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108 Wisdom Principles

original art by Belinda Paton

Origin of the 108 Wisdom Principles

The 108 Wisdom Principles have their origin in the perennial wisdomthe collective wisdom of humankind
since the beginning of life. This wisdom has come down through the ages in various religions, traditions, and
schools of philosophy.
The perennial wisdom studies what is. It seeks to understand the structure and operation of the cosmos. It is
interested in discovering and applying spiritual laws and principles in our material dimension.
Some of the 108 Wisdom Principles are stated as lawsif A then Band some are stated as principles of
relationship. Both contribute to a better understanding of That Which Is.
Mastering the 108 wisdom principles helps you master your destiny. By working with the universe rather
than against it, you can manifest your intentions, create your preferred reality, and invent your future.
Nobody owns the 108 Wisdom Principles we have distilled for the Two Worlds Wisdom Schoolthey belong
to all of us and none of us. Because of this, we retain our right to use them and freely share them via a
Creative Commons Deed.


The Law of Consciousness

The Law of Harm

Consciousness is the lowest common denominator of the universe.

What you harm, you must heal.

The Law of Purpose

The Law of Giving

Everything in existence has an evolutionary course and reason for being.

To give you must receiveto receive you must give.

The Law of Essence

The Law of Desire

A thing is what it is regardless of what anyone thinks about it.

You become like what you desire.

The Law of Energy

The Law of Action

Below the line of creation, everything reduces to energy.

Your intentions are effective only when you act on them.

The Law of Service

The Law of Delegation

You grow only through serving others.

Source delegates to the maximum feasible extent.

The Law of Love

The Law of Gratitude

Love unifies.

Gratitude increases your capacity to receive.

The Law of Action

Your intentions are effective only when you act on them.
The Law of Fear

The Law of Grace

Fear separates.

The descent of grace mitigates negative karma.

The Law of Judgment

The Law of Repetition

As you judge, so will you be judged.

Lessons not learned repeat with increasing consequences.

The Law of Contagion

The Law of Forgiveness

Two things once in contact remain in contact, even when separated.

What you do not forgive holds you in bondage.

The Law of Transience

The Law of Radiation

In the lower dimensions, all things disintegrate.

Everything radiates its nature.

The Law of Sharing

The Law of Positive Attraction

When you share with another, both of you have more.

Like attracts like.

The 108 in Action: Theater of Generosity

original art created by Belinda Paton for the

Theater of Generosity Innovation Circle
The Theater of Generosity Innovation Circle is made up of a group of health systems exploring potentials in generosity. One of these potentials is to create a generous
experience for patients and families. A patient entering the hospital or clinic will see
generosity portrayed in art, hear about generosity in their conversations with caregivers,
and receive generosity through a generosity menu.
Another potential is to approach generosity as a therapeutic modality and invite
patients to heal differently by giving as well as receiving. Stories of patients who learn to
give and receive in new ways are featured in generosity bedtime stories.
Beyond this, the Innovation Circle is exploring how generosity can shape relationships among providers and even create new economic realities of abundance for the
The Theater of Generosity Innovation Circle incorporates the wisdom principles of
abundance, giving and receiving, sharing, happiness, and gratitude.

The Law of Negative Attraction

The Law of Group Good

Like attracts unlike in order to attain equilibrium.

What you do should always be for the greater group good.

The Law of Synchronicity

The Law of Detachment

When you release attachment to outcomes, you open the full field of

Events that appear coincidental may be connected acausally.

The Law of Perfection

The Law of Soul Choice

From an evolutionary perspective, everything is perfect just as it is.

The soul chooses its learning experiences.

The Law of Non-Interference

You have no right to interfere with the free choice of other people
operating within their domain of sovereignty.

The Law of Healing

The Law of Resonance

The Law of Proximity

Higher-order energies can repattern disorganized lower-order energies.

You become like those things you are around.

Systems sharing like properties affect each other.

The Law of Increase

Whatever you focus your attention on, increases.

The Law of Accountability

The Law of Radiation

Everything radiates its nature.

The more you have, the greater your accountability.

The Law of Patterns

The Law of Attachment

A higher dimensional mind perceives in patterns.

