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1711 Grant Street Hopewell, VA 23860 www.nazluthchurch.com April, 2010 TO GOD BE THE GLORY

Our Mission Statement:
“reaching out to all in faith and love, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, and serving joyfully!"
MISSION AND MINISTRY What a joyous day Palm Sunday was. The service opened with a reading of the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Then, the children sang for us and put a smile on our faces as they handed out palm leaves. The LORD provided the abundant Grace we so need through His Word. Finally, we prayerfully decided upon a Mission Statement for our church that you see above. What’s so important about a Mission Statement? It summarizes why we exist! It is the lens through which we plan events and Bible studies. Most importantly, should someone ask you about our church, you may only have 30 seconds to tell them about our purpose! Our Mission Statement provides you with a rapid response in a fast-moving world. We are REACHING OUT TO ALL in FAITH and LOVE , SHARING the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST, and SERVING JOYFULLY! That sounds like a Christcentered church that would welcome a stranger! To God be the Glory. THE FOUNDATION OF OUR MISSION IS SCRIPTURE ALONE REACHING OUT TO ALL…

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go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.—Matthew 28:19 ...IN FAITH...

Pastor’s Corner


it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— 9not by works, so that no one can boast. 10For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.—Ephesians 2:8-10 . ..AND LOVE... Love your neighbor as yourself.'- Mark 12:31 ..SHARING THE GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST… 15Jesus said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”—Mark 16:15 ..AND SERVING JOYFULLY... Serve the LORD your God joyfully and gladly. —Deuteronomy 28:47

The Hometown News is a publication of Nazareth Evangelical Lutheran Church. Member of the Lutheran Church— Missouri Synod.

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Hometown News

Elders’ Meeting Report by Steve Foxx
The Elders met on 15 March, 2010, and here are the communicable minutes. Present were Arnie Slimmen, Bob Dry, Stephen Foxx, and Clint Reierson. We opened with a reading of Psalm 121 and a season of prayer for Pastor, his family, and our church family. We then split from the deacons and discussed these items: 1. We are going to recommend at Church Council Monday night that we have the next congregational meeting on Saturday, 10 April, immediately following our second Church Planning Seminar. We will have a luncheon between the events. The intent is to improve attendance at both meetings, facilitate lunch, and to allow the Divine Worship to be the focus of the day on Sunday, the 11th. 2. Pastor is performing Darlene's funeral on Wednesday. The lunch at the church is all planned. 3. We have the privilege of witnessing Baptisms during the next two Sundays at Divine Worship. 4. Annette Dry is doing much better, is home from the hospital now and is healing. 5. Clint's Mother is doing better and is now under General Medical care. 6. We discussed our thankfulness for the preaching of God's Word during services. The Holy Spirit's work in the heart and speaking of God's truth through Pastor Voss is very evident. 7. Steve will announce before Worship Sunday: a. a request for ladies to bring in breakfast casseroles (each dish should have 12 servings) b. this year we will have French toast on the menu 8. Specific Prayer requests arose pertinent to the following: a. Sunday morning attendance and possible actions to take b. someone to volunteer to be the VBS Director 9. There was brief but significant discussion concerning: a. closed communion and communication of such b. updating the newsletter and calendar (specifically as pertains to Lenten service Readings)

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Deacons’ Meeting Report by Bonnie Foxx
The Deacons met on Monday, March 15th, 2010. Present were Thelma Klein, Karen van Worth, and Bonnie Foxx. We started our meeting in conjunction with the Elders' meeting. Steve opened the meeting with the reading of Psalm 121.

Ernest Wallet in Loving Memory for his wife, Esther Koren Wallet

We discussed: Visitation & people concerns. The Kohler scholarship: As far as we know, no applications have been turned in yet. We proofread the church directory and the worship folder prayer list. We closed with the praying of the Lord's prayer. Next meeting will be April 12th.

