word units, like Ma, from common
meaning. It interpreted them according to the energy, emotion and awareness they create.
This was a very sacred and secret science. It was used to awaken human potential and to
heal. He explained the discovery of 84 reflex areas on the top of the mouth. The tongue
hits these areas as it says the primal sounds. Each primal sound contacts a pattern of
points that sends a message directly into the hypothalamus of the brain. That was a central


area of the old brain that directs impulses and feelings and helps connect the two sides of
the brain. By rotating the tdngue across points using the primal scales different parts of
the brain are called into action. These specific scales are healing, create wholeness, repair
the body image, adjust the flow of thoughts and never create any harm. They apply to all

people regardless of temperament or constitution. It is possible to usi: combinations that

are iargeted for one quality only. But that is an entire science and requires individual
diagnosis and great sensitivity of the practitioner. Using these prinial sound scales balances
everyone and lets the individual's constitution select the special energy it needs. fui
analogy is white light versus the colors of the spectrum. AII the colors are in the white
light. You can absorb from the white light just the frequencies you need regardless of who
you u.. because all the frequencies are in it. These primal scales release the full range of
irealing and sustaining energy of your brain. Each person indMdualizes its effects just by
using it.

These sounds and shabds are perfect to share with everyone openly without special
precautions or restrictions. One student asked if he had to be initiated. He had received a
mantra from some group as part of meditation training. said no. These sounds are
universal and based on the full use of your brain's potential. It is already yours. It is in your
cells. The person who uses them and has the experience is the person who it belongs to. It
is not aboui any religion or group. It is the science of sound for personal experience and


This is very important. Repeating the Primal sounds captured in the Shabd Guru is really
about listening. It is listening with wide open ears and full attention. It is really whole brain
listening. It is not concentrating with a singular but robotic focus on the sounds.

The structure and words in the primal sounds of the Shabd Guru does something very
useful to the inner chatter and dialogue. They balance the inner critical voice and the
incessant rationalizations given by the dominant left hemisphere areas. By using a rela;red
and mindful dwelling on the rhythm of the sounds the full range of feelings and intuition is
drawn into contact with the inner stories and the abstractions we use. When I meditate,
when I do naam simran with a phrqse from the Shabd Guru, I do not try to stop the inner
chatter. I simply let the.feeling of the primal sounds rise and match the thoughts thrown
into the mind by my inner dialogues. The left brain and its allied parts are busy fabricating
stories and reasons. I blend this with the steady centered rhythms of the shabd. The two
combine into greater clarity emotionally and conceptually. The brain will always produce
streams of inner chatter and seek out sensations. It is designed to do that. So do not try to
create silence or block thoughts. Just synchronize them with the sounds and the breath.
That new energy and the new resources from other paits of the brain will let you naturally
experience your feelings and thoughts in useful and authentic ways.
The Roots of Language and the Vehicle of Word
I know we never lose the power to recreate ourselves with rhythm and sound. I know this
from teaching hundreds of thousands of people over the last 26 years and watching them
change. Wh; all our energy is spent and hope has abandoned us, we search for the
rhythm of upliftment. When we are exalted and victory is ours, we search for the


overtones of triumph to be joyous. Sound is in our genes. Word is potent and we seek
when we want to regenerate or express ourselves. It is the heritage of all humanity.


Perhaps the basic intuition underlying the love of simple rhythmical sounds is the
knowledge that most knotty problems in life can not be unraveled by the unaided fingers
of our intellect. We need the whole brain supported by feelings and passions to think
clearly and act decisively. Moving to the rhyhm and sparking our cells to resonate
together with the words we command our cells and brain to a new height. We bring
reason and emotion together. It is only from those heights that real solutions can come.
Thinking ofjoy when your energy is depressed is mere fantasy. Going over the same old
story doesn't change it unless we edit, add new words, recalibrate each mental thought
with a tool that changes the scope and projection of the thoughts. The use of the Shabd
Guru with conscious attention and breath, full of rhythm and sound, accepts and activates
the treasure from eons ofexperience.

Words are sounds that we produce and use in language for communication. Sounds are
natural vibrations like wind and bells. Words are psychoactive. They activate parts of our
brain and the neuro-chemical channels of our emotions. Words are associated with
different areas of the brain and different hemispheres. You can awaken different brain
areas by the words you use and the charge you put behind them.
Listening to sounds like bells, waterfalls, birdcalls and gongs can be a beneficial practice
and excellent in mediation or relaxation. The normal sounds in the background lack the
rhythmical components that are usually added to instruments used in meditation and
therapeutic compositions. So listening to scattered natural sounds will not produce many
of the brain integrating effects we want. On the other hand, as you absorb into the Shabd
and the primal sounds vibrate in every cell during any activity, you can sense all the
peripheral sounds freely. You can enjoy and even enhance your encounter with the sounds
of the natural world or the strains of an instrumental.
Words let us do many things to our brain beyond sound or silence. The underpinnings
that support that understanding are:


Language and speech is unique and human

They are rooted in our genes and the structure ofthe brain
The ability to speak and understand words uses many parts of the brain

Words help to organize our sense of body, self and the world

When we use the primal sounds we enhance the brains natural connection and
collaboration among its parts. This is true partly because words are hard-wired deep in
the nervous system in all of us. This is true partly because it is one of the uniquely human
ways we combine emotion and reason. Words let us connect or separate feelings and
abstractions. And this is true partly because we unconsciously use words to stabilize our
experience of the world and our self.


Learning Language
No other animal uses words and language as we do. Animals communicate. They feel
or teach it to
and are sentient. But even the most successful attempts to decode language
everything from apes to dolphins has provided popularized but very limited success'
fact the most interesting results gave insights to the complexity and innate
support human word capacity. in a recent survey of langUage and human nature,
Jaikendoff summarized the experimental results: "In short, Universal Grammar,
something remotely like it, aryears to be exclusively human. Do the apes succeed
,r**uri"roting? Undoubtedly yes. It even loola like they sacceed in communicating
symbolically,Tnirn is pretty impressive. ..the apes learn words ... much like the wry
people learn writing systems. it toktt training and effort over years.. their symbolic
peaks itii, at five or six hundred." Human children learn about 10,000
words by-age five. The corollary of this is not about the distance or closeness to our
animal rilutiro, it is that words form deep and unique connections in our nervous

our emotions and our behaviors. Every spiritual tradition shares the insight that words are
entwined with our special capabilities, and even our spiritual dimension. All things
in the Word. The universe and our awareness is based in word. So we are asked to watch
our words, cultivate our words and elevate our words. If we do that we experience our
capacity to be fully human. Using words does something to the brain that opens ancient
capacities and braces us to be fully and uniquely present'
Words and language are rooted in our genes and expressed in the structure of our brain.
For a long time people thought language was learned by stimulus and response. But listen
They make up sentaqces they have never heard. They can learn any
to the
language they are exposed to. Noam Chomsky took on the learning theory and
the exi*ence of a kind of universal grammar genetically granted to humans that prepares
us to absorb language, to speak and that structures in fundamental ways the languages
conceptual structures that are possible. This will seem very plausible if you consider that
thousands of linguists over hundreds of years have not understood how we speak,
grammar nor the process of language. But a child of five does just fine. Words are as
much unconscious and automatic as learned. They are portals with the conscious personal
and social world on one side and the unconscious and primeval realms on the other. To
use words leverages the forces, known and unknown, that meet at that portal. The
reasons that we know words and our ability to use them are cellular and universal are:

