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1. What happened to Adrians nose?

Adrians nose stuck to a model aeroplane when he tried an experimental sniff of glue. Then
his nose was swollen because he was allergic to the glue
2. Why does everybody think that Adrian is addicted to glue?
Because Barry Kent, an unpleasant boy in Adrians class, told this to everybody that Adrian.
He knew about the accident with the glue because her aunt was a cleaner in the hospital.
3. What difference is there between Adrians fathers reasons for marrying his
mother and Adrians reasons for loving Pandora?
Adrians father explained that he married his wife because he met her when miniskirts were in
fashion and because she had good legs. On the other hand, Adrian said he loved Pandora
because she was intelligent an compassionate.
4. What two things did Adrians father say when Adrian complained about his
He said it was Adrians fault because he didnt go to his last three dentists appointments.
5. Who is Aunt Clara and why did Adrian write to her?
Aunt Clara is the Problem Page where Adrian wrote to in order to get a solution for his problem
with Pandora. He was obsessed with sex, but Pandora said they werent ready
6. Why is Adrians mother furious with the dentist?
Because the dentist took one if his front tooth out and she wrote him a letter insisting that he
make a false tooth for free.
7. Why is Adrian suffering in Thursday, May 13th?
Because he received a letter from Pandora that said she wanted to end their relationship. She
says he was obsessed with her body and he should get psychiatric help.
8. Why were Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in Adrians kitchen?
His parents were disguised as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert because they were going to go
to the Braithwaites fancy dress party.
9. What three indications was Adrian given that his mother was pregnant?
Firstly, his mother asked him if he like being an only child. Then it was his father who asked if
he would like a sister or a brother. And finally one night Adrian entered his parents room while
they were trying to have a baby.
10. In what way is Courtney Elliot not an ordinary postman?
Courtney Elliot wears a red bow tie with his grey uniform and he immediately made friends
with the dog.
11. How did the family decide where to go on holiday and what does this tell us
about the family functions?
As nobody agreed where to go on holiday, they each wrote their choice on a piece of paper
and put the papers into a tin. This action shows as that in Adrians family the decisions are
taken democratically and nobody has more authority than the others.
12. Why did Adrian take Sharon Botts skating if he didnt know how to skate?
Because his friend Nigel organized a blind date for him with Sharon there.

13. Bert phoned Adrian when Queenie didnt feel well. What does this tell you
about the relationship between Bert and Adrian?
The fact that Bert phoned Adrian when this emergency occurred, shows us that they have a
strong relationship and that they support each other through thick and thin.
14. The people around Adrian are very helpful to Bert. Give some examples of their
Adrians mother was at Berts all day, cleaning and cooking. His father went to see him every
day after work and Adrian promised to take Berts dog, Sabre, for his walks.
15. Was Pandora being a snob when she talked about Skegness? Explain your
Yes, Pandora said that she would follow Adrian to hell, but she wouldnt go to Skegness. Then
when Bert said she was a Snob, she asked that people forget so easily that theyre privileged.
Pandora said this things because she consider Skegness a seedy place to go on holiday.
16. Why didnt Pandoras Father, or Pandora herself, pay for the holiday in
Because her father had paid 400 for a canoeing holiday for his family in September. On the
other hand, Pandora didnt have any money of her own because shespent all buying strings
for her viola.
17. Describe Bernard Porke.
Bernard Porke is the owner of Rio Grande Boarding House. He is a miserable-looking and
grumpy man who treat his clients badly. Hes also very miserly because he served only one
piece of bacon per plate at breakfast.
18. How did Adrian expect Grandma to react to the news of the illegitimate child?
Was he correct?
Adrian thought his Grandma was going to become furious but amazingly, she was happy and
gave some of the legitimate babys clothes to Stick insects baby boy.
19. How do you think Adrian feels about his new brother?
I think Adrian was curious about the baby. Probably, he wasnt too happy with his new brother
because he was his fathers illegitimate son.
20. What does Adrian offer to do while the Braithwaites are on holiday and what is
he really planning to do?
He offered to feed the cat and water their plants but he started to pass a lot of time at
Pandoras house watching their big color TV and eating tuna sandwiches.
21. Why do you think Mr. Lambert stopped taking pupils to the caf?
Because nearly everyone in Adrians class made an appointment with him to talk about their
family problems. Mr. Lumbert may felt sick of hearing every students problems.
22. How was Mrs. Mole going to abandon Adrian? Do you think Adrian is worried
about it?
Mrs Mole phoned the local radio station and told them she was going to abandon her child at
the Social Security office unless she was given her cheque. Adrian wasnt worried about it
because he knew his mother wouldnt abandon him, she only wanted the money to survive
another week.
23. What made Adrian change his mind about taking part in the school play?

Because his voice was breaking and he cant control it. One minute it was loud and strong and
the next minute it was high.
24. What helpful things did Adrian do at his sisters birth?
He held her mothers hand very tightly and timed the contractions. Then he stayed next to
her mother during the whole birth.

