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Christian Casillas
Phone: 7164463149 E-Mail: CHRISTIANCASILLAS777@GMAIL.COM

An experienced media professional having core focus on techniques related to video productions,
multimedia and audio mixing seeks to work as a media producer in a local news/production company.

Walgreens (Service Clerk)


Key Skills: Posses core knowledge in retail marketing, Superior problem solving and judgment skills,
Excellent speaking, writing and listening skills, Ability to organize and manage data effectively,
Excellent marketing and selling skills Exceptional innovative skills
Walgreens (Photo Technician)


Key Skills: Quality skills in installing new machines, Ability to handle multiple print machines at the
same time, Can operate complex machines which include scanner and printers, Well trained in
operating printing machines of different companies, Ability to work for long hours and
simultaneously operating 3 machines at the time of making prints, A computer savvy person,
Excellent in repairing the machines and servicing
Walgreens (Photo Lab Manager)


Key Skills: Extensive knowledge of software development life cycle and development methodologies,
Knowledge of systems and tools implementation like project reviews, budget, strategy build out,
contract management, and customer service delivery, Comprehensive knowledge of project
management, financial modeling and budgeting, Possess excellent technical, analytical, planning and
organizational skills, Superior presentation and communication skills, both in oral and written
Walgreens (Pharmacy Technician)


Key Skills: Excellent vocabulary of pharmacy terms, 8 years of working experience in pharmacies and
hospital, Good exposure preparing the medicines as per the instructions of the doctor, Thorough with
inbound and outbound billing procedure of a hospital pharmacy, Sound knowledge of MS Office
package, Brilliant in sorting and storing medicines according to drugs, company, disease etc., Quality
skills in database management
Performing Arts Center at Rockwell Hall


(Sound/Recording Engineer)

Key Skills: Comprehensive knowledge of the concepts and techniques of audio engineering, In-depth
knowledge of operating and maintaining audio equipment, microphones and amplifiers, Extensive
knowledge of mixing sound, multi-track board operation, music and encoding and decoding, Ability

to work in a team environment with good organizational skills, Skilled in communicating effectively,
both in verbal and oral

Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts


(Music Major)
Buffalo State College


(Media Production Major)


Extensive knowledge of multimedia technology, video production techniques, audio recording,

mixing, and production both live and in studio.
In-depth knowledge of script writing, story-boarding camera operation, editing, lighting, and
Posses excellent organizational, communication and project management skills
Comprehensive knowledge of copy editing, copy writing, and proof reading
Familiar with applications like Microsoft Office, HTML, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe
Excellent knowledge of Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier and Avid
Media Composer
Ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize workload
Managing abilities with over 3 years experience managing a photo lab
Excellent knowledge of analog and digital audio consoles and effects processors
Vast knowledge of equipment installation and maintenance

Available upon request.