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The Bridge at Andau

Maribel Lucrecia Toro Rojas

Cuarto Ao de Letras
The Hungarian revolution in 1956

The Hungarian revolution of 1956 was a most radical

movement that arouse

against of Stalinism or model sovietic during the Cold War.

It was a spontaneous explosion of rebellion a population subjugated by a system
pro-Stalinist, it began with a student manifestation in 23 octuber to which joined workers,
employees, intellectuals and all groups


composing hungarian society,

and it lasted about thirteen days.

The manifestation began

for high school and university students, seconded

throughout society it had a huge impact world , questioned the established system for
Union of Sovietic Socialist Republic (URSS).
The ideology of rebellion it has always been discussed because the political
analyst have considered that it could be due to the search of true and humanity socialism;
or to break nexus with Sovietic Union or a third option that was returned to the capitalist
In any case, leaving aside political reasons, the rebellion sought to break the
chains imposed on individual freedoms by the Soviet Bureau. In short, the freedom that
had been kidnapped by the Soviet Union led by Joseph Stalin after World War II
Perhaps the revolution of 56 did not have the desired success, but a milestone in
the history of the country, cooperating in undermining the foundations of the Soviet
communist system in Eastern Europe.

The Brigde of a freedom

As a result of the Revolution of 56 many Hungarians they were persecuted by the

political police, prompting the need for immigration cases and more desperate to flee to
neighboring countries Hungary, for example Austria.
James Michener wrote in 1957 The Bridge at Andau chronicling de Hungarian
Revolution 1956.
There was a bridge at Andau, and if a Hugarian could reach
that bridge, he was nearly free.
He told us about that many refugees and persecuted people crossing the bridge
at Andau searching a freedom, because who had known communism and who had
rejected it.. Andau wasnt Hungary , was a village in Austria.
James Michener told in relation to the exodus that occurred from Hungary on the
occasion of the revolution of 56, as many people decided to leave the country for
disagreeing with fraud representing communism.
University students, professionals from different areas, represented these
immigrant groups and especially young couples with small children, who had to sedate

children to cross the bridge, and once in Austria would have to revive the children lest they
sleep too long.
It is usual in this type of political system is activated uncontrolled immigration ,
especially of professional elites, precisely because these systems are castrating of
individual wills and restricts the personal development of each individual.
This situation repeat again and again in latest of history where countries take the
communism as a form of government. In Venezuela is happening, where the bridge at
Andau is a Simon Bolivar International Airport of Maiquetia, the hall is the work of Carlos
Cruz Diez Cromointerferencia, of the corridor waiting and lounges ticketing airline who
must cross those who leave the country and unfortunately unwilling to return by the lack of
quality of life caused by an aberrant system called Socialism of the Twenty-First Century .
The bridge at Andau was destroyed, in 1956 by Soviet troops. It was rebuilt in 1996 as
a symbol of tolerance and helpfulness, in our countrie we have hopefulness that who leaving,
coming soon, and the hall Carlos Cruz Diez will be symbol of welcome to a free and peaceful