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Jupiter is the most benefic planet of all, whatever house, planet or sign it aspects- it gets vitalityand
rejuvenation. It is the prime significator of wealth and prosperity, progeny and marriage. Marital bliss is not
possible without the benefit aspect of Jupiter. It mitigates many ill effects in a horoscope. It aspects 5th ,7th and
9th house from where it is situated. In ascendant it gets directional strength. It rules Sagittarius and Pisces, also
it rules the constellations punarvasu, vishakha and poorvbhadrapada. Jupiter has control on fat related
diseases like gout and rheumatism, sugar problems. Jupiter rules Vitamins B-6, biotin, choline, inositol,
chromium, manganese and zinc in body. Jupiter also indicate swelling, abnormal expansion, cancer or too
much of something. This includes all types of tumor. Its Control on liver leads to Diseases like Hepatitis of all
kind. It also controls digestive system of a native. A malefic Jupiter leads to all the diseases mentioned, not
only this but it also plays a vital role in divorces and lack of progeny when heavily afflicted.

Jupiter is biggest planet in all astrologicalplanetary system with equatorial radius of 714924 km. Mass is also
very high because of its size which is approximately 1.89861027 kg. Distance of Jupiter from Earth is around
628743036 Km. He is also known as Brahspati.
He is the guru of the Devas (gods) and the nemesis of Shukracharya, the guru of the Danavas (demons). The
Sun, Moon and Mars are considered pleasant to Guru, Mercury is antagonistic and Saturn is unbiased. Jupiter
in Hindu astrology is made up of the element of AkashaTattva.

This element specifies expansion thus Jupiter denotes expansion, increase, increment of all kind in a native`s
chart. Any profession or employment that requires or is related to Spirituality, Religion, Wealth, Law, is
governed by Guru. Their judgment quality and nature make them best choice to become judge. These natives
function as priest or worshipper in temples, Bishop, Nun or Padre in Christianity. Giving discourses on religion,
faith and spiritualism also comes under
Guru because of their attachment with God. These people make great astrologers also and their knowledge is
based upon intuition.

Take Care of cows, the Guru and Temple (or whatever their place of worship).
You should help the blind or people with disabilities and elderly people.
Use Kesartilak for your forehead.
You should donate to young girls, father's sister, grandmothers sister or mother.
The metal of Jupiter is gold and gemstone is yellow sapphire, and the day is Thursday.


Ketu is the descending lunar node in Vedic and Hindu astrology. After the head of Svarbhnu, an
Asura, was cut off by God Vishnu, his head and body joined with a snake to form 'Ketu', representing
the body without a head, and Rahu, representing the head without a body. According to some
accounts in Hindu mythology, Ketu belongs to Gemini (Mithun) Sign. Ketu is generally referred to as a
"shadow" planet. It is believed to have a tremendous impact on human lives and also the whole
creation. In some special circumstances it helps someone achieve the zenith of fame. Ketu is often
depicted with a gem or star on his head signifying a mystery light. Some of the nature of Ketu is like
of Mangal but it is cruel than Mars. Ketu represents mantras and high standard work and labor.
Mainly it depicts ancient medicine and plants and roots from which we extract that medicine.

Overall he represents execution of karmic accumulations both good and bad, spirituality and
supernatural forces and events. Ketu signifies the spiritual process of the refinement of
materialization to spirit and is considered both malefic and benefic, as it causes sorrow and loss, and
yet at the same time turns the individual to God. In other words, it causes material loss in order to
force a more spiritual outlook in the person. Ketu is exalted in scorpio(vrischika) rashi and is
debilitated in Taurus (vrishabha) rashi. It is benefic in dhanu(sagittarius) rashi and malefic in
mithun(gemini) rashi.

\Risks Involved With malefic Ketu Sudden accident, Anxiety and depression, Poor concentration,
Worries, Bad habits, Loss of property.
Body Parts Kundalini area of body which covers Lower parts of body is under control of Ketu. It also
controls our lower body private part area. Along with it Ketu also depicts body parts on the basis of
its position in any other sign and planet area.

Abilities Exile, and slow or no progress in work is directly related to Ketu. If Ketu is sitting in your
sign Anyones popularity is directly connected to Ketu. All kind of ancient spiritual practices like
mantras, siddhi etc. comes under Ketu.

Illness- Malefic Ketu has ability to give diseases which are lifelong and incurable like diabetes, Cancer.
All painful disease like piles are also comes under Ketu. Terrifying Skin Diseases are also the part of
Malefic Ketu.