All attachments draw energy from you.

The Law of Polarity

Opposite poles are complementary and contained in one another.

The Law of Speech

The Law of Perception

What you talk about, comes about.

You perceive according to the number and sensitivity of your senses.

The Law of Intention

The Law of Imputed Knowledge

Intention organizes the energy required for manifestation.

Higher powers bestow upon you only the knowledge you can handle.

The Law of Interstice

The Law of Thought

Some potentials are realized only in the in-between spaces.

You are what you think.

The Law of Identification

The Law of Ascension

When you identify closely with anything, you assume its qualities.

As your soul frequency increases, you ascend into higher dimensions.

The 108 in Action: University Graduate Course

learning skills for transformation

Graduate students enrolled in the Executive MBA Program in Health Administration
at the University of Colorado are learning the 108 wisdom principles as part of an elective
course, Transformational Leadership and the Metaphysics of Management. The course is
taught by Leland R. Kaiser, Ph.D., a nationally-known futurist and general systems theorist.
The emphasis of the course is on transforming healthcare organizations, not just changing them.
The Law of Dynamic Balance is a good example of one of the 108 wisdom principles important for a transformational leader to understand. The law states that every
aspect of a working system must be in dynamic balance with every other aspect. This
means the leader, when considering a proposed action, must take more into account
than the actions intended effect on his or her organization. The leader must understand
the total system of which the organization is a part and must understand the manifold
reverberations the proposed action will have throughout the entire system, including any
previously-unanticipated consequences.

The Law of Release

The Law of Karma

You are bound to that which you refuse to release.

Every cause generates a set of related effects.

The Law of Acceptance

The Law of Cycles

What you do not fully accept, you cannot change.

Everything in creation rises and falls, manifests and demanifests,

expresses and withdraws.

The Law of Surrender

To attain all, you must surrender all.

The Law of As Above, So Below

The Law of Mystery

The universe is reflectivewhat exists in one dimension has a

correspondence in every dimension.

High creation is a natural consequence of dancing with mystery.

The Law of Synthesis

Opposites can be reconciled at a higher level of abstraction.

The Law of Healing

Higher-order energies can repattern disorganized
lower-order energies.

The Law of Akasha

Akasha is the universal substance upon which consciousness acts.

The Law of Symbols

Symbolism is the language of higher dimensions.

The Law of Divine Flow

When your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies are in
alignment, you experience divine flow.

The Law of Vicarious Atonement

The Law of Balance

The Law of Inner Knowing

Each thought, feeling, and action impacts the universe, generates karma,
and requires a balance factor to be supplied by the initiator.

All things you seek to know are already within you.

The Law of Peace

Sufficient resources exist to accomplish anything you want to do.

Peace comes from within and is not dependent upon external


The Law of Magic

You can volunteer to take upon yourself another persons karma.

The Law of Abundance

A change in consciousness creates a corresponding change in the world.

The Law of Sacrifice

The Law of Words of Power

You must sacrifice anything that separates you from Source.

Certain words sounded with awareness set specific energies in motion.

The Law of One

The Law of Manifestation

Everything is part of everything else.

All things can be evoked from the Void.


The 108 in Action: Brain Works

the brain is an organism in flux

Memorial Brain Works is a center within Memorial Hospital and Health System in
South Bend, Indiana. Research is challenging old assumptions about the brain. The
brain used to be thought of as a static object, unable to grow or develop capacity after
adolescence. But it is now known that it can make new neuron connections throughout
Memorial Brain Works includes things like a mind fit program and brain calisthenics. It also features educational sessions through which people can debunk old myths
and learn about what most helps the aging brain. There are physical activitiesbecause
physical health shapes brain healthand a monthly book club.
Memorial Brain Works includes a wisdom circle where a different one of the 108
wisdom laws is featured each month. These principles help people think in new ways
and apply this wisdom to their lives.

The Law of Dynamic Balance

The Law of Divine Oneness

Every aspect of a working system must be in dynamic balance with

every other aspect.

With sufficient development, Source dwells in us, and we dwell in


The Law of Request

The Law of Personal Universes

You live in your own unique worldonly shared to some extent, if at all,
by others.

