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From: ewingnj Reads: 2264 p.DCWEEK Details From: corbett3000 Reads: 36124 p.Raising Clean Hands 2010 - Adva... From: UNICEF Reads: 701About Statistics Reads: 158 Rated: Published: 03 / 20 / 2010 Category: Research > Health & Medicine Add to Collections Report this document Description: My master thesis from NTNU - department of cancer research and molecular medicine - autumn 2009. Please excuse cases of poor language and references. If you plan to read it, please take note of t... Show More Description: My master thesis from NTNU - department of cancer research and molecular medicine - autumn 2009. Please excuse cases of poor language and references. If you plan to read it, please take note of the paragraphs under (Other comments) before you start. "Bad communication" was the main reason for giving the thesis grade C. That is, none of the analysis in the thesis have been disproved, including the "All-In-G1" hypothesis. The "All-In-G1" hypothesis (Part 2) is updated and described further here: If you are interested in the hypothesis, please contact me to discuss a possible PhD project. My point grade average from all ordinary written and oral exams is 1.9. If the master thesis grade is included, my gpa is 2.4. Next spring I will add to my master degree in molecular medicine a bachelor degree in IT. I'm also in particular interested in neurobiology. Other comments: 1) Reference on page 46 (5.1.2) are really 5.1.1. 2) On page 89, the reference (75) are really (98). 3) "Attachment" on page 120 in the content section is a cd-rom that is glued to the paper version. I can send this data to you on request. 4) Dont mind the three bottom lines on page 65, it is a wrong statement and reference. 5) The Human DBTSS database is assumed to be derived from human exclusively. This however depends on the version used. Which version is used by Motif Scanner in toucan is unclear. However, in the time period Motif Scanner was under development Human DBTSS consisted solely by human obtained data (2002). If you go deep into the analysis you can see that the results fits with the assumption that the Human DBTSS database is a mix of different organisms. In aftermath I'm pretty sure that this is the case, even though it has not been confirmed from external sources. You should have this in mind when you read the discussion section 5.1.2 starting on page 72 to see for yourself. 6) Discussion on page 91 describing the G1-S transition, and why assemble and

wait would evolve: Please see paragraph 2 in the All-In-G1 blog (link over). 7) Discussion on page 75-76 should be supplied by illustration in the master project power point presentation (Found here on scribd) and look at pages 8-11. You can also look at the blog if it helps: 8) Figure 36 on page 104: The text just above the G1/S mark should of course be: Genome loses its second and third endogenous regulatory levels. Tags: cancer, HeLa, cell cycle regulation, in silico, alling1 hypothesis, hacat Copyright: Public Domain - Show less Login to Add a Scribble sponberg1 scribbled: These days I'm writing an essay on Bill Gates phrase from the 90's "The Digital Nervous System" for enterprise systems. I will probably publish it here when it is finished. Just now I'm also developing a database management system for the handling of photo albums. 3 days ago Reply Search Books, Presentations, Business, Academics... Popular Scribd Searches:obama healthcare bill, afghan detainee documents... Scribd About Press Jobs Contact Blog Scribd Store Legal Terms - General Terms - API Terms - Privacy Copyright Help & Tools Getting Started Community Guidelines Support & FAQ Web Stuff Partners Partners / Publishers Branded Reader Developers / API Subscribe to Us On Scribd On Twitter On Facebook Enter your email address: or What's New We have updated our Terms of Service Branded Reader Multi-file Uploader