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12:00-1:00 pm Sanctuary A time of reflecting on GOD’S greatest gift of LOVE . . .at the foot of the CROSS.
Dr. Rick Byrd
Senior Pastor

EASTER SUNDAY Services, April 4
8:00 AM 9:15 AM 10:30 AM Worship Sunday School & Worship Sunday School & Worship NO PM Service/Activities

Reflecting with Rick...
walls surrounding the city. Nehemiah unburdened his heart to God for five months, from “Chislev” (November) (1:1) until “Nisan” (April) (2:1), he prayed and fasted; he knew this project was so big, only God could accomplish what needed to be done. Nehemiah was a man of prayer who depended wholly on the Lord to help him accomplish whatever task he was given. He succeeded in this project because he depended on God. Too often we plan projects or take on responsibilities and then ask God to bless them. However, Nehemiah didn’t make that mistake; he sat down and wept, he knelt down and prayed, then he stood up and worked because he knew he had the blessing of the Lord on him. Friend, if we are to pay off our remaining debt, raise the funds to start construction on a new, larger worship facility to meet our goals for corporate worship, men’s and women’s seminars, Christian concerts, etc., build the right type of facility and begin at the right time to get the most building for our money...we must acknowledge our complete dependence on God. The task is huge! We have only one shot to get it right. We can’t afford any mistakes. It is too important for us to do it alone. We need God’s help! So, we have planned an Outdoor Worship Service on Sunday night April 25. We will gather on the area where our new facility will be erected. We will sing and lift our voices in praise to God. I will call our people to a time of prayer and fasting. Then we will spend time holding hands in unity in a circle around the spot praying to God for His wisdom and the faith to trust Him to see this awesome task accomplished. George MacDonald said, “In whatever man does without God, he must fail miserably, or succeed more miserably.” Alan Redpath said, “There is too much working before men and too little waiting before God.” We must wait and pray! In Christ Alone, Pastor Rick

Rev. Dave Tomasek
Assoc. Pastor of Worship & Senior Adults

Rev. Forrest Moss
Assoc. Pastor of Church Growth

Rev. Jim Scott
Assoc. Pastor to Youth

Mrs. Cindy Hunter
Director, Children’s Ministries

Mrs. Sherri Howard
Director, WEE School

8:00 am Worship 9:15 am Sunday School Worship 10:45 am Sunday School Worship 6:00 pm Evening Worship Children’s Choirs & Discipleship Youth Discipleship

5:15-6:00 pm Fellowship Meal 6:15-7:30 pm Life Development Institute Mission Friends (ages 2-K) RA & GA (Grades 1-5) MAXIMUM lMPACT (Grades 6-12) C.A.R.E Ministry Cornerstone Choir 5736 Inman Rd Greensboro NC 27410 Phone: 336.665.1944 FAX: 336.665.0801 Web:

On Sunday night March 7, our church family voted to license Terry Smith to the gospel ministry to preach God’s Word. Terry shared his conversion experience with our deacon body and also his call to ministry. Terry is a humble, joy-filled servant of the Lord and we are blessed that we are able to share in this way with his call to ministry. Our prayers will continue to be with Terry and Tammy and their children as they seek the Lord’s will as to where He may be leading them down the road. On another note, a couple of weeks ago I preached on Sunday night from Nehemiah chapter one where Nehemiah is called by God to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the broken down



The Cornerstone Church Family is undertaking another ministry weekend to minister to people in the name of the Lord! Be a part of this weekend and bring family and friends with you! Registration forms are available at the Welcome Center, the church office and on the web site. Ministry Opportunities (involving carpentry projects, painting, constructing recreation areas, l a n d s c a p i n g , p o w e r wa s h i n g , preparing/serving lunches, participating in parties with residents of retirement homes, games with children, and much more) include: Camp Mundo Vista, a GA/Acteens missions camp located near Asheboro. Loyalton of Greensboro, a retirement & assisted living community. Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center Greensboro Manor, an assisted living community. The Bell House, a residential facility providing services to physically disabled adults. Siloam Missionary Homes, which ministers to the housing needs of missionaries. Schedule some time to be a part of this outreach weekend as Cornerstone ministers to people throughout the Triad and beyond. If you have questions, contact Forrest (665-1944).

