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Type Private company.

HDFC Life was established in 2000 becoming the first private sector life insurance company in India.

Popular Articles About Hdfc Life


HDFC Life announced the launch of HDFC Life Youngstar Udaan, a participating childrens plan
with money back options which allows parents to utilize key formative years of their child to plan
for their secure future.

HDFC Life launched MYmix, a power tool that delivers need based & customized combo mix

HDFC Life was honoured with Best Business Process Excellence Program Award at the National
Quality Excellence Awards 2014.

HDFC Life redefined its Values, to re-align them to be more relevant to todays time.

HDFC Life won the Loyalty Award for Financials - Non Banking Financial Sector at the 7th
Loyalty Awards and Summit, 2014.

HDFC Life launched a Corporate Blog - All About Life in January, 2014. The blog can be
accessed at

HDFC Life announced the launch of HDFC Life Super Income Plan, a new traditional, with profits
plan under savings category.

HDFC Life registered a profit of Rs 725.3 crore in 2013-14. The company recorded 7% growth in
total premium, primarily driven by 17% growth in renewal premium and 30% growth in group

HDFC Life launched Click 2 Invest ULIP, a unique online Unit Linked Insurance plan that offers
not just financial protection but also a range of investment options.

HDFC Life emerged as a winner in 3 categories at the Indian Insurance Awards 2014 - Best
Product Innovation (Life Insurance) for HDFC Life Super Income plan, Best Technology Innovation
(Life Insurance) for My Life, and Most Socially Responsible Insurer for Rebuilding Uttarakhand
Project. This award was across Life, General & Health insurance categories.

HDFC Life launched Click 2 Protect Plus, a traditional, non-participating pure term insurance

HDFC Life launched HDFC Life Health Assure, a comprehensive health cover that offers
reimbursement of medical expenses incurred in a hospital.

HDFC Life launched Sampoorn Samriddhi Plus, a traditional with profit plan that offers
lumpsum payment at the end of the policy term and provides an option to continue life cover for
whole of life till 100 years of age.


Unveiled a new marketing campaign urging parents to make Birthday a perfect occasion for
long-term financial planning for childs secure future.

Honoured with a Silver Award for IT Innovation (Large Enterprise) at the Express IT Awards
2013 ceremony.

Our official Facebook fan page and Twitter account got the most number of fans & followers
respectively, highest in the Life Insurance space in India.

Won at Asian Leadership Award for Brand Excellence in Effective Communication, 2013. This
award was for our strategic initiative Customer Relationship.

Launched our official Youtube brand channel -

Honoured with the prestigious Golden Peacock HR Excellence Award in private life insurance

Became one of the few companies in India to have launched Employee Social Network tool
My Life - for our employees.

Won the 7th edition of SAP ACE Award for Customer Excellence 2013.

Unveiled our new interactive website, with a new design and several interactive & responsive

At the 4th CMO Asia Awards for Excellence in Branding and Marketing, we received 4 awards Award for Brand Excellence (BFSI), Marketing Campaign of the, Award for Best Use of Social Media
in Marketing and Marketing Professional of the Year.

Awarded the CIO100 Award at the 8th annual CIO100 awards. HDFC Life also received the
Information Mastermind Special Award.

Adjudged as a winner in Private Service Sector (Large Organisations) category at the 10th
National Award for Excellence in Cost Management held in New Delhi.

Was honoured with two awards at the SABRE India Awards 2013 - Winner: Gold SABRE Awards
for Excellence in Public Relations Programming under Financial & Professional Services category
and Runners up: Gold SABRE Awards for Excellence in Public Relations Programming under
Financial Communications category.

Received TISS-Leap Vault CLO Award in Program for Sales Enablement category.

Won Top 100 CISO Award 2013 for incorporating and implementing innovative information
security solutions.

Received the D.L. Shah Quality Award for case study on Re-Cycling Customer Payouts.

Announced the launch of two traditional pension plans HDFC Life Personal Pension Plus and
HDFC Life Guaranteed Pension Plan.