All natural languages

can be learned

Children learn words regardless of economic status, race, religion,

country or even intelligence. In fact, even genius level children
acquire a language as easily and at the same time period as those
less intelligent.

Languages do not need to be explicitly taught

Children acquire language and speak with rules and structure

without being told.

Language learning proceeds in universal stages


As the nervous system matures so does the type of word use rules
the child acquires. The sequences of sounds, word orders and
endings are all learned in regular stages. The stages do not change
with different environments or educational effiorts.
The expressive variety of language is practically infinite
Evolution recognizes a selective advantage to words and language.
This may come from the ability to communicate and symbolize. It
may also originate in other functions of words such as a neural
stimulant and a mechanism to activate information otherwise
separated by time, context or the senses used. The child has a few
million year head start over the struggling linguist.

We don't inherit specific words as much as the form of words and the ways to structure
language. These rules about how to have rules are programmed into the shape, structure
and connections of the brain. That is why words are universal and are influenced by the
environrnent. Which language we learn depends on opportunity. The underlying structure
and how the sounds can impact us is already present.

Words Use Many Parts of the Brain

fuiother reason words are so effective is that they use many parts of the brain. You can
compose specific words into a sequence that intentionally activates a whole brain pattern.
Maybe you have heard over the last decade or so that the brain has two cerebral
hemispheres, left and right. And that these are like mirror images, similar but also very
different. The left functions for language, words, reason, concepts and sequences. The
right functions for feelings, music, whole patterns, and imagination. You effectively have
two.brains that have very different styles of perceiving and acting.

Well the whole story isn't yet known about the brain. The lefl/right division is a little too
glib though it has important elements of truth, especially in regards to words and
language. The human brain, like life, doesn't fit in those neat categories even if they give
us comfort and a quick shorthand explanation. The brain has a great capacity to adapt and
to choose what is most favorable and possible at any moment in development. It consists
of a complex architecture of interrelated parts or modules. They all influence each other
and can isolate or connect under different demands. In fact it may be more accurate to
think of the brain as a turbulent mix of many streams of chemistry with competing parts
that win and specialize in specific types of functions. Some of these areas are predisposed
by genetics to have an edge over others.


may be a more accurate metaphor for the brain to think of it as a loose federation of
neural states that compete and cooperate depending on the task they have to accomplish.
Michael Gazzanrga in The Social Brqin represents this emerging perspective'. "Ihere are
many parallel, co-conscious systems in the brain, not just two. It is like a society with
competing interests. Our dominant left hemisphere's unrelenting need to explain in
words the actions taken by any one of a multitude of mental systems gtves rise to the
subjective sense of unity we have. " In other words, the left hemisphere does compete



with structured words and creates a story about our experience that makes some sense and
a story about our self. But many times we do not follow that story. We rationalize at
virtuoso levels. Even the young child will make up a story - "lie"- with no ill intent or
training. The story is an offering from the increasingly dominant left hemisphere and its
coalition of parts that use language.

No wonder we are conflicted. No wonder multiple personalities are possible. The wonder
is that we are not more disconnected to our many streams of action than we are.
Apparently unity, integrity and consistency is a social construction and an attainment that
results from effort, practice and experiences that synchronize the different areas. That's
where the words come into play.
Whole Brain Orchestration
By using words in simple but subtle poetic combinations with rhythm we can draw the
many parts into a working team. Rhythmical words can act like an attractor for the many
flows of thought and feeling that come from these unconscious parts of our brain. If we
select the right sounds we can loosen the hold the old rationalizations have on us and open
the way to more effective actions with feelings that support them.
Consider how words trigger different areas of the brain. The left hemisphere is the star
performer. Two special areas have been identified: Wernickes area and Broca's area.
Broca's area is about the size of an egg in the lower left frontal lobe. It assembles and
decodes the syntax of sentences. It activates when you need to construct a sentence or
create a sequence of words. Wernicke's area is further back, midway in the temporal lobe.
It puts words together into meaningful statements. If someone has damage to Broca's
area they stammer words and phrases but they lack grammatical sense even though they
are clearly meaningful. If Wernicke's area is damaged the person is fluent in speech with
proper syntax but in meaningless combinations. The right hemisphere is activated with
singing, metaphor, music, rhyme and simple vowel sounds like "ah." Specific areas also
respond to the prosodic qualities of words: stress, pitch, volume and timbre. Someone
with damage to the right hemisphere might speak in a monotone with little emotional
content. Another interesting finding is that emotional content is part of the key to the
areas used. Critical detached judgments use the left hemisphere more. Direct perception
of concrete objects and sensations uses the right hemisphere more. Many negative
emotions seem to use the right frontal lobe and many positive emotions use the left frontal
areas. Although tonal sounds and pure vowels stimulate the right areas, many consonants
combined with the vowel trigger the left areas; sounds like "Ta" and "Na." Basic sounds
with a simple repetitive melody will trigger various areas in the right hemisphere and some
of the language areas on the left.

The left and right hemispheres are connected and coordinated through a large band of
nerves called the corpus callosum. AII these areas communicate and have subtle rhythms
linked through the connecting band. The connections are also critically linked through an
important area called the limbic system and hypothalamus. This directs many impulses and
emotions and links them to actions. Many of the.areas for words in the left hemisphere


seem linked to this limbic system through motions and through speech articulation. That
is words that we form and speak, even if repeated mentally, have a special interconnection
with the central brain and the emotional recesses of the right hemisphere.