EVERY BELIEVER A WITNESS @ Cornerstone May 16-19!
God and transform lives. Mark your calendars and plan to be here. You will be equipped, challenged, encouraged, and transformed as God makes us fishers of men. Four major reasons dominate when looking for an answer to why more believers do not witness:

FEAR - SESSION 3 - teaches from the Bible how believers overcame their fears and moves people from Fear to Boldness! POWERLESSNESS — SESSION 5 shows that witnessing is a partnership of human activity and Divine power and people are taught to move from Powerless to Powerful!
EVERY WITNESS A BELIEVER is designed to address and overcome these 4 problems! See you in May!

Every Believer A Witness is a ministry, facilitated out of First Baptist Woodstock, to help equip churches to be the witness they were ordained to be by addressing the issues that prevent most believers from sharing the love of God that is found in Christ Jesus. This conference (held here at Cornerstone), May 16th-19th, will help us to move from simply desiring to be the witness we are intended to be to actually being the witnesses that please

APATHY - SESSION 1 - addresses the 3 attitudes that cause believers not to witness and moves people from Apathy to Action! IGNORANCE - SESSIONS 2 & 4 - are practical workshops that teach believers 3 specific ways to witness daily and move people from Ignorance to Know-How!


“So Long Insecurity”
Kiss your insecurities good-bye and discover the joy of living with confidence! SATURDAY, APRIL 24, 2010 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Ticket Price: $20 (includes lunch, snacks/beverages) Tickets are on sale in the Commons & in the church office. This is an area-wide event--invite your friends & get your tickets TODAY!



Please remember the 36 Senior adults (including our newest member Pastor Rick) who are travelling this month to PA and Washington DC. We will be departing very early Wednesday April 7 and heading to the Sight & Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA of their newest production: JOSEPH. On Thursday, April 8 we head to Washington DC for 2 days of guided tours of Washington DC’s famous memorials, including the new National WWII Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, Smithsonian Institute and the Capitol Building. We will be heading home on Friday, April 9 arriving late in the evening. Pray for good weather and clear roads! (by bus) to host a lunch (cookout with missionaries and our church team workers), paint a deck/stain a Gazebo or just spend time with the missionaries and their families.

APRIL 16-18
Also, coming up this month . . .the JOY Group will participate with the FAMILY MINISTRY WEEKEND as we travel together to the SILOAM MISSIONARY HOMES

Looking Ahead THURSDAY, MAY 13 6:30 PM FLC JOY DINNER & VBS SERVICE NITE Join us as we eat and then assemble 2,000 invitation bags to this year’s VBS.

WOW!!! We really heard about the GOOD NEWS of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection Sunday night, March 21. Over 51 boys and girls presented the GOSPEL in a unique way to the congregation. GREAT JOB! Thank you to every parent that supported the Music Ministry throughout the 3 long months of winter and brought their children to choir rehearsal. A special thanks to our Music Leaders: Music Time Choir—Lynn Graham, Mary Smith Combined Children’s Choir—Donna Adams, Tom Carrigan, Darlene Boan, Sharon Riccio and Marilyn Smith

CHILDREN’S CHOIRS resume on Sunday, September 12 as we prepare for our CHRISTMAS MUSICAL, Sunday, December 12!!!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 25. Our Evening Worship Service will be held outdoors on the grounds at the site of the new sanctuary! Let’s join together as a congregation in worshiping the Lord in music and petitioning Him in prayer as we seek His will for the future of Cornerstone!

