Motorola US Patents Applicable or Potentially Applicable to All or Some TETRA products U.S.

Patent App Date Grant Date Improved Dispatched Trunked Radio System 4692945 11/19/1986 9/8/1987 A method of operating a Radio Transmission or Communication System Including a Central Station and a Plurality of Individual Rem 4872204 11/24/1987 10/3/1989 Trunked Communication System with Nationwide Roaming Capability 4833701 1/27/1988 5/23/1989 Packet-Switched Cellular Telephone System 4887265 3/18/1988 12/12/1989 Selective System Scan for Multizone Radiotelephone Subscriber Units 4905301 7/28/1988 2/27/1990 Digital Speech Coder Having Improved Long Term Lag Parameter Determination 5097508 8/31/1989 3/17/1992 Assigning voice call to a control slot Multi-Channel TDM Communication System Slot Phase Correction Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Synchronization Method Peak to Average Power Ratio Reduction Methodology for QAM Communication Systems Method for Providing and Selecting Amongst Multiple Date Rates in a Time Division Multiplexed System Communication Signal Having a Time-Domain Pilot Component Scalable Pattern Methodology For Multicarrier Communications Systems Slot Format and Method for Increasing Random Opportunities in a Wireless Communication System Encryption Synchronization Combined with Encryption Key Identification Communications Apparatus Power Amplifier Linearization in a TDMA Mobile Radio System Digital Speech Coder Having Improved Sub-Sample Resolution Long-Term Predictor Using TETRA SSI as a key modifier. Applies to DMO 5239678 11/21/1991 5241544 11/1/1991 5343499 1/9/1992 5381449 11/1/1991 5533004 11/7/1994 5519730 10/28/1991 6424678 8/1/2000 7088734 3/27/2001 5185796 5/30/1991 8/24/1993 8/31/1993 8/30/1994 1/10/1995 7/2/1996 5/21/1996 7/23/2002 10/3/2002 2/9/1993 1/2/1996 9/24/1996 10/25/1994 10/18/1994 Expiry 11/19/2006 11/24/2007 1/27/2008 3/18/2008 7/28/2008 8/31/2009 11/21/2011 11/1/2011 1/9/2012 1/10/2012 11/7/2014 5/21/2013 8/1/2020 3/27/2021 5/30/2011 1/2/2013 11/17/2014 3/21/2014 7/1/2013 Expired Expired Expired Expired Expired Expired [possibly not used in terminals?] Applicable only to TEDS (TETRA 2) Applicable only to TEDS (TETRA 2) Applicable only to TEDS (TETRA 2) Applicable only to TEDS (TETRA 2) Applicable only to TEDS (TETRA 2) Applicable only to TEDS (TETRA 2) Applicable only to TEDS (TETRA 2) See Note 1 below See Note 1 below See Note 1 below See Note 1 below See Note 1 below

5481541 8/13/1992 5559807 11/17/1994 5359696 3/21/1994 5357571 7/1/1993

Notes 1. Whether this patent is essential to various TETRA products is not noted here, but it is potentially applicable at minimum to some products. 2. TEDS (TETRA 2) is an addition to TETRA not yet substantially deployed. It uses two or more channels to achieve higher speed data, up to 100's kbs. It requires the spectrum to achieve this. Conclusions 1. By the later part of 2014, no Motorola US patent will remain valid with regard to TETRA (1 or 2) products. 2. "Narrowband" requirement in the US for entities holdings certain VHF and higher channels to move to 12.5 kHz (or more narrow) channels, on actual or effective basis, is early 2013. The FCC accepts 4-slot TDMA, which provides 6.25-kHz effective channels, as meeting this narrowband requirement. (So does NTIA, for Federal agencies.) 3. Entities moving from old 25-kHz channel equipment to narroband equipment may use TETRA from the start without patent infringment, in ways the undersinged has explained, and that a US Court may address, if appropriate in some cases. Or, they may commence with MPT1327 using base stations that support MPT and TETRA, and migrate to TETRA. The MPT terminals will communicat with the TETRA terminals via the infrastructure. These patents claimed applicability to TETRA can be confirmed in the ESTI communications with Motorola posted at