April, 2010

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Pray for One Another

Prayer List updated as of March 28, 2010

For our brothers and sisters in Christ in nursing homes Velma Fleming, HHCC (227) Mildred Skroback, HHCC For our brothers and sisters in Christ who are home-bound Mary Petik For our members and friends serving our country in the military Bruce Layne Danny Petik Chris Graham Dustin Petik James Eckenrode David Petik Scott Naumann Jeff & Stacy Crossen Courtney Williams Jeffrey Head Steve Foxx Brandon Edwards Michael McKinzie For our members and friends away at college – Landry Doane Casey Davis Brandon Edwards For our members who are sick, hospitalized, in need of spiritual care or recuperating— Evelyn Rayner Rowena Carter Tina Doane Annette Dry Jordan Layne For our friends who are sick, hospitalized or recuperating Jonathan Weston Connie Williamson Rita Joyner Joann Miller Jeff Walter Mark Black Francis Brinkley Shelby Slayton Phyllis Kane Suzie Hilton Dorothy Kunkel Bobby Kirkman Regina Davis Freddie Gonzalez For the families of the Saints departed. Pastor Plvan sent us this observation on prayer: Prayer is conversation with God. A long time prayer observed,

Gracious Lord, we thank you for the privilege of prayer, won for us by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. We are so ‘At first I spent a lot of time talking at God, as if grateful that we can come to You, our Father, with every God were a stranger. Then, I talked to God, as I would to a friend. Gradually, I spoke with God as a concern, especially for our children who may have drifted trustworthy counselor. Now, I find myself listening from the faith. We know that You hear these prayers, for “He who promised is faithful”, always! to God. And more often than not, I listen for God.’

Bible Study, Adult and Youth Confirmation
Whether you are young or old, visitor or pillar, we have a Bible Study for you! Pastor Voss begins a 6-week Bible Study on the official LCMS position on current events, called ―This We Believe‖ in the church basement starting April 18 at 9:30 AM. ADULT CONFIRMATION Arnie Slimmen leads an eight week adult confirmation class every Sunday at 9:30 AM and on Friday evenings. If you are new to the Lutheran faith and would like to join our church, please contact Arnie to join in. . YOUTH CONFIRMATION After Easter Sunday, we will resume our 7 to 8 PM Wednesday evening schedule.

SUNDAYS Meet in the ―Old Church‖ Room at 9:30 AM for a Bible Study on Hebrews led by Al Schneider.

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Hometown News

Board of Stewardship
This report is a consolidated summary of the three only meetings the board has had this year and includes a joint meeting with the Board of Finance on February 22. Accomplishments were as follows: - We reviewed the duties and responsibilities of the board according to our congregation’s By-Laws. - We reviewed the financial reports for January and February, noting that even though there was an increase in giving brought about by the Stewardship program in 2009, that increase was offset by a reduction in income due to recent deaths in the congregation. - We discussed the use of electronic giving through the Joyful Response program and are seeking ways in which to promote this program. - We planned and fulfilled the responsibility for the Lenten Soup and Sandwich meal on February 24. - We discussed the gathering and compiling of information for a congregational resource directory. - We are planning to use the Consecrated Stewards Program sometime during the fall of 2010. - We plan to meet jointly with the Board of Finance once each quarter. Our next meeting will be at 8:45 AM on April 18.

Thank You!
Nazareth Lutheran Church Youth raised

$342.42 and 132 non-perishables
During the Souper Bowl of Caring

April Birthdays
April 3 April 3 April 8 April 8 April 9 April 12 April 16 April 18 April 25 April 25 April 28 Tina Doane Jennifer Roberts Joseph Roberts Samuel Roberts Bob Dry Bruce Layne Kyra McKinzie Jordan Layne Rowena Carter Mark Antunes Jean Joyner

Thanks for your efforts this year! The dollars that have been raised to help those in need will benefit it entire community. Don Gock, Associate Director

Saturday, April 10, 12:30—2:30 PM
Lunch will be provided beginning at 11:30 AM All members are encouraged to attend this important congregational meeting. All members serving on boards/committees will provide updates for the congregation and we will be discussing important updates that will require congregational approval. We will be holding our Mission Planning seminar that morning, why not join us for both the seminar and the meeting?