Please pray for the 300+ women who will be at Cornerstone on April 24 for the Beth Moore Simulcast. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board. Sign up





Four-Week After School Bible Study 3rd Graders Satellite House
Welcome to Camp MacHaven, the training facility for God’s Special Forces. You have been selected for the elite A team. Should you choose to accept the special mission, you and fellow A team members will train for 28 days as communications specialists, learning the most important skill for all—how to pray.

Starts April 8 at 4:00

Operation Prayer has started! So grab your gear and don’t forget your training manual, the Bible. You will have a great adventure exploring a trail of questions, discovering secrets about life, understanding God’s Word, and best of all, spending one-on-one time with your Commander in Chief—God! Register by sending Cindy an email or calling the church office.

VBS 2010 June 21—25 9:00—12:00
Register today for VBS.
We need both volunteers and children to make the week a success. You can register either at the VBS table in the Commons or by going to the church web site.

Ukraine/Honduras Mission Team Meeting April 11 at 7:15 PM
Bible Drill Dates to Remember in Prayer:

Bible Drill 2010
Congratulations to these 8 who have completed Bible Drill this year. They memorized 25 verses, mastered finding the books of the Bible in 10 seconds, and learned the location of ten key passages of the Bible. If you see them, pass on a word of encouragement to them as the final drills are fast approaching. Hannah Boan Ethan Chaplin Sarah Jent Rachel Smith Joe Coggin Gretchen Chaplin Brittney Ratterree Kyndal Stewart

  

Wednesday, April 7—Church Drill Sunday, April 11—Associational Drill Saturday, April 24—State Drill

Missions Fundraiser Sunday, April 25 5:00 PM

Congratulations to Hannah Hunter who is participating in the Youth Speech Drill. She has written and will present a speech relating to the topic of God’s perfect timing. She will compete at the state level on Friday, April 23.

A preschool plate will be available (Kindergarten and below) Hot Dog & Chips - $3 Variety of desserts will be available All funds will help with the team member’s cost of their trips. Tickets are available at the welcome desk or in the church office.

Dinner Includes: Hamburger or Grilled Chicken Baked Beans, Potato Salad and all the fixings $5/plate

Tim & Marsha Judy
It’s been a busy month for us in Ukraine – but, oh ….. have we seen God working! Praise God that He uses everything to accomplish His will. We understand that He doesn’t need us to accomplish His will – but we are grateful that He allows us to serve Him in this dear country! We participated in two Marriage Conferences, two Business conferences and one MotherWise Conference with Denise Glenn in February. We hosted groups from Atlanta, Houston and Australia. Praise God that He is at work in people’s hearts throughout the world. The photo was taken at the Kiev Marriage Conference. Tim and I are with Senior Pastor Mikael Andrashko and his wife Allah. Pastor Andrashko and Allah have become key partners with the work we’re doing in the Kiev oblast. We have another busy month before us. With being in America for 3 weeks in April for our daughter’s wedding, we’re trying to accomplish as much as we can in March. We have 2 business conferences and one quilting outreach. We have committed to new discipleship relationships and will be meeting with two young people each week. We thank you so much for your partnership in the gospel! Cornerstone has been generous in many ways and we absolutely could not have done all that we have without your partnership. We love you! We pray for you! And, we thank you for praying for us.

MORE MISSIONARY UPDATES! Patrick and Diana Williams— just
moved to Bangkok to work with more than 500,000 Burmese who are seeking safe haven and work. Pray for the final translation of materials that they will use to the book of Philippians and Spiritual Formation. Dave and Terri Mcinnis—have recently moved to the Czech Republic for Dave to work in a support role to the missionaries serving there. Pray for them as they undertake learning their 4th language and look for ways to minister in a new culture.


and Cindy Hunter—continue to work on partnership development
and have raised more than 10% of their needed monthly support. Pray for Scott as he continues his seminary classes and for the sale of their home.



