Meet Betty: Betty is a sociable hen.

She loves to scratch and peck in the soil, dustbathe, and build a nest to lay her eggs in comfort and privacy. Betty has capabilities, instincts and behavioural needs well beyond what many people have considered. She can recognise over 100 of her friends by their facial features; she has more than 24 distinct cries that communicate a wealth of information; and she is an excellent problem solver. But there’s one problem Betty can’t solve on her own...

Betty is also one of approximately 11 million hens imprisoned in battery cages in factory farms in Australia. She is denied all of her basic behavioural needs that provide quality of life. Betty is crammed into a wire cage with up to five other birds, each given a ‘living’ space smaller than one A4 sheet of paper—not even enough room to stretch their wings. They have no nest, no perch, and only barren wire to stand on and rub painfully against 24 hours a day.

1 Cage Egg = 30 hours of battery hen suffering

Factory farms are animal prisons. Help us close their doors forever.
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