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e-Learning BTEC Diploma in Management Studies Unit 1: Strategic management Module 1 : Nature Scope and Purpose

UNIT 1: OVERVIEW This unit is designed to introduce learners to strategic management and to develop their knowledge and understanding of the nature, scope, principles and processes of strategy. Theunit covers the formulation, implementation and control of strategy as carried out by the seniormanagement and functional management of an organisation, within its internal and externalenvironments. Learners will learn about the theoretical concepts of strategy (including the role of strategy in planning and in achieving competitive advantage), the strategy planning process and its application to different organisational and management situations. The factors and issues that influence strategy will be examined and consideration will be given to the integration of appropriate corporate, business and functional strategies, as well as the impact of strategy in the internal and external business and social environments.

SUMMARY OF LEARNING OUTCOMES To achieve this unit a learner must: 1. Explain the nature, scope and purpose of strategic management 2. Examine the process of strategic management 3. Identify the key factors that impact on the development of an organisations strategy 4. Evaluate and select strategy options 5. Analyse the implementation and control of selected strategies.

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SUMMARY OF ASSESSMENT CRITERIA • produce a clear and accurate explanation of the nature, scope and purpose of strategic management with a range of appropriate and detailed supporting examples provide a clear and accurate description of the process of strategic management and its constituent elements, with an appropriate and detailed range of supporting examples provide a clear and accurate explanation of the nature and scope of the key factors that impact on the development of an organisation.s strategy the explanation should be supported by a range of appropriate examples critically evaluate an extensive range of strategic options define appropriate criteria for strategy selection, linking these to accepted models select and justify selection of a range of options for a given scenario identify and justify recommendations for the implementation and control of a range of selected strategies

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MODULE 1: Nature Scope and Purpose

Topic 1: Objectives / Outcomes Topic 2: Nature Topic 3: Scope Topic 4: Purpose

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Magazines, journals and other publications
Newspapers: The Times; The Telegraph; The Sunday Times; The Sunday Telegraph; TheGuardian; The Independent; The Financial Times; USA Today Magazines: Campaign; The Economist; Internet Business; Management Today; Marketing;Marketing Business; Marketing Week; Revolution. General and special interest magazines for examples of strategic management. Journals: Harvard Business Review; Journal of Long Range Planning; Journal of Marketing Management; The Marketing Review; The Strategic Management Journal. Market reports: industry reports. independent reports eg Keynote, Mintel and Which?