Warden to Ranchers: “Get Mad as Hell. Don’t Take it Anymore!

Tell Senator “Amnesty” McCain: “Keep Your Big, Fat Mouth off Bob Krentz!” CSII Press April 02, 2010 Tucson Arizona Several days have passed since we first heard the news, the community outrage and sanctimonious comments from the likes of “Gabby” Giffords and Senator “Amnesty” McCain. The time has now come to examine some of the underlying issues which resulted in the murder of Rob Krentz. Cochise County Sheriff Larry Devers is dead wrong. The simple truth is Rob Krentz’s death is not the result of “one sick, sorry individual,” as Devers was reported to have said in yesterday’s Arizona Republic editorial. Rob Krentz’s death is the direct result of 30 years of Open Border Policy, promulgated by the cheap labor needs of wealthy Arizona businessmen like Jim Click and Don Diamond, and the efforts of anti-American, left wing, “ProRaza” public officials like Pima County Legal Defender Isabel Garcia: blended together and forged into national policy by corrupt, greedy politicians like Senator “Amnesty” McCain. Got it, you lawyers, and the rest of you who know how to find your way to a courtroom? Arizona Open Border Policy and the federal government’s failure to protect its’ citizens are the proximate causes of Rob Krentz’s murder. The Simple Truth is: Ronald Reagan Lied and Rob Krentz Died American Politicians and the left wing media elite have it back ass-wards and dead wrong when they proclaim: “Creating more secure borders is a critical component of reforming immigration laws,” as The Arizona Republic stated yesterday. Protecting American Sovereignty is not some sort of glorified “earmark” or bargaining chip. It is the primary, (and some believe, the only) responsibility of government. In 1987 President Reagan, “Mr. Conservative” himself, promised to secure the border when he granted the First Amnesty. President Bush pushed for a Second Amnesty in 2008.

Well, guess what? In 2010 the borders are still unsecure. The only difference now is, we have 20 million or more illegal aliens inside the country waiting for Amnesty, rather than the 2 million we contended with in 1987! Arizona Ranchers: The time has come for you to stand together. In this tragic time, Rob Krentz’s murder has given you the sympathetic ear of American citizens. Seize your bully pulpit! Rob Krentz paid for it in blood. Help stop politicians like “Amnesty” McCain and Lindsay Graham from holding a gun to our heads. You must help us tell American politicians to stop linking Border Security with what they call “Immigration Reform.” (Amnesty) Curse every politician who says: “We’ll Protect American Citizens Only If They First Agree to Amnesty!” Help us remind American Politicians: 1. Your first duty is to defend American Borders, not to promote the financial and political interests of the Mexican government, which is to expel and transform Mexico’s poor into expatriate remittance earners.

2. Your first duty is to protect the American People, not to fill your campaign war chests with financial contributions from wealthy businessmen who still want an endless supply of cheap Mexican labor to exploit, and left wing, “Pro Raza” special interest groups (like the National Council of La Raza) which seek to divide America on the basis of race or ethnicity. Arizona Ranchers: Tell “Amnesty” McCain to shut up and “Shove Off, Sailor!” Tell “Amnesty” McCain, “First, You fulfill Your legal obligation and promise to Protect our Borders. Then We’ll Consider Amnesty (Immigration Reform).” Better yet: Lend your considerable financial and political clout to help replace McCain and elect J.D. Hayworth to the Senate. Help us send Hayworth to Washington and you’ll send a message, Loud and Clear to the political and media elite, and the rest of those who promulgate Open Border and “Pro-Raza” politics: The American People Are Mad as Hell! And We’re Not Gonna Take it Anymore! Roy Warden, Publisher Common Sense II

roywarden@cox.net F.Y.I. I don’t work for J.D. Hayworth. He has never spoken to me. I passed J.D. at last summer’s Tucson Tea Party and said “Hi!” Also: Don’t let the left wing media tell you that defending American borders is (somehow) “racist.” Guess what: The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and other left wing “ProRaza” groups, do not speak for America’s Hispanic Community. Don’t believe me? Go ask “Secure the Border” activists Al Garza (President, Patriot’s Coalition), Claudia White (President, Arizonans for Immigration Control, born in Mexico, legally immigrated, and became an American Citizen in 1986, the year before Reagan granted the First Amnesty) and Colonel Al Rodriquez (President, You Don’t Speak for Me)