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Quote1 This war is everybody's war...! I was needed... and I answered the call..
. just as you did, in your own way! Quote2
-- Peggy Carter src
Margaret Carter (Earth-616) 0001
Agent 13
Early Life
Margaret "Peggy" Carter was born in Richmond, Virginia to a wealthy Virginia fam
ily. [citation needed]
World War II
Carter was idealistically dedicated to ending Nazi oppression and therefore join
ed the French Resistance while she was still a teenager. She proved to be a vali
ant and highly capable agent with the Resistance and served on several Resistanc
e operations alongside the hero Captain America.[3] Carter and Captain America f
ell in love with each other, but had to part when Captain America went on anothe
r assignment.[4]
In 1944, the two teamed up again to stop a scientist.[5]
Carter was captured by the Gestapo and was being held captive in Paris when it w
as liberated by the Allies. However, a shell exploded near her during the battle
that freed the city, and the shock gave her amnesia. Carter was found and ident
ified by Resistance colleagues and sent home to her parents in Virginia. [4]
Captain America's Death
There, she began to recover from her amnesia, but was suffering from mental and
emotional distress, and kept calling for Captain America. But when the Daily Bug
le newspaper reported the rumor that Captain America had apparently been killed
just before the end of the war in Europe, Carter withdrew from the world, refusi
ng to speak, dressing in mourning, and requiring hospitalization. Believing that
any additional shock, even a happy one, might make her incurably insane, her do
ctors did not tell her about the later "reappearance" of Captain America (who wa
s succeeded three times before he was revived from suspended animation which sup
posed his death). [citation needed]
Marvel Time
Due to the Marvel Universe's sliding time scale a lot of Peggy' s activities hav
e been retconned, so it was her niece Sharon Carter who worked with Captain Amer
ica after he was revived.[6]
Doctor Faustus
In more recent years, Carter began treatments from the criminal Doctor Faustus.[
7] Captain America, who had resurfaced for some years, learned of Carter's where
abouts when he freed her and others from Faustus' clutches.[8] Carter eventually
regained her mental bearings, and initially kept her strong romantic feelings f
or Captain America to herself. Eventually, any romance between the two subsided,
and the two remained close friends.[9]
Margaret Carter (Earth-616) from Captain America America's Avenger Vol 1 1
Avengers Crew member
Carter joined the international espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D. and served for a l
ong tenure. She helped Cap battle the Yellow Claw when he attacked New York.[10]