Was honoured with ASTD Excellence in Practice 2012 citation for 'Improving First Level Sales
Manager (FLS) Productivity', in the Sales Enablement category.

Received two awards at the Indian PR and Corporate Communications Award 2013 - Best
Campaign in the Financial Services Sector for 'driving financial freedom for Indian urban women.'
and Best In House Team of the Year for effectively 'driving financial freedom among Indian urban

Was featured in the list of Top 25 places to work for in a study conducted by Great Places to

Announced the launch of Swabhimaan Careers an initiative to build long-term relationship

with customers by offering employment opportunity to the deceased policyholders family.

Launched the Little book of Legacy, an editable emergency checklist to encourage and
facilitate customers to be prepared for eventuality by being better organized with documentation,
making nominations, making a will.

Registered a profit of Rs 451 crore in 2012-13.


Launched Classic Assure Plus in June, industry's first product compliant with new regulations.

Recognised as the Celent Model Insurer of Asia for 2013. Also received two Model Insurer
Component awards, namely Model Insurer Award in the area of Underwriting and the other in
Distribution/New Business.

Launched HDFC Life Click2Protect an Online Term Insurance Plan.

Unveiled a new ad campaign I Love My Family to raise awareness about online term insurance
plans and the easy mode to buy insurance to protect ones family.

Won the Silver award for Excellence in Life Insurance. Honoured with Century International
Quality ERA Award.

Won the 5th Loyalty Award 2012 under the category of Insurance Sector (Life).

Won the Celent Model Insurer Asia 2012 award and selected, among the 23 Insurance
Companies Worldwide, as a Model Insurer 2012, for the use of Enterprise Wide Learning via the
Internet by Celent USA.

Posted its maiden profit of Rs 271 crore in 2011-12.The company recorded 13% growth in total
premium to Rs 10,202 crore led by growth in renewal and group premium income.

Bagged Bloomberg UTV Financial Leadership Awards 2012

Honoured with Finnoviti 2012 Award for innovation in 'Business Intelligence Through Qlikview'.

Awarded the title of 'Consumer Superbrands'.

Launched Smart Woman plan - an exclusive life insurance plan for women.

Honoured with Outlook Money Award 2012 - Runners Up in the 'Best Life Insurer' Category.

Received Model Insurer Award in the area of Underwriting (for Point of Sale) and Model Insurer
Asia of the Year (For Point of Sale project) at Celent Model Insurer Asia Award 2012.

Unveiled a new 360 degrees marketing campaign to create awareness about its Smart Woman
Plan and to drive Financial Freedom amongst urban Indian women.

Launched HDFC Life Invest Wise Plan, an investment product aimed at building savings for
retirement planning for wisdom investors.

Received the best BPM Project award at World Quality Congress & Awards 2012.

Launched a unique experiential campaign, clubbed with digital media, titled 'Model of
Happiness'. This campaign aimed at encouraging urban Indian woman to be financially

Honoured with 'Best Life Insurance Provider - Private Sector' Award at CNBC TV18's India's Best
Banks and Financial Institutions Awards 2012.

Won its first ever Porter Prize for leveraging unique activities in strategy across the

Launched an online Point of Sales system - Click2Buy - for its distribution channels. The system
enhances customer insurance purchase experience and also helps to increase productivity of
HDFC Lifes distribution channels.

At the Asian Leadership Awards 2012, HDFC Life was honoured with an award for Underwriting
initiative of the year.

Received an award for Talent Management at the 3rd Asia Best Employer Brand Awards 2012.

Conferred an award for leveraging IT for Business Performance, at The Asias Best CIO Awards
for Leadership & Innovation organised by CMO Asia.

Adjudged a winner at BestPrax Benchmark 2012 for Assessment of Integrated Reality and Risk
(AIRr), Scenario Planning and GOAL (Go Online And Learn).

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) - Sharad Sadadekar, was recognized amongst the Top
100 CISOs, for implementing one of the best Information Security practices amongst Indian

Awarded The Indian Insurance award for best product innovation.

Ranked amongst the Top 25 India's Best Companies to Work.

