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Aerial SmarTrans®

William J. Halus, Founder, Inventor
Steven M. Halus, MD, Chairman, CEO
5075 East Crescent Drive, Anaheim Hills, CA 92807
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Hon. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

November 26, 2015

Congress of the United States
Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20516-3512
Dear Mr. Rohrabacher,
I am enclosing a letter that I wrote to you 15 years ago at that time I became
a lucky inventor of two mega U.S. Patents also one European (UK) patent
translated into German and French as Follows:
1. Computerized Electric Cable Powered / Guided Aircraft
Transportation / Power / Communication System – The Aerial
SmarTrans. U.S. Patent Number: 5,653,174. Date of Patent: Aug 5, 1997. European Patent Number: 1,001,897. Date of
Patent: 06.11.02. William J. Halus, Independent
2. Sewage Water Purification / Reuse / Redistribution, Flood Control
and Power Generating System. U.S. Patent Number: 6,000,880. Date of
Patent: Dec, 14, 1999. William J. Halus, Independent Inventor.
You are the foremost exponent of the Intellectual properties concerting the
defense of our nation. I met you at one such seminar / luncheon gathering
on February 26, 2000 at Long Beach, CA. since that time I have developed a


proposal based on my patents for the intercontinental ballistic missiles
defense system of each American city.
(See my correspondence with Gen. Lester Lyles, Director, BMDO and
Fred Watkins, CEO Hyperlogic Missile Guidance).
I have written hundreds of letters to politician to promote my patents. How, I
am writing to you again.
I even started working with NASA on a project called P.A.V.E. (Personal Air
Vehicle Exploration) with a slogan: “The second car in you garage will be
an aircraft”. (See my correspondence with NASA Langley, Virginia.
When I finally visited Langley I was informed by Mark D. Moore, director
that the program was cancelled by President Bush and: “It would take the
act of Congress to restore it” (See my correspondence).
Well, I do not give up easily. So I started a campaign of writing a letter to
each CEO in the Silicon Valley. (See my correspondence). That took me
lots of time of deep thinking to write a software program for the
development and explanation of the operation / implementation of the 38
exponentially synergistic, globally patented ideas for the next generation of
the door-to-door transportation / communication – The Aerial Airmobile
SmarTrans System (See some correspondence)
I started getting a variety of responses which lead me to a rational
conclusion that only Google could undertake such a lifetime challenge
of changing the entire world by working hard with something brand
new, uncomfortably exciting and at the time: “DO NO EVIL”.
Furthermore, I realized that Google would certainly need sinequanon
guidance from my hero Mr. Alan Mulally, the former Ford Motor, CEO.


Now, quoting from my letter to Larry Page, Google C.E.O. dated April 15,
2011: “I predict that Ford Motor will become the next Google for wealth
creation and Google will continue as the world’s greatest jobs / wealth
creator demonstrating the true nature of the American Exceptionalism thus
creating Alphabet Inc.
My prediction came true. Mr. Mulally remained at Ford from 2006 through
2014. After retiring from Ford in 2014 he was appointed as a member of
the Board of Directors at Google.
I am sure that Mr. Mulally will guide the implementation of Smart
Transportation for all the Future Generations – The Aerial SmarTrans:
door-to-door automatically, non-stop, no speed limits, in any weather in total
safety and luxury delivering 4,602 miles per gallon, 100 times better than
the Toyota Prius.
I have written 5 letters to Google and also 5 letters to Ford (see the
enclosed correspondence)
Furthermore, I would like to elaborate on my second patent.
2. Sewage Water Purification / Reuse / Redistribution, Flood Control
and Power Generating System. U.S. Patent Number: 6,000,880. Date of
Patent: Dec, 14, 1999. William J. Halus, Independent Inventor.