Help is always available.

The Law of Potentiality

All potentials in the Void seek expression.

The Law of Initiation

The Law of Continuity of Consciousness

All spiritual progression depends on an initiation demonstrating


With sufficient soul maturation, there is continuity of consciousness.

The Law of Solar Light

The Law of Transmutation

You can change one thing into another.

Higher will and universal love permit you to condense and radiate Solar

The Law of Names

The Law of Least Resistance

Naming a thing allows you to exercise control over it.

The Law of As Above, So Below

The universe is reflectivewhat exists in one dimension
has a correspondence in every dimension.

Unless overshadowed by a greater force, matter follows the course of

least resistance.

The Law of Permanence

A thing is permanent when it remains intact without a vessel to hold it.

The Law of Now

The Law of Connectivity

All that exists is now.

Everything is connected to everything.

The Law of Sound

The Law of Expanded Context

Everything in existence has a sound.

In a large enough context, everything makes sense.

The Law of Vibration

The Law of Limited Expression

Everything has a unique energy signature.

Everything is a limited expression of a much larger version of itself.

The Law of Harmony

The Law of Happiness

If you are in alignment with That Which Is, the universe assists you.

Happiness is doing who you are.

The Law of Compassion

Compassion opens a path to the other.

The 108 in Action: The Alembic

original art for the Alembic created by Belinda Paton

The Alembic is a program designed to help talented leaders move into their
highest potential.
Every organization has individuals who excel at everything they doand
enrich every environment they enter. But individuals with extraordinary potential
are usually given only ordinary development opportunities. The Alembic is an
exceptional space for people to unfold innate abilities and learn unusual skills. It
was established by a circle of 18 founding CEOs.
The name alembic comes from the ancient art of alchemy. An alembic was
used to refine and purify elements. It was a container in which one thing could
become something else.
The Alembic is an application of the Law of Transmutation: You can change
one thing into another.


The Law of Teaching

The Law of Decree

As you teach, you are taught.

With sufficient soul advancement, the universe is obedient to your


The Law of Mercy

Be merciful to others and mercy will be granted to you.

The Law of Non-Completion

The Law of Knowledge

There is never a point of completioncreation has an infinite capacity

to continue unfolding.

Knowledge gives you the ability to control your life.

The Law of Mentalism

The Law of Good Will

A change of worldview changes the world viewed.

You increase the reservoir of good will in the world by leaving every
situation better than you find it.

The Law of Free Will

Individual will must express within the bounds of Divine will.

The Law of Group Action

The Law of Discipline

Several people working together coherently are more effective than the
same number of people working separately.

Discipline brings greater freedom.

The Law of Pragmatism

The Law of Surrender

If it works for you it is trueat least to some extent.

To attain all, you must surrender all.

The Law of Identity

You never lose your identityeven when you achieve Oneness.

The Law of Infinite Extension

The Law of Records

An inquiry is never exhaustedthere is always more to learn.

Everything in creation leaves its imprintnothing is ever lost.

The Law of Analogy

The Law of Paradox

Sometimes a thing may best be understood in terms of its similarity to

other things you already understand.

A thing and its opposite may both be true.

The Law of Symmetry

The Law of Learning

Everything in creation moves toward greater symmetry.

Some learning is punctuated and happens only after sufficient effort.

The Law of Reciprocity

The Law of Expanded Consciousness

That which you seek, seeks you in return.

As your consciousness expands, you move into a less restrictive

relationship to time and space.

The Law of Change

A change in any one thing changes everything.

The 108 in Action: The Child Light Project

original art created by Derek Khani for the

Childl Light Project
Child Light is a spiritual, creative, and educational project inspired by the
growing call of children seeking to play and engage their spirits. It is the creation of Angie Gollat and Derek Khaniartists and teachers from Thunder Bay,
Weaving teachings from the 108 Wisdom Principles through playful artistic
expression, meditation, and story-telling, the Child Light Project aims to see and
share spiritual wisdom through the eyes of these young teachers, creating resources for educators and parents seeking to engage children on their spiritual
The Child Light project is grounded in the wisdom principles of abundance,
giving and receiving, sharing, happiness, and gratitude.