There is one relevant and intriguing result from research on split-brain patients, whose
connection between the hemispheres is severed. Suppose an action is taken with the right
hemisphere, like grasping an umbrella with the left hand. If you question the left
hemiSphere about the actiOn it knows nothing about it- since all connections are severed.
Nonetheless it generates a reason. In fact an entire story! The left hemisphere language
functions can't resist explaining all other things that happen even if there is no information
to use. It is a compulsive story teller, especially for anything unknown. That may be why
we listen carefully for emotional cues in speech to discern if the words connected with
real motivations and feelings.
This may explain the constant mental chatter most of us have. It may also explain why the
stories we tell about our self are often divorced from our real emotions or potentials. Our
inner story carries limiting beliefs, outdated information and rationalizations that deter us
from simply taking actions we want. It is a real accomplishment to cultivate your words
and your inner story to represent consistent values or purpose with all your brain parts and
emotions supporting them.

So where does all this research leave us? Words are the perfect neuro-stimulators to
activate and connect many areas of the brain. When combined with movement and with
the powerful limbic/hypothalamic influence of the breattr, they are a potent tool to elevate
moods and enhance your range of feelings. Science has not mapped all the twists and turns
of the brain's neural maze. There are still secret corners, unknown territories and surprises
to discover. One of the richest sources of how to use words and rhythms to create whole
brain patterns and to integrate emotions and thinking is traditions from ancient cultures.
The rhythmical beats of drums and the sonorous use of simple syllables for healing and for
celebration are maps into those secret areas.
We traih our brain.


learns, grows new linkages, changes at each stage of expertise that

we gain. This is still new territory. We don't know all the answers and we have only
recently invented an array of new technological windows to get a glimpse inside the brain Magnetic Resonance Imagery using magnetic fields; Computerized Axial Tomography
Scans using X-rays- and P.E.T. Scans using particle emissions from isotopes to show
metabolic activity

Your brain is different and looks different in all these tests when you take an action with
your whole brain supporting and guiding it compared to the initial actions of a novice or
actions attempted under emotional disorganization. Your brain specializes.It specializes in
an effort to be effective, to conserve energy and to learn from the past. Not every part of
the brain does all things. The tasks are split up in a complex array of subsystems that use
different senses, emotions and types of stimulation. If you try to hear with the parts that
see, your musical skill will be awkward and progress slowly. It will be futile to organize a


tha! i1 an expert
part of yorrr
sequence of actions or thoughts in a linear way with the
and the result is
and melody. Try-to organize with the wrong


brain map of
.* or a personal signature of chios. You may enjoy the web-like creative
to any one
files and'papers pilJd around your desk, but it won't be sequential

that best
You train the brain to integrate its many parts and use them in combinations
fulfill your efforts. When the whole brain is alert, aroused and connected, to
you nled, we enter that special zone of elegant, effective and joyful excellence' We
Lxperience this as mental clarity, emotional vitality and purposeful

Underthe Hood - A Brief Tour of Your Brain

Let,s delve a little into the grand system of mechanisms that produce the
to use the
effects of the Shabd Guru. iou don't really need all of this knowledge
after an
techniques. This is for the part of you that wants to peek under
exhilarating ride in a custom sports car. Some technical words from anatomy
chemistry are unavoidable. But juit take them as of[-ramp signs that indicatethe
purring, and as interesting territory for future explorations and keep on the main
The main destination is the importance and nature of the mind-brain-breath
ef[ectiveness and quality of your life.


Sound, breath and their rhythms are the crucial link in the mind-brain-behavior
system by
Scientists have documented our capacity to self-heal, to affect the immune
to act in
thought and emotion, to rapidly change behaviors believed to be
a state of flow that produies top performance and a generalized state of delight. The
mystery has been: what is the link?

The old model of the brain and nervous system iE finally giving way to a basic
genes, cells,
understanding of the complexity and intimate interconnections between our
nerves, glands and actions. As mentioned earlier, the brain is no longer thought of only
terms of the nerves or as a computer. The brain is understood as part of a labpinthine
supersytem of chemical messengers, neural pathways, perception and self-regulating
of info.*ttion and energy. It is all tied together by chemistry and rhythm.

In this supersytem the link between sensations, the mind's thoughts and the rest of the
body is tnl tmUic system, the hypothalamus, the pituitary and pineal glands. This group of
neuio-endocrine centers translati the neural imprints and associations of the cortex into
chemical messages. The messengers are hormones and neuro-peptides. They form
ocean of information and energy swirling between all our cells. Those cells have receptors,
messenger. The result of the m$sage is a change in
special sites, that can recogniii
metabolism or physiology. The genes and the complicated cellular machinery produce new
chemicals that release .n.rgy, ihung. cellular shapes and structures, trigger healing and
immune responses and create emotions and moods.



The top of the pyramid of the mind body system turns out to be a collection of psychoactive centers no bigger than a large walnut. It is at the top because it is a
information. It receives information from all the senses, from the ideas and associations
".rL, of
the "higher" cortex, and from all parts of the body- from genes, cells, muscles and
movements. It sends information in the form of chemical messengers that prepares the
body-mind to learn, to express feelings and to act. That flow of informationis not linear
and one-directional. It reverberates like waves; pulses like a musical rhapsody. This
conductor keeps the attention of all the parts and uses rhythm as the cent;al driver
coordinate all the separate instruments of feeling, awareness and energy. The whole
supersystem of nerves and glands is regulated through intricate combinations of biorhythms.
The central driver for those rhythms is the breath It is the baton of the master
When each part is alert to the conductor, aroused and mindful, the stroke and pattern
the baton sets the mood of the music and makes the whole orchestra act toglther
in a
perfect flow. The breath rhythm and quality, and properly used sound
oi Shabd, is
interpreted like a code in the hypothalamus. Each strol. of tf,. breath, and stimulation
the 84 points by the tongue is a beat of the baton that releases waves of neuro-chemical
messages to activate the pituitary gland which commands all the other glands.
regulates the level of our immune function, the quality of our emotions andlhe
and effectiveness of our actions.