Works Ancient medical works like Ayurveda research work is well suited work for Ketu. Ancient
spiritual works also the part of Ketu working areas. Old spiritual books and epics publishing work give
them good benefits. Those working in a field of education and has Benefic Ketu will churn out good
success from here. Work of the Planet with which Ketu is associated will also give Ketu followers
success in their work.

Places T points or Y points of roads or on streets is good for Ketu. Crossings are also come under
Ketus effect. Medication centers are like Home for Ketu.
Animals and Plants Ketu has control on Birds and Snakes. All spikes plants are also under Ketu


In vedic astrology, Mars is given the role of warrior and commander in chief. Mars rules over signs Aries and
Scorpio. It also rules over constellations Mrigshira, Chitra, and Dhanishtha. People who have dominant Mars in
their charts are very aggressive and are ready to fight anytime and they can fight just for the sake of fighting.
Those born in Aries show this attribute many times.
Flesh and muscles are represented by Mars; Blood is also represented by Mars. All kinds of wars, fights,
quarrels, are directly or indirectly connected to Mars. It signifies Energy, strength, explosives, aggressions,
assets, motivation, and immovable assets amongst others. People in armed forces, police, para military,
surgeons, dentists, gangsters, manufacturers, builders, athletes, fire fighters, Martial arts are signified by
Mars. Younger brothers are also denoted by mars.
It represents Bone, Blood, Bile, intestine, anus, forehead, cheekbone, muscular system etc.

Mars makes one dominant and suppressive; its affliction to venus and connection with eighth house makes
one pervert in sexual acts. All kinds of unnatural sexual activities are somehow connected to mars or rahu in
day to day life. It makes one inhuman in bed and very torturous. Likewise even in warfare, mars makes one
very cruel and killing machine. People who are dominant by Mars always have too much heat in their body
and they are regularly troubled by acidity and intestinal inflammation. Piles are also another drawback
produced by Mars. Acne, pimples, blood vessel blockage are also Mars attributes. Places like police stations,
training schools, army battle ground, boiler and chimney related places are under mars influence. Places like
underground rooms, food area and bathrooms are also under mars influence. Animals like Lions, wolf and
hunting dogs come under mars. Plants and trees with spikes, red color fruits like pomegranate also influenced
by mars.

Mars makes one dominant; this is why it has a very negative impact on married life. Mars dosha is a much
feared dosha in a horoscope and it creates havoc in married life. Thus it is always suggested by astrologers
that one having mars dosha in the chart should strictly marry a person having the same dosha so that they
mitigate each other and lead a happy life after marriage. Mars dosha happens when mars is in 12,1,2,4,7,8
houses from moon, Venus and the ascendant.

Remedies: In vedic astrology the remedial measures for Mars are as under :
1) Reciting hanuman chalisa daily twice and visiting Hanuman temple every day.
2) Offering alms in the temple and offering clothing to the Lord which is called as chola for 5
consecutive weeks.
3) Mars is supposed to be born in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh - India, In Ujjain a special homam is
performed to appease Mars which is called as bhaatpooja One can get it done for pleasing Mars.


In hindu astrology, Mercury is the prince of planetary kingdom. He is very unstable and has no
opinion of his own on most of the things. He just goes with the flow, or with the circle he is with- just
like small kids do in our day to day life. He rules over Gemini and Virgo- both dual signs, he is a dual
planet and changes to another sign from one in just 15-20 days until unless it is retrograde. Though
he is a prince but is considered a eunuch in hindu astrology because it is always dwindling. It rules
over constellations ashlesha, jyeshtha and revati. Mercury is the smallest and closest to the Sun of
the eight planets in the Solar System, with an orbital period of about 88 Earth days. Its radius is
around 57910000 km and its distance from earth is 48 million miles. Comparably it is very light planet
with mass 3.30221023 kg. Mercury has very deep connection with the intelligence and brain power.
It rules over voice and talk, a person dominated by mercury will be ever talking and the whole talk
will have no result in the end. Their dual minded nature never makes them to stick on anything for
long periods and thus such people do many things in their lives and gain a lot of experience but no
mastery in anything. Hearing capabilities comes under Mercury. Mercury has impact on the stomach
and digestion. Mercury ruled people are very calculative also, and they will know what is hidden in
the deal in an instant. They are perfect accountants as they like to find faults. They believe in
multitasking and take interest in lots of thing at a time. Their dual nature always affects their doings
and output.Problems related to Voice like Dumbness, non-clear speech are associated with mercury.
Breathe related risk like T.B., Asthma and diseases related to Ears like deafness are also under
mercury`s portfolio. Because of intelligence - jobs like Broker, Advocate, Professor, T.V. Reporter

suits to people ruled by mercury. One will find many Virgo ascendants in print and electronic media
and writing jobs. Jobs like writer, Editor, publisher also comes under him. Mercury makes one very
good astrologer also. Mercury represents all Schools, Colleges, Lecture halls and also broadcasting
centers of radio and T.V. and telephone exchanges. It rules over Small birds, talkative birds, plants of
green vegetables, Lentils and pulses come under Mercury.