April, 2010

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The Hometown News
EDITOR: Susan Skalleberg ASSISTANT EDITOR: Pastor David Voss PRODUCTION EDITOR: Karen Van Worth Thank you to all who submitted articles and information to this newsletter. SUBMISSIONS We encourage you to submit your articles and ideas electronically to: sueskalleberg@yahoo.com or call 731-6959 Newsletter information is due in by the third Sunday of the month. CONTRIBUTORS We are looking for regular contributors to the Hometown News. If there is a certain article you would like to write on a regular basis, please let us know so we can discuss it with you. Young and old are encouraged to volunteer for this very important newsletter. SAVE MONEY AND PAPER The Hometown News is posted online at the same time it is mailed. Please consider reading it online so we can save on postage and paper. It can be found on the home page of our church website: nazluthchurch.com

Glory to God on the highest and praise to the leaders of each Committee who have provided updates to the congregation this month. Our communication with one another not only keeps us united in Mission, but engaged with each other and the opportunities to serve in our church.

Some Food for Thought for Our Stewardship Life
When do you eat leftovers? In some houses it is usually on busy days when someone gets home late, there is a piano lesson in the evening, somebody has a meeting, or only some of the family will be home for supper. Would you serve leftovers to an invited guest? Maybe, if it is only a school friend coming over for the evening or a relative who stops by a lot – somebody you don’t consider really special. But would you serve leftovers to a special guest – like Jesus? If Jesus isn’t important enough to us, there’s a chance we’re going to serve Him leftovers. Does Jesus get the leftover time you have? What is your answer? Do you use your best talents and abilities for Jesus? What is your answer? Is your weekly service to the Lord based on what you have leftover? What is your answer? Is it possible that you could remember to pass the dinner plate to Jesus first instead of letting Him eat leftovers? What is your answer?

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Hometown News
ADULT INFORMATION/ CONFIRMATION: Nazareth Lutheran Church will be offering an information and confirmation class on the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod of what it is and what we as Lutherans believe. This 8 week course is titled “That I May Know Him” will meet at 9:30AM on Sundays in the main conference room upstairs. For those of you that cannot make it in the morning, a nighttime class on Friday Nights at 6:00pm will also be offered. If you have any questions or would like to participate, please see Arnie Slimmen.

“Magnify your ministry through LCEF” is the theme for this year’s LCEF Sunday which will be celebrated April 25 in congregations of the SED. We will have a display of investment products and services in the annex and the old church meeting room available o you to review. A power point presentation about LCEF will also be presented. Come take a “closer look” and learn about the ministry services and investment options offered by LCEF and how they can benefit both our congregation and you as individuals. Again, the date is April 25 and everyone is welcome! Come and enjoy coffee and refreshments while learning more about LCEF, its investment products and service.
DR. MAIER SEMINAR VOLUNTEERS Dr. Paul Maier is coming to Nazareth on Saturday, September 18th to give a presentation on the historicity of Jesus Christ. This is an excellent evangelism and outreach opportunity for us! If you would like to volunteer to make this visit a success, please contact Pastor Voss. We are looking for people to help with organizing, advertising, and logistics for the event and we will meet once a month.

LWML TEA: Back by popular demand!
The Spring Tea, sponsored by the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League, will be on Sunday, April 25th at 3:00pm down in the Fellowship Hall. All proceeds will benefit the James House. The tickets will be $5.00 per person. Would you like to adopt a table? Please let Cindy know. For the table you would need to set up and decorate a table with 6-8 place settings. You can use paper, plastic or china. The theme is ―Gardens‖ and you must use a Bible Verse and sell tickets to the seats at your table. We can also use all sorts of tea food items. If you have a recipe you would like to try or just like to cook we could use your donation! VBS DIRECTOR: If you are interested in directing Vacation Bible School, please see Sandy Wunder, Chairman of Christian Education and Youth.