When submitting the patent application, two weeks later I was issued a
‘patent pending’ number. It took more than one year to receive the patent,
which was valid for 20 years.
The patent examiner informed me by phone in last minute to remove from
patent title two words: ‘Climate Modification’. He told me that it is
impossible to “change the climate and at the same time to get a patent


for it”. I told him that everybody talks about the weather, but only I can
modify it. I am a private pilot licensed to fly single engine aircrafts and also
gliders and sail planes that do not have engines, but are keep flying on
raising colums of warm air.
In my first pilot training class the instructor told the students: you must
really understand the weather or sooner or later it will kill you.
The Earth is a water planet: 97% of earth water is the salt water. The
remaining 3% of water is the fresh water. The 2% fresh water is in the
form of lakes, rivers and aquaphers and the 1% is in the form of
glaciers, ice and snow.
The same amount of water was on earth 100 million years ago when the
dinasours ruled the earth, which at that time was in one piece and called
Pangea. We are finding the remains of dinosaurs on each continent. The
same amount of water will remain on earth until the end of time. When
the sun burns out it’s all hydrogen and explodes apart spreading all
elements of the periodic table around. It will become end of life on the
planet Earth.
Now California is experiencing water crisis. Gov. Brown proposed $1 Billion
dollar fund to fix the water problem in California. California has one year of
water left. It was declared the only alternative to water is drinking your
own urine like the astronauts do in the Space Station.
L.A. and Orange counties get all its waters frojm 5 sources each day:
1. Colorado River
2. Eastern Sierras
3. Western Sierras
4. Sacramento River Delta
5. Local ground waters


as measured by millions of water meters to each house, this amounts to 1
billion 800 million gallons or 5,455 acre foot water per day.
The cost of 1 acre foot of water is $721.50 thus $721.50 x 5455 =
The cost of pumping 1 acre foot of water 600 ft toward the water meters
is: $149.41 x 5455 = $815,577.50
Thus the daily value of water dispensed by all L.A. and Orange
counties is $815,577.05 + $3,935,782.50 = $4,751,359.55
The yearly wholesale value of water used by L.A. and Orange counties
is $4,751,359.55 x 365 days = 1,734,246,035.00
(see my calculation)
All that imported water changes into stinky sewage and flows toward 3
sewage water treatment plants where it is disinfected by chlorine. The solid
part is dried up, loaded on trucks and is delivered to the Central Valley
around Fresno where it is used to grow cotton which is all exported in
millions bails to Japan each year.
The reclaimed sewage water is pumped into the ocean and some is used
along the greeways to irrigate the greenery. During a heavy rains the raw
sewage flows into the ocean infecting the swimmers.
I am proposing dumping by gravity all the reclaimed sewage water into the
Death Valley which is 273 ft below the ocean level and in the process
generate electricity on demand, equivalent to ‘Hoover Dam’ I will make it
rain in Death Valley each afternoon it will also rain in low and the high
desserts making the dry rivers flow the year round. I will make the L.A.
and Santa Ana River flow and deliver free fresh water to southland.
Along these rivers we will build recreation areas and small enterprises for


people to enjoy. All the area will be served by my Aerial SmarTrans
I will also stop all the location specific annual devastating and deadly
tornados. I will also divert all the annual horrendous hurricanes from hitting
the continental USA and make them fly mid-Atlantic on top of warm golf
stream warm waters from the equator to the North Pole and in the process
warm up England and make it snow on Iceland.
Please tell Carly Fiorina about my real, beneficial and patented global
climate change / modification for all future generation. When Sen. Cruz
tells it to all people who are suffering, he will be elected to presidency
by simple proclamation. I will make the U.S. climate similar to that of
Brazil: no tornados, no hurricanes only periodic rains, sunshine and
Finally, dear congressman Rohbacher, the representative of patriotic beach
people please writes a legislation about all my ideas for consideration by the
Congress and Senate.
God bless America my dear adopted country. God protect Ukraine
where I was born 87 years ago.
William J. Halus
High Information Voter