Kerala is a land lush and green, full of the most valuable asset for a country so thirsty expanses of fresh

water that occupy half of the territory. A world on the water the kerala backwaters are 900 km of lakes and lagoons connected by canals fed by rivers thirty. And here you can spend a holiday in the holiday, rest from the labors of India enjoy a luxury cruise at a good price in a landscape intense. After weeks of travelers we indulge in a weekend as a tourist and rent a houseboat for twenty four hours. We start from Alappuzha (Alleppey) a city which is called the Venice of the East in the amount of channels that go through (the only thing they have in common).

The driver takes us to the port agency private viewing where the houseboat. They come in all sizes some are real floating palaces. We have two bedrooms with air conditioning and private bath (one for us and one for the crew) a large deck for sunbathing and watching the landscape a large kitchen where the cook will prepare lunch dinner, breakfast and snacks continue the most delicious meals of our trip to India. Sail. For a full day we have a crew of three at our disposal. We are welcomed with a garland of jasmine, coconut, pineapple and bananas. A fisherman brings us to sell the prawns alive who has just caught the chef will cook them for dinner.

While the pilot guides the houseboat in the tangle of placid water we sat on the pier we enjoy the scenery passing before our eyes drinking tea and coconut milk and eating fresh fruits. Here are rice fields and forests are palm trees. Here the villages are situated on torn strips of land to palm and backwaters and unroll in rows of houses, bungalows, temples, churches. Here cars, rickshaws, buses are replaced by canoes, boats. We look at this peaceful world pass before our eyes. The only sounds were the lapping the chirping of cicadas, the wind in the reeds, the call of birds.

Cormorants dive and resurface from the water beside us. When approaching the evening anchor in a lagoon. Is prohibited from sunset to sunrise surf fishermen cast their nets. We remain on the dock watching the sky go from blue to orange, to indigo, black, light up in a row while watching the lights of distant houses breathing the warm air and clean smelling faintly of spices, listening to the silence of nature, seeing the boats move off. Off again at dawn, while the life along the canals has never stopped flowing in the dark. Return with a feeling of peace and a hint of regret for having already ashore. Within hours Kerala won for us.

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