Became the first private life insurance company to bring back pension plans under the new
regulatory regime, with the launch of two pension plans - HDFC Life Pension Super Plus and
HDFC Life Single Premium Pension Super.

Awarded the Security Supremo Special Awards for bridging gaps in compliance and security by
creating an effective integrated framework.

Emerged as the winner of the Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Service Award for the year
2012, for its online Point of Sales system - Click 2 Buy.

HDFC Standard Life Insurance - Product Portfolio

HDFC Life Insurance Term Plans
Life Protection Plans from HDFC Life are focused at providing insurance cover to your loved ones in
case of any unforeseen sudden events. Securing your familys future is top priority for most people.
These plans aim to ease your stress regarding your responsibilities towards your family. Below are
the protection plans offered by HDFC Life which are offering 1 crore life insurance policy.

HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus - This policy ensures a life cover of Rs.1 crore at a very
nominal monthly premium. Enjoy tax benefits as well as Life Stage Protection Feature. Avail several
flexible options to choose from to customize the policy according to your requirements. This term
plan can be availed online too.
HDFC Life Click 2 Protect - Get a life cover of Rs.2 crore with a very nominal monthly
premium. Enjoy tax benefits as well as EMI options (for HDFC credit card holders). Also enjoy an
enhanced medical cover. This term insurance plan can be availed online too.

HDFC Life Insurance Retirement Plan

Retirement plans are financial products that offer you the ability to plan and save for your future when
the income gets to go down as a person gets retired. These plans take care that you do not need to
compromise your lifestyle due to shortage of funds in the later stages of your life.

HDFC Life Personal Pension Plus - This pension plan from HDFC provides you with an
assured 101% of the sum assured in case of death. Also, the plan allows you to choose from a wide
range of tenure. EMI option is available for HDFC credit card holders.
HDFC Life Pension Super Plus - This plan offers an assured 101% of all premiums paid.
There is flexibility to choose tenure and guaranteed regular income in case annuity is purchased.
HDFC Life Single Premium Pension Super Plan - This pension plan is a unit-linked, single
premium plan that assures you get to generate a substantial corpus post retirement.

HDFC Life Guaranteed Pension Plan - Guaranteed Pension Plan from HDFC guarantees
an addition of 3% of sum assured on each premium year completion. A flexible policy term can be
chosen. The plan has only a single life basis of availing.
HDFC Life New Immediate Annuity Plan - This is a traditional pension plan that lets you
choose an annuity and earn a regular income post your retirement. The plan ensures guaranteed
income for as long as you or your spouse is alive.

HDFC Life Insurance Child Plans

Everybody wants to get the best for his/her children. In todays unpredictable world, our childs future
and its security is the single most important thing on our minds day and night. HDFC Life Child Plans
ensure that your children are well protected and provided for even if due to unfortunate reasons you
are not around anymore. Some of the childrens plans offered by HDFC Life are

HDFC Life Youngstar Udaan - This childrens plan from HDFC ensures guaranteed payouts
at each and every significant milestone of your childs life.
HDFC SL YoungStar Super Premium - The Youngstar Super Premium plan by HDFC is
essentially a ULIP plan that takes care of all the important financial milestones in your childs life like
education, marriage, buying a house and so on.

HDFC Savings and Investment Plans

These plans from HDFC Life are supposed to address the twin goals of insurance cover as well as
investment. So you get to save as well as a part of your money goes into the share market so as to
enable you earn more returns out of your premium amount. Following are the savings and
investment insurance plans offered by HDFC Life.

