Ever wondered why advertisements for pork, bacon or ham never actually show how pigs are ‘farmed’?
It’s because 95% of pigs in Australia are not raised on farms—they are raised in factory farms. Animals Australia’s campaign was created knowing that most Australians are completely unaware of how pigs are raised in Australia. As a nation we have laughed and cried over the antics and adventures of famous piglets such as ‘Babe’ and ‘Wilbur’ from Charlotte’s Web. Yet the reality for most pigs in Australia is a tragic one. They endure lives of confinement and misery in factory farms.

“Making the movie Babe opened my eyes to the intelligence and the inquisitive personalities of pigs. These highly social animals possess an amazing capacity for love, joy and sorrow that makes them remarkably similar to our beloved canine and feline friends.” — James Cromwell (’Farmer Hoggett’, Babe)

Peer into a factory farm and you will see row after row of pregnant females in tiny metal crates, barely able to move. In the next shed are hundreds of mother pigs, their bodies completely encircled by metal bars which stop them from interacting with their piglets. They watch helplessly as their babies scream whilst having their eye-teeth clipped and tails cut off without any pain relief. For millions of factory-farmed pigs, often their first and only experience of the outside world is on the last day of their lives—when they are trucked for slaughter.

Simply by refusing to purchase factoryfarmed pork, ham and bacon products you will be casting your vote against animal cruelty. Visit for a free action pack, and discover how you can join thousands of other caring Australians in making the Pro Pig Pledge! In doing so, you will help Animals Australia to change the lives of more than 5 million ‘Babes’ and ‘Wilburs’ in Australia every year.

You can change how they live.

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