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The hotel industry in Perak is about to have encountered significant development, as a
consequence of the prosperous travelling as well as tourism invest. Besides that, he
hotel industry will proceed to provide numerous business prospects to use on
the nation and corporations as
well. State Health, Tourism and Culture Committee chairman Nolee Ashilin Mohd Radzi pro
nounced recent
statistics indicated that between 5.7 million to 5.85 million people had traveled to Perak for
the year 2012. Perak will surely be marketed to be one of the most important vacation
destination in the course
of Visit Malaysia Year 2014 (VMY 2014).The Tourism Ministry is concentrating on a
growth of 5 million travellers coming to the country in 2014. (Chan, 2013)
According to the increasing number of travellers, the hotel industry in Malaysia has as
well guided to its establishment as well as enhancing services. Its devotion concerning
the industry is most constructive, as well as
have aroused numerous hotel employees to attempt more challenging with regard
to boosting the overall quality of their service. On account of the consumer
oriented nature associated with this field, it is extremely
important for hotel employees to persistently look for innovative techniques
to increase their offerings, along with plan out techniques to furnish notable experience for
their customers. They tend to have to manage a fragile stability between addressing to the
utmost fundamental preferences of their visitors, while in the mean time, indulging each
component with most of the luxuries accessible, hence making their hotel stick a
satisfying and remarkable practical experience. And hence, it is vital with regards
to hotel managers to maintain up-to-date with the
existing and forthcoming requirements along the ever-evolving industry, in addition
to improve with the necessities of progressively gorgeous hotel visitors. Modernization and
basically resourcefulness are essential in terms of preserving a cutting edge in
the hotel field. Hotel managers are required
to develop exceptional, specific assistance features to go over the
hotel guests expectations; modifying their resources towards a prosperous company image as
well as generating customer loyalty. This research looks

into the influence of process durability as well as final result quality relating to customer
satisfaction. Process quality is determined by visitors throughout of hotel services currently
being performed, where as outcome service quality is determined by visitors later after
the hotel services have already been practised. This research additionally looks into the
degree by which these sort of views have an effect on customer satisfaction.

Research Objective

To identify Ipoh market potential, especially in examining the appeal of the billboard


To assess the billboard advertising ability to deliver the message and understanding by


To identify what do customers understand the billboards advertising and what is they

Research Question

Is billboard advertisement have influence the market in Ipoh?

Is billboard advertising ability to deliver the message and understanding by


Is customers understand the billboards advertising and what is they reaction?

Relevant Hypothesis

Billboard advertisement have influence the market in Ipoh.

Billboard advertising ability to deliver the message and understanding by customers.
Customers can understand the billboards advertising and they have reaction to the

Research Design
Research Methodology
This research use qualitative and quantitative research to collect data.
In this research projective technique was used which can show a billboard advertising picture
to participant and ask them to describe what they understand to the picture.

Quantitative research is applied to conduct this research proposal because of the great many
of respondents who took part and also where evidence is examined, and hypotheses are made.
Questionnaire was used to collect data.

Population/ Sample/ Sample Frame/ Sampling Technique

To support this research a questionnaire survey prepares to measure 100 respondents with the
questionnaire about the billboard advertising. The respondents are select from who are the
consumer of market, shopping mall and hyper market in Ipoh. This research will collect data
on Saturday and Sunday because of this two day is the day of a week with most consumers
come to market, shopping mall and hyper market. This research choose this three market mall
as survey place because of this can easy survey what do customer understand to the billboard
advertising and what they reaction to the billboard advertising . This research use Likerts five
option scale with 5 point scale ranging from Strongly Disagree on one end to Strongly
Agree on another end.

Data Collection Method

The questionnaire is deal demographic factor; the data was collected from customer of
different market, shopping malls and hyper market. Later this study was classified on the
basis of gender, age, and occupation. This research paper use interviewing and administering
questionnaires to collect data. To collect data this paper used face-to-face interview, and
telephone interview in interviewing method. Besides that, this paper also use electronic
questionnaire method with on-line questionnaire and survey questionnaire such as send email
to respondents.
Primary Data
The primary data are obtained by using questionnaire survey. For the purpose of this study,
100 copies of questionnaire have been distributed.
Secondary Data
Secondary data shifts into two types, data that is obtainable within the company (internal
data) and also that which needs to be obtained from outside sources (external data).

Internal secondary information include about the product being research, company
background and history, and competitor information.
External secondary information include syndicated report like market share, retail sales data,
and industry analyses.

Ethical consideration
Research must be conducted in a safe and ethical manner. This research discusses ethical
considerations such as informed consent.
1. Informed consent
This research must preserve and protect the privacy, well-being and freedom of
2. Data Protection
The data must be obtained lawful purposes and processed fairly.
3. Protection from Harm
Protect the participant from whatever harm which may befall them such as emotional
stress, physical discomfort and embarrassment.
4. Invasion of Privacy and confidentiality
The researcher must agree not to reveal the identity of the participant to others.