Computer Lab Instructions 4/2 Note: Please follow these instructions in the order they are listed. 1.

Go to the computer that matches your seat in the room. 2. Make sure you have headphones and a textbook. 3. Get out the following assignments to turn-in: • Chapter 1-2 Vocabulary Crosswords • Flora/Fauna Handout • Flora/Fauna Map

Go to

5. Insert the headphones in to the computer (jacks are on the front of the cpu). 6. Watch these two videos: • “How to Move your Map from Paint to Excel” • “How to Insert Comments on Excel Map” 7. Move your Map from Paint Excel. 8. Begin Inserting Comments onto your Map • Try to get at least your chapter 1 comments done today. 9. Make a blog post explaining what you have learned in chapter 1 and/or 2. 10. Comment on a voice thread using your voice. stocks.

11. Trade