HDFC Life Click2Invest ULIP - This is an investment plan from HDFC that is available
online and is a unit-linked plan which offers life insurance cover.
HDFC Life Sanchay - HDFC Life Sanchay is a non-participating, traditional plan that offers
guaranteed benefits. The plan has limited period as policy terms. If all the premiums are paid then
the guaranteed maturity benefit can be anywhere between 220%-325% of the sum assured.
HDFC SL Crest - This is a short-term investment plan which aims to enable you achieve
your short-term financial goals. The plan offers flexibility to choose sum assured and there is no
higher limit on the maximum premium that can be paid.
HDFC Life Super Income Plan - Super Income plan is a money-back policy that is a
participating plan which offers guaranteed benefits as well as bonuses and is best suited for
individuals with a regular income.
HDFC Life ClassicAssure Plus - This is an investment cum insurance plan that allows your
money to grow while ensuring a guaranteed benefit to the policy holder.
HDFC Life Super Savings plan - A long-term regular savings endowment plan that provides
flexibility to choose the policy term and offers an additional sum assured in case of death.
HDFC Life ProGrowth Plus - This is an insurance sum savings plan that enables you to
enjoy the life cover option along with the flexibility to create your own investment options.

HDFC Life Sampoorn Nivesh - A simple life insurance plan with multiple life covers with
varying returns and return of premiums as maturity benefit on the survival of the policyholder till the
end of the policy term. Additional loyalty additions are also provided.
HDFC Life Uday - An insurance plan aimed to provide increased benefits on future savings
through bonuses and additions while also providing the sum assured along with said bonuses as a
maturity benefit and death benefit.
HDFC Life Sampoorn Samriddhi Plus: This is a limited period endowment plan from HDFC Life,
one of the largest private life insurers in India. This plan is available in two varieties endowment
and endowment with whole life. These plans come with the option for extended coverage up to 100
years under the whole life package. Customers can choose policy tenure between 15 to 40 years,
and comes with a built-in accidental death rider which provides additional sum assured.
Customers also receive tax benefits under Section 80C, while getting flexibility in choosing frequency
of premium payments. Other benefits included 5% guaranteed addition on sum assured per year for
the first 5 years of policy tenure.
HDFC SL ProGrowth Flexi: The HDFC SL ProGrowth Flexi is a savings cum unit linked insurance
plan (ULIP). Customers can choose between life option (death benefit) and extra life option (death
benefit + accidental death benefit). Customers also get the option to choose between income fund
and balanced fund as per their risk aversion.
Death benefits are paid out as the higher of sum assured and the total fund value. On maturity of the
product, you will receive the fund value as lump sum or as settlement option. There is flexibility in
choosing and switching between fund options. Tax benefits are applicable under Section 80D of the
IT Act, 1961.
HDFC SL ProGrowth Super II: The HDFC SL ProGrowth Super II is a savings cum unit linked
insurance plan (ULIP) that is aimed at providing long term savings to the insured. Terms can be
chosen between 15 to 30 years, while customers also receive a choice of four different fund options

Income fund
Balanced fund
Blue chip fund
Opportunities fund
Apart from this, the savings plan also offers 8 options to choose from:

Life option (death benefit)

Extra life option (death benefit + accidental death benefit)
Life and health option (death + critical illness benefits)
Extra life and health option (death + critical illness + accidental death benefits)
Life and disability option (death + accidental total and permanent disability benefits)
Extra life and disability option (death + accidental death + accidental total and permanent
disability benefits)

Life and health and disability option (death + critical illness + accidental total and permanent
disability benefits)
Extra life and disability and health option (death + accidental death + critical illness +
accidental total and permanent disability benefits)
HDFC Life Invest Wise Plan: This is a single premium unit linked insurance plan (ULIP) that is
designed to provide you with savings that will help you out in important stages of your life. Plans are
offered for fixed tenure of 15 years with multiple fund choices that can be selected according to your
risk appetite.
The sum assured here is fixed at 110% of single premium. The fund value is given out at maturity of
the policy. Tax benefits are available under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Minimum and
maximum ages at entry is restricted to 45 years and 70 years respectively.
HDFC SL ProGrowth Maximiser: HDFC SL ProGrowth Maximiser is a single premium unit linked
insurance plan (ULIP) that provides insurance cover while creating wealth in the short term.
Customers receive 4 different fund choices with the option to switch between funds or redirect future
premiums. Maturity and death benefits are applicable as per sum assured and fund value
accumulated during policy tenure.
This plan provides cover for 10 years and customers can opt for additional single premium top-ups
anytime during the policy tenure. Tax benefits are applicable under Section 80D of the Income Tax
Act, 1961. Applicants within 14-65 years age group are eligible to apply for the plan.