On March 19th more than 100 students gathered at Cornerstone to participate in this years Disciple Now weekend. For those of you who are not familiar with Disciple Now, let me quickly explain. DNOW is a weekend designed to take students out of their environment and place them in host homes where they will be led in four powerful Bible Studies. This years theme was INHABIT—Allowing God to Totally INHABIT your Life so that You Can be SET-APART. The Bible studies were concentrated on the book of Daniel where they studied the lives of Daniel and his friends. Someone asked me how do we measure the success of these types of events. I told this person that there are at least two measuring sticks that help us to see if the event was indeed a success. First, there is evaluation of what God is doing in the hearts of those teens who attended. That observation comes when you see them whole heartedly worshipping and praising God after the event. The Wednesday night after DNOW the youth met as usual; however, there was a sense of deep worship in the FLC that has not been present as of late. The evaluation continues when parents call me and tell me what a tremendous weekend their child had. One mom told me that her son who usually does not offer his opinion very often told her that he was so disappointed that the weekend was over. And finally, you can evaluate the weekend by the decisions that were made. Although DNOW is truly not an evangelistic event, we still saw two young men make professions of faith; furthermore, many students when challenged, stood before their peers and more importantly before God and confessed that their walk has not been pure, holy and set-apart. These students committed to change their walk and accept the challenge to be sanctified. The second measuring stick that I would use to determine if DNOW is a success is to see how many of our former students are coming back to serve as Bible Study facilitators. This year we had more than ever before. One of my former students in the youth and now a freshman in college said to me that DNOW impacted his life so much in his earlier years that he had no choice but to participate as a group leader. Another former student’s mother sat in on her daughter’s Bible Study on Sunday morning and was moved to tears to hear the wisdom coming from her daughter as she led these HS girls in a study on prayer. Our students are graduating from the youth ministry impacted by programs like DNOW. Statistics tell us that a majority of students who graduate from the youth ministry also graduate from church for a period of about 9 years. Although we do see some who fall into this category here at Cornerstone, they are not the majority. College students and young adults are coming back to serve the Lord. So, as you can see, success of DNOW and programs alike, can be measured immediately after the event and it can be measured years later.

CORRECTION From the March Connection:
The web site for Summer Camp at Teen Valley Ranch should read:
Mulching the church during DNOW caused a few of kids to go CRAAAAAZY!



Cornerstone Women’s Ministry - Reaching Up, Reaching In & Reaching Out! Ready to get plugged in and be a part of a ministry team? No matter your God-given gifts and talents, you can be used to bring glory to God and minister to other women. Take note of all the exciting things that are happening in your Women’s Ministry. For more information please contact any Team Leader or Pam Carrigan, Women’s Ministry Leader.
added to the team! If you have any questions, please contact Joanne Schulze. Oak Ridge Park/Tuesdays-7:30 pm Cornerstone Church parking lot (near modular unit) Saturdays-7:00 am Bur-Mil Park/Saturdays-7:30 am Monthly “Ladies Night Out” Fellowships on the 2nd Thursday of each month—beginning... Thursday, April 8 7-9 pm in the church Fellowship Hall - Bring an appetizer or dessert & a drink to share. Sign up on the Women’s Ministry Bulletin Board—& feel free to come at the last minute even if you didn’t sign up! Check the newsletter each month for location & information about the “Ladies Night Out”. Contact Activities Team Leader, Sharon Riccio for more information or to join the Activities Team.



UP - for a more intimate relationship with God the Father through Prayer & the study of His Word.

The theme for April is: Shower us with Your Spirit afresh, O God, as we humble ourselves before You. Pray for the following in April:  This week: Good Friday & Easter Services  Weeks of April 4 & 11: Family Ministry Weekend (16th-18th)  Week of April 18: Beth Moore Simulcast (24th)  Week of April 25: The Hunter Family (Cindy & Scott & children) & their call to the mission field to Spain

BIBLE STUDY Opportunities... Wednesday Nights - 6:15-7:30 Beth Moore’s “Believing God: Experiencing a Fresh Explosion of Faith” a women’s Bible study based on Isaiah 43:10. June - Priscilla Shirer’s newest study, “One in a Million”—an exploration of the Israelites’ journey through the wilderness. For information about Women’s Bible Studies: contact Patsy Griffin or Cassy Sampson. PRAYER Opportunities…

FRIDAYS for HIM—in Prayer. All women are invited to join in prayer in the sanctuary on Fridays from Noon to 1:00 pm. For more information about the prayer events listed here or future prayer events, contact either Prayer Team Leader, Joanne Schulze or Suzanne Billips.