25. Why was Adrian a little upset the day his mother came home from hospital?
Because he hadnt got enough emotions to manage all the complications of his life. He was no
longer an only child and he was going to act like a father, as theirs was living at his
Grandmas house.
26. In what ways has Adrian taken on the role of a father to his baby sister?
As his father is living at his Grandmas house, Adrian had to take the role of a father to Rosie.
He changed her nappies and went with her mother to the municipal offices to register Rosies
birth. Furthermore, he loved his sister so much that the first night she arrived home, Adrian
sat beside her to check her breathing every 10 minutes.
27. Why did Adrian spend a lot of time reading in his room?
Because his mother wasnt paying any attention to him since Rosie was born and he felt
emotionally deprived.
28. Why is Adrian worried about what will happen after Queenies death?
Because he knows that Bert is on his own again and will need to be looked after more than
ever. Adrian doesnt know how to manage the situation because he has got his exams in june.
29. List the preparations Adrian had to make for Christmas.
1. Adrian had to buy presents for his parents, Rosie, Pandora, Bert, his Grandma, his Dog and
Sabre (Berts dog).
2. He had to buy a turkey at the butchers and went to greengrocers.
3. He helped his mother to decorate the room and prepare the meal.
30. Why was Adrian asked to leave the Christmas dinner table?
Because he was given a glass of wine and talked brilliantly and amusingly for an hour.
31. Why did Pandora cancel the trip to the cinema?
Because she woke up this morning with an ugly rush round her neck. The chain Adrian gave
her for Christmas wasnt a solid gold chain, it was a cheap one from Woolworths
32. The word gay has changed in meaning over the years. Why did it used to
mean and what does it mean now?
The word Gay used to mean cheerful, but nowadays it means homosexual. The
headmaster ordered the closure of Nigels Gay club. Nigel pretended to be innocent by saying
it was for pupils who want to enjoy themselves during the break.
33. Why is Adrian happy that the water workers are on strike?
Because Adrian hated that twice a week everyone saw his inferior muscles during the showers
at school.
34. Why does Lucas think that Rosie is his child?

Because Lucas wrote down in his diary that on March 13 th, Pauline and he slept together when
Pauline went to a protest march in Sheffield.
35. How do you know that the school doctor is an understanding person?
Because he explained Adrian that adults have got complicated lives and pretend them to be
moral and have principles is a lot to ask. She also promised Adrian not to tell anyone he was
crying, and she let him stay until his eyes were normal again.
36. Why was Adrian suspended from School, and how did the headmaster know
about what he had done?
Because he wrote a poem on the toilet wall about the fact that theres no future to make his
classmates more politically aware. The headmaster knew Adrian was the author because he
signed it.
37. Why do you think Adrian joined Barry Kents gang?
Adrian had to deal diary with a lot of insecurity because of his parents problems.
Furthermore, Rosies birth had made his parents gave him less attention. All this things made
Adrian felt lonely and depress, so he found company in Barry Kents gang.
38. How and why did Adrian and Pandora finish their relationship?
Pandora broke up with Adrian with a letter which said she didnt like his new friend (Barrys
gang). She also explained she wanted a different way of life from the one he had chosen.
39. After Adrian joined the gang, how long did it take his parents to realise that he
was out of control?
It took them nearly a month to realise it. Then they didnt allow him to go out after school.
40. Why did Adrian run away from home?
Adrian listed some reasons to go before he ran away: he wrote live was full of torment, exams
were in June, his parents hated him and he had lost Pandora,
41. How long was Adrian away from home before he called his parents, and why
didnt he speak to them?
He was away eight hours before he called them. He didnt speak to them because they didnt
answer the phone. Adrian thought it was another sing of their indifference.
42. What emotions does Adrian have on his 16th birthday?
He was extremely unhappy and missed his parents. He felt so lonely that he bought himself a
birthday card and signed it as he was his parents.
43. How did the Vicars wife help Adrian?
The Vicars wife found him in the church doorway and took him to her home. Then she phoned
his parents and asked them to come and get him.
44. Did Adrian achieve the effect he wanted by running away?
No, there were no crowds of people in the street waiting to welcome him. Just his mothers
pale, worried face, his grandmas even paler face and his father.
45. How long was Adrian in bed and why did he finally get up?
Adrian was 10 days in bed and he finally get up because his grandmother had to wash his
sheets. This day he spent the day sitting in the sofa.
46. How well did Adrian keep his New Years resolution when he started studying
for his exams?

Not really well, because when he finally was concentrated, Bert phoned and asked for his help
as his toilet was blocked.
47. Why does Adrian go to Pandoras house to study?
His house was intolerable because his father was so angry that he didnt get the job on the oil
48. Why does Adrian think the Prime Minister is selfish for having an election in
Because he thinks May and early June are supposed to be a quiet time, while teenager study
for their exams.
49. Why did Bert phone three times?
Because it was his birthday and he was just wanted to tell Adrian that he thought he was 90.
50. On May 31st, Adrian decide to stop writing his diary until after his exams. What
important event made him change his mind?
Because Pandora and him did some extremely heavy kissing and caressing. Adrian thought
that it wont matter if he didnt pass his exams because he had known what it is to have the
love of a good woman.