It is this blend of

nerves and glands which lets us create experiences on thenormal

at. We do not sense the micro-second
of molecules and cells.
",We live in cycles
We sense only fleetingly the millisecond changes of the neurors.
of the
breath- in minutes. We feel in cycles of minutes and hours. We learn and chanie
in hours,
days and weeks.
scale we all live

When we learn to regulate our self with the Shabd Guru and the regulation
of the life
breath, we take charge of the fundamental linkage of mind and body. fre
have a tool that
works in minutes to affect the micro-second changes of cellular computations and
to shape
the hourly and daily process of moods, learning and actions.
Changing the patterns and rhythm of your sound and breath with the Shabd
Guru uses the
neuro-endocrine link to affect four important systems: the autonomic nerves,
and parasympathetic, that pontrol states of excitement, relaxation and high performance;
the endocrine system that/produces hormones and controls your moods and the
feeling of
vitality and energy; the immune system that keeps you healihy and resists disease
and the
ravages of stress; and the senses and central nervous system through
the neuro-chemical
gcean of the body that connects all the cells. This is itre power of the Shabd Guru! It
breaks the neuro-respiratory code that commands the glands that change
the chemistry
that coordinates your energy, mood, perception and statJ of vitality. It
uies sound, breath
and rhythm to command the mind-brain-emotion-body-action loop.

If shabd and breath is the conductor, you are still the composer. you can change the
notes' Create chords of happiness or sadness. Bring the instruments to a rising


or lull them with gentle melodies. The templates of the Shabd Gtrru are toolsjoy'
composition. Wri; a grand symphony or a playful jingle Create feelings of
enthusiasm or calmness.

what you
The details of all those chemical and neural mechanisms is complex and beyond
must be purtirl because
need or probably want to know in this paper. Any real explanation
the research is not complete. The limbic link of the hypothalamus is well established.
beginning to
i-p"o of the breath is well known. The power of sound is
as you read this. This
ThL exact pathways and chemical messengers
*fr;i. *."'of study is enjoying a renaissanie of interest. A flood of new discoveries will
y*r. The number of chemical messengers we recognize will
come out over the next
probably go from the 500's io ou.r a thousand. While all the details are worked out,
,""d ihe real message from the bigger picture. You can enjoy the impact of the
quantum technology and-the practices oi tt. Shabd Guru and atl the effects of



Here is the basic sketch, in outline form, of the levels of that key linkage. tells Vou
are called
the big picture is like so you can appreciate the mechanisms and potentials that
for the
on U/titis simple and ellgant form of exercise. These points are only the signs
major off-ramps into the *ruangtenitory of energy, excellence and healing in the body.

The Conductor: the limbic-hypothatamic-pituitary axis

This is a peculiar combination of tissue bunched in concentrated areas, nuclei, and strung
together roittr u profound sense of design and mystery. The word "limbic" means 'border'.
l1[.n anatomists first peeled back the skull and probed the functions of the brain this area
the cortex
seemed to be a bordei between the higher thinking functions associated with
in the
and the lower emotions and metabolii processes associated with the structures
job is
central brain and brainstem. The hypothulurn.,s itself is a region of this
to receive information from the cortex, from the cells of the body and from the senses
to transform them into the chemical messengers that trigger emotions,
and actions.

It, not the ideation of the cerebral cortex, is the real master of communication in the bodybut even
mind. True, we are more conscious of sensory images and internal dialogues,
of cells that
these must be translated into a lingua franca that can reach all the types
body are
compose us. All the radically diffirent functions of the instruments of
coordinated here. It sends branches down through the brain stem into areas that
arousal, attention and metabolism. It sends other branches upwards
cortex, limbic cortex and the central relay station of the anterior thahmus'
communicating in both directions simult.nrortly it responds to the turbulent
body-mind, a
inner and outer environments. More importantly it establishes a state of the
readiness of physiology, emotion and stream of thought to act. It is those stabiized
lur senso of
chords of feeling, arias in our opera, that make ,rp tht emotional mosaic of
it is very
self and life. If you try to maintain a state of mind by holding one thou6fit
thot'ehts' But
The thought is stippery and joined by hundreds of other competing


if you stimulate the hypothalamic conductor to set the state of the body'mind, it is like
picking a frequency on the radio or a channel on the T.V. In that mode or state certain
thoughts ,!re easy to hold, others are excluded automatically. This conductor guides your
mood, your mode and your mind.
Movement sends sensory information, stirs metabolism, improves circulation and hence
communication to the conductor. Breath is the central link to the rhythms used by the
conductor. The sound patterns of the Shabd Guru is the musical score that creates
appropriate states of consciousness. All the instruments of the body pulse and
communicate in rhythms. The conductor has to pull these rhythms together into a
harmony. The sound and breath both record and drive the other rhythms of the body. All
the instruments pay attention to their strokes.
Endocrine glands: instruments for energy and moods
The conductor interprets the thoughts of the mind from the nerves of the brain and sends
hormones to the pituitary gland. That gland is a "master gland." In the east it is associated
with the "third eye"- the intuitive functioning of the human that can know things not
consciously recognized. We have traced some of the paths that start with the associations
made in the cerebral cortex, that go to centers in the hypothalamus, and then activate
neryes that project into one of the two lobes of the pituitary. Those nerves produce
"releasing factors", neurosecretions that are messengers for the pituitary to release
hormones into the blood stream. Those travel to special receptors throughout the body.

But it is not a simple relay. The state of the hypothalamus and the mode in which it
responds depends on input from the key rhythms, like sound and breath in the body.
Breath is linked to the emotional and metabolic state you are in. Subtle regulation of the
breath can change the type, balance and range of hormones released in the system. This in
turn will crank up metabolism with extra reserves of cellular energy for top perfiormance,
and will modulate the moods that are the background for our emotions. The field that
specializes in studying these mechanisms is called neuro-endocrinology.

The depth and the frequency of the breath, the pitch, rhythm, intensity and sequence of
sound are especially important in cueing the pituitary function ands its integration with the
more mysterious gland called the pineal. Just breathing slowly and deeply can have great
healing effects.

Autonomic Nerous System: instruments for action and relaxing

This is tte system we associate with our capacity for emergency response. That is the half
of the autrnomic system called the sympathetic system. It is the gas pedal of your body.
It sends tle heart racing, blood pressure up and speeds the breath Once its turned on by
anger or felr, it lasts a long time. The whole body gets one message- wake up and go! The
other half of the autonomic instrument section is the parasympathetic system. It is the
i. It rlows the breath, relaxes the digestion, nerves and circulation. You become
calm and -psy-gqing. Its message is relax, take it all in and enjoy what you have.



Together they send "go" or "relax" messages to all the organs of the body (lungs, heart,
inteslines, adrenals, etc.).

The senses and the mind generate impulses that go to the conductor. The conductor
evaluates these according to the overall state of the body-mind based on the input from
cellular messengers and from the status of the rhythms in the body. Then it cues each part
of the autonomic system to send our neurotransmitters to create change. A messenger for
the sympathetic system is called norepinephrine; for the parasympathetic system a
messenger is acetylcholine.