HDFC Life Group Insurance Plans

HDFC Life Group Pension Plan - This plan is a non-linked participating pension plan that
works well to build the superannuation benefit fund of an employee
HDFC Life Group Credit Protect Insurance Plan - The Credit Protect plan from HDFC is
for employers who want to lighten the loan repayment burden of their employees and their families in
case of death or critical illness of the employee.
HDFC Life Group Unit Linked Insurance Pension Plan -This is a unit-linked pension plan
designed to manage the superannuation benefits of an employee once he/she retires.
HDFC Life Group Credit Protect Plus Insurance Plan - This plan is a tailor-made
insurance plan for financial institutions so as to protect the families from any loan liabilities in case of
demise of the insured member.
HDFC Life Group Variable Employee Benefit Plan - Earn a guaranteed minimum return of
1% per annum through this plan from HDFC. This is a non-participating, variable insurance plan
which offers a flexible and effective way to build a substantial corpus for an employee.
HDFC Life New Group Unit Linked Plan - A unit linked insurance plan aimed towards
adding to the growth of an employees funds through a range of 6 debt and equity oriented funds with
control on investments through viable switches.
HDFC Life Group Term Insurance Plan - An insurance plan that allows an employer to
provide for insurance to all employees under one life cover and have a hassle-free way of dealing
with financial help when required, all at low costs of premiums.

HDFC Life Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana Plan - A one year renewable group
insurance policy to cover all eligible members for a death benefit of Rs. 2 lakh per individual at a
premium of Rs. 330 only.

HDFC Life Smart Woman Plan

HDFC Life Smart Woman plan is a savings cum unit linked insurance plan (ULIP) available in 10 and
15 years tenures. Customers get the option to choose among 4 fund choices which provide
investments in long/short/medium term equities and in funds of all market caps. Applicants also
receive 3 benefit options including:

Pregnancy complications
Female organ cancer diagnosis
Spouse death (available with Elite plan)
Plans are available in three varieties namely:
Classic: Basic plan with premium waiver benefit for 3 years.
Premier: Benefits under Classic plan plus 100% regular cash payout of 3 years premium.
Elite: Benefits under Premier plan plus death of spouse benefit.

HDFC Life Cancer Care Plan

Cancer is among the most dreaded diagnoses that a person can receive. The sad reality is that the
number of cancer diagnoses in India is on the rise, and so is the cost of treatment through new and
varied medical procedures. The fight against cancer is an expensive and agonising struggle, and
HDFC Life realises the pain it can cause you, and the strain it can cause to your familys financial
In an effort to fill the need for a comprehensive and truly beneficial insurance policy comes the
HDFC Life Cancer Care plan.
It pays out a lump-sum benefit on diagnosis, and covers expenses like out-of-pocket medical
expenses, consulting specialists outside your network, experimental treatments, travel and lodging
for treatment, etc. that are ignored by other major insurance providers.
There are 3 plan options available the Silver, Gold and Platinum plans, with different benefits and
premium costs. Premium discounts are available for sum insured options over Rs.10 lakh, and
premiums are waived off for 3 years for diagnoses of early stage cancer and carcinoma-in-situ.
Cancer is a sleeping monster that does not allow a person time to be financially prepared when it
strikes. The best way to fight cancer is to be prepared, mentally, physically and financially. While
taking care of your health and controlling vices is totally up to you, it is always beneficial to have the
promise of a huge insurance benefit that will take care of all your expenses and your familys wellbeing, should the worst come to pass.

HDFC Shaurya - for Indian Defence/Armed Forces Personnel

An initiative by HDFC Life to provide specific plans under the gamut of life insurance offerings to
defence personnel. The initiative adds on a host of extra perks and benefits that make it an easier
option for defence personnel to avail them. Increased serviceability and a unique tracking system for
the customers under this initiative makes it easier to file claims and pay premiums anywhere across
the nation.

How to Claim Insurance with HDFC Life?

