Economic recession, political instability and deteriorating law and order situat ion, are part and parcel

of the developing world. The solution lies in making a concrete effort, first as individuals and then together as a nation, striving fo r our survival in this competitive and cut throat age, by thinking and acting po sitively, aligning our approach, developing a proactive approach, leaning from e xperience of others and understanding why some make the leap and others donâ t. Successful organizations in all circumstances strive to improve the way they ope rate, to increase market share, driving down costs, managing risk more effective ly and improving customer satisfaction. A quality management system gives us the framework we need to monitor and improv e and cut costs. It helps us to succeed through improved customer satisfaction, staff motivation and continual improvement. Based on my experience of over fifte en years at different level within multiple institutions, a cost effective and e fficient way of acquiring a Quality Management System and Management Information Systems is to deploy an internationally accredited ERP solution. Global ERP solutions are based on the best international standards and business processes/practices with compliance with international standards such as IFRS/IA S, SOX and FDA. ERP implementation partners experience is also leveraged to impr ove business process and policies, assisting in refining organizations objective s and key performance indicators. With numerous ERP solutions available in the market, selecting an appropriate ER P can be quite a difficult task. In such as situation, the 3 Pâ s concept, Product, Partner and Price, for analyzing an ERP solution can be quite helpful. It is wo rthwhile to analyze the owner of the product, his vision, experience, contributi on, spending on R&D, availability of support and market share along with relevan t success stories. Secondly review of the implementation partners should be carr ied out, i.e., experience, expertise, availability of certified / qualified and experienced resources, credibility in the market and relationship/status with th e principle. Lastly the analysis of the price, which should be done as a cost be nefit analysis and looked as an investment and not as an expense. We at AbacusConsulting treat our customers as transformation partners helping th em transform their businesses according to the international standards and best practices by offering them best of the breed cutting edge services & solutions. With deployment experience of SAP at more than 50 organizations in eleven differ ent Industrial Business Verticals in Pakistan, we are the first and only SAP B1 Gold Partner in Pakistan. Deployment of SAP Business One provides real time information throughout the ent ire organization, better visibility into the performance of operational areas, d ata standardization and accuracy across the enterprise, resulting in single vers ion of â The Truth!â , best-practices and proven methodologies being introduced, creat ing organizational efficiencies and allowing for analysis and reporting for long -term planning. This solution is easy to use, easy to implement and the TCO of t he solution is very low. So my advice to you, donâ t wait for any miracles to happen, set your objectives, a ligns your policies and starts putting in your maximum possible efforts to achie ve your objective. After all we have to decide and create the future of our busi nesses. Author is: S.Abbas Haider Naqvi Vice President Mid- Market ERP Practice AbacusConsulting e-mail: url :