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The principles of musical instruments

I am going to talk about the specifics of musical instruments, there are a lot of
different instruments, and all of these instruments belong to a specific family of
instruments, for instance, there are
- Wind instruments
-stringed instruments
-Percussion Instruments
every instrument is put into a specific family depending on the characteristics of
the instruments, whether they are made out of wood, metal, plastic or how they
are played, using a reed, picking/strumming the strings or hitting them with a
Wind Instruments
a wind instrument is an instrument that has to rely on the player blowing into the
Instrument, a wind instrument uses the vibrations in the air to create the sound,
the way you make the instruments make different sounds is that there are either
small holes, or keys that you have to press, the way you play a Wind instrument
is by blowing through a mouth piece or a reed, a reed is made of wood is very
thing so that it can vibrate, the vibrations from the reed then create sound by the
air molecules. all Wind instruments are made out of tubes, this is because the
sound and the vibrations can easily travel through the instrument.
Clarinet - The clarinet uses a reed, to create
music you need to blow on the reed,
Clarinets are made out of wood and
metal, most of the clarinet is Wood
apart from everything that is connected
onto the Clarinet, that is metal. the
Frequency range of the Clarinet is 147
Hz - 1760 Hz. The Clarinet has a slow
attack and slow decay, however it can
sustain a note for a long time as it stops
when you stop blowing into the
instrument, the clarinet has a fast
release as the instrument stops when you stop blowing in the instrument.
The sound of a Clarinet is a low pitched sound, even though the pitch is
low, the sound it gives off is a smooth sound that is easy to play along to.
trumpet - The Trumpet needs a mouth piece to make the trumpet give out a
noise, Trumpets is one long tube what is curved to that the trumpet can be
held, the trumpet is one tube because when you blow into the trumpet,
the trumpet makes a noise almost instantly, the way you change the note
what you are playing is by pressing down on the keys, there are only 3
keys and each key makes a different sound, the closer the key to you then

the higher the pitch of the instrument. The frequency range of a Trumpet
is 165 Hz - 1047 Hz. The trumpet's attack is very
short, as soon as you blow into the trumpet,
sound is created. that is the same for the decay,
the sustain can be continuous as you can keep
playing a note on the instrument until you stop
or run out of breath, finally the realise on the
Trumpet is almost instant, this is because if there
is no air going through the trumpet, no vibrations
can be made so no sound can be produced.

String instrument
String instruments can be played in a few ways, for instance, you can strum the
strings, pluck/pick the strings, or play them using a bow, some string
instruments can only play by using electricity, like electric guitars and
bass guitars all need electricity source to excel the music. the strings on a
stringed instrument are usually made out of Copper/ aluminium zinc alloy
or different metals.
Guitars - You can get different types of
guitars, you can get Electric guitars,
acoustic guitars or bass guitars. The
Guitars Envelope can have a
different attack, this depends on
how you play the instrument, for
example, if you lightly strum the
guitar, then the attack would be soft
and light as the strings are slowly
vibrating which creates the sound slowly, however if you pluck the strings,
the attack would be sharp and heavy, this is because the strings are
violently slapping against the guitar which makes the strings vibrate at a
fast and constant rate. The frequency range of a Guitar is 85 Hz - 1390 Hz.
Violins - Violin is a small stringed instrument that uses a bow
to create the sound. The Bow is made out of Horse
hair, the reason it is made out of Horse Hair is because
the hair is strong and when tight can create vibrations,
the bow consists of lots of horse hair, this is so when
you draw the bow across the strings, every one of the
hairs vibrate, this causes the strings to also vibrate. A
violin has a frequency range of 196 Hz - 3500 Hz.

Percussions Instruments
Percussion Instruments are instruments such as Drums and Symbols etc. The
way you can play these type instruments is by hitting on them using a
stick, all symbols are made out of Metal, this is because metal, when hit,
will vibrate which gives off a metal type sound. Drums skins are made out
of Pigs skin, Pig skin is strong and tight, this makes it good because firstly
it won't split if you hit it too hard, and it makes a good echo type sound.
Xylophone - A Xylophone is a wooden instrument, in a way it is like a piano, the
Xylophone has wooden keys, each key is a block of wood, each one of
these has a different sound, a Xylophone, like a piano goes up in a scale of
A-G then repeats. If you
want to create sound with
the wood is by hitting the
wood with a wooden stick
which has rubber on the
end of the stick, the rubber
is the part of the stick that
you his the instrument with, the rubber creates the vibrations by hitting
the wood and the rubber bounces on the wood. This instruments
Frequency range is roughly 392 Hz - 2350 Hz.

kick Drum - This drum is a low frequency drum that you

would see on a Drum kit, a kick drum is the biggest
drum on a drum kit, this uses a rubber hammer
which is connected to a pedal, whenever you want
the drum to make a sound, you press down on the
pedal using your foot, the rubber hammer then hits
the skin of the drum which creates the sound, the
Skin of the Kick drum is Pigs skin because as I said
earlier, pig skin is strong and when tightened makes a vibration when hit.