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22nd August, 2015

Aunty Agyiewa,
It has come to our notice that you want to vacate the premise at the end of
the Month August. Note that the Landlady will require her key to the room
with everything in order on the 31st August, 2015. Once the key is not
returned till the 1st of September, you will have to pay for that Month.
Also Note the following carefully:
Your balance will be refunded once someone takes the room or once the
landlady has the money available.
Electricity: You must pay an amount of GHC15.00 per month, for the
following months: May, June, July and August, amounting to GHC60.00 and
an amount of GHC 5.00 for part of April. Therefore you will be required to
pay a total amount of GHC65.00 for Electricity bill.
Room: The walls must be as clean as it was before you took over the room.
Cc: Agent: Ernest Ablormeti
Family Secretary

Mrs. Patience Adinorkie Avemegah

SANTA 2005
Santa 2005 recognizes its members as the most valuable resource and that the welfare of all
members is essential in achieving this FAMILY'S objectives. Securing the welfare of members means
investing in the efficiency, effectiveness and commitment of members to realise their full potential, in
as much as possible, for the good of the Santa 2005 FAMILY.
In line with Article 2 of the Santa 2005 constitution, this welfare policy shall provide a framework for
the provision of welfare support packages to deserving members.
1. Membership on the welfare scheme shall be voluntary. All registered members shall make monthly
contributions of Ghc 5.00 into the welfare account of Santa 2005. The payment can be made either
as a one time payment or spread over the respective months of the year. This amount is subject to
an upward review based on the national inflation rate and other financial indicators.
2. Members shall register with Welfare Committee to be covered under the Santa 2005 Welfare
package. Only REGISTERED members shall qualify for benefits outlined in this welfare policy.
Registered members must have contributed for at least three months to qualify for the benefits. After
CONTRIBUTIONS for sustainability of the welfare scheme. Members who default this shall face
disciplinary action. The disciplinary action is at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee. This
could mean losing one's membership and all the benefits that go with being a registered Santa 05
3. The welfare package shall cater for the following:
i) Marriage - Ghc 1,000.00
ii) Death of a member - Ghc 800.00
iii) Death of a member's parents (mother and father) - Ghc 800.00
i) Registered members must notify the any of the welfare committee members not less than 1 month
before the date of the event. Benefits will be disbursed within 1 month after the date of the event. 1
month in this case means 21 working days.
ii) Members who contribute for 4 years without receiving any benefit shall be entitled to 50% of their
contributions after the 4th year.