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S2 Social Studies (Geography)

NAME : ___________________________ SUBJECT: Social Studies


TASK TOPIC: Earth Forces Report

Subject Outcomes: I can
I can explain how the interaction of physical systems shaped and continue to shape the Earths
surface by assessing their impact on contrasting landscape types. SOC 4-07a
I can use specialised maps and geographical information systems to identify patterns of human
activity and physical processes. SOC 4-14a

Literacy Outcomes: I can .

Logically organise my report
Ensure no important information is left out or repeated
Express and justify an opinion using a clear line of thought
Use and acknowledge primary and secondary quotations/sources
Use my own words as often as I can in my report
Spell almost all words accurately, including more sophisticated
Use good punctuation and structure for sentences and

Task Investigate an earthquake that has occurred.

Your investigation should answer the following questions.
Describe and explain the cause of the earthquake
Describe the effects of the earthquake on a] the people and b] the landscape
Describe the rescue operation
Describe what can be done to plan and prepare for future earthquakes
Your investigation should include :
1. A map showing your example in relation to world plate movements.
2. Detailed written work to answer the questions.
3. Appropriate maps, diagrams and pictures to illustrate your answers.

Getting Started Tick List

I have understood what the task is
I have thought about what I am going to do
I have found some resources (e.g. books, websites) to start with.
I have made a bibliography
I have made notes and/or drawn diagrams
You are ready to go!

Suggested Structure
Front Cover Include your name and class
Contents Page Including the order of your report
Introduction What Earthquake are you investigating? When did it happen?
Location Where did it happen? It would be useful to include a labelled map
highlighting the area of the world/ countries involved.
Cause Why did the Earthquake begin? Give a description about the structure of the
earth (including convection currents), give specific detail about the plate movements
and what happens when they do. Include a map or diagram showing your example in
relation to world plate movements name the plates.
Effects of the Earthquake on people (including economy) describe and explain give
named examples
Effects of the Earthquake on landscape describe and explain give named examples
After the Earthquake- What aid agencies (charities, organisations, other countries)
helped in the rescue operation? How did they do this?
What can be done to plan and predict for future earthquakes.
Conclusion sum up your overall findings of the investigation
Bibliography state which resources you used to find information; text book title, URL
of website. You should have at least 2 sources of info in addition to jotter.
Self Assessment

No, not
at all

a little

Yes, I
think so


Is there enough information? (see checklists

Is it clear that I have researched the topic?
Is it clear that I have not just cut-and-paste
information from the internet?
Have I been original or creative?
Is the work structured well?
Is there a bibliography?

Use these sources and the work you have completed in class to write your report. You
may wish to complete additional research using the suggested websites.