Orion Application Performance Monitor

orion npm module Get a Complete View of Your Network’s Health with Powerful App Monitoring
“Application Performance Monitor has better granularity and provides more details, so we know more quickly when we have problems.” — Matt Schaeffer, Systems Administrator, Home Instead Senior Care®
To really understand what’s happening on your network, you also need to know what’s happening with your applications. We all know that 99% of business-critical applications are now on the network, so managing your network means more than just knowing the up/down status of a core router; it also means understanding how your network-based apps are performing. You need visibility into your applications and servers. And you need to get it affordably and quickly – meaning no agents, no expensive crews of consultants, no long deployments. That’s why we developed Orion Application Performance Monitor (APM). It installs in less than an hour to deliver enterprise-class, agentless, performance management for your critical applications and servers. Plus, as a module of Orion Network Performance Monitor, Orion APM presents application monitoring data alongside comprehensive performance information for your network infrastructure, giving you a complete picture of network health that is intuitive, unified, and easy to understand. Delivering at-a-glance top 10 lists, map views, and graphs, Orion APM enables you to quickly identify, troubleshoot, and resolve performance issues with applications like Exchange, Active Directory®, SQL Server®, Oracle®, Apache®, and more. With Orion APM as your co-pilot, you can isolate performance issues with business-critical applications – before they affect your end users – and finally get the single pane of glass you need to understand the performance of everything on your network.

Orion APM Highlights:
• Quickly determine the root cause of application performance issues with a unified view into network, application, and server monitoring data • Monitor a wide range of server and application types, including operating systems, web servers, URLs, backup applications, databases, directories, application servers, messaging servers, network services, and application ports • Begin monitoring your mission-critical applications in just minutes with Orion APM’s out-of-thebox, agentless monitoring templates • Create custom application monitors quickly and easily, and share templates and scripts on Thwack, SolarWinds’ online community • Get at-a-glance, unified visibility into application performance via the intuitive Orion console and its easy-to-use charts, graphs, tables, alerting, Top Ten lists, and reporting views • Simulate and measure Quality of Experience (QoE) with User Experience Monitors to find and fix issues before they affect end users • Leverage open-source Nagios® scripts to save time, facilitate migration to APM, and expand monitoring of Unix and Linux systems • Monitor Windows®, Unix, and Linux® servers by tracking key performance statistics, such as running services, process availability, memory usage, CPU utilization, and response time

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer | Orion Module

Orion APM Features
Template-Driven Application Monitoring Orion APM saves you time by employing centralized Application Monitor Templates that combine groups of monitors and settings. Orion APM ships with Application Monitor Templates for popular applications, or you can easily create your own custom monitoring templates with just a few clicks. Once templates are established, they can be applied to multiple servers, eliminating the need to perform repetitive configuration tasks for similar applications and servers. Plus, changes made to a template automatically propagate throughout your network, ensuring that monitoring is updated for all systems that rely on the modified template. For example, a change to the threshold settings for mail queue length in your Exchange monitor template will automatically and immediately be applied to all of your monitored Exchange servers. In addition, Orion APM templates are portable, and can be easily downloaded and shared with the SolarWinds community on Thwack.

“Through a unified console we now have point-and-click access to comprehensive charts and detailed reports that deliver a clear portrait of the network traffic, thereby increasing our ability to enhance the performance, availability and security of the network.” — Jeff Salisbury, Senior Manager IT Infrastructure, Belkin Components

Application Monitor Wizard – NEW! Using a simple three-step process, you can quickly create a new application monitor with Orion APM. First, choose from a list of available application monitor templates including common applications like Exchange 2007, Apache®, or SQL Server® 2008. Next, select the nodes to which you would like to apply your template. Finally, enter the necessary template credentials to apply the template to your node and begin instantly monitoring your application! Community-Built Template & Script Library – NEW! With Orion APM, you can leverage the SolarWinds online community, Thwack, by implementing Application Monitor Templates and scripts created by other users. Orion APM’s interactive web console offers direct links to browse, download, and share templates and scripts on Thwack, making it easy for community members to benefit from each other’s custom monitors and saving everyone valuable time. Orion APM will even alert you when new templates are posted, so you can easily expand your monitoring capabilities! Out-of-the-Box Agentless Monitoring Orion APM does not require you to install agents, which makes installation and maintenance a breeze – not to mention eliminating any concerns about drag on your network. Plus, with Orion APM’s out-of-the-box monitoring templates and end-user-experience monitors, you will be up and running in just minutes. Server Statistic Browser – NEW! Select from a list of available WMI performance counter, process, and service component monitors on your nodes and add those components to existing application monitor templates or assign them directly to nodes. Ensure your servers are running smoothly by keeping an eye on key statistics so that you can identify and resolve application issues before users are impacted. Intuitive Orion NPM Integration Orion APM extends the performance monitoring capabilities of Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) to applications and servers, and presents this critical information alongside network performance statistics through an integrated web console. Not only will you get a single pane of glass for all of your monitoring data, you’ll also love the intuitive charts, graphs, tables, alerting, Top Ten lists, and reporting views that Orion APM shares with Orion NPM. With Orion APM, you won’t have to run multiple point products or flip between screens to view the application and network data you need to troubleshoot problems. Universal WMI Performance Monitors – NEW! Orion APM makes it easy for you to remotely monitor WMI performance counters, so that you can identify and resolve application issues before users are impacted. Adding WMI monitors is as simple as clicking on a server icon, browsing the list of available counters, and selecting the ones you would like to add.