One of the major impacts of this balance of gas and brake is the distribution of blood flow
throughout the body. It can make you warm or cold. It can nourish tissue or create
degeniration. It can stimulate the growth of tumors or initiate shrinkage as it cuts off
blood supplies. It changes basic processes like the clotting of blood, the healing of bruises,
and the strength of the immune system response to infections and stress.

There are two important points about this part of the mind-brain link. The health of this
balance is maintained by a constant, stable rhythm of activity in the nervous system. You
probably heard of circadian rhythms- daily rhythms like sleep and waking. But the most
important rhythm for the conductor is the ultrradian rhythms, ones that are shorter and
o"irr all through the day. If these shorter rhythms get out of synchronization, then you
get cellular jet lag, psychosomatic illnesses of every kind and a general emotional slump or
even a chronic sense of malaise. Maintaining this core rhythmic quality of the nerves,
commanded from the conductor, is an essential task to feeling good, being happy and
staying healthy" Second, you can change the balance of the autonomic system by
rrdt.t ing the relative openness of one nostril over the other, and by switching the ratios of
the inhale and the exhale. It is such an important regulatory mechanism, the body does it
on its own when everything is stable. It is called the nasal cycle and is well documented.
It varies from about 65 to 150 minutes in individuals with a strong average at about 90
minutes in most healthy people. It turns out that this is a fundamental driver for all the
rhythms in the body, In fact I participated in research that showed that even the
hernispheres of the cerebral cortex shift levels of activity with the shift of the nostrils.
Consciously resetting this rhythm with the Shabd Guru helps to heal many problems that
come from over working the sympathetic side of the autonomic system. The Shabd Guru
is one of the best tools to strengthen the parasympathetic system and balance the rhythm
of the autonomic system so it can repair itself,

lmmune System: instruments for defense

The scourge of AIDS and other plagues around the globe has produced enormous
discoveries and new explorations of this system. It not only keeps things stable, it learns
and can respond to specific environmental stresses and emotional changes- It is a
constantly changing system that is in communication, through the conductor with the
general state of the body-mind as well as the presence of invading agents. Its readiness to
iespond depends on history, learning and the messages it gets from the rest of the


emotions and mind, transmiffed through the conductor. The new field of study that
connects psychology, chemistry, neurology and the immune functions is called


The main thing to know is that a huge line up of candidates called immunotransmitters
form a communication link between the producing and responding cells of the immune
system and the hypothalamic centers. Through this connection the immune system
interacts with both the endocrine and the autonomic systems.
Using the Shabd Guru and breath to entrain the rhythms of the hypothalamus and hence
the whole body, creates a healing response in the immune system. It improves the use of
cells like natural killer cells and helps the removal of toxins an{ the fight against viruses. I
have helped thousands of people raise their rqsistance to fight everything from
autoimmune diseases, arthritis, and allergies to HIV infectiorr.
Senses and Central Nervous System
The limbic-hypothalamic-pituitary team sends and receives messengers, like
neuropeptides, from all over the body. The senses receive and transmit stimulation from
the environment which alerts the conductor who sends back instructions of how open or
closed to be. One of the most common comments after a deep recitation of a Shabd is the
astounding clarity of physical vision. The eyes seemed to have cleared and there is a new
sense of dimension to things. This is the feedback loop between the senses, and the
conductor when the breath was used to enhance the rhythms regulated by the
hypothalamus-pituitary axis.

The hemispheres of the brain are part of this as well. They code different types of
emotions in different areas. Their constant shifting of dominance creates dynamic blends
of moods that interact with the endocrine system via the conductor. This means we change
the shape of our neurons and the composition of our chemical ocean to establish a basic
state of experience. We learn and grow or get stuck and show illness according to the
flexibility of our super-system to switch states in a timely and appropriate way.

The Shabd Guru Prescription

This outline of the mind-body-breath link, and the central role of the hypothalamus, gives
you some idea of how responsive and subtle the mind-body system is. It should also leave
you more confident. Not just hopeful. Confident that you can create great changes in your
self, from top to bottom, from cell to brain, and from feelings to moods.

It is the incredible process of-creation or perhaps

the wisdom of the Creator that made

every molecule in communicAtion with every cell and thought. And in that design you
have a powerful and easy to grasp tool in the Shabd Guru and the breath.
There are many mysteries to that design yet to be uncovered. There is the connection to
the pineal gland. It is a tiny piece of tissue in the bottom, center of the brain that looks
like a wilted mushroom. It is usually thought to become useless after puberty. It's linked


to hormones that regulate sexual growth and gle sensitivity to light. But it has many
functions in the neurochemical conversation of the body. There is a special connection

between its higher functions and the use of the breath. When the breath is very slow, or
taken in at least 8 segments deeply, there is the hypothalamus opens between the
pituitary and the pineal glands. This flow creates a release of what used to be called
'4r*i1" or inner nectar. When this message is sent, the potential of the entire nervous
system becomes active and is accelerated. Vitality cascades through all levels of the mindbody linkage. Nerves scintillate. The muscles regenerate and become strong. The glands
send ecstatic waves of messengers to declare victory and healing. That caPaclty is yours.
It is in your very design. It comes froin no drug, no special belief. It is a result of your
whole brain and super-system coming into synchrony.
This is all about what exercise, breath and attention can do. It is the prescription that uses
no drugs. You are the drug factory itself. There was a lot of press about the "runners
high' and the mood elevating effects of strenuous exercise some years ago. It came on the
heels of the discovery that one of the messengers in the body was endorphins and that
there were receptors in the cells for it. It is a pain-killer hundreds of times more potent
than opiates. That was a small window on the possible effects of exercise. It can.reduce
pains and anxiety by endogenous (self-produced) opiates. But then it turns out these
molecules are used for many other communications in the body.
The number of messengers and the range of effects are much greater than simple sedation
or excitation. The hormones from the pituitary and the pineal gland like orytocin and
vasopressin are now known to increase the enjoyment of social relationships and the
ability to bond with another person. There is a chemistry to our relationships too. Many
more messengers and effects are being catalogued.