Do not consume meat, egg, and liquor.

Do not associate with your sister in law.
Feeding birds and serve monkeys with jaggery can be beneficial.
Avoid living in south facing homes.
Use alum to clean your teeth.
Do not do any business in partnership else, you can be betrayed.

Green is the color or Mercury, Emerald is its gemstone and weekday is Wednesday.


Moon rules over the sign cancer. Moon rules over emotions and fluids of the body. Your mood swings, your
feelings towards others are also determined by the moon. As the Sun represents Father, so does the Moon
represents the Mother. It is associated with feminine energy, fertility, pregnancy related issues of a woman.
Your spontaneous reactions, feelings, and how you react to problems are also ruled by the Moon.

The Moon governs the body parts such as lungs, breast and brain. Moon holds significant importance in
astrology. It gives various impacts upon different levels by positioning in different houses of individuals. Moon
also has role in one's creativity, innovation and imagination. However, the wrong position of moon in birth
chart makes a person restless, irrational, impatient, emotionally misbalanced and aggressive. A wrong placed
moon causes problems like depression, stress, fear and phobias and anxiety. It also creates problems in
menstruation in females. An afflicted moon by either rahu or ketu creates lots of problems for a native. Bad
dreams and negative thoughts, suspicious and not believing others etc are also caused due to this. It can
produce lunacy if the affliction is severe. One can also keep thinking of big things he will do in life, but actually
never reaches anywhere. One of the worst yoga kemdrum yoga is caused by moon when there is no planet
in the next sign or the sign before to moon`s position. This yoga is a very bad yoga and has the power to make
a king turn into a beggar.

Remedial Astrology for Moon :1.) Yoga - By doing Pranayam daily in the morning or evening gives you the best positive effect by improving
mind and soul, and get rid of problems like depression, stress and anxiety. You can also simply recite Om for
10 minutes that would also give you inner peace.
2.) Religious Remedy- Reciting "Om namahshivaya" or any other mantra related to Lord Shiva and Shakti gives
wonderful results. You can read "Shiva Chalisa" also.
3.) Keep good relations with your MOTHER: Respect her and serve her to the best of your abilities. Take her
advice in the important decision of your life. Nothing else will help you more than this, if you take your
mothers scoldings as blessings.
4.) Wear Silver Ornaments: One of the most effective remedy to build your willpower, keep your mind
peaceful and strong is to wear the silver jewelry. The silver jewelry you wear should be in contact to your skin,
so that it gives maximum effect and result.


Rahu is the ascending node of the moon and it afflicts the Moon more than any other planet. Rahu
points to the direction of spiritual growth for an individual and wherever he is placed in a chart there
will be a tendency to indulgence or obsession. As per planetary relationship Rahu and Ketu are
friends with Venus, Mars and Saturn, it is neutral with Jupiter and Mercury and its enemies are Sun
and Moon. Rahu is a severed head of an asura that swallows the sun causing eclipses. He is depicted
in art as a serpent with no body riding a chariot drawn by eight black horses. Rahu is one of the
navagrahas (nine planets) in Vedic astrology and is paired with Ketu. The time of day considered to
be under the influence of Rahu is called Rahukala and is considered inauspicious. In Vedic astrology,
Rahu is considered to be a rogue planet.

Rahu get exalted in the sign of Taurus and its debilitation sign is Scorpio. Rahudasha can either be the
best time of any person's life or plunge him into deep trouble depending on which planet is
controlling him and which bhava or pattern of life like longevity, pleasures etc. he is expecting or
controlling. Rahudasha gives immense scope for obtaining spectacular results from worship or
dhyana. Worship of Goddess Durga nullifies the ill effects of Rahu the most and it confers immense
benefits to the worshipper.

Malefic Rahu Effect-Rahu at its worst can cause problems due to spirits, experience unrestrained and
violent enemies everywhere, unsupportive family.

Body Parts Mostly Rahu has impact on upper part of body from Chest to head. As Rahu upper part
is replaced by snake so Rahu inhibit poisonous impact on body.