Secret Empire
Peggy Carter helped battle the Secret Empire along with fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. Agen
t Gabe Jones. It was revealed the two were in a relationship while he was underc
over with the Secret Empire.[13][14]
She helps Cap deal with his decision when he quits being Captain America.[15] Sh
e helped Cap on various missions as he battled many super criminals.[16][17] suc
h as the Serpent Society.[18]
Red Skull
The Red Skull's discovery of her relationship with Gabe Jones spurred him to cap
ture and torture the two [19][20][21][22][23] Captain America, Gabe, and Peggy g
athered round the comatose Falcon, when Cap is suddenly whisked away by a myster
ious flying craft and deposited in a giant maze. [24] Leila Taylor is brought in
for S.H.I.E.L.D. questioning to Gabe and Peggy's bewilderment. The approach S.H
.I.E.L.D. field operations co-director Jeff Cochren over his handling of Falcon
as Val Fontaine and Eric Koenig close in on Druid's location.A S.H.I.E.L.D. task
force arrives and helps Cap corral Druid's acolytes. Angry and tired, Cap's onl
y concern is to get some rest and a ride to Falcon's side. [25] Jeff Cochren tri
ed to arrest Falcon for his past crimes despite Gabe Jones and Peggy Carter's pr
Grand Director
Peggy contacts Cap about how Sharon and a few other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were try
ing to gather information on the new Grand Director and his National Force. Sinc
e Cap left the city, the mysterious Grand Director has brought his hypnotic plat
form of hatred, racism, and violence to New York City. Peggy recalls how during
a rally in Central Park, the Grand Director seemed to incite the people into a m
urderous frenzy, including Sharon Carter! Now Sharon is missing and the National
Force appears to be on the rise. [27] Peggy Carter leaps from her car just as i
t explodes. Captain America swoops down to the rescue, capturing the National Fo
rce agents and seeing Peggy to an ambulance. [28][29] Grand Director reveals the
captive Peggy Carter, using her as a hostage to escape.[30] But he i able to re
scue her.[31] He helped Cap when he travelled to the new S.H.I.E.L.D. base.[32][
Avengers Support Staff
More recently, she joined the support staff of the Avengers. When the Avengers d
isbanded after many of their number were believed killed, the support staff was
similarly dismissed. [citation needed]
Peggy later ended up living in a nursing home, apparently suffering from a form
of dementia, as she did not recognize the visiting Sharon. She was also paid a v
isit by Steven Rogers II, who had claimed to be the original Steve Rogers.[citat
ion needed]
When Peggy passed away, Sharon Carter, the real Steve Rogers, Dum-Dum Dugan and
Nick Fury attended her funeral.[34][35]
Information-silkReal Name
Margaret "Peggy" Carter
Information-silkAliases Agent 13,
Harrison Carter (brother, deceased),
Amanda Carter (sister-in-law, deceased),
Sharon Carter (niece[1])
Captain America ally; formerly Avengers Support
Crew, S.H.I.E.L.D., French Resistance, O.S.S.; infiltrated Secret Empire

Information-silkBase Of Operations
Nazi occupied France, formerly Virginia,
No Dual Identity
Information-silkMarital Status Single
Former communications specialist, spy, resistanc
e fighter
S.H.I.E.L.D. training, otherwise unrevealed
Information-silkGender Female
Information-silkHeight 5' 5"
Information-silkWeight 101 lbs (46 kg)
White (formerly blonde)
Information-silkPlace of Birth Richmond, Virginia, USA
Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
First Appearance
Appearance of Death
Tales of Suspense #75
(March, 1966)
(Unidentified, obscured memory image);
Tales of Suspense #77
(May, 1966)
(fully seen);
Captain America #162
(June, 1973)
Captain America Vol 6 #1
(September, 2011)
--------Margaret 'Peggy' Carter
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Daughter of Harrison & Amanda, former girlfriend of Captain America @ World War
II, member of French Resistance, former agent of OSS, Avengers Crew, sister of S
haron, injured and sent back to USA in 1944. She died in Captain America #1 (201
Originally written as the older sister of Sharon Carter, Peggy has been reconned
as Sharon's aunt as of Captain America (2005).
First Appearance: Tales of Suspense (1959) #75
Other Identities:
Agent X-13
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Quien es la Agente Carter?

Hace no mucho tiempo pudimos asistir en televisin a una de las, cada vez ms abunda
ntes, series que Marvel ha producido a fin de expandir su universo cinemtico lo ms
posible, Agent Carter. La serie hasta el momento nos ha ofrecido, en una primer
a temporada de solo 8 captulos, una muy notable muestra de intrigas y espionaje a
mbientada en los aos posteriores a la 2 Guerra Mundial, aderezada con algunas apar
iciones de personajes ya conocidos, muy alejada de la temtica superheroica de la
mayor parte de las pelculas.
Pero.. de donde procede este personaje? Cual es la historia real del personaje de
las vietas en el que se ha basado? En este artculo, intentaremos dar respuesta a t
odos esos interrogantes.
Margaret "Peggy" Carter es un personaje de Marvel creado por Stan Lee y Jack Kir
by para servir unicamente como un personaje de relleno en las aventuras del Capi
tn Amrica de los Aos 60. Su primera aparicin completa se produjo en el nmero 77 de la
coleccin Tales of Suspense (Mayo de 1966), tras una nica aparicin anterior en la q
ue solo se mostraba vagamente en una vieta en el nmero 75 de la misma coleccin.
En esas aventuras, Peggy era una colaboradora de la Resistencia Francesa que luc
haba contra los nazis y a la que el Capi quiso socorrer cuando se entero de que
la iban a fusilar tras haberla apresado. Tras acabar con los nazis, el Capi se p
regunt quin sera aquella mujer y donde podra hallarse en aquellos momentos. En reali
das, Peggy haba sido alcanzada por la detonacin de una pieza de artillera que le pr
ovocara amnesia y la hara vagar sin rumbo. Identificada por colegas de la Resisten
cia, sera enviada de vuelta a su hogar en los USA para recuperarse.