Two processes enhance the impact of the quantum patterns of the Shabd Gtrru: the
Pendulum Effect and Resonance. Watch a pendulum swing. Tap it slightly exactly as it
reaches its zenith. A little tap will make it gain energy. It is just liFe pushing someone on a
swing. If your timing is right it takes very little effort to keep the swing going against the
forces of friction and gravity. The pendulum effect in the Shabd Guru comes from the
timing and synchronization of the tongue and breath with repetition. Instead of effects
from high levels of effort, the effect comes from a gradual build up of synchronization and
the energies natural to the body-mind system that are released. When this happens it is not
a jerk or a lightening bolt. It is more like a spreading wave of alertness or lightness. It is
your own system uncoiling itself rather than a force shoving it.
Resonance is the other factor that creates the spectrum of specific effects. When the
opera singer hits high high C and the glass shatters, that is resonance. It is the attunement
ofa particular frequency to the shape ofthe glass so that the energy can be absorbed by
that glass. Different shapes have different fundamental frequencies that they can vibrate
at. That is the basis for instrument design. The body has many cavities in it that resonate
to specific words and sounds. High pitches will be felt in different areas of the body than
low. The assembly of many rhythms in the body frcim dif[erent organs and groups of cells


can resonate in many modes. That resonance can be induced, we say entrained, by the
ratios of sound and breath used in the Shabd Guru.

All this is to tell you there are two powerful tools at your disposal: words and rhythm. A
simple, conscious use of these has profound effects. Words and sounds are psycho-active
events that are rooted in the body and give roots to the sense of self. Rhythm increases our
sense of balance, of control of our movements and of general well-being.


Appendix IV: A poetic introduction to the Quantum technology
the Shabd Guru.
poems capture the distilled


imal sounds and Banis.

;taan Khalsa by Sirt Singh Sal.tibii' These

essence of the use of the Shabd
many mysteries about the use and impact of specific


anrd aw
fl a,Eirln zrdtrEl Eq3 3fux{')lrfeafl
ad aw )?,t-ffi otEl t xE sw ra'ls









F ihrle au UE{e'}r'

il{s t

ild f4I'Eg

r?A rrf' rvU6rfgafr



E3rd aru fa*fvrfl t

e el-4{n'6= 6rld dqil'Or

fu EraHg-tfeat'

rie Nre a rTk6"{

Hk6'H g H'LI gurlwr
fl{da td Hkdd g1 aual
Drdiln fdrrf.6 EttyrEafl I

alrEl fwgse H u'd t

HSe EEIE sre uissre rto otugd


d fu

d2 ss d g$e
fs fffid? au'E d
Om{ts aflg ssd d'
n eftta{'"fft-* Ad t
F gftrr?t' d s.g1 d'

d *3 altd 61


66 ![r.n


rH fqafd

a Hirdlg ?d' filH Uq ErtrfeDrl

g Efd t4+fu afu an igr e*s uur )?{rE}}rr

?flar )?fiar


(Apnee Katha)
I am unreachable, infinitely
I have been refurning, over

deep consciousress of the Soul,

and over,
Travelling on this Path since ancient times.

Time after time, the Infinite Guru revealed the True Word to me.

I was never born or raised.

I was never trained or educated.
No one ever showed me the Path to God.
But by his Mercy, Guru Ram Das took me lovingly in his arms,
And hugged me to his bosom.
Everything I've ever said or done, the True Guru himself has shown

Oh, Guru Ram Das! By your Grace have I practiced Raj yoga,
And meditated on the

Gurmantra. l

My Guru made me repeat Sat Nam, the Punj Shabd,

And by his Kindness, I was blessed with the Knowledge of the Infinite.
This is the Gift of the Shabd: That the Shabd became instilled deep

within me.
T'he Shabd is my delight! The Shabd is my Btiss! The Shabd is
my closest


Walk on this Path, Oh, my daughter! And let your heart be

free from doubt!
What can you possibly gain from the knowledge of wordly

You should spread the Guru's teachings instead,

For this world of pleasure and pain is not the real world....
You have come here, only to go....
So, my daughter, live not in the ways of the world.
The panth belongs to the Guru and the Guru belongs to
the Fanth,
Remember God with every breath!
For your True Guru, who established this Panth,
Is alive in every limb and fiber of your being!
Practice Raj Yoga by the Guru's Grace...


ud tg'a

d EE'd

a rrk
odrrdFrd rTEre il lBo

DfEIr{ frat qot{

{'?5 tl61

@ gird

rigo E
trs efi fde 41=k

,,961 fig U*q u=r*,


qorl UrE fode 4fJd

OE fura{.64

fen fdlDer dl ig1 uele

HLfre e'fo4r Ek Het
e"t6gg Al-dt{J^afilu a
HIEI E' se El3sd




(Hari Prakaash)

God's body is the entire creation.

God's technology is the Union of the Soul.
The Shabd Mantra comes by Guru's Grace.
The Tantra is the seed of the life-force.
God's Radiance is the inner essence of the Heart.
This Eternal, Self-Creating Radiance penetrates everything.
The Knowledge of Mantra is given by the Guru.
Reality lies within your owrr Heart.
We truly understand this Divine Wisdom
When we chant "WaheGuru!" the Gurmantra
The Gurmantra is Infinite.
By chanting it, and listening to it,
All become Liberated!


firn aua{dH ril{dH


il sFI
6s *-rorrt{dt{

frn auoqrx


W,rf*q fs 1116

ut{d}t d f ffis ar
gu rort s56 wt






t arE

qdt{ A fwl'E


qol{ Hrluqdr{ ;n-r

4iH'U61 qrt{ A H

aq fra tuqox d r
aq fo firrcqdr{ *6

aqEa fiu'eqdr{ ilsFr





iiygd foS qol Or





rTk6.t{ d Hftflt, Eal-g'

;nrg fu63 B:C )2.rrg

E fdgg ){-{

uqdt{ d

il 5rt D't-d fwr


a u

r1d Ug r+foir ar
,fi6r8 ueg q]}{

aa qo+



d ue

fanam 1d ao+u




The one whq belongs to the Almighty Supreme Lord,
Holds the whole world in his hand.
The one within whom the Supreme Lord lives,
The Heavens and Earth meditate on him.
Whoever meditates on the Supreme Lord,
He becomes a Man of God, a Saint.

Whoever sings the Supreme Lord's praises,

Joy and Peace shall come to his homeWhoever sings the Supreme Lord's virtues,
The Supreme Lord manifests Hirnself through him.
Whoever meditates on God in the Amrit Vela,
Through his Sadhna, he merges with the Supreme Lord.
Whoever chants the Supreme Lord's Name and teaches others
to do so,
Such a one becomes God Himself.
Raj Yoga is the SuPreme Lord's gift.
In Raj Yoga one is absorbed into the Supreme Lord.
Raj Yoga is the'supreme Lord's seat.
The radiance ofthe Shabd illuminates the Inner Depth
of the Heart.
When Kundalini rises, one becomes the very Image
the Supreme Lord,
fuid all things appear as




The Glory of Sat Nam is Infinite.