Abilities -Rahu signifies Worldliness, materialism, paternal grandparents, transformation, sudden

changes, excitement, alertness, intelligence, exoteric knowledge, glamour, fame, illusion, deception,
fear, suspicion, phobia, uproar, riots, revolts, rebellion, insanity, deformation, sophistication, science,
technology, psychology, psychiatry, metaphysics, initiation, destination, reincarnation. Rahu is
instrumental in strengthening one's power and converting even an enemy into a friend.

Works -As Rahu acts like Saturn and Ketu like Mars, generally they rules the profession signified by
these planets, but apart from this they signifies profession related to spiritual arts and magic. Rahu or
Dragons Head or North Node represents foreigners, foreign countries, foreign travel, engineering and
the technical trades, gambling dens, the underworld and the bad elements in the society. Mining of
petroleum also falls under the significations of Rahu.

Place Dark and lonely places are always under control of Rahu. Mining places and Medication
centers are well suited place for Rahu.

Illness Rahu has control on every health problems related to upper parts of body like abdominal
ulcers, stomach related problems, and brain related disease, heart disease, gout, arthritis, and
leprosy. Skin disease are also comes under the impact of Rahu.

Animals and Plants Snakes and all poisonous animals are in direct influence of rahu. Plants with
poisonous impact are the part of Rahu Legacy.


In the planetary parliament, Saturn is the servant. He is lame and walks very slowly. He is black in color and
very hairy. The planet Saturn too takes around 2.5 years to cross a sign. He is assigned the portfolio of justice.
He punishes the humans according to the crimes committed by them in various births. Saturn is the prime
karaka of longevity. It also denotes diseases in general. It represents the nerves in the body. It can cause death
by paralysis, arthritis or any other disease related to nerves. He is harsh in speech. He rules over two signs
simultaneously, it is the only planet to have such privilege. The signs Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by
Saturn. It rules over the most auspicious constellation Pushya and also Anuradha and Uttarbhadrapada. He is
very much friendly with venus and mercury.

Saturn is a planet which can make a person beggar or a billionaire, all the rags to riches stories have Saturn or
Rahu working in the back. Saturn is the prime planet for the sorrows and delays one faces in his various
endeavors. If something is supposed to be done in a week, by effect of Saturn it can prolong to months
without any signs of positivity and suddenly thing fall into place. Saturn is a eunuch just like Mercury, it is the
prime planet for causing negative thoughts in a native, sadness melancholia are all caused due to Saturn. It is
a seperative planet and in its mahadasha, if Saturn is not a benefic to the native, then the native sees
separation from all his loved ones and even from life partner.

Saturn is the prime planet to make one a sanyasi as he is very dispassionate and invokes thoughts of leaving
the material world, detachment and attaining peace of mind. It is significator of lands, thus when it is very
strong in the 4th house the native gets possession lands in his lifetime. It gets directional strength in 7th house
from ascendant. It denotes more female offsprings to a native. Saturn is a very slow moving planet and

because of this reason those ruled by Saturn are lazy, dirty, non punctual, slow in their life and get
success in later part of life. They always have good skills and are dedicated towards their work. Less
demands and adjustability make them miser. They are good followers and always prove themselves
in front of their leader.

Saturn represents death so leather work suits him very well. It has very non- conventional thoughts
so work like research about history or historical places are also represented by Saturn. Saturn is very
cool planet thus works related to refrigeration are also represented by it. Works related to coal
mines are also denoted by Saturn. Saturn represents loneliness so lone paces like jungle, caves are
his forte. Animals like mouse, rats, lizards are denoted by Saturn. Fruits and vegetables with layers on
it and tasteless vegetables also denoted by Saturn.

Remedial Measures:
1) Reciting shani stotra daily twice and visiting shani temple daily is a good remedy of Saturn.
2) Saturn has given his word to lord Hanuman ji that he will never give any trouble to disciples of
Lord Hanuman, Thus worshipping Lord Hanuman ji with full dedication and devotion is the
best remedy for Saturn.


When Lord Rama planned to invade Ravana and get back his wife, he was advised to recite
aadityahridaystotra thrice before starting his invasion. This stotra or hymn is to please Sun. This is the power
and respect Sun has in planetary kingdom. He is the king and Moon is the queen.. The Sun is responsible for all
life on Earth, and it is also responsible for giving strength to one's soul, that is why its considered the soul,
"aatma" of a person in the astrology. Sun has hot nature and it is a ferocious planet. Sun controls aura of the
body and energy of the body. It is connected to power, long and healthy life, eye diseases, skin disorders and
success. As said, each planet in the astrology system represents one of our relationships; like Moon signifies
our mother in the same way Sun represents our Father. The strength of the Sun in the horoscope also explains
ones relationship with politicians, government officers and the VIPs of the society. Vermilion Red is the color
of planet sun and Sunday is the day of Planet Sun.