Poco a poco, Peggy se recuperara de su estado, pero la noticia de la desaparicin d

e su amado Capitn America al final de la guerra la hizo alejarse del mundo, dejar
de hablar, vestirse de luto y verse obligada a recbir tratamiento mdico. Dcadas d
espues, los Vengadores recuperaran al Capitn Amrica tras haber caido al mar y haber
permanecido en animacin suspendida todo ese tiempo.
No sera hasta los aos 70 que los creadores de Marvel se volvieron a acordar del pe
rsonaje que se acabara llamando Peggy Carter, concretamente hasta el nmero 161 de
l Volumen 1 de la coleccin Captain America (Mayo de 1973), obra de Sal Buscema y
Steve Englehart.
En aquella poca, una joven llamada Sharon Carter se haba unido a las filas de SHIE
LD inspirada por las historias de su ta Peggy en las filas de la Resistencia Fran
cesa. Actuando bajo el apodo de Agente 13, conocera por primera vez al Capitn Amric
a en una misin para transportar un compuesto experimental apodado Inferno 32. El
capi, no pudo evitar notar el parecido de la misma con su annima amada de la Resi
stencia y pronto, sus colaboraciones se hicieron ms habituales, llegando a enamor
Tras decidir tomarse un tiempo de descanso de sus deberes en SHIELD junto a Stev
e Rogers, Sharon desaparecera misteriosamente dejando tras de si una nota en la q
ue le adverta que no la siguiera. Desoyendo la nota, el Capi llegara hasta el Hosp
ital Psiquiatrico New England acompaado del Halcn, descubriendo que el Doctor Faus
tus la tena presa en dicho lugar. Casualmente tambin se hallaba all hospitalizada P
eggy Carter y, tras ser liberada por los recin llegados, Sharon tuvo que explicar
al Capi su relacin con su antiguo interes amoroso y la identidad de esta que Ste
ve desconoca hasta entonces (En aquella ocasin, se presentara a Peggy como hermana
mayor de Sharon, pero la retrocontinuidad acabara convirtindola en su ta).
Peggy, ya recuperada de sus problemas mentales, entrara a formar parte de SHIELD
a pesar de su edad, entablando una relacin con otro de los agentes de la organiza
cin, Gabe Jones (antiguo miembro de los Aulladores de Furia durante la guerra). P
osteriormente tambin pertenecera al equipo de apoyo del Capitan Amrica y al Equipo
de Mantenimiento de los Vengadores.
Sus ltimo das, aquejada de cierto tipo de demencia, los pasara en un asilo, no sien
do ya capaz de reconocer ni a su sobrina Sharon, ni a otros conocidos que pasaro
n a visitarla. En la continuidad Marvel actual, Peggy fallecera en el nmero 1 del
Volumen 6 de la coleccin Captain America (puesto a la venta en Julio de 2011). A
su funeral, oficiado en Paris, asistiran entre otros Sharon Carter, Steve Rogers
, Dum-Dum Dugan y Nick Furia.
Este mismo ao, el personaje obtendra por fin el protagonismo merecido con la publi
cacin de la coleccin Operation S.I.N. que coprotagoniza con Howard Stark, cuyas av
enturas se ambientan en los aos 50.