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By Anh Duong_ Teacher of English

Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others

A. scholarship
A. ability
A. document
A. different
A. education

B. negative
B. acceptable
B. comedian
B. regular
B. community

C. develop
C. education
C. perspective
C. achieving
C. development

D. purposeful
D. hilarious
D. location
D. property
D. unbreakable

Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.

6. _____ his advice, I would never have got the job.
A. Except
B. But for
C. Apart from
D. Because
7. Dont let your brother _____ the present.
A. see
B. to be seen
C. to see
D. seeing
8. This morning I saw _____ boy and _____ boy asked me for the way to the stadium.
A. a/a
B. a/the
C. the/a
D. the/the
9. The smell of the sea _____ his childhood.
A. took him in
B. took after
C. took him back to
D. took it for granted
10. We spent nearly 3 hours waiting outside the station, then out _____.
A. the star came
B. did the star come
C. came the star
D. be the star coming
11. If only I _____ crashed the car!
A. had
B. hadn't
C. did
D. didnt
12. Not only _____ the exam but she also got a scholarship.
A. did she pass
B. she passed
C. she has passed
D. has she passed
13. Nothing ___ the ordinary ever happens here.
A. about
B. out of
C. from
D. within
14. He had spent ____ time writing an essay on his childhood.
A. a few
B. a large number of
C. a great deal of
D. many
15. Many a _________ it difficult to avoid the interference of mass media in their life.
A. pop star find
B. pop star finds
C. pop stars find
D. pop stars finds
16. All candidates will be treated equally, ____ of their age or back ground.
A. irrelevant
B. Discounting
C. notwithstanding
D. irrespective
17. Rarely have I visited _______ Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.
A. as a beautiful city as
C. as beautiful a city as
B. as beautiful as the city
D. as a city as beautiful as
18. It is imperative ___________ towards a solution to global warming before the weather patterns of
the world are disrupted irreparably.
A. the world would work
C. that the world worked
B. that the world work
D. the world to work
19. The medical community continues to make progress in the fight against cancer.
A. speed
B. expect more
C. do better
D. treat better
20. There has been insufficient rainfall over the past two years, and farmers are having trouble.
A. adequate
B. unsatisfactory
C. abundant
D. dominant
Choose the sentence that is closest in meaning to the given one.

21. He took the food eagerly because he had eaten nothing since dawn.
A. He had eaten nothing since dawn although he took the food eagerly.
B. The food was taken at dawn and he had nothing to eat then.
C. He had eaten something before but he took the food eagerly.
D. Having eaten nothing since dawn, he took the food eagerly.
22. Scarcely had she arrived home when the quake happened.
A. As soon as the quake took place, she arrived home.
B. The quake took place before she arrived home.
C. Hardly the quake happened when she arrived home.
D. No sooner had she arrived home than the quake happened.
23. Payment must be made at the time of booking.
A. You must pay before you book.
B. You are not allowed to pay when you book.
C. You must pay when you book.
D. Payment in advance is acceptable if you want to book.
24. Unless someone has a key, we cannot get into the house.
A. We could not get into the house if someone had a key.
B. If someone does not have a key, we can only get into the house.
C. If someone did not have a key, we could not get into the house.
D. We can only get into the house if someone has a key.
25. Conan said to me, If I were you, I would read different types of books in different ways.
A. I read different types of books in different ways to Conan as he told me.
B. Conan ordered me to read different types of books in different ways.
C. Conan advised me to read different types of books in different ways.
D. I said to Conan to read different types of books in different ways to me.
Choose the underlined part that needs correcting.
26. Id like (A) to see him (B) in my office (C) the moment he (D) will arrive.
27. It was (A) a six-hours journey; we were (B) completely (C) exhausted when (D) we arrived.
28. Professor Jones (A) said that a good way (B)to improve your language (C) are learning (D) to
practice it frequently.
29. The woman (A) of whom the red car (B) is parked (C) in front of the bank (D) is a famous pop
30. It is time the government (A) helped (B) the unemployment (C) to find some (D) jobs.
Fill in the blank with the correct answer.
Feminism, collective term for systems of belief and theories that pay special (31) _____ to womens
rights and womens position in culture and society. The term tends to be used for the womens rights
movement, which began in the late 18th century and continues to campaign for complete political, social,
and economic equality between women and men. This article (32)_______ specifically with the
development of the ideas behind that movement and their (33) ___________ and impact.
Feminists are united by the idea that womens position in society is unequal to (34)_______ of men, and
that society is structured in such a way as to benefit men to the political, social, and economic (35)
_________ of women. However, feminists have used different theories to explain these (36)
___________ and have advocated different ways of redressing inequalities, and there are marked
geographic and historical variations in the nature of feminism.

Historically, feminist thought and activity can be divided into two waves. The first wave, which began in
about 1800 and (37) ______ until the 1930s, was largely concerned with gaining equal rights between
women and men. The second wave, which began in the late 1960s, has continued to fight for (38) ______
but has also developed a (39)______ of theories and approaches that stress the difference between women
and men and that draw attention to the (40) _____ needs of women.

A. notice
A. deals
A. pressure
A. most
A. detriment
A. difference
A. widened
A. freedom
A. kind

B. attention
B. tends
B. problem
B. those
B. benefit
B. attention
B. spent
B. independence
B. sort
B. specific

C. benefit
C. develops
C. variation
C. that
C. position
C. equalities
C. lasted
C. tradition
C. range
C. vague

D. equality
D. initiates
D. influence
D. which
D. advocate
D. inequalities
D. lengthened
D. equality
D. type
D. general