Chanting it, one becomes Infinite.
Whoever hears and meditates on the WaheGuru mantra,
Joins the Consciousness ofthe Supreme Lord.

Whoever sings God's glories,

Becomes the Undying Image ofthe Supreme Lord.
The Yogi tells God's story...
The knowledge of Infinity is a Total Miracle!


u HEr

fdrqr, UE



li F Elr

v sw

atrU-E er a? 6rlr
gq HE r? u

Hk6"{ a rf HEre
aq Ead rfrS qrual

qor{ fdrEnr e ae ?


fdr{6 fqriln faq frq ulfd ,}r


In Gyan Mudra, utter "SA".

In Shuni Mudra, chant "TA".

In Ravi Mudra, "NA" cuts the bonds of Death.
In Buddhi Mudra"


is Gopal.

SAT NAI\4 is the Punj Shabad,

The Secret Power of Raj Yoga.
Sahaj Yoga is contained within it,
And it reveals the Secrets ofDivine Knowledge.

Oh Yogi Raj!
All knowledge, meditation, earthly wealth and
magical powers
Shall come to the one who practices the Punj Shabad!


fuirdd fi{fr

li frr ar
rrd'fto E'ttrd|g lqtfie



frr d

ed Hg fi



akU-E Hfu fddlg rsa

pElfE qdl{ dl $fl






))f'E ufd Efmfl

r-r'u riEu aaH EE afiTof'


ai-ro uuo qorl


ud ary sg 6aS




(Simran Sidhi)

Having practiced the Yoga of Sat Nam,

The Mahan Tantric meditates on Wahe Guru.
In Gyan Mudra, he holds his breath and applies
.the Mahabhand.
In Shuni Mudra, he gets the realisation of Hari.
In Ravi Mudra, he recites the WaheGuru Mantra.
In Buddhi Mudra, he receives the wisdom of Brahma.

In Brahm Yog is the mastery ofNam.

Oh Yogi, God comes and lives in your Heart,
All errors, pains, and'Karmas fly away,
When you chant God's Name and get Liberated!



r[JH a6'I
ErdrE^d Hrq6r fr qd'r{ rmE
grotg- d al-g'qa ed ff,tr, ;r.6
Trrng ssmt
fu-fiilJ 5rdts
qdr{ famtd *6 u-dfu aftla trxd


6dda rsfr yer

Fiuddam A Hrrdrd i gE

Etroil aE,rru


t rag flI Truo

frr-aH'Se BIH a-y ra'E

(Brahm Kalaa)
Chant the Gurmantra, and see God.
Rare is the one who knows how to do it!

Filled with light,

Nectar flows.
The man of God,
Living Rehat,
Lives free.

Without the Gurmantra

Life is Hell
Doubting and forgetting.
WatreGtrru is the Gurmantra
The will of the True Guru.
Sat Nam is the Guru's Japa,
Chant it every day.

Oh Yogi, In this Union

Divine Power





d.l 3

sr sa,t


rf$rre dBr
sd Frde 3 ufuo'"
ar usd sfu fath'a'


sdrde 3sftrdq
ar r-rad rfu fao*a

ffi EES tH fi.rlrc
fu flrdr8, u5 )2,tiK,

grr-w aq frarffia
EE Er63 qJH uml


rretrse d grd )2l-ffi

tftr gta a aE )ltdkt

3s6 aro eF fsaaa



rresre a1 Erd et

RIFtr fl
E rfu EPIrE ar3

aq fiar

qdt{ ?ttlkl

aro rfn d 166 ftrtit


a+r ufu H.d Hts aerrd

Enrg fdPa'rd


u'C II'ct



There are Four Minds and Four Covers.

True friends speak of Truth.
They live as Soldier-Saints,
Always ready to sacrifice,
Overflowing with love,
Their Kundalini Rises!
Prana nourishes the Ida and Pingala.
The Shushmana is the Road to the Realm of Raj Yog.

What Incredible Beauty!

God is Unfolding Everywhere!
The Crown Lotus Blossoms!
Oh! Treasure of Formlessness!
The sound ofthe Punj-Shabd rings out!
Eartlr,Air, Water and Ether become your only
The Formless God is Alive within you and all around you!

In the Ambrosial hours of the morning,

Eat the Ambrosial Food.
Let the Punj-$habd resound with every breath,
Again and again!
Meditate on God, and know all things unseen and seen.
All doubts vanish, and the Essence of Everything is

Raj Yog is the Way of the DMne.

Kundalini Rises!
By God's blessing and Guru's grace,
Your boat reaches the yonder Shore.

Nam is the True Essence of the True Creator.

Think, Meditate, and Understand this!
And you will know the very Heart
Of the Unknown.


{dt{ arr'
6rH ;nrg Eu


afu fgr6'6 rry tas

Ufu il 6's ftp,p$E
,)rfrF n'qou







filafr, qfu

ardg6r 4{t1ag ara'g

urg rr{A
- u'eE

frdfr dfr Ei.'dr dE

s{e m+e1E t


(Brahm Vela)

Chant the Nam and find Peace.

Take a cold bath and sit crosslegged,
And meditate on God's Name.
The Ambrosial hours of the morning
Are the Divine hours of the day.
This is the time of deep meditation
When God's Grace is experienced.
Sing the Guru's Bani!
Gurbani is god's Nectar
Drinking it, one is libreated.

Oh Yogit Merging with the Infinite,

Lose your self in God.


srd av

ugd a-F i)?ftt Ea

Ef,d a-g i an-r fw+e
a-r iofu ua a
Ef,d aa g qaT at-t'e
Erd a-r fqain ffi
Eid au d a-g rar
ufdof dFdufd ud i s I

,rrfur Hfur

ffi LtE il ilFI

av ffiEg s sa

Er-d a-y


gg ud UrH

glf6 dl

u:"d as
od au qox etar
ug"d a-r d frat art
uerr i'fe arerg i u'le
w"d a-g Es, a++ fwrrr

dEI n,lcil

fr-dfr ud sr6 il 6ryra




Chanting 'WaheGuru' the Kundalini Rises!

Taking Amrit the Kundalini Rises!
Meditating in the Name the Kundalini Rises!
Singing God's praises the Kundalini Rises!
Doing Yoga the Kundalini Rises!
Fixing the concentration the Kundalini Rises!
When the Kundalini awakens it Rises!
Chanting Hari, Har, Hari Har,
Become One with God.
The Radiance of God and Guru fills every pore and

cell of the body.