REACHING OUT - to make a
difference in the lives of women in our communities and neighborhoods by sharing the love of Jesus.

REACHING IN - to love and

encourage the women of Cornerstone toward authentic relationships, as well as providing a place for them to belong.

Prayer Walking: getting spiritually & physically healthy!

For the month of March, we as a congregation were challenged to prayer walk around a school. The walks are invigorating and refreshing! Don’t stop as we go into April. We can keep walking FOR HIM! Go as a family or with friends and prayer walk around a school, your neighborhood and city.

Prayer Team via Email gets New Address!

The Women’s Prayer Team is in touch via email with over 120 women on the prayer list. The prayer list is available for your requests too! Submit your prayer requests to this address: If you would like to be a praying member of the team and receive prayer requests, please email the same address listed above, and you will be

Hospitality Team… The Hospitality Team is currently planning and organizing food and hospitality for the Beth Moore Simulcast on April 24. This Team will plan for future events, in addition to creating “Welcome/Information packets” for visitors/new members. If you have a heart for hospitality and would like to plug in to this team, or for more information, contact Tammy McKinney. Communications Team… The purpose of the Communications Team is to keep our congregation in the loop and informed of all happenings within the Women’s Ministry at Cornerstone. Contact Tara Dollyhigh if you would like to join the Communications Team or for more information. Activities Team… The Activities Team comes together to offer various opportunities for exercise and fellowship. Meet up with others to enjoy God’s creation around us while getting more physically fit. Activities Team opportunities include:

Service Team… The Service Team is currently establishing a “College Connection” Ministry designed to encourage and minister to our college-age members. To help with this project, to involve your Sunday School class in the project or for more information about being a part of the Service Team, contact Naomi Zellers, Service Team Leader. Missions Team… The Missions Team will identify ways to serve our surrounding community and our church body with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ. If you would like to be a part of this team or for information, contact Jamie Simmons.

SPECIAL EVENTS - a vital part of our Women’s Ministry is Special Events. We encourage you not to miss these opportunities to reach out to friends in the community and see lives changed!
Beth Moore Simulcast—April 24 Ladies Summer Fun Night Going Beyond...A Spiritual Awakening Event w/Priscilla Shirer, Oct 8-9, 2010, Columbia SC Women of Faith “Over the Top” Nov 12-13, Greensboro Coliseum For more information about these events or to plug in as a member of the Special Events Team, contact Kristin Moss.



HOWDY PARTNER! Our April Library Theme Is “Wanted – Good Cornerstone Readers” – Mosey on over to the “western themed” library bulletin board and library window display to see the new Christian books for kids like the following: CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOKS
The Light of the World – The Life of Jesus for Children by Katherine Paterson God’s Little Princess – Gigi: The Pink Ballerina by Sheila Walsh The Princess and The Three Knights by Karen Kingsbury The Tallest of the Smalls by Max Lucado Wanted … Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy I’ve Got a Job to Do by Dandi Daley Mackall books – If they are in good condition and you If Jesus Came to Visit Me by Jill Roman Lord would be willing to donate a few books or even The Prayer That Makes God Smile by Stormie Omartian an entire set to the Cornerstone library, please ZONDERKIDZ I CAN READ BOOKS contact Ginger Hayworth at 644-9991 or Kellie Jesus Loves Me Bennett at 993-7219. Our young Cornerstone He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands readers will really appreciate it! Baby Moses and the Princess Daniel and the Lions “Whoa Nellie” Teachers/Facilitators! – If you are planning to David and the Giant mention or recommend a particular book for further study outside of Jesus and His Friends class, please let a member of the library team know early and we will Queen Esther Helps God’s People try to add the book to the Cornerstone library before you mention it in The Lost Son class.