HDFC Life Insurance Co. has an established process through which claims can be made. HDFC Life
has an impressive track record of claim settlement with a claim settlement ratio of 96.56% in the
financial year 2012-2013, an amount worth upwards of Rs.164.42 crores.

The Life Insurance claim procedure is as follows:


Claim intimation form / letter must be duly filled up, signed, and submitted to HDFC Life.
HDFC Life will send a letter to the nominee or title holder of the claim. This letter will contain
the required list of documents and details thereof.
Furnish all necessary documents and submit them for processing at HDFC Life.
A decision will be taken after the documents are considered and processed, if accepted,
payment will be made to the nominee or title holder of the claim.
If the claim is rejected, a communication will be sent to the nominee or title holder of the
claim explaining the reasons as to why the claim was rejected. Common reasons for claims being
rejected are as follows:
Non-fulfilment of policy terms and conditions.
Non-disclosure of all facts.
The Claim request Form is one of the most important documents that you will need to acquire and
diligently fill up. The form requires details like:
Policy holders name.
Policy number.
Date of birth.
Date of death.
Intimating persons name and contact number.
Email ID, address and contact details of those mentioned in the policy as nominees, etc.
Documents required for life insurance claims vary depending on the nature of calamity that entitles a
claim natural death, unnatural death (accident, murder, suicide, etc.), disaster, critical illness.

Documents required in case of natural death:

Death claim form (includes NEFT).

Death certificate issued by the government or relevant authority.
Original Policy Document.
Proof of ID and Address of the claimant.
Medical records at the time of death and past illnesses.

Documents required in case of unnatural death:

Death claim form (includes NEFT).

Death certificate issued by the government or relevant authority.
Original Policy Document.
Proof of ID and Address of the claimant.
FIR, Police Inquest Report and Panchnama.
Post mortem report.

Documents required in case of death by disaster or

natural calamities:

Death claim form (includes NEFT).

Death certificate issued by the government or relevant authority.
Original Policy Document.
Proof of ID and Address of the claimant.

Documents required in case of critical illness:

Critical Illness claim form.

Medical records (current and past).
Hospital records, records of diagnostic tests.
Original Policy Document.
Proof of ID and Address of the claimant.
It should be noted that HDFC Life reserves the right to ask for additional documents and / or invoices
and raise further requirements in all the above mentioned cases.

Tips for Faster Claims Settlement

Full disclosure of all information.

Premium payments on time, every time.
Submitting your NEFT details with a copy of a cheque to enable direct credit in your
Submitting all the necessary documents in their entirety.

HDFC Life Insurance Term Plans FAQs

1. What is HDFC life click to protect plus plan?
This is a term insurance plan designed to provide comprehensive protection with a large sum
assured at affordable premium rates.Term insurance offers high sum assured (coverage) and
no benefits on maturity.
2. Why is the premium low for non-smokers ?

In insurance parlance, smoking is unhealthy and hence considered a risk. At the time of
underwriting, insurers charge low premium for non-smokers as they are considered low risk
when compared to smokers.
If youre a smoker and are contemplating on buying a term insurance, make sure you declare
this at the time of application. Suppressing this may lead to cancellation of your application.
3. What are the various options available with the basic plan?
HDFC click to protect plans are available in 4 options.
1. Life Option - Only death benefit
2. Extra life option - Death plus accidental benefit
3. Income option - Part of death benefit as a lump sum and remainder as monthly
income over a period of 15 years.
4. Income plus option - 100% of sum assured is paid on death and a monthly
income equal to 0.5% of sum assured is payable for a period of 10 years.
4. What is the eligible age limit?
The minimum entry age is 18 years upto 65 years. Maximum maturity age is 75 years. One
can be covered for a term of 10 to 40 years.
5. Are there any premium payment options available?
Frequency of premium payments can be single (lump sum), annual, quarterly and monthly. If
you are an HDFC credit card member, ask for EMI schemes on your card.
6. Is there a cap on sum assured?
All the 4 HDFC click to protect plans do not have any upper limit in terms of the coverage
value (sum assured). The minimum sum assured is 25, 00,000 and the maximum is unlimited
(subject to underwriting).

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