Cherdi Kalah is the seat of the pranas.
Cherdi Kalah is the Source of All Good.
Oh Bhajan! What are You looking for?
God is itanding right in front of you!

Cherdi Kalah is Kundalini Yoga.

Merge with God through His Name'
Practice the Yoga of Cherdi Kalah.
Become Khalsa and attain the Infinite.
Cherdi Kalah is the Name's meditation.

Oh! Yogi! This is the Sacred Knowledge

Of Devotion to God.




ffi HfuH Tre |

faraf6'fuor6 )?fJd fi


rfJd urfu et qrn

EfdfrUu'gr ErSA aldeH



Hr{3 dr


dfd faPrtro

ry{e os dF Xyfu


ere usG
=u t3 ffiA
HE )r1E114

;rs nd aro

s'u Frfuu

a rdfl fwms
FrEr ?y sffi dS re
Hqr Heqr fydfm dr

fr rrn ardg erlusq

ffi aqsffi HE qd
Dtfr Frfr ,ltc;e i ar
;ts }fl #sa aax gffi tlr
g ard6 $o* fifosr
,}tE H
d6d 4fflEl


tl*g sdr$S aldsFl

EEr6r il TFk=rH E qst
gE .i

firHB drEl




Lre arde
Elre +ta dfEe
Hg TTg a'g amwtJ
efodrd aro l+s rO
ITg ffirl E6'EE ilH
frtl U?fl Frk6rr{




f ttd E u:drr i ar
EpH ry6rn ffi fia



rdrd futz fqa{E fi ate

orE, ilugH d fr t ar
l{g6 }?{Exj qor-r n u

reorrt+ ,frE

ere u-m dH u{fu

Dftrd ilar a fdrr{rd

AJe fi afp.H sfuirm
Eq )ftr g6 E!-fle
ml TTdk El-u 1{d ,fiE
afgLt TdtTk egga ?r
qur+ ar;e uao trats d En
rlEsd 3r Eg a Sara
fuHz fqrxb ud




Ud a fw ffit+
sq wieEn al-as d a



(Nitnem Nama)

The Yogi sp'eaks effiortlessly...

From the Love and Light of his Heart,
And from the depth of his meditative Wisdom.
Oh, Sikhs of the Gurul Oh, Khalsa!
Listen to my Prayer!
The Nitnem is the Command given b-v the True Guru.

If you recite your Banis consciousiy, vou will gain

Divine Knowledge.


is by the Guru's Grace that I tell you this,

And it is by God's Grace that you N,ill be merged with Him.

When your Soul feels sad, recite Japlt in the depth of your
Inner Self.
When your body feels useless, recite Shebd Hazaare.
When your Dignity is threatened, meditate on the Jaap Sahib
When nothing seems to satisfy you, sing Tav Prasad Swaye
each day.
When you.feel hopeless, unsuccessful, and worthless,
That is the time to sing Rehiras.
When your lower self confronts you, and you seem to have
no money,
affairs all seem to fail, and your mind can find
no Peace,
That is the time to sing Anand Sahib.
When your life seems boring, and you feel uninspired,
That's when you should singKirtan Sohila
When the Light of your Soul is dim, and the dark ethers
surround you,
Then recite the Bhagauti Ardas.

If you sing Sukhmani from your heart,

You shall be wealthy and exhalted, beyond your


wildest dreams

All the Bliss your mind desires,

Is yours, whin you meditate on Gobind, the destroyer of cruelty.
The Kingdom of the one who chants the Gurmantra,waheGuru,
Shall endure for ever and ever.
chant Sat Nam, all your affairs are arranged,
And atl your desires are fulfilled.


shall come to You.

The entire Universe fills the meditation,

Of the,one who sings the watch of the So Dar'
When you sing the praises of Guru Ram Das,
God manifests in your Innermost Soul.
The Srrl Sargam is such a powerful Naad,
'That hearingit, even the homeless shall find a good home'
The Paintees Akharee gives the understanding of Yoga'

Benti Chaupee liberates the Soul.

Whoever listens to, or recites the Bara Mahato others,
His home becomes an ocean of Peace and Bliss.

By eating:lightly of healthy food,

One exp-*ences the Bliss of Brahm, and complete Liberation.
The Guru's Langar is the very best food!
The entire Universe meditates at the Harimandir'
,Whoever recites his Nitnem dailY,
Is blessed by Akal with Peace and Bliss!




yti mrs fl+E Uad
fi6 u-dts rfrEr

;nrs Efl

u&Dr )lfgd ud a sFr

adt?f a'dg rv ilH
au fot+so 16 16Pss
ard"l DfJd E od zs'l-t

dtlEre D'r5e


Ude utra fl+d



T&,Dt fi6 a Eru uE

all araTiila


ft-a,nf an+ d fl+d gs'S

)lrd"l *96 t!6rd u'd

f t1-d9-6ffiar
)frd rfrd a,Fie i u't
ffi ffi EE, uJd ar
aq fra qox i rr


Gobinde - The Power of Gobind
Mukande - Chant it and be Liberated
Udharay - Liberation while alive, to you and your family
Aparay - Charit it and bring Peace to the World
Hareing - All your affairs will be successful
Nirname - Remembrance of the Naam and knowledge of the infinite
Akame - The Name of God lives within you

Gobinde - All loy and Celebration

Mukande - A Gift from God
Udharey - The True Guru's Blessing
Aparay - Destroys the fear ofDeath
Ilareing - The Peace of life is found
Kareinge - Wealth and magic pou/ers come to you
Nirname - Find the greatness of the Naam
Alcame - Get Liberated while still alive
The Woman who sings the Grru Gayatri,
Crains both Worldly and Heavenly loy.
All Earthly Wealth and Magical Powers come to her,
tud tbrough Raj Yoga
She merges with Crod!


)2fJd fdP2f.6
n-e r? H'furoe lkrr

s g$


oH sf a1-au a++ fi+rag

HfsElg u-rA etdg



HE irl-{ fi-mgrff}F
EE a{oulr

t *d


fu{d w d sE1
,trrd d aH fu)rdg re1


frdn H'<fur ie


a ;r'E
qdr{ FgJqgt{ i u'E



(Antar Gian)
When I awoke from deep sleep, the Guru gave me Bana.
when I experienced simran of.God's Name, the True Guru gave me Amrit.
When I received the Blessing of Amrit, the immortal Guru
gave me seva.
When I the Guru's
I knew within
myself what it truly means to be Aware


Oh Yogi! Learn the secret ofthe Creator!

To enjoy God,
Is to become God!

Guru Guru Wahe Guru
Guru Ram Das Guru




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