Rick’s Picks
Each month, the Library Corner column will feature a recommended reading list from Pastor Rick. So “giddyup” to the library to check out these “Rick’s Picks” for April: these and other parables of Jesus break through mere words -- pushing us to make real changes in our lives. In this compelling commentary, Boice closely examines Christ's parables of the kingdom, salvation, wisdom and folly, the Christian life, and judgment. Bible has to say about God, creation, temptation, salvation, relationships, finances, work, health, purpose, and heaven. Joined by "teammates" Randy Alcorn, Chuck Colson, Ron Blue, Os Guinness, and others, he walks you through the greatest playbook ever written.

Moses: A Man of Selfless Dedication by Charles Swindoll Every day another socalled "hero" falls from grace. But in his Great Lives from God's Word series, Charles Swindoll introduces you to true heroes who trusted in God to help them successfully meet the challenges of life. Swindoll's candid portrait of Moses, a man who overcame his doubts about his leadership abilities when he surrendered to the Lord, will show you that God can work through you, too---in spite of your insecurities!

Mark’s Story by Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins - Mark's Story is a
thrilling account that vividly depicts the last day before Jesus' crucifixion and the danger that early believers faced as they boldly proclaimed Jesus as Christ the Lord. Their bravery laid the foundation for the early church, and their fervent passion for the Word reverberates throughout the world today.

The Man God Uses by Henry & Tom Blackaby - Anyone
who has ever been called by the voice of God or touched by His hand is eager to know and understand His will for their life. The Man God Uses is a daily study guide, encouraging Christian men to examine personal encounters with the Father and to follow His will in all areas of life---at home, work, church, and in the community. Through seven weeks of incisive study, Blackaby explains God's process of refining and shows how His powerful touch can transform ordinary men into extraordinary forces for good in the world.

The Parables of Jesus by James M. Boice - The
Seed and the Soil, the Rich Fool, the Lost Sheep --Boice observes that

Game Plan for Life by Joe Gibbs - A Super
Bowl and NASCAR champion, Gibbs diagrams an "average Joe's" guide to what the


Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Greensboro NC Permit No. 871

New Challenge issued by Pastor to the congregation to Prayer Walk!
Pastor Rick has challenged us to PRAYER WALK our church grounds and to specifically pray over the site for a new sanctuary. Pastor Rick referenced (3/7 PM service) Nehemiah 1:1-11: Nehemiah inquired about the things of God--the Jewish remnant and Jerusalem; he wept, mourned and fasted over the condition of Jerusalem; he prayed to God about it and he committed himself to help. Are we like Nehemiah? Do we really care about the things of God? Do we really care about a new facility that would provide many ways to “Love God, Love Others, Share Jesus & Disciple Believers”? Do we "expect great things from God; attempt great things for God, and ask great things from God?" May we take up the challenge! Joanne Schulze

Sunday, April 4 Sunday, April 11 4:30 pm Deacons 6:00 pm Baptism & Lord’s Supper Service Wednesday, April 14 7:30 pm Facilities Management Team Sunday, April 18 5:00 pm Admin Council 6:00 pm Family Ministry Report Night Sunday, April 25 6:00 pm Outdoor Worship Easter - NO PM Service

Blue barrels are located in the Commons and beside the WEE School Office in the hallway between the Sanctuary and the Commons. Each month a food item is collected in the barrels and donated to local agencies who give the food items to those in need. Thank you, Cornerstone, for donating 121 lbs. of CRACKERS in the month of March! APRIL FOOD ITEM:

LOST & FOUND - Please check the
items on the coat rack in the Commons and in the basket for anything that belongs to your family.