Scholarships Available!
Applications for the Koehler Scholarship Fund are now available. If you are interested, please see the church secretary. Applications need to be turned in no later than April 30.

ACTIVE IN FAITH—ABLAZE FOR GOD’S MISSION We give praise and glory to God that the commitments made by Nazareth and sister congregations allowed our district to reach its financial goal for Ablaze! As you recall, our commitment was to be over a 5 year period beginning in 2008. Please continue to financially support this important work of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Envelopes in which to place your Ablaze! offering are in the narthex. More Prayer Partners are needed. The district goal is 3,000 prayers. At last report, a little over two-thirds of that goal had been reached. If you are not already a Prayer Partner, prayerfully consider doing so. And remember, prayer works! Another way for members to support the Ablaze! movement is sharing your faith with others. The district goal is 2.5 million Faith-sharing Moments. At last report, over 350,000 of these moments had been recorded. Information how to report your Faith-Sharing Moments will be available soon. Lastly, mark your calendar for the Tending the Flame conference to be held in Richmond July 30 through August 1 and make plans to attend. Forms for registration will be available later.

April, 2010

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Pastor’s Corner
Strengthening the Bond – Relationship Building Friday, April 9, 7—9PM Join your friends in the congregation for a night of learning how God strengthens our relationships within the church for our benefit and to His glory. It promises be a night of fun and fellowship. Snacks will be provided. Registration is required by April 6. Please call the church office to sign-up or e-mail davidhvoss@nazluthchurch.com. Mission Planning Seminar II Saturday, April 10 AM, 9:30—11:30 AM All members are encouraged to attend the mission planning seminar to further discuss our core targets. That is, to whom will we be reaching out to specifically? Registration is required by April 6. Please call the church office to sign-up or email karenvanworth@nazluthchurch.com. Mission Planning Seminar III Saturday, May 1, 9AM—3PM All members are encouraged to attend the final mission planning seminar to learn about the marks of missional church and what we can do to reflect God’s Mission to all nations. Pastor’s Calendar for April 4/13 Professional Church Workers Conference, Silver Spring, MD 4/16-18 (Joy) Pastor’s Wives Retreat. Roselyn Retreat Center, Richmond, VA 4/22-23 PALS Retreat. A retreat for all District first year pastor’s and their wives For Your Information OFFICE HOURS 9:30 AM—1:30 PM, M-F - Regardless of how busy things may get, you can always reach someone from the church during office hours. At minimum, either Karen or I will answer the church phone Monday—Friday from 9:30 AM—1:30 PM. Should you ever need to get a hold of me, regardless of what time it is, please reach me at 721-9381. After 6PM, please call with pastoral emergencies only. DIVINE SERVICE IV—A reminder that we will be moving to Divine Service, setting IV on the Sunday after Easter. WORSHIP COMMITTEE—I recently mentioned to the church council that I have put aside the initiative to start a Worship Committee. The purpose of a Worship Committee was going to be to discuss our worship practices and music in the context of our church and community, always with the understanding they would remain rooted in Lutheran theology. Over the past few months, I have not sensed any urgency from the members that this committee must be created. The congregational survey has revealed that our worship is one of the aspects of our church life that we enjoy the most. Also, the number of volunteers who are now participating in the music of the church has grown to a wonderful number. I sense unity in worship among us and a diversity in Christ centered music that is pleasing to all. GOSPEL CONTACTS—If someone were about to walk into the street right in front of an oncoming bus, would you pull them back to the safety of the curb? Me too. If someone did not know that Jesus Christ was the only door to salvation, would you take the time to tell them about Him? The fact is, the consequences of not believing in Christ is a much worse fate than getting struck by a bus—our mission is an urgent one. Can you share the Good News of Jesus Christ with one person a month? The opportunity will present itself, will you offer your hand to that person and let the Holy Spirit pull them back to the safety of the one true God? More information is coming soon. We are Nazareth—we are Missional.

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"Reaching out to all in faith and love, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, and serving joyfully!"