STEP 1 The following must be submitted to the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand before your application will be considered

: 1. A certified copy of your current certificate of registration. This must be provided directly to the Pharmacy Council from your registration authority. NOTE: You must maintain Registrations with your own authority until you are granted registration in New Zealand. 2. A Statement of Good Standing from your registration authority or body, which grants you a license to practise as a pharmacist in your country of residence, confirming that you are registered and in good standing with that authority. This must be dated within six months of your application, and must be provided directly to the Pharmacy Council from your registration authority. Please also submit: 3. A curriculum vitae giving details of the place you obtained your pharmacy qualifications, the name of your pharmacy qualifications and the number of years taken to complete them. 4. The original copy of the Test Report of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) showing that you have gained overall proficiency to at least Level 7.5 in the General Skills or Academic Category, and that you have gained a minimum of Level 7 in the Listening and Level 8 in Speaking Skills. 5 Completed Form P002 Application for Registration as a Pharmacist (Overseas – Qualified Non-Reciprocal Pharmacists) and Statutory Declaration of Identity.

6. Two copies of a Recent passport type photograph bearing on the back: (a) The statement “This is a true likeness and signature of {name}, (b) Your usual signature, (c) Certification of (a) & (b) by the same person who certified your statutory declaration of identity. 7. NZ$675.00 (including GST). This covers consideration of your application and is nonrefundable.

Checklist for Step 1 – Have you provided? Proof of current registration sent from applicant’s registration board to Pharmacy Council Statement of Good Standing sent from applicant’s registration board to Pharmacy Council IELTS Certificate at required level or IELTS Exemption Form Brief details of pharmacist qualification, place of study and length of programme Documented evidence of change of name (if applicable) Completed application form P002 Photographs

Fee NZ$675
Checklist for Step 2 – Have you provided? A full syllabus of your academic courses (sent by your university or academic body to the Pharmacy Council) A certified copy of your examination results (provided directly to the Pharmacy Council from the institution where you gained your qualification A full professional portfolio detailing your work experience Fee NZ$1,250 (GST inclusive) Fully completed Pharmacy Council forms detailing qualifications/experience