APM 50 APM 100 APM 250 APM 500 APM 1000 APM Unlimited

Up to 50 monitors Up to 100 monitors Up to 250 monitors Up to 500 monitors Up to 1000 monitors Unlimited monitors

User-Experience Monitors – IMPROVED! Orion APM enables you to measure application performance from an end user’s perspective with out-ofthe-box SaaS monitoring and support for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Download Speed, DNS, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle®, and other ODBC databases. This Quality of Experience (QoE) measurement gives you a heads up on problems and helps ensure that users are happy with the performance of the apps that they rely on. Open Source Script Processor – NEW! A huge and growing collection of Nagios scripts is used globally to monitor thousands of network services; and we know that many of you rely on these open-source scripts for tasks like confirming the completion of daily backups. That’s why we built a script processor into Orion APM that enables you to convert any Nagios script into a format that Orion APM can use to schedule and run jobs and report on results. Now you can leverage your own Nagios scripts or those in third-party script libraries to extend Orion APM’s monitoring coverage. Performance Warning System – NEW! If Orion APM detects a downward decline in application performance, you’ll be immediately alerted before the situation escalates into a disaster. Orion APM relies on pre-configured or user-defined performance thresholds and sends alerts when these thresholds are crossed. Four tiers of thresholds can be established (good, warning, critical, and down) to help you quickly assess the difference between a system that is up, but performing poorly, and a system that is about to fail. Windows and Linux Script Monitors – NEW! If you have written your own Windows, Linux, or Unix scripts to monitor application health indicators that are not available through SNMP or WMI, you can now integrate these into Orion APM. With just a few clicks, you can schedule their execution and report and alert on their output. Network Services and Port Monitoring Orion APM actively monitors availability and responsiveness of critical network services with out-of-thebox monitors for DNS (over TCP and UDP), HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, and NNTP. Additionally, Orion APM allows you to create customized TCP port monitors to verify network-based availability and responsiveness of applications. With these capabilities, you can rest assured that you will be the first to know about network service outages and performance bottlenecks. Out-of-the-Box Application Reporting Orion APM includes a number of built-in reports that make it easy to track application and server performance over time. A simple interface facilitates customizing these reports and also allows you to create new reports using SQL commands. You can also schedule reports to be generated and delivered by email automatically. Advanced Application Alerting With Orion APM, you can quickly configure alerts for correlated events, sustained conditions, and complex combinations of device states. Additionally, Orion APM supports automatic escalation of alerts and allows you to designate actions in response to particular alerts, ensuring that you can respond to application performance issues in record time.

Orion Modules:
• Application Performance Monitor • IP Address Manager • NetFlow Traffic Analyzer • IP SLA Manager Orion modules extend the capabilities of Orion NPM to network traffic analysis, VoIP, servers, wireless devices, and applications.

CPU Memory

minimum requirements
50 to 500 Monitors 2.0 GHz 1GB 2GB Free 501 to 2000 Monitors 2.4 GHz 2GB 5GB Free 2000+ Monitors 3.0 GHz 2GB 10GB or more

For additional information, please contact SolarWinds at 866.530.8100 or e-mail sales@solarwinds.com. To locate an international reseller near you, visit www.solarwinds.com/ distributor/locator.html

Hard Drive

Operating System .Net Framework Database

minimum requirements
Windows Server® 2003 (32-bit or 64-bit) including R2, with IIS installed Version 3.5 or later SQL Server® 2000 SP4 (Standard or Enterprise), SQL Server 2005 (Express, Standard, or Enterprise)

Appendix: Available Orion APM Monitors
Orion APM leverages out-of-the-box monitors and user-generated monitors, enabling you to monitor virtually any application on your network. Below, we have provided a list of potential applications that Orion APM can monitor using out-of-the-box monitors, application monitoring templates shared on Thwack, or custom monitors that you can create with Orion APM’s application monitoring wizard.

Out-of-the-Box Application Monitors
Orion APM ships with a rich variety of out-of-the-box monitors for popular applications and operating systems.

operating systems
Microsoft® Windows Server® 2000, 2003, and 2008 IBM AIX® HP-UX Linux® (Red Hat®, SuSE®, Ubuntu®) – SSH compatibility required Sun Solaris™

email & directory servers
Microsoft Exchange 2000, 2003, and 2007 Microsoft Active Directory®

SQL query user experience Microsoft SQL Server® Oracle®

web servers & url monitors
HTTP user experience HTTPS user experience Microsoft® Internet Information Service (IIS) Apache®

general purpose monitors
DNS query user experience WMI performance counter Windows script Linux/Unix script Windows service Process monitor (Windows, Linux, Unix) File and directory Nagios® script Windows Event Log

network services
DNS query user experience DNS port SNMP IMAP4 POP3

Application Monitors Downloadable from Thwack
Expand Orion APM’s monitoring breadth by importing additional usergenerated templates from Thwack. You’ll find over 100 preconfigured templates available on Thwack. We’ve listed a few of the most downloaded templates to the right.

sample monitors available on thwack
Citrix® Presentation Server™ Active Directory® Blackberry Enterprise Server™ VMware® VirtualCenter McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator

Do-it-Yourself, Custom Application Monitors
Can’t find your favorite application in the list of out-of-the-box monitors or those posted on Thwack? Never fear! Orion APM makes it easier than ever to create your own application monitors. Below you’ll find a few common DIY application monitors that other Orion APM users have built themselves:

virtualization monitors
Microsoft Hyper-V™ VMware® ESX Server

application servers
Microsoft .NET™ Server Java™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Server (J2EE) Apache Tomcat™ Apache Geronimo™ Oracle® E-Business Suite IBM WebSphere® SAP R/3™ SAP NetWeaver™

backup servers
Symantec Backup Exec™ Symantec NetBackup™ Microsoft Data Protection Manager

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