Pradeep Kumar Kurra

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Seeking a challenging environment that encourages continuous learning and creativity that provides exposure to new ideas and stimulates personal and professional growth.

Around Two plus years of experience as Systems engineer, involved both in hardware and network. Has knowledge and experience in the area of networking concepts like Internet protocols, OSI Reference Model, IP Routing, Managing traffic with Access-list. Has sound experience in Installation, configuration and maintenance of Active Directory services and network infrastructure of windows 2003/2008. Has experience in creating Domains, assigning Policies at domain level or OU level using RSoP and GPMC. Has wide experience in configuration and troubleshooting of DHCP and DNS servers.

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Strongly self-motivated, willing to assume responsibilities. Can work independently or work within a team environment. Excellent organizational and communication skills, both oral and written. Flexible, hardworking and willingness to learn new technologies.

• Microsoft certified IT professional in Server Administration Candidate id:

Preparing for CCNA certification.

Skill set
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Server operating systems Windows operating systems Services

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Routing protocols Network management

Network Security Network Hardware

windows server 2000/2003/2008. Vista/XP/2000/98. Active directory, DHCP, DNS, Web Server, Terminal Services, Remote access services, Disk quotas, Backup and Memory. RIP, OSPF, EIGRP IP addressing, Subnetting, OSI models,TCP/IP suite (ip,arp,ftp,udp,icmp,smtp,tftp) NAT, PAT, Access-list, basic firewalls. Hubs, routers, switches, LAN testing.

Application Software

MS office 2000/2003, Outlook2003, Express -2003.

Work Profile______________________________________________________________ Currently working in Octrant technologies at Bangalore since September 2007 till date.
System Engineer in Octrant Technologies (September 2007 – Till date)

Company Profile
Octrant Technologies is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company committed to deliver innovation. Octrant has over 8 years of experience in industry with proven track record. It provides strong network security, administrative privileges, and good overseas connectivity to its clients along with Firewall protection, Traffic Signal Maintenance and Hardware/Network training. We have got major clients all over the India and abroad.

Job Responsibility:
• • • • • • • • • • • • . • • • • • • • Primary responsibilities include managing and administrating a network of about 500 more systems. Worked in IP addressing. Assist in the establishment and implementation of LAN and WAN. Performing daily monitoring of network utilization, network traffic. Users raises tickets and we respond and attend the issue on time. Installation of Operating Systems like windows 9x, 2k3 and connecting it to the network. Setting-up and maintaining the windows 2000 server/clients, 2008 member servers. Creation and management of user permissions, login scripts, profiles and policies using RSOP and GPMC. Knowledge on different backups. Implementation of TCP/IP protocols including use of DHCP/DNS. Knowledge on routing protocols like RIP, OSPF, and EIGRP. Implementation of VLAN, NAT, PAT. Good Knowledge of Exchange Server. Good knowledge on Redhat Linux 5.

Summary of duties:

Users raise tickets and we respond and attend the issues on time. Worked in TCP/IP networking, Active Directory services, terminal services, RAS servers. Configuring and troubleshooting DHCP and DNS services. User accounts creation, deletion and modification. Monitor concurrent logins / connections. Experience in installing Active Directory Services and configuration of trust relationships between different domains. Creating domains, child domains and additional domains whenever needed. Managing users, user profiles, and user rights and creating home folders for the users. Configuring Group and system policies for all types of users to access resources on the servers across the network.

Configuring and maintaining complete network by performing regular administrator duties like: 1) Applying disk quotas for users. 2) Taking periodic Backups. 3) Applying Group, System and Security policies upon requirements. 4) Installing and maintaining hardware resources like printers, scanners. Monitor disk space, processor utilization and network utilization related to server. Backing up and recovering the IOS, Running and Startup configuration. Back-up operations and monitoring.(DHCP,DNS, IIS servers and Regular backups) Basic configuration and monitoring of Cisco – Routers (2600, 3660). Maintaining devices like Cisco Routers (2600, 3660), cabling, communication lines, and other communication systems. Configuring and troubleshooting software routers. Providing Network Security by configuring and maintaining Access-list, NAT, and PAT. Performed Technical support for corporate clients and provided result oriented solutions.

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Graduation in Electronics and Communication engineering with 65% from APEC, TN. Board of intermediate (IPE) in MPC with 93% from Vignan Jr college, AP.

Personal Data
Father’s Name Date of Birth Religion Linguistique fluency Address for communication : : : : : Mr. K Samba Siva Rao 05.03.1985 Hindu English, Telugu, Hindi and Tamil LIG-509, BHEL, RC Puram Hyderabad-502032, AP.

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(Pradeep Kumar Kurra)