Without sun it is not possible for one to do anything at all this is a practical phenomenon. The whole earth
needs the energy of the sun to let nature do its things. It represents administrators, Contractors, Politicians,
Chemist, Physicians, powerful people, Chemists etc. Sun also represents head, eyesight, bone, soul, digestive
fire, character etc. If in a chart sun is weak or afflicted then the native may have bad relations with his father,
he may lose his father in early age, he may have bad reputation amongst those who are the authority. He may
meet frequent accidents leading to bone fractures, headaches, weakness in eyes, baldness, Blood Pressure,
fevers, weak immune system etc. Sun rules over the sign Leo and on constellations krittika, uttarfalguni,
uttarashadha. Sun is generally considered a cruel and seperative planet in Hindu astrology.

Remedial Astrology for Sun:

1) One can wear gem stone of sun which is ruby. But it should be kept in mind that sun should not be a
significator of houses 6,8,12 and is not badly afflicted by rahu or ketu.
2) Reciting aadityahridaystotra thrice at a time , every day is best remedy for sun as Lord Ram himself
did it.
3) Doing charity is a good remedy to please Sun and offering water mixed with scents and flowers in the
morning to Sun is also a very good remedy. Traditional Hindu`s practice it daily in their homes.
4) One can also put orange handkerchief in his/her pocket and can enjoy the benefits of sun.


Like Jupiter, Venus is also considered as guru or teacher but of the asuras or the demons. He is having all the
knowledge at par with Jupiter but will use it to increase the materialistic instincts in a native and make him
commit more sins. Venus is the guru of the demons, he can raise the dead, with the help of the SanjiviniVidya,
who fall in battles with the gods. He is immensely astute, he is an expert in every form of learning. Venus has a
medium-sized well-nourished body, long hands, prominent shoulders, a broad chest, and dark, short, curly
hair. Overflowing with virility, he is intelligent, handsome, and sensuous. Lord Shiva named Venus the best of
the planets and told him that his rise in the sky would inaugurate the performance of all auspicious rituals
from then Marriages are performed only when Venus is rising in the sky. Venus is of feminine gender, karaka
or significator of potency and desire, as relationship significate it denotes the spouse, as body part significate
it governs the pelvis and reproductive organs. As per planetary cabinet it have the status of minister or
advisor, its temperament is easy going and accommodating, its element is water, its primary quality or
imperious and passionate, by caste it is Brahmin or priest and its nature is benefic.

If we talk about technical terms of Venus then it is the second farthest planet from the Sun. It is the brightest
thing in the sky besides the Sun and Moon. It has a diameter of about 12,100 kilometers. It is closest planet to
Earth and its minimum distance from the Earth is from about 40 million kilometers. The mass of Venus is
about 4.86761024 kg which is less than the mass of Earth. Venus (Venus) is considered a benefic and is the
rashi lord of Vrishabha (Taurus) and Tula (Libra). It is exalted in Pisces, and is debilitated in Virgo..
Problems Due to Malefic Venus Graha Business failure, huge loss in business, poverty and debt, disharmony
in family life, disturbed marriage life, divorce, defame through sex scandals, loss of wealth and vehicle.
Body Parts Neck

area and all veins of neck are under control of Venus. Reproduction organs are also in an
influence of it. Semen, and all sexual organs are also depicts Venus.
Abilities They are smart and beautiful. Venus also represent Optimism and artistic nature. Sweet talking is
their best capability. They easily attract opposite sex and are kind hearted too.
Works -Venus governs all professions and career related to art, entertainment, beauty products, luxury, and
costly, items, food items especially sweets. Venus also represent professions like decoration, jewelers,
precious stones, luxury items, income-tax, revenue, finance department, bank officials, judge, wool dealer,
barbers, hair stylists, wig maker, tailor and dress maker.

Illness -Ruling over Taurus and Libra, Venus helps regulate the throat, thyroid and kidneys. Venus rules
vitamin E, Niacin and Copper. Diseases causes due to excess of sex and drinking liquor. Problems related to
sex and reproductive organs is also because of Venus.
Places Marriage halls, Flowers and plants nursery are good for Venus followers. Offices and
manufacturing plants of Companies who deals in fragrances. Entertainment studios and halls are also good
for them.

Animals and Plants Royal animals like Elephants and Horses are governed by Venus. Beautiful and
colorful butterflies also represent Venus. All flower plant and decorative